Ancien Collège de Cisterciens de Sénanque

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  • Day3

    The City of the Popes

    August 23, 2019 in France ⋅ 🌙 22 °C

    After the gruelling flight from Melbourne, it was glorious to finally lie horizontal, even if it was only for a few short hours. The Ibis Budget Roissy is hardly a luxury hotel, but it certainly was a welcome refuge, albeit if only temporary.

    By 6 am I was wide awake and gazing out the window at the slowly lightening sky. It looked like we would be in for another warm and cloudless day in Paris and the advance weather forecasts were promising that it would only get hotter in the week ahead.
    The breakfast at the Ibis was surprisingly good for a budget hotel, but maybe that was because the price of the breakfast was almost as much as the price for the room. After savouring my first French baguettes of the trip I returned to the room to “pack” my bag. How could the contents have swollen so much since I left Melbourne ? That was a mystery I would have to solve some other time, I was happy to just cram everything back in, and then give thanks when the zipper finally closed.

    Our original plan was to catch the shuttle back to the airport, then catch another complex sequence of trains to get us to Gare de Lyon station in Paris. It not only sounded very complicated, it was also going to take nearly two hours and cost over 10 Euros per person. There had to be a better way, and there was. When I asked the concierge about the price of a personal mini bus to take us direct to the station, he replied that it would cost about 60 Euros. When we divided that cost between 5 people, it actually worked out cheaper than the horrible alternative.

    By 9 am we were all comfortably seated in the luxury mini bus and speeding our way towards central Paris. Not only was this the perfect means of travel, but it also meant that we arrived in plenty of time to sit outside the magnificent Gare de Lyon Station and enjoy a coffee while we watched the Parisians go about their business. We had about 90 minutes before we needed to board our train and somehow I managed to spend about half of that time looking for the toilets in the station. When I eventually found them I figured that I had walked about halfway back from Paris to the airport. The relief that I experienced at the end also cost me 90 cents.

    Unfortunately Gordon and Sue had made a “small error” in their hotel bookings and had managed to find themselves in the “wrong” Ibis hotel at the airport. Considering that there are Ibis hotels on just about every street corner, it is not too hard to get them mixed up. This also meant that they could not join us in the luxury mini bus and therefore had to take the longer and much more expensive train option instead. They finally arrived at the Gare de Lyon with only a few minutes to spare. In the meantime the rest of us had enjoyed a lovely time soaking up the atmosphere and savouring our coffees.

    The high speed train from Paris to Avignon takes a little over 3 hours and spends much of that time silently moving along at between 250 to 300 kph. We sat in the comfortable first class seats and watched the beautiful French countryside fly by outside the window.

    The train pulled into the impressive Avignon Centre Gare at around 3.30 pm. We stepped out of the air conditioned carriage into a blazing 34C. It was quite a contrast to the Melbourne winter we had left about 48 hours earlier. Fortunately I had skilfully booked another Ibis Hotel just next door to the station, so we only had a short walk to transport our luggage.

    It was only when we went to check in that we discovered that Gordon and Sue had once again somehow managed to book the “wrong” Ibis. That would not have been so bad if it had not been on the other side of the city. We last saw them forlornly dragging their bags out into the sun for the long walk to the “other Ibis”.

    Later in the afternoon our group met together for a walk through the lovely historic old city centre of Avignon. The history of this place is extraordinary and between 1309 and 1376 it was actually the seat of power for the entire Catholic Church. It is still referred to as the “City of the Popes” and the huge Palace of the Popes dominates the centre of the city.

    Maggie and I had briefly visited this city in an earlier trip, but had very little time to look around. We had enjoyed a delightful al fresco meal near the Hotel de Ville and looked for the same place to introduce it to the rest of the group. Once the sun had lowered in the sky, the temperature moderated and it was a perfect ending to another eventful day.

    Although the few hours of sleep I had enjoyed the previous evening had rejuvenated me a little, by this time my batteries were quickly starting to run down and I was glad to be able to return to our hotel for some more sleep. Tomorrow we will have more time to explore Avignon, before we head out of town to a small nearby village called Caumont Sur Durance. That will be our home for the next 7 days.
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  • Day16


    August 11, 2020 in France ⋅ 🌙 28 °C

    Onze laatste dag hier op de camping hebben we besteed aan het bezoeken van de stad Avignon op 45 min rijden bij ons vandaan! Avignon is een grote, mooie en drukke stad. Mondkapje was daarom helaas ook de realiteit.. al zagen we dat heel veel Fransen hier helemaal niet mee bezig waren.. Morgen rijden we weer een stuk richting huis, maar gunnen we onszelf nog 2 nachten wat luxe door in een hotel in Metz te overnachten.Read more

  • Day10


    August 24, 2020 in France ⋅ ☀️ 26 °C

    Heute gings ins etwas entfernte Avignon.
    Zwar mit dem Auto, aber ist doch egal.
    Alle ganz gesittet hier und brav mit Maske. Es ist war schon einiges los, aber es verläuft sich. Alle halten sich brav an Anstand und Maske tragen. Sehr vorbildlich.

