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  • Day419

    Long drive today. Left Carcassonne around 11 and headed north-west for about 4 hours of driving in total, though we stopped briefly to eat some baguettes.

    We arrived in a place called Blaye just north of Bordeaux around 3pm to check out part of a World Heritage site. In the 17th century there was a French military engineer named Sebastian Vauban who was tasked with fortifying the country's borders. Many of the designs he came up with lasted well into the 20th century, and they're scattered all across the edges of the country (though only 12 are on the World Heritage list).

    This one in the town of Blaye is a river fort, a large fort guarding the river that runs directly down to Bordeaux, once France's most important port. It's interesting because it's designed to withstand attack from both land and sea, and there's a gun tower in the middle of the wide river, plus a smaller sister fort on the other bank (though it was a long drive around to get there, so we skipped).

    Spent an interesting couple of hours wandering around looking at things, and Schnitzel enjoyed rolling around on the grass here as well. It's really starting to feel like spring, the trees aren't quite so bare anymore and lots of flowers are blooming. About fricken time if you ask me!

    About an hour back south to Bordeaux where we went to the supermarket, then checked into our Airbnb. It's in a commuter town about 10km west of the city proper, though it has a nice little village feel to it. Our apartment is a total bachelor pad, with a huge TV, an Xbox and blazing fast internet connection, though a few broken things, some spotty cleanliness and a pretty poorly equipped kitchen! Oh well, we'll be comfortable enough here for the next five nights. I celebrated moving in by watching the Champions League football on the huge TV which Shandos was definitely impressed with!
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  • Day18

    Heute 315 km in 12 Stunden!!
    Die Nacht war verregnet und sehr stürmisch, da hat sich gleich mal unser Teppich verabschiedet, bei anderen sind aber sogar die Stühle rumgeflogen. Die Atlantikwellen sahen nachts auch sehr gruselig aus. 🌊
    Früh hat uns ein kühler Morgen erwartet, als Aufheiterung haben wir uns gleich mit Baguette und Croissant versorgt. 😊
    Bei einer Rundfahrt durch Biarritz konnten wir leider nicht nochmal ein Motorrad mit befestigten Surfbrettern sehen, nur eins mit der entsprechenden Halterung. Die sind wirklich fetzig!! 🏄
    Danach sind wir in Richtung Bordeaux aufgebrochen.
    Zum Mittag gab es für uns Croque Chèvre und Tart au Citron, in unserer ersten Boulangerie. ☕ Davor haben wir einige Ferienorte aufgefunden, die noch sehr verlassen waren.
    Am Nachmittag haben wir Europas höchste Düne Dune du Pilat (107 m hoch & 2,7 km lang) besucht. Mit dem R4 konnten wir leider nicht hochfahren um ein Foto zu schießen. 📸
    Die Düne war trotzdem sehr faszinierend und steil, mit einem riesigen Nadelwald an der einen und dem Meer an der anderen Seite. 🏝
    Auf dem Parkplatz hat dann ein kleines Mädchen wegen uns geweint. 😨 Weil wir abgefahren sind!! Sie fand den R4 so schön, dass ihr Vati sie extra zum Winken hinterher tragen musste. 👧
    Unterwegs haben wir dann in einer Waschbox das Meersalz vom R4 abgewaschen, durch den Sturm waren die Scheiben ganz salzig. 🚖🚿
    Am Abend haben wir Bordeaux erreicht und einen Stadtrundgang gemacht, um uns die alten Prachtbauten anzusehen. Die Stadt war sehr belebt, es gab sogar Tanzkurse im Freien. 💃
    Nach einem Kebab und Chicken Tandoori Cheese Naan zum Abendbrot, war unser Campingplatz Le Maine Blanc in Saint-Christoly-de-Blaye eine dreiviertel Stunde entfernt. Wir hatten Glück und konnten sogar 22 Uhr noch einchecken (für 10,60 €)! 🚖
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  • Day60

    We left our Air BNB about 10.30am and walked back down to the tram station. 🚋🚊 About a 30 minute ride we arrived at La Buttinere, just as we arrived the bus to Blaye left so we had to wait another hour 🚌😭 We got into Blaye about 2.00pm after an hour bus ride. David picked us from the bus stop and about a 30 minute drive to their property. It's beautiful! They have​ two gorgeous dogs Hannah and Xibo 🐕🐩, chickens 🐥🐔, ducks 🦆. Their beautiful villa house looks over a private lake and forestry.
    David showed us around the place then we played a game 'Mexican Train'. We stopped to eat a delicious dinner and back to the game 😊 We took the dogs for a few walks. They were knocking at our door when we went to bed so had to let them in of course. 😍😍😍🤗🤗🤗
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  • Day69

    Blaye, France (Day Eleven)

