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  • Day13

    Lappland - Ranua

    August 14, 2020 in Finland ⋅ 🌧 16 °C

    Wir haben heute, kurz nachdem wir Lappland befahren haben, das erste mal Rentiere aus dem Womo gesehen... 🤩 davon Inspiriert haben wir einen kleinen Umweg genommen und schauen uns morgen noch den RanuaZoo an.Read more

    Gute Idee! [Andrea]

    Peter Silbernagel

    Und was ist das für ein Vogel vor der grünen Tafel? 😀

  • Day7

    Ranua Arctic Zoo

    March 6, 2020 in Finland ⋅ ☁️ -3 °C

    Today will be dedicated to the discovery of the Lappish wildlife. The programme includes a visit to the world's Northernmost zoo and to a husky farm, including a sledge ride!

    It will take about 1h15m to reach Ranua and Alain takes the chance to give us some info on this beautiful country, including its history and economy.
    Finland is a relatively new country: it used to be part of Sweden, before it became independent in 1917. At the time, it was the poorest country in Europe, but then it started investing in micro-technology. Wood export is also an important factor in the Finnish economy.

    There are three official languages: Finnish, Swedish and Russian. The two last ones are spoken by 12% of the total population (6% each).
    Samis were the first inhabitants of Northern Europe and live in 4 countries: Norway, Sweden, Finland and Russia. However, most of them reside in Norway (around 40.000), where they have their own government and school system and are the only ones allowed to have reindeer farms. On the contrary, in Finland they don't have any special status.

    The state grants many services free of charge: school is free and kids are also served a meal each day. Hospitals are free and doctor visits have a symbolic fee (5 euros). However, due to the free accessibility to the whole population, waiting times are extremely long. Which means that for urgent cases it is necessary to go for private specialists, that are extremely expensive.

    At 10 am we finally arrive at Ranua zoo. We have two hours to visit the place and take pictures of the beautiful creatures it hosts. And it's merely enough...
    The Zoo has a wide range of animals endemic to the Arctic region: from the tiny lemmings to the gigantic polar bears, not to forget deer and moose. The real highlight is however Charlie (that's how we named him), a super-cute-and-fluffy beaver that melts our hearts at first sight. While his companions are sound asleep, he happily eats a carrot while holding it with both hands 🥕🥕🥕And, inevitably, despite the undeniable beauty of the polar bears and the wolves, we end up going back twice to Charlie's home before leaving the zoo.
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    Ludovico Castelvetri

    The most difficult moment was leaving... I had to convince Elisa that kidnapping the morbidly obese beaver, sneaking it on a plane to Munich and keeping it in the bathtub would simply not be possible (I cannot shower every morning while a beaver watches me....)

    Elisa Chieno

    You are heartless... 😢

  • Day7

    Husky Sledge

    March 6, 2020 in Finland ⋅ ☁️ -3 °C

    A few hundred metres away from the zoo lies a Husky farm with hundreds of these beautiful dogs. Before visiting the farm itself, we however have a truly exciting activity: a husky-pulled sledge riding!
    Each sleigh has space for two people (one passenger and one pilot) and is pulled by six huskies. Each animal is different from the other in terms of size, colour and ears, but they all are extremely lively and quite aggressive among themselves. When humans approach them, however, they suddenly turn into heart-melting wee doggies...🐶❤️

    One peculiarity of the husky sledge is that these animals never stop pulling: in order to make them slow down or even completely stop, the pilot (i.e. the person standing behind the sleigh) has to use a break, consisting of a metal anchor.

    We democratically decide that I start as a pilot, while Ludo can enjoy the ride and take pictures. He seems quite frightened at the beginning, but soon relaxes when he realises it is not that dangerous at all (and that I have full control of the situation 😊). The energy of these tiny doggies is truly impressive and I have to keep slowing them down not to hit the sleigh led by the German couple just ahead of us.
    Not getting distracted is however quite hard: the scenery around us is truly stunning! Thanks to the heavy snowfall of yesterday and this morning, the trees are heavy with snow and the soil is covered by a metre of fresh snow. ❄❄❄

    Halfway through the sledge ride, Ludo and I swap roles so that he can also experience the thrill of leading the sleigh. However, with new not-so-light pilot standing on the back of the sleigh, the poor doggies suddenly have to slow down a lot... 🙄😂

