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  • Day5

    The rain just won't stop

    May 22, 2018 in France ⋅

    Sunshine! We feel it on the tent in the morning and get to work quickly to dry our stuff in the sun :) As we start the day, we talk to our fellow hikers - all the groups are unsure what to do. Everyone got soaked to the bones, a few hikers much more than us. We decide to give our stuff a good dry and then do a half day, as others start heading out. BUT we still play by nature's rules and so our half day for drying is cut awefully short by the next rain clouds - so we run and pack everything as quickly as possible. Around 10am, we start with a steep uphill and then a nice easy downhill into the forest.

    For our half day camp spot, we had read about an old hikers hut in our guide books, an abandoned refugio in the middle of the forest. It lays a bit off route and we get to play the trail finding game again, but manage to find old trail markings one by one. I will admit, we are both a bit creeped out the deeper we go into the unknown forest. We get there about 20 minutes away from the GR20 and start to look around. It's an old vacation hut that's barely been used in the last few years but otherwise in good shape. There are pots above a stove in the kitchen, beds and a fireplace in the other room. It looks like the mice have taken over here and we decided to dry our stuff off the clothes lines but sleep outside in the tent.
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  • Day8

    Rest day turned last day

    May 25, 2018 in France ⋅

    Today's goal was mostly to investigate how to best continue our journey. We head on a short one hour hike to Vizzavona, where the southern part of the GR20 ends and the northern higher altitude part starts.

    Besides finding a big lunch at a local restaurant, we also find Emile, the local "wise old man" when it comes to mountaineering in this area. We go over maps of the upcoming hikes and he shows us all the potential hazards (=mostly snow on steep parts of the trail as well as snow slides due to all the late snow they got this year).

    The result: most of the days (including tomorrow's) are still covered in too much snow on dangerously steep slopes too continue. And we decide to come back for the North half of the trail another year, instead of going around all the fun and most scenic parts of this trail now. And the alternative isn't bad: 2 weeks of climbing the mountains we've already fallen in love with :)
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  • Day7

    Route finding a must

    May 24, 2018 in France ⋅

    Waking up with out the sound of rain on the tent gives us hope, and when we stick our heads out for a peak and see blue sky we look to each other and say "we're clear for our summit bid". We kick it into high gear to leave camp as quickly as possible, our goal for the day is another alpine variant over the top of the South's highest peak, Monte Renoso.

    As we walk out of camp Mareike mentions a trail that will save us an hour getting to our approach. We quickly agree this is the best option and vear from the GR20, climbing the forested hills from rock cairn to rock cairn in route to the i'Pozzi bivouac.

    From the base of the approach we keep a close eye on the skies around us, we both know that thunderstorms end our journey to the top. We use our ice axes and crampons to reach the first saddle and pull out the map and GPS to confirm and discuss our route. From here we find the trail to not be much more difficult than other parts of our journey. We are able to reach the summit with only a couple short climbing sections and celebrate the top of Monte Renoso with sugary dragon tongue candy.

    Mareike brings up another variation to our trail down that would save us a day on the trail and keep us out of the valley. It's a ridge trail that connects into another trail that is supposed to be fun for kids, in the end we both highly doubted people take their kids here.

    There's not enough space to tell the story of the next 6 hours of our journey. It's a story to share over a hot meal or a cold beer with friends and family. We became stronger yet as a team as we negotiated thick fog, trails that seemed to end in cliffs, trails that were nonexistent, looming rock towers and snowfields that would play hide and seek and numerous up and down climbs through the granite. In the end we felt like we had the best adventure yet and truly used all of our mountain knowledge along the way. We also couldn't have been happier to get off our feet and lie down after a 12 hour day.
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  • Day3

    Just kidding :)

    May 20, 2018 in France ⋅

    After the early night, we got up at 5:30am and were rewarded with a gorgeous sunrise over the hills in the distance. For breakfast, we have different flavors of oatmeal / cereal / nut mixes in hot water that we eat throughout the morning from small water bottles. It gives us energy til we start lunch snacks in the afternoon.

