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  • Day946


    January 28 in France ⋅ 🌬 7 °C

    My oh my were we glad to pull into the aire at Salernes! Starting the day with an interesting but stressfull drive into and back out of the world's most densely populated country (Monaco, click the link to see the video:, we retraced our tracks of the past few days, along the coast road of the French Riviera, through Saint Laurent du Var, Cagnes sur Mer and finally Nice, thankfully turning inland before we hit Antibes. Driving an oversized vehicle in heavy traffic, on highly engineered road sytems that we are unfamiliar with does tend to wear on the nerves and many drivers along this particular ribbon development did seem to have an air of self entitlement that made it difficult for others around them. Straddling the middle and inner lanes, it seemed like an age before we hit the hills and just had the numerous switch back bends and roundabouts to contend with! Funnily enough we didn't see to many other motorhomers running the same gauntlet!

    Will drove for 5 hours to reach this sandy van parking area, bordering the town of Salernes. It has the small but clear, tree lined River Bresque running alongside and a water tap that produces little more than a dribble, but there is waste emptying, recycling and more importantly, there isn't a high rise building in sight! Will spent a little while fishing before the light faded and Vicky had an early bed. Deciding to stay two nights, so we were refreshed for the next leg of our journey towards Spain, we took a short day trip to Cascade de Sillans; a stunning waterfall just 6km away. Parking in a layby we walked half a kilometre along a woodland track, emerging to the sight of a beautiful white tail of water tumbling 42 metres down a rich sandstone cliff, into a milky turquoise plunge pool.

    Three other people were standing on the wooden viewing platform when we arrived, but they soon left and we spent some time just taking in the details of this natural phenomenon. The different varieties of moss and long tree roots that hung down from the back wall, most covered in ochre coloured calcite deposits that made long thin stalactites of them. The way the thin spray of water bouncing off a prominent rock ran so fast it appeared as a smooth, unfocussed, flowing whole, instead of thousands of clear, tiny, distinct droplets. The rainbow colours trapped in the high speed spray, formed as the force of falling water collided with the body of the pool. It certainly lived up to its reputation as one of the most beautiful waterfalls in France!

    Back in Salernes we walked to the Biocoop, a shop Will had already visited and wanted to show Vicky. We put a lot of time and thought into trying to buy food that is as good as possible for ourselves, the environment, the people who produce it and animal welfare; not always an easy task when travelling to a new place every day or two! In all our time we don't remember coming accross a shop that ticked so many boxes. As large as a supermarket, everything it sold was organic. It had a massive range of products, including cheeses, meats and meat substitutes, fruit and veg, drinks, dried foods, washing and sanitary products and alternative remedies. It made a real effort to cut down on unnecessary packaging, offering a lot of foods such as rice, flour, nuts and seeds, loose for you to put in your own container or a paper bag. It had a focus on local producers, many of whom it seemed, made things especially for this shop. It was also a cooperative, meaning that its success was based on and benefited the community that supported it, rather than a handfull of rich board members. We were in raptures and waxed lyrical about how brilliant it was to the cashier. They seemed a little bemused when Vicky asked to climb the stairs to the mezzanine for a photo of the shop floor, but were happy to oblige. We hope shops like this will continue to grow in number!
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  • Day33

    Saint-Raphael, "French Riviera"!

    April 20, 2015 in France ⋅ ⛅ 19 °C

    It was a great day! Ruby and I slept in bunk beds last night! We really like our cabin and wish we could stay more than 2 nights. The caravan park has so many pools and slides and a playground and we did it all today! Even mum went on a water slide and screamed it was cold.

  • Day16

    Our second full day on the Canal

    September 11, 2017 in France ⋅ 🌬 24 °C

    More of the same, but we did pull up in Homps for a few hours into the marina to fill the boat with water, empty the rubbish, charge the boat and electronic devices and find a supermarche in order to stock up for lunch and dinner.

    One of the lock-keepers fancied himself as a bit of a sculptor, and as we went through the lock, one of his sculptures was a wooden crocodile.

    We don't have a great deal of cooking implements, and Craig and my turn to cook, so we bought some chorizo and long chipolata sausages, potatoes and tomatoes and we are making the Jamie Oliver oven baked dish. Craig has added some moules instead of anchovies (which is what I use at home when I make this dinner).

    A bit of excitement today as it has been really windy and there were a number of fires in the hilly country to our left as we travelled along the lock. In the afternoon there were a number of planes dumping water on the fire which was located in what seemed to be Narbonne National Park. We saw the flames on the ridge of the mountain.
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  • Day22


    September 19, 2018 in France ⋅ ⛅ 28 °C

    So I started the day with the intention of going to Cannes. (Where the famous music festival takes place). Once there I didn't really love the place. It's full of luxury boutiques: Gucci, Prada, etc. and the beach is not that fantastic. So I hopped back on the train to head to St-Raphael. Oh yes. I need to mention that the train broke down again. And we needed to wait an hour for it to be repaired. Why are these trains always breaking when I take them?