    At the end of this exciting experience, we are offered some. Hot juice by Alain and we then pay a visit to the Husky farm just a few metres away. These animals are truly beautiful and extremely varied. Most of them are in spacious cages, but six are free, since they are still tied to a sleigh. And, as soon as Ludo gets closer, they start cheerfully jumping towards him. The reason being... He has a few butter croissants hidden in his jacket! 😂

    We still have some time before heading back to the hotel and we decide to use it to warm ourselves up in the zoo café. Right in front of the building, lies the factory outlet of Fazer, a well-known local chocolate factory. I think this kind of souvenirs will be very much appreciated... 😉
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    Ludovico Castelvetri

    The breaks of the sledge were based on weight. Elisa weights like a feather, so I pictured her and myself running wild on an uncontrolled sledge in the middle of nowhere for hours

    Elisa Chieno

    I don't know what was worse: me allowing the dogs to run happy and free... or you anchoring the sledge on the ground? 🙄

  • Day7

    Snowmobile Adventure

    March 6, 2020 in Finland ⋅ ⛅ -5 °C

    After a well-deserved break in the hotel and a quick snack, we are ready for our next adventure: a night escape with the snowmobile, chasing the Northern Lights! As usual, there is no guarantee we will get to see the aurora, but the sky is clear and that's already something...

    At 7.30pm we meet with Alain in the hotel lobby and walk together to our night-escape tour operator. Given the extreme temperatures that we will face, we are all given a special gear: boots, over, gloves, balaclava and helmet. Now we look ready for an expedition to the North Pole.

    As soon as we are all dressed up, we walk towards the frozen riven and stop at the snowmobile parking lot that we saw on our very first day while exploring Rovaniemi and its surroundings. Seen from close-by snowmobiles are quite impressive machines: much wider and longer than a motorbike, they are extremely heavy and powerful. Something that we realise as soon as we turn on the engine... 😨

    As I am the only one with a driving licence, I start as the driver, while Ludo sits behind me in the passenger seat. The excitement combined with the fear of killing myself and Ludo by driving this monster into an ice wall (and the hope to see the northern lights) doesn't make me feel the cold at all. I soon realise the same does not apply to Ludo, as the poor passenger in the back-seat is not protected by the windshield gets all the ice-cold wind...🥶

    Anyways, here we are, starting our adventure. Upon leaving the parking lot we drive down the river bank onto the river itself, which in wintertime is literally turned into frozen high-way with street signs and everything.
    I was expecting a short ride like the one with the reindeer and the huskies, but we drive on the river and through the snow-covered forest for almost an hour until we reach our destination: a wooden cone-shaped hut in the woods. There is so much snow all around it that it takes a few minutes to even be able to open the door... 😳

    Inside there is nothing apart a big fireplace in the middle and, all around it, some simple wooden benches. Our two guides starting lighting the fire up, while we gather in the hut trying to recover from the cold. As soon as the fire is up, for Ludo's joy, the guides reveal what they have been carrying in their big bags: dozens of saucy sausages, which they start roasting on the fire, followed by some Lappish custard pastries. 🍖🥞Well, now we definitely have the necessary inner fuel to face the way back!

    On the way back, Ludo decides to drive and he actually does a great job despite the lack of practice. Despite the great weather conditions, unfortunately the Northern Lights didn't show up in the end, but it was anyway a great night. And we still have a chance tomorrow... ☺️
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    Ludovico Castelvetri

    The driving license was not a problem...Elisa REALLY wanted to drive the super cool motorbike ;)

  • Day318

    Ranua Wildlife Park

    August 15, 2018 in Finland ⋅ ⛅ 14 °C

    Bereits auf unserer Hinfahrt zum Zoo erlebten wir unser persönliches Highlight: Auf einmal stand ein weißes (Albino) Rentier auf der Straße und stolzierte anmutig an uns vorbei. Wow, was für ein Anblick! Wir wir danach erfahren haben, sind diese Tiere wirklich selten. Der Bruder unserer Vermieterin ist beispielsweise Jäger und hat noch nie ein solches gesehen!

    Gleich nach dem Eingang zum Zoo war das Märchenland, wo Till und Milla sofort die zwei Rutschen ausprobierten 🤗. Die Seilrutsche wurde natürlich auch nicht von den Erwachsenen ausgelassen 😅.