    Our hike today was super fun! We chose an "alpine variante" of the GR20, which goes up a steep rocky climb and then along the side of big rock faces (we got excited to see a few climbers on those walls beside our trail). One section had a fixed chain to help hikers stay safe on a steep slab of granite. It was definitely an adventure and the joke of the day was Leo saying "it should be all downhill from here" and then the trail continuing uphill and Mareike laughing "just kidding". After a few times, any uphill was commented with a celebratory "just kidding" :)

    Another cool thing we saw on the way were giant trains of caterpillars, one of them over 10 meters long. We saw several on the forest floor, looking like snakes from a distance.

    Just before our next camp spot, we had a tricky river crossing with a slippery boulder that you could step on and pray or do one bigger jump to avoid the slippery one altogether. I (Mareike) wasn't quite feeling up to it with a still recovering ankle and so after trying to be stubborn and finding another way on my own, Leo went over twice with both packs and then I could easily do the jump with no weight on my back. It was a great reminder that we're great as a team and that we need to think as a team in order to make the most of our life together.
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  • Day4

    Hiking with our heads in the clouds

    May 21, 2018 in France ⋅

    Our second morning and we're starting to recognize the same hikers going north on the GR20 at the same time - there's two french guys who usually pass us at some point in the day, an older German couple who have done the trek many times but who decided not to carry their own food anymore like they used to, and 3 Ukrainians our age that we chatted with a bit.

    Again today, we choose an "alpine route" that goes over the summit of Monte Incudine (2134m) instead of the regular GR20 along a valley trail. The day starts steeeeep, with an easy snow patch to cross and then after the summit in the early morning, we follow the ridgeline on a pretty easy, steady downhill trail into a lovely valley of streams, meadows and forests. We saw the coolest salamanders!

    We also are introduced to ridgeline fogs that make route finding more challenging as well as Corsica's rains, which can be short and easy or long and heavy, but should never be underestimated. We made exactly that mistake and didn't take the rain seriously in the valley. "It'll end any minute"... but it never did. We got SO wet! The last 2 hours to our campsite followed another ridgeline with steep dropoffs on either side and we had to negotiate a few easy climbing sections (made more difficult with large heavy packs) along the way. In the rain or fog (they switched back and forth), we needed to be completely focused and eventually made it safely. We had several more laughing about our "this must have been the last of the uphill" moments and kept in good spirits. We were so glad to be in a dry tent, dry clothes and eating our hot dinner inside the tent (again ;) ) as the rain continued throughout the night.
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  • Day9

    Aléria I

    July 11, 2018 in France ⋅ ☀️ 24 °C

    Unsere ersten Tage vergehen langsam, entspannt, faul...weil wir wissen, dass es beim Campen Zeit braucht, bis alles seinen Platz findet. Selbst das Zelt verrücken wir nochmal und auch die Hängematte kommt zwischen zwei andere Bäume. Wir genießen sonnigstes Sommerwetter, es ist tagsüber immer um die 30grad, nachts sind es leicht über 20grad und auch deswegen lassen wir es langsam angehen. Wer von uns vor 8 Uhr morgens überhaupt aufwachen möchte, geht joggen oder übt Yoga, alles andere wird dem Stand der Sonne untergeordnet. Wir frühstücken immer gemütlich bis es uns zu warm wird, dann geht’s zum Strand und oder in der Pool - irgendwann gibt’s beim Zelt einen kleinen Imbiss und der Nachmittag ist dann wieder mit Strand- und/oder Pool- Session ausgefüllt. Dazwischen wird viel gelesen. Wir machen lange Strandspaziergänge bis zur Flussmündung des ...., paddeln auf dem SUP und ansonsten züchten die Kinder ihre Schwimmhäute. Adele hat sich selbst den Kopfsprung beigebracht, Selma einen Unterwasser-Handstand.
    Bei all dem herrlichen Nichtstun (als Ausnahmen könnten gelten: Abwaschen, Kochen, Zelt ausfegen, Einkaufen) befinden wir uns in bester Nachbarschaft mit Kendra, Frank und den 3 Kindern, der zweiten Familie mit denen wir hier zusammen Ferien machen. Sonntag kommen dann die Super 6 dazu.
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  • Day15