    Also bissl durch Avignon treiben lassen
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  • Day10

    Die Residenz des Papstes

    August 24, 2020 in France ⋅ ☀️ 26 °C

    Und hoch sind wir, mit den anderen interessierten Menschen....
    Wunderschön.... Aber für einen Rundgang in der Residenz war mir 1. zu viel los
    2. hätte man übers Internet buchen müssen

    Also nur von außen bewundert 🤗
    Den Ausblick genossen
    Fotos gemacht
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  • Day1

    Wunderschönes Avignon

    September 9, 2019 in France ⋅ ☀️ 20 °C

    Heute ist Nico's Birthday und wir gucken uns Avignon an. Zunächst geht's mit der Fähre über die Rhone. Dann ein paar Treppen aufwärts zum ehemaligen Papstpalast - sehr imposant. Wir finden einen kleinen Spielplatz, hier kann sich Mali ein bisschen austoben. Anschließend schlendern wir durch die Stadt und trinken einen Cafe au Lait und ich esse ein Stück veganen Kuchen für 8,50 Euro. 😱 Hätte ich den Preis vorher gewusst, hätte ich den Kuchen nicht bestellt, aber immerhin alles bio. 😄 Fazit des Tages, Avignon ist wirklich wunderschön.Read more

  • Day409

    Day 410: Exploring Avignon

    March 31, 2018 in France ⋅ ☀️ 13 °C

    Up and out early again this morning, walking into Avignon. The historic centre of town is on the World Heritage list for two main reasons - the old bridge, and Pope's Palace. During the 13th century, for political rather than religious reasons, the Pope was based right here in Avignon. Mainly because the French kings didn't like Italians having influence over their subjects, and so schemed to get a series of French Popes elected.

    While the Papacy was based here in Avignon, they constructed an enormous "palace" but which is really more of a of a fortress - either way it's very impressive. There's also a nearby cathedral, and of course both are just adjacent to the bridge across the Rhone as well. We did a bunch of filming, though opted against going inside the palace since firstly dogs aren't allowed, but also because several people had commented that it was pretty bare and empty inside and vastly overpriced for what it was. And no photos of course.

    So we skipped! But we had an interesting day wandering around the old town. It was Easter Saturday so fairly quiet, but French people generally seem less religious than in other parts of Europe (eg Spain, Italy, even Germany) so it was still quite busy.

    Had a delicious lunch at a creperie which had really good reviews and deservedly so - a ham cheese and egg crepe for main and a sugar & lemon crepe for dessert. I know crepes aren't local food (they originally hail from Brittany), but they're pretty ubiquitous in France (almost as much as kebabs!). Finished off our filming by early afternoon and headed home to relax and get a bit of work done - the internet connection in our apartment is blazing fast and we intend to make use of it!
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  • Day21


    October 2, 2019 in France ⋅ ⛅ 21 °C

    After scooting around Arles for a couple of days it's time for a visit to Avignon, probably the most well known of the Provencal towns (except for Marseille). Return tickets for two on the regional train cost 32 euro and the trains were pretty regular.
    When we were planning the trip it was a toss up between Avignon and Arles to use as home base, so it was interesting to look around and whether we made a good choice.
    Avignon proved a fairly easy day trip. We got off the train, walked straight up the road to the information centre, picked up a map with some suggested walking tours and set off. Lots to see in a reasonably contained area.
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  • Day36

    Noch ein bisschen Frankreich...

    June 30, 2019 in France ⋅ ☀️ 35 °C

    Wir haben die Nacht gut verbracht im Hotel und wir wollten uns die Stadt bei Tageslicht anschauen. Nach einem guten Frühstück, begann die kleine Sightseeing Tour in Avignon!
    Am späten Nachmittag ging es Richtung Heimat, immer mit wachsamer Aufmerksamkeit steuerten wir Ahnatal an. Jederzeit bereit anzuhalten oder gar abzubrechen, wenn es für Max nicht ging wegen der Hitze zum Beispiel (teils über 30°) etc.
    Nahe der deutschen Grenze hat sich Max dazu entschlossen zu schlafen und zwar den ganzen restlichen Weg. Gegen 3 Uhr nach über 1100 km und 11 Stunden Fahrt (ohne Pausenberechnung) sind wir angekommen, und Max konnte nun endlich in seinem Zimmer, in seinem Bett (und wir natürlich auch) schlafen 😊. Der nächste Tag ist gemütlich verlaufen, mit viel Schlaf und einer Inspektion was so geschehen ist nach 36 Tagen Abwesenheit und über 5600 km Fahrstrecke in 5 Ländern.
    Damit ist er zu Ende, unser Roadtrip 2019.
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  • Day16

    2. Tag Pause in Avignon

    April 11, 2019 in France ⋅ 🌬 16 °C

    Wieder Sturm, aber schönes Wetter. So kann man nicht Rad fahren . Lang im Hostel rumgehangen, nachmittags im Lidl einkaufen, essen im Hostel (Wieder Ravioli aus der Dose, hhmmm). Dann noch den Papstpalast besichtigt. Sieht aus wie ne moderne Burg, sehr groß, innen alles weitgehend kahl. Abends in der Lounge, wie alle Freaks am Handy.Read more

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