    Im Zoo selbst warteten viele Vögel – vor allem Eulen sowie Greifvögel – und endlich auch zwei Elche auf uns. Wir haben es ja bisher nicht geschafft, einen Elch live in Norwegen oder Finnland zu sehen. Leider wollten die beiden nur liegen, sodass wir sie auch nicht in voller Pracht bestaunen konnten. Der Zoo war wirklich toll in die Natur integriert und ein breiter Holzsteg führte die Besucher an den Gehegen und Volieren vorbei.

    Wir konnten auch bei der Fütterung vom Vielfraß (Wolverine) und Otter zuschauen. Das war putzig. Wir haben einen guten Überblick über die Tierwelt von Finnland gewonnen, nur die Wölfe haben sich leider vor uns versteckt. Milla war wohl noch etwas zu klein, um die Tiere alle wahrzunehmen, aber über den Otter und den Spielplatz hat sie sich auch gefreut 🤗.
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    Natalie Kaliner

    Krass, ein Albino - ich habs gleich erkannt! :-)


    Sehr gut! 😉

  • Day14

    Wildlife Park Ranua

    August 15, 2020 in Finland ⋅ ☀️ 19 °C

    Ein paar Eindrücke von unserem Zoobesuch im Ranua.. es gab viele skandinavische Tiere zu sehen, Elche, Rentiere, Bären, Wölfe und Füchse. Eine Eisbären gab es sogar auch!

    Oh, das ist ja toll.. und einen Adler gibt es da auch..😉😄👍😘😘😘 [Rosi]

    Sira Stößinger

    😍😍😍 Wie geil ist das denn?!? Soooooo süß 🥰

  • Day26


    June 23, 2019 in Finland ⋅ 🌧 6 °C

    Zuerst die Daten:
    Heute 10tsd km auf dem Moped überschritten, weit über 500 km gefahren. So eine lange Strecke bin ich, glaube ich, seit mehr als 20 Jahren nicht mehr gefahren.
    Wettermäßig der schlechteste Tag der Tour. Den ganzen Tag hat es ordentlich gestürmt und den halben Tag geregnet. Temperaturen zwischen 13 und 9 Grad, ja, am Morgen war es noch „warm“ 😒!
    Mache gerade Etappenplanung. Fahre morgen evtl. bis kurz vor die norwegische Grenze. Beim dem Wetter das einzig sinnvolle. Mal die Karte zu Rate ziehen.

    Beeindruckend an dem Mahnmal beim Winterkriegsmuseum ist, dass jeder Stein um das Mahnmal einen toten finnischen Soldaten symbolisiert!
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    Roger Nölle

    Du fährst ja auf der falschen Straßenseite!!


    Ne, ich versuche überhaupt auf der Straße zu bleiben 😒!

  • Day11

    Ranua Zoo 1

    September 29, 2016 in Finland ⋅ ☁️ 9 °C

    Tiere in Freiheit sind ja unschlagbar. Aber wir besuchen auch gerne Zoos und freuen und, wenn sie schön gemacht sind. Es war wieder Regen angesagt und da kam uns eben dieser Zoo, den wir auf der Hinfahrt gesehen haben, in den Sinn. Den kann man sich sehr gut angucken.

    Grasschlange. Es soll die größte finnische Schlange sein. Danach Blick ins Gelände - nicht nur die Tiere sind schön.Schnee-Eule, zwei Habichtskäuze, Uhu (Den englischen Begriff "eagle owl" find ich auch sehr passend.), Habicht
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  • Day11

    Ranua Zoo 2

    September 29, 2016 in Finland ⋅ ☁️ 9 °C

    Gut 6 Photos pro Footprint können etwas wenig sein. Hier geht es weiter im Zoo in Ranua.

    Habichtskauz,junger Biber, Seeadler, Rabe, Eisbär und ich im Größenvergleich. Die Figur soll den Maßen des Eisbären entsprechen.
    Das mit den Eisbären im Zoo ist so eien Sache. Ich kenne keinen, auch nicht in Ranua, die im Gehege annährend genug Platz haben. Total schwierig. Andererseits glaube ich, dass die Zoos gut daran tun, sich schon mal einen weiten Gen-Pool zu sichernm. Ich befürchte, dass wir die vorletzte Generation sind, die Eisbären in freier Wildbahn erleben können. Oder ist das zu pessimistisch?
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