    Ghisoni/Fium Orbu

    July 17, 2018 in France ⋅ ☀️ 27 °C

    Wir sind wieder komplett! Die Super 6 sind endlich in Aléria angekommen und wir feiern ein freudiges, rührseliges Wiedersehen. Wir stoßen an mit Eis (Kinder) Macarons (Mamas) und Pastis (Papas). Wir faulenzen den ganzen Tag am Pool und am Strand und kochen abends jetzt immer für 15! Der langersehnte Trip zum legendenumwobenen Y-Baum steht ganz oben auf der Liste unserer Wunsch-Aktionen. Vor 3 Jahren waren wir auch schon dort. Es geht von Aléria landeinwärts bis in die Nähe von Ghisoni um dort in die großen Gumpen des vielverästelten Fium Orbu zu springen. Die Straße ist eng, wir kurven uns durch das wunderschöne Tal immer höher hinauf bis am Straßenrand der zweistämmige Y-Baum auftaucht. Schon allein die Aussicht von oben ist traumhaft. Der Abstieg zum Fluss ist steil und da die schmale Steinbrücke zerstört wurde, müssen wir durch das Wasser zum anderen Ufer waten, was durchaus Spaß und zugleich durch Strömung, glatte Steine, 9 Kinder und Rucksäcke auch eine kleine Herausforderung ist. Natürlich schaffen wir es alle zumindest trockenen Hauptes auf die andere Seite, wo man herrlich auf glatten Steinen sitzen und von dort ganz bequem in die flacheren Gumpen einsteigen kann. Der Fluss rauscht und braust direkt an uns vorbei, alle schlüpfen in ihre Neos und dann geht’s ab ins Wasser. Die Legenden entstehen von so ein bisschen Geplansche natürlich noch lange nicht, dafür muss man sich schon trauen, am unteren Teil 7 Meter in die Tiefe zu springen und ins nächste Becken zu rutschen und den Ausstieg galant zu meistern. Wir verbringen den ganzen Tag am Fluss, die Kinder klettern rings um den Flusslauf und kriegen kaum genug. Der Aufstieg erfordert wieder ein bisschen Energie, aber das macht diese herrliche Tour eben aus.Read more

  • Day20

    Aléria II

    July 22, 2018 in France ⋅ ⛅ 27 °C

    Tage, an denen wir nix machen, sind noch viel schöner zusammen mit Nadine,Ole, Maja, Lasse, Isa und Jesper.
    Tage, an denen wir nix machen, bestehen aus Nichtstun.
    Tage, an denen wir nix machen, sehen immer so aus: Aufwachen und vielleicht Sport machen, Kaffee kochen, Frühstücken, Eincremen, Strand, Spaziergang zum Fluss, Pool, Strand, Pool, Mittagssnack am Zelt, Eis, Strand, mit dem SUP raus, Strand, Pool, Duschen, Kochen, Essen, Eis, Minidisco, Rosé und Pernot.
    Tage, an denen wir nix machen, sind lang, träge, vertrödelt, lustig und so entspannt.
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  • Day10

    Cascade de Bucatoggio

    July 12, 2018 in France ⋅ ⛅ 27 °C

    Für eine kleine Wanderung fahren vormittags etwa 45 Minuten in nördliche Richtung und suchen ewig lang den Bucatoggio Fluss. Nach einem wirren Hin und Her stellen wir fest, dass wir zwei Karten, die wir uns abfotografiert hatten, bloß verwechselt haben und kommen dann plötzlich ganz easy ans Ziel. Der Pfad führt uns an einer archäologischen Fundstätte und einer Genueser Brücke vorbei und direkt am Fluss entlang über Steine, kleine Bäche und Rinnsale. Überall entdecken die Kinder Eidechsen und hübsche Libellen. Unter den Bäumen ist es schön schattig und wir hören das Rauschen des Wasserfalls schon von weitem. Nach einer knappen halben Stunde erreichen wir das Ziel. Wir picknicken und baden in den Gumpen unterhalb des Wasserfalls. Alle bis auf Kendra trauen sich ins Wasser, die dafür dann das Gruppenfoto machen darf.Read more

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