    Anywho, this village is super adorable and the hotel I got is gorgeous. Since I am staying with a friend's mom for a few days over the weekend I can splurge on nice hotels for the next 3 nights right! Sylviane put me in contact with her friends mom who lives near Marseille (Aix de provence) so she offered me a room for the weekend since I will be in the area. Yay! :-)

    Again today was the beach (I am getting so brown) and visiting the town. This place is where the richs come. The yatchs here are unreal...

    P.s. Since I have been seeing at least 1 Pomeranian per day since I've been here I started taking pictures of the daily Pom to send to my mom. Thought ide share this one as it looks like Misty.

    14 days until I see you misty ❤
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  • Day35

    Day 35-Castellane to St Maxime, 64 miles

    May 20, 2016 in France ⋅ ☀️ 70 °F

    Well what I thought was going to be a real A to B day turned out to be a great ride. Another 1000+ meters of climbing but when you start in the mountains and finish at the sea there's always going to be more down than up and with nearly 2000 meters of descending all the climbing over the last few days was well rewarded.

    I was also given a fantastic guided tour of the French hills and towns by local resident and very keen cyclist Howard who I met whilst riding today. A retired Englishman he and his wife now spend 6 months a year at their hill side villa in Claviers and count the Beckhams when they are in town as neighbours, whos place he pointed out (well the gate at least). After being invited for lunch I couldn't refuse and had a great 2 hours talking about bikes, their lives, living in France and much more. A lovely couple who I could have spent all afternoon chatting with but the coast at Saint-Maxime was calling so I left them drinking wine and eating cheese in the sunshine on their terrace overlooking their pool and the hillside village. I'm very much starting to see the attraction of this place!

    From theirs it was 25 or so miles to St Maxime and my starting point for a few chilled days along the French Riviera. With not much more than about 20 miles to cover each day as I my make my way towards Monaco for next Thursday it's going to be more holiday than touring for a week!
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  • Day36

    Day 36 - St Maxime & St Tropez, 24 miles

    May 21, 2016 in France ⋅ ⛅ 70 °F

    Start of the beach leg of the tour today with a nice relaxed ride round to Saint-Tropez from Sainte Maxime and back again. Some serious yachts in both harbours especially St Tropez and with Cannes Festival still on their were even bigger moored out at sea. Money money money!!!

    The evening was all about cup finals with Utd beating an unlucky Palace in the FA Cup then the big one for the French with Marseille taking on PSG in the French equivalant and wow are PSG hated down here. Ended up spending most of the evening chatting a Fresh couple from Marseille who were away for the weekend planning their wedding later this year. After a fair few watching the football I was invited to visit and Facebook details were swapped. This for them bought great laughter as it turns out Pipe in French means a certain type of 'job'! I had wondered why I'd always gotten a strange look when checking into hotels!

    Short ride round to Frejus and Saint Raphael tomorrow and a bit more beach time.
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  • Day19

    Saint Tropez, France

    August 21, 2017 in France ⋅ ☀️ 81 °F

    This small port on the French Riviera is known for its sea and sun. It has 32 private beach clubs and 75 public beaches. We drove on the vine road. They have been making wine in this area for centuries. Cork trees are native to St Tropez.
    We visited two mid-evil villages from the 9th century, Gassin and Ramatuelle. They were built high in the mountains to protect their inhabitants against invaders.Read more

  • Day37

    Day 37 - St Maxime to Fréjus, 15 miles

    May 22, 2016 in France ⋅ ⛅ 70 °F

    Very short ride today along the coast which with this mornings hangover was about all I could manage. Morning started watching an international paddle board race in the bay round Sainte-Maxime with a strong coffee then the ride to Frejus and once there a couple of hours dozing on the beach.

    Very relaxed day and wouldn't rush back to Frejus. Nice old town with a Roman Amphitheatre which is worth a visit but the front is where Frejus very much becomes the Bognor Regis of the French Riviera. Apologies to anyone from BR.Read more

  • Day406

    Day 407: Driving the Cote-d'Azur

    March 28, 2018 in France ⋅ ⛅ 16 °C

    Long day of driving today! We headed out around 9am, since neither of us were particularly inclined to stay much longer cooped up in the small room. It was nice enough, but our host's father came to visit as well with a large dog (very friendly, but Schnitzel didn't like it) so we felt a bit disruptive too.

    Found some pastries for breakfast at a boulangerie and then headed eastwards along the coast. Took a detour through a national park which was quite nice, lots of dramatic limestone cliffs and such towering out of the blue water.

    Spent a couple of hours driving before we arrived in our first destination: Saint-Tropez. Wasn't sure what I was expecting to find, but it's actually really small! Just a village really. Parked up and browsed along the waterfront, though all the restaurants were hideously expensive again. Managed to find a place that had a plate of the day filet mignon with potato puree for 16 euros which we both had. Delicious, but we definitely paid for it! 6 euros for a small 250mL of draft beer was comical as well.

    Bought a delicious Tarte-Tropezienne which is basically a two-layer sponge cake with an enormous vanilla cream wedge in the centre. We shared it while sitting in the sun looking at the enormous yachts parked at the marina. Quite a bit larger than the boat we'd been on a couple of weeks earlier!

    Back to the car where we kept driving, roