Arrondissement d’Oloron-Sainte-Marie

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  • Day110

    102. Etappe: Guinarthe

    October 20, 2018 in France ⋅ ⛅ 20 °C

    Ujujuj! Das ging ganz schön auf und ab heute! Ich merke nun, dass die Pyrenäen greifbar sind. Die hohen Berge lassen sich schon in der Ferne erahnen - kein Wunder, denn mit dem Auto wären es jetzt nur noch 43 km nach St. Jean Pied de Port - zu Fuß sind das noch 2 Tage!
    Das Refuge wurde gestern Abend noch richtig voll. Später kam noch Jean-Paul, der mich wohl schon seit Vezelay "verfolgt" hinzu und Christophe von der französischen Jakobusgesellschaft. Die Männer teilten sich einen Raum und ich hatte mein "Damenzimmer" für mich alleine.
    Jean-Paul ist etwas früher als ich gestartet, aber wir treffen uns wieder am Ziel und kehren in einer private Herberge mit eigenem Schlafzimmer, Bettwäsche und Handtüchern ein.
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  • Day120

    It Rains in France in May

    May 28, 2018 in France ⋅ ☁️ 14 °C

    We dropped too soon out of the Pyrennes, and wanting to prolong the mountains, rode along in the foothills for a few days.  We were regularly passed by all the Tour de France wannabees, as this is a classic stage of the race.  Actually, we stayed in Arette for two nights, and they have the wall of their town office plastered with photos of all the locals who have competed (and won)  the Tour de France.  Caleb was suitably amazed at all the old men who were biking, in their 70's and older with calves of steel.   In Arette, we avoided a campgound and chose to camp on a bar in a creek.  We loved the camping, but it looked like it could rain any minute, every day. Early the second morning, a friendly farmer waded into the river in his gumboots to warn us that a orange grade thunder and hail storm was coming and we could wait it out in his barn (forshadowing...)We checked out two ancient barns, both of which required climbing through manure, and decided to tackle the rain instead.  Several rain showers and beautiful towns latter we groceried up.  There we met an 84 year young man with a bike equally as old and about 30 lbs of groceries, who chatted us up and turned down a glass of wine (only because it would upset his stomach) then started his 2km ride back home.

    Marty, using his nearly unfailing campsite finding skills (forshadowing) quickly led us to an elevated river bar downstream from Mauleon-Licharre on the Saison Gave (which means river that comes from the Pyrenesse) not unlike the bars we are familiar with in BC.  Green pool drop rapids, beautiful forest, rocks and sand.  We set up camp as it started to rain.  Although it seemed unlikely our bar site could be flooded, we used Caleb's knife to hack down some greenery, and made a platform higher up on the bank.  Unfortuantely, bees started coming out of what we thought was a birdhouse (french people put their beehives in trees, research to follow), so we were back on the bar.  A couple litres of cheap Rose put us at ease even as the thunderstorm raged for the next three hours, with Marty sleeping peacefully.  Caleb hunkered under a tarp tent and made us dinner.  When it was fully dark, we noticed that the level on our water stick had changed by about two feet and water was starting to flow over our bar.  Thankfully we had made our highwater tent pad, and the dark had calmed the bees, so we moved to the riverbank, with headlamps, as everything is easier in the dark.  About twenty minutes later, brown water was flowing in the channel between the bar and the bank.  It seemed highly unlikely that the river could come up more, so we went to sleep.  We were wrong.  When Marty woke for a pee at 3am, the bank channel seemed far too quiet, and when he turned on his light to see if the river had gone down, the river was calmly flowing inside our tent beside Jorja.  We carried Jorja, in her soaking bag,  up to the farmers field, and then moved all our gear for the third time that night by lifting our tent over the farmer's fence.  Then surprisingly, we slept till 8. We feel fortunate to still be learning the lessons that you are meant to wrap up in your twenties. 

    The next few days were character building.  We rode in and out of rain, hiding out when we could, and biked downhill to the coast.  There were beautiful churches in out of the way towns, we biked through a corner of Pays de Basque, where the language looks like Icelandic, and we saw fields of ducks and geese for fois de grasse (fatty pate...).  Turns out the storms have been intense throughout France with record lightning strikes, flooding in towns, and closed airports. So we count ourselves lucky that we have made it to the coast, and are for the most part sheltered from the rains in the rest of France.  We many not see much of history, but we will stay dry!!
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  • Day57

    Ce qu'il y a de bien avec les montagnes c'est qu'après les montées, il y a les descentes!!! C'est un peu comme des récompenses! Et croyez nous, quand on se tape les pyrénées en vélo... Les descentes, on ne les a pas volées!!! 😁
    Après le col d'Aubisque, nous avons dévalé les pentes jusqu'à Eaux Bonnes! Très jolie ville Thermale!
    Et nous avons eu la chance de croiser sur notre route Josianne et Christian! Très beau couple, passionnés de voile et de voyages, avec qui nous avons pu partager nos aventures! 😀
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  • Day36

