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  • Day414

    More Roman ruins today, though thankfully the last batch for a while! These are in Arles, a not-especially-attractive city about an hour south of Avignon.

    We parked up and checked out the main sights - a large amphitheatre, not quite as well preserved as the one in Nimes. There was also a Roman theatre, though much of that was gone too - the one in Orange was in way better condition. But there was also the basilica of Saint-Trophime which had a gorgeous Romanesque portal doorway, covered in sculpture. Romanesque style dates from usually around the 11th-13th centuries and is quite distinctive, so I enjoyed that one.

    Next up we wanted to check out the Cryptoporticus, or the underground tunnels, but these were closed today for undetermined reasons. Next up was the old Roman cemetery on the road just outside of town, semi-interesting but again not much to see.

    Last stop was at the end of the cemetery, an old church which was once a key stop on the Camino del Santiago (aka the pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela). The French have their own World Heritage site for their routes to SDC, so we decided that rather than walking it like we eventually might with the Spanish one, we'd just visit a few of the churches and other buildings and call it a day. So we kicked that process off here.

    Back to Avignon around mid-afternoon where I went shopping - my microphone has stopped working and the sound on my videos isn't recording well - lots of wind noise. I bought a proper microphone from an electronics store, but would discover later that it's a powered microphone and won't work with an iPhone! Oh dear - not the best day all round.
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  • Day27


    May 21, 2016 in France

    Train trip here. A bit lost finding direction at first until a young French guy showed us the way. Left packs at hotel and toured the town. Visited Fondation Vincent Van Gogh - great!! Also interesting artist from Britain Glenn Brown. Found the arena / amphitheatre they still have bullfights there.(21000 people) in time of Julius Caesar 46BC. Saw the Roman theatre(10000 people) still used today for outdoor theatre productions, near by the East park where we souped & watched a dog swim in the fountain. Bought some Nic nacs.came back to hotel- it has a king size bed in a tiny room!! But it has a little outdoor terrace with chairs and table to sit at later today.Read more

  • Day2


    August 14, 2016 in France

    Amazing day with my new friends, Camille, Chloe, Alexa and Amelie...water balloon fight; 💦💦💦 glowsricks in the pool and hair flick 😂😂😂😎😎😎 The glow stick are fun in the pool when you swim with them

  • Day15

    Über Istres nach Arles

    July 14, 2015 in France

    Jetzt ist die vorletzte Etappe schon wieder vorbei! Wir kamen gut los heute früh am Étang-de-Berre. Und das war auch gut so. Die Straßen waren zwar ziemlich leer heute am Nationalfeiertag - keine LKW's - aber der Mistral blies wieder heftig, eigentlich die gesamte Strecke bis Arles.

    Um 1 waren dann auch am Zeltplatz, leider war sowohl die Rezeption als auch das Restaurant geschlossen. Was tun? Wir fuhren also Richtung Stadt. Da gibt es ja noch einen Zeltplatz - noch dazu mit offenem WiFi, Pool, Restaurant und einem Platz von dem aus es zu Fuß nur ein paar Minuten in die Stadt sind. Na, dann sind wir halt dort geblieben - war einwandfrei!

    Camping City Arles
    Daten: Km Stand: 291 - Hm-Stand: 2275
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  • Day15

    Arles (1)

    July 14, 2015 in France

    Am Abend gings zu Fuß in die Stadt, das wollten wir immer schon mal! Nach einer Runde durch die Stadt, vorbei am "Theatro" - die "Arènes d'Arles" und entlang der Rhone fanden wir die "Plaza" - der Platz mit dem kulinarischen Mittelpunkt von Arles. Zuerst mal einen Rose und ein großes Panaché.

  • Day13

    Frühstück am Strand

    October 18, 2017 in France

    Auf dem Parkplatz im Ort eine etwas unruhige Nacht verbracht - alle Hunde Frankreichs müssen heute in Saline de Giraud gebellt haben- frisches Baguette beim Bäcker besorgt und an den Strand zum Frühstück gefahren.
    Es ist heute sehr windig, Meteo sagt 58 km/h. Wäre Lucie leichter, wär sie heute zum Flughund mutiert 😉

  • Day21

    We see more of the Rhône

    September 13, 2017 in France

    By French standards it was an early start, with our buffet breakfast at 8am and on the bus at 9 o'clock. We were heading to Les Baux-de-Provence, a very picturesque medieval village about 40 minutes' drive away at a fortified rocky site between Arles and St Remy-de-Provence. There is the ancient village, the extensive fortified-chateau area and the magnificent setting and views. The rocky limestone landscape is quite different from anything we've ever seen before, and the village itself is built on a high point overlooking a large area of the surrounding countryside. Fortunately, we arrived quite early and the guide gave us a good tour of the village while things were quiet.

    About an hour later, the hordes started arriving in their bus-loads, but we'd largely seen what we wanted to. The place contains many shops and restaurants, but what they were selling was more touristy than authentic. Nevertheless it was an interesting and worthwhile visit. One certainly wouldn't want to be there at the height of the tourist season. Apparently it is absolute chaos then.

    Around midday we set off on what was our longest boat trip so far, about 4.5 hours downstream, to the town of Arles. It was a pleasant ride, the weather was warm and after lunch we were able to sit out on the deck and observe the great variety of commercial and tourist river traffic. Barges can be up to a massive 190m long, and we saw some which would be close to that limit. A highlight was when we went through the Beaucaire lock, where we dropped a full 17m. Quite an experience. Eventually, we reached the historic city (which city in this area isn't??) of Arles, otherwise known as the open-air museum of Provence. Being in a more enlightened place than Queensland, we were able to enjoy the benefit of daylight saving and take a leisurely walk through the old city. We were particularly taken with the Roman amphitheatre, which seems to be used as a modern-day stadium. We'd have liked to have taken a look inside but simply ran out of time. Like all of the historic cities and towns in France, the place is full of tourists - and tourist traps - but we serious travellers were still able to take in much of its beauty.

    It was then back to the boat for the routine we've become accustomed to; pre-dinner drinks, a very tasty gourmet four-course meal with unlimited drinks, all followed by much merriment and talk until around 1130pm.
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  • Day2

    Arles, Frankreich

    March 30, 2015 in France

    29.03.2015 - Start um 16:00 Uhr und Ankunft in Arles ohne Mautgebühren um ca. 23:30 Uhr.
    direkt neben uns steht ein französischer Opi, der hier schon einige Jahre in seinem Wohnwagen wohnt. Es scheint als sei er vor ca. 20 Jahren hierher gefahren und stehen geblieben.

  • Day2


    February 25, 2016 in France

    Jeudi, 25 février 2016
    Les prévisions météo ont prévu de la pluie pour aujourd'hui, mais il n'en était rien. Nous avons quand même entrepris notre sortie "mauvais temps". Nous nous sommes rendus à Arles pour aller déguster un super bon dîner chez Jean-Luc Rabanel. D'abord nous visitons la cathédrale St Trophine et l'Hôtel-Dieu (Espace Van Gogh) pour le côté "culture" et pour nous ouvrir l'appétit. Nous partons l'après-midi à la recherche du Mas de Rey et du Mas du Roy pour acheter du vin et de l'huile d'olive. Nous avions découvert ces deux fermes lors de notre premier séjour aux Saintes Maries de la Mer. Quelques parties de Rummikube sur notre terrasse ensoleillée vont clore la journée.Read more

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