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  • Day17


    May 15 in France

    Nach einem regnerischen Tag, den wir ausschließlich in Willi verbracht haben und einem Kurzbesuch in Orange, sind wir heute in Avignon angekommen. Wir stehen auf einem eher hässlichen Platz, der dafür aber direkt an der Stadtmauer liegt. Eigentlich steht jetzt die Besichtigung der Stadt auf dem Programm, aber die Damen betreiben noch Augenpflege.

    Ahso, gestern - in Orange - waren wir noch mit Marla bei der „pediatre“. Sie hat einen „Champignon“ (ja, man hat das echt so übersetz)t. Alles nix wildes. Der Besuch bei der Ärztin war dank völligen Mangels an Englischkenntnissen recht witzig. Sarah konnte mit ihrem durchaus brauchbaren Schul-Französisch retten.Read more

  • Day18

    Janz wischtisch: SAT!

    May 16 in France

    Es ist noch gar nicht dieses WM und trotzdem stellen wir fest, dass wir einen eklatanten Makel haben: wir sind ohne SAT-Schüssel unterwegs.
    So eine scheint sowas wird er heilige Gral der Camper zu sein. Da wird ausgerichtet, geprüft, gepeilt und wenns nicht geht auch gerne der Stellplatz gewechselt. Wir hatten schon Fälle mit 4 LNBs...
    Die beiden im Bild hantieren seit gut einer Stunde rum und bekommen, obwohl sie im Wald stehen (...) keinen Empfang. Damit unterhalten Sie uns allerdings ganz gut :)

    Man erkennt im Bild auch ganz gut, warum der Stellplatz bei Avignon nicht unbedingt der Kategorie "schön" zuzuordnen ist.
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  • Day18

    Jetzt aber: Avignon

    May 16 in France

    Den gefühlt ersten, richtigen Stadt-Stop haben wir seit gestern in Avignon. Wir campen direkt an der Stadtmauer der Altstadt und sind so flugs im Geschehen.
    Heute haben wir zu Fuß den Kern erkundet. Sarah ist - nach einem kleinen Frühstück in der Markthalle - sogar in den „Palais du Pape“ gegangen und hat sich audiovisuell führen lassen, Marla und ich haben draußen in der Sonne gewartet. Nachher haben wir in der Färbergasse bei L’Ubu wirklich fein gegessen und da wir zu Mittag dort schon Wein hatten, den Tag noch gemütlich ausklingen lassen. Wobei, Sarah war sogar noch joggen.
    Eben gab es Abendessen im Bett und nu sitze ich an der Rhone und warte auf den Sonnenuntergang.
    Ein herrlicher Tag und eine echt schöne Stadt!
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  • Day409

    Day 410: Exploring Avignon

    March 31 in France

    Up and out early again this morning, walking into Avignon. The historic centre of town is on the World Heritage list for two main reasons - the old bridge, and Pope's Palace. During the 13th century, for political rather than religious reasons, the Pope was based right here in Avignon. Mainly because the French kings didn't like Italians having influence over their subjects, and so schemed to get a series of French Popes elected.

    While the Papacy was based here in Avignon, they constructed an enormous "palace" but which is really more of a of a fortress - either way it's very impressive. There's also a nearby cathedral, and of course both are just adjacent to the bridge across the Rhone as well. We did a bunch of filming, though opted against going inside the palace since firstly dogs aren't allowed, but also because several people had commented that it was pretty bare and empty inside and vastly overpriced for what it was. And no photos of course.

    So we skipped! But we had an interesting day wandering around the old town. It was Easter Saturday so fairly quiet, but French people generally seem less religious than in other parts of Europe (eg Spain, Italy, even Germany) so it was still quite busy.