    Road trip to barcelona

    June 29, 2017 in France

    Kit and I travelled by train to Bordeaux to pick up the rental car that I had used to make it to the pick up point. After a ridiculously expensive taxi ride from the train station to the airport (60+ euros for 7km) we picked up the car and were on our way. It started pouring with rain, and to make matter worse, google maps took us on a wild goose chase for gas, and we literally ended up BEHIND a gas station, with no way to make it to the pumps, while we were running on fumes. It was as if we were stuck in a maze, we could get back to the main road, we just kept driving around these little back roads, never sure when we would run out of gas.

    Finally it was around 1am and I managed to find the way back to the road just behind the gas station, and I parked, intent on climbing the fence if necessary. Turns out there was an access gate for pedestrians, so Kit and I got out and walked across the field to the gas station. Right at that moment it began to pour with rain. We purchased a gas can and got some gas and walked back. By the time we got to the car, it was nearly typhoon like rain, and I was drenched filling the tank.

    However, this effort succeded that we drove all the way back around to the gas station to fill up completely. This experience took so long that we decided we should just drive the rest of the night. I pulled off to a rest stop about an hour later and slept for 1.5 hours and then continued driving.
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  • Day6


    June 27, 2018 in France ⋅ ⛅ 22 °C

    Počasí: dopo slunečno, vedro, odpo se zatáhlo, ale dusno, pak mlha

    Popis dnešní trasy z průvodce: žádná značka, žádná cesta, směr severovýchod.
    Už od včerejška se mění ráz krajiny, ubývá kapradí a stromů. Objevili jsme další orlí startovací dráhu.
    Oběd byl dnes vydatnější, Pavlíček měl "canard" v restauraci. Spali jsme v chatičce v lyžařském středisku.

    8:15 - 17:30
    Trasa: Egurgui (850m) - Col Bagargui (1327m)
    Stoupání: 900m
    Klesání: 400m
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  • Day8

    Pátek 2

    June 29, 2018 in France ⋅ ⛅ 21 °C

    Počasí: neprší, polojasno

    Ráno jsme se oblékali do mokrého oblečení a bot, ale postupně jsme dosychali. Cesta vedla trávou a pak po skalách a nakonec dlouho po silnici. Byli jsme svědky úžasné podívané - ovčácký pes odháněl hejno orlů (asi 20 kusů) od mrtvé krávy, pak si přišel pro pochvalu k Pavlíčkovi, známému milovníku psů. Ubytování máme v chatě v lyžařském středisku, ale nebylo tolik volných postelí, tak se vešel jen Víťa a my jsme si postavili stan. Večeře byla královská včetně dezertu a vína.

    7:30 - 17:00, 20,1km
    Trasa: Cabane d'Ardané (1330m) - Refuge Jeandel (alternativní trasa)
    Stoupání: 1391m
    Klesání: 1050m
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  • Day7


    June 28, 2018 in France ⋅ ⛅ 21 °C

    Počasí: ráno mlha a mrholilo, kolem poledne se vyjasnilo, pak opět mlha a déšť, po celý den silný vítr

    Tento den bylo mnoho netušených výhledů, pak se obloha na chvíli rozjasnila a byly vidět i nejvyšší vrcholky Pyrenejí. K večeru se zase zatáhlo a začalo pršet. Promočení jsme dorazili do chaty Ardané, která je hodně sparťanská, tak na přežití, ale za deště moc příjemná.

    7:30 - 18:00
    Trasa: Col Bagargui (1327m) - Pic d'Orhy (2017m) - Cabane d'Ardané (1330m)
    Stoupání: 1000m
    Klesání: 1100m
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  • Day9

    Sobota 2

    June 30, 2018 in France ⋅ ⛅ 24 °C

    Počasí: v noci na dnešek byla pořádná bouřka se silným větrem, pak přes den slunečno, chvílemi vedro

    Zpočátku jsme stoupali po sjezdovce, pak terén přešel v kamenné moře, kde jsme chvílemi bloudili, a přibyla sněhová pole. V závěru dne jsme hodně klesali kamennou stezkou, pak lesem a nakonec silnicí a loukou. Spíme opět na posteli a máme sprchu, dokonce byl i krám, kde jsme s radostí nakoupili včetně plynové bomby, která nám už docházela.

    8:45 - 16:45, 17,2km
    Trasa: Arette La Pierre-Saint-Martin (Refuge Jeandel) - Lescun (900m)
    Stoupání: 967m
    Klesání: 1732m
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