    June 10, 2017 in France

    Sleep in today YAY! 🤗🤗 Still full from dinner last night so no breakfast this morning for me! Maria & David drove us into Blaye, dropped us off about 11.00am at the markets. 🚗 We wandered around them for a while, plants, veggies, seafood, butchers, clothes, shoes etc. We had a slice of pizza each then decided to walk into town a bit, but didnt really find much on the side streets, without knowing where we were going we headed to the Citadelle de Vauban. We walked around for a while but it was quite a hot day so we found a shady spot under a tree and had a snooze! Lol. 😴🌲💤 We then started to wander back to where we were getting picked up but not before a stop at the patisserie! 🍰🍺 On the drive home we stopped at ANOTHER patisserie for some more choccie eclairs! 😍🤗 Back to the house to relax, have dinner and more Mexican Train 🚆🚂🤗Read more

  • Day61

    Etauliers, France (Day Three)

    June 2, 2017 in France

    Up at about 730am, ready to start work about 850am. Took the dogs for a quick walk 🐕🐩🐩 Our first job was to trim back the trees and hedges etc along the driveway... Huge driveway! 😯 We got stuck into it and had a break at 11am then got a bit more done and lunch at 1.30pm. They have their main meal for lunch rather than dinner so it was roast & veggies YUM! So good to have some home cooked meals. We played another game then started more work about 4pm and finished just after 530pm. Had a nice cold beer, 🍺 Showered, and then nibbles for tea. Another game and now relaxing 🍷🎼🎲Read more

  • Day62

    Etauliers, France (Day Four)

    June 3, 2017 in France

    Sleepy this morning, kept snoozing the alarm! Quick breaky, walked the dogs and back out to finish the driveway. ☁️🌥️ We chopped alot down planning to pick it all up at the end. We headed in for morning tea around 11am, but it poured all afternoon so we couldn't head back outside to finish. 🌧️🌧️ Instead we cleaned the windows in the conservatory - lots and lots of windows! 😮 We finished just in time for lunch, bangers and mash! 🤗 After lunch we headed to the supermarket for a drive and once we got back another game as the rain wasn't going away. Quick walk later in the after while the rain stopped for a second. Then back to the game, dinner around 8pm, another walk for the doggies and now relaxing. 🐕🐩 Hannah is the black dog, sleeps next to my side of the bed 😍😍😍 and Xibo is the white dog. 🐩🐕Read more

  • Day64

    Etauliers, France (Day Six)

    June 5, 2017 in France

    Up at 8.00am and took the doggies for a quick lap of the forest 🐕🐩 then breakfast and time to get started on the driveway. Took a few hours but finally done. 😫 We had the best chocolate eclair for morning tea DELICIOUS! 🤤😝🍩 We then moved on to cutting down all the shoots and weeds around the trees in the park. Took a while but not as long as I imagined. Yummy curry cooked up for lunch then a few games of Mexican Train. Back to finishing the trees and soon enough knock off time. Thank god as my back was so sore 😭😟 Nibbles for tea again followed by Mexican Train! 🚆 Another walk for the doggies then bed! 😴🐕 Hannah loves sleeping in our room! 🐕🤗😍Read more

  • Day65

    Etauliers, France (Day Seven)

    June 6, 2017 in France

    Same wake up today, Quinny's turn to take the doggies for a walk! 🐕🐩 Started work at 9.00am, more clearing work but this time in a path through the middle of the forest. 🌲🌳🌵 Lunch at 1pm - burgers yum! 🍔🍟 Then a game for a while. 🤗🎲🃏 Back to work at 3pm and finished about 4.45pm as it started to rain. 🌧️🌧️ Time to freshen up and quick walk with dogs as the weather cleared up. 🌤️🌤️ Cheese & salad for dinner and pancakes!!! 🥞🥞 Yummmmy. Finished off the game of Mexican Train, watched Inspector Thomas Linley then bed. 😴😴😴Read more

  • Day66

    Etauliers, France (Day Eight)

    June 7, 2017 in France

    Another day usual start. Breakfast, and Q took the doggies for a walk 🐩🐕 First job was to finish the path through the forest, we finished just in time for lunch. Pork & lentils for lunch at 1.15pm then I had a zap as I was knackered 😴😞😫 At 4pm we started on our next job which was cutting the grass and weeds around the lake which the mower can't get too. We finished at 5.30pm and then went to the supermarket to get a few things. 🍫🍺🍭🍶 Back to the house for a shower and snack, pizza YUM! 🍕🍕🍕 A game of Mexican Train then early night 🍕🚊😴 I still can't get over how bright it is at this time!!! Weird.Read more

  • Day67

    Étauliers, France (Day Nine)

    June 8, 2017 in France

    Kept snoozing my alarm this morning 😴😴😴 had breakfast and then took the doggies for a walk 🐩🐕 then we started on our job for today which was clearing the path on the right side of the lake 😯😨😑 it took us the whole day, but two Kirs at the end well worth it 🍷🍷 quick shower and then snack time while Q snoozed. After dinner we talked for a while before hitting the hay 😴😴😴 quite a warm day here, about 30. ☀️☀️☀️Read more

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