    Had a delicious lunch at a creperie which had really good reviews and deservedly so - a ham cheese and egg crepe for main and a sugar & lemon crepe for dessert. I know crepes aren't local food (they originally hail from Brittany), but they're pretty ubiquitous in France (almost as much as kebabs!). Finished off our filming by early afternoon and headed home to relax and get a bit of work done - the internet connection in our apartment is blazing fast and we intend to make use of it!
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  • Day29

    Avignon, France

    August 24, 2016 in France

    What a city. It surely shows the rich history it has, as once a dominant place in a catholic state. The whole historic center is surrounded by a medieval wall. Inside you are welcomed by the palace of the popes, a cathedral and the ruined bridge of Avignon. It was really hot though, so we took it slow. This city is a must see if you're in the area (at much colder days if possible).

  • Day410

    Just a half day today, heading north out of Avignon to the town of Orange. Here there's two key Roman ruins - a large triumphal arch, and a very well preserved theatre. The arch didn't take long to look at, since it's, well, just an arch. It dates from the first century AD and mentions Caesar's conquest of Gaul, as well as Octavian/Augustus's victory over Antony and Cleopatra at the Battle of Actium.

    From here we moved south into the main town to check out the theatre which was very impressive. Most of the stage wall was still remaining, complete with a statue of the emperor in the middle of it. It's not known which emperor is in the statue, and apparently they used to just make headless statues, so that when the emperor was inevitably deposed they could just make a new head and update the statue quite easily!

    The theatre is still in use for performances as well which is quite cool, though the bare concrete seats didn't look all that comfortable! You could get quite a big crowd in there though, probably close to 10,000 if you really wanted! Very impressive.

    Finished up our filming and headed back to Avignon, where we spent the rest of the day indoors again!
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  • Day10

    Night in Avignon

    August 1, 2017 in France

    Avignon is definitely one of our favorite places we've been to on the trip, and was worth enduring the traffic jam. The place we stayed at was impressive, and you never would have known looking from the outside. A small square building contained a long hallway that opened up into a beautiful courtyard, with stairs leading up to a few sets of rooms. Our room was very nice as well, and we admired the stonework and general sense of history it exuded.

    I really wanted to try some more French beers, so we stopped at an outside bar to sample one.

    We walked around the city, and to the end of the Point d'Avignon. Somehow the official mistook my "can we go in" gesture for "I'm doing a bad job of it, but I'm showing you my tickets", so we saved a couple Euros and got in for free.

    We found another great little restaurant outside for our dinner and wine, and just hung out there sipping on a rosé until we called it a night.
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  • Day11

    Palais de Papes

    August 2, 2017 in France

    Before leaving Avignon, we hit the Palace of the Popes, which was one of the coolest places we've gone in on the trip. The history of its construction, it's inhabitants, and the sieges laid against it through the years were fascinating for both of us.

    They were also using the space for an exhibit for African art, which seemed fairly mismatched. We largely ignored it and focused our attention on the architecture, history, and artifacts.

    We probably spent a solid two hours there, and needed to hustle back to the hotel to grab our belongings and hit the road to head west for Bordeaux. Laura always wanted to run out of gas on the highway of a country where we don't speak the language, so I pushed our luck a bit to make her happy. We made it, but returning the car to the rental place tested our patience. Time for a glass of wine...
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  • Day14

    Well it was the centre for a bit, like two hundred years or so. Life for the Pope was a bit (politically) hot in Rome in the 1300s. So what's a Pope to do? Build a new city for yourself and few thousand mates, that's what. Make the walls 10 foot thick. Then wait a couple of hundred years, shift the whole show back to Rome, and have a French revolution. Now all these flash 1300s mansions and palaces are ready for the average punter. It's really beautiful and up market in an otherwise challenging part of France.

    Stayed in a campsite just across the river - fifteen minute walk into the old town. Many high end shops and strong tourist focus, though the wider population is quite poor. Had dinner in the city centre on Rue Republic. It is still a beautiful town.
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  • Day23

    Avignon, Palais des Papes

    April 10, 2015 in France

    We had a big day trip with Lurleen and our family to Avignon on the bus. It is much bigger than Uzes and has a wall all around it. The palace of the popes is enormous and old. The pope bought the whole city from queen Joan so they could have the palace there. I wonder how all the people would have felt! We had lunch on the roof of the palace which was awesome.

    Nannie is strong and awake but still needs the breathing tube because of her swollen throat. I can't wait til she comes home.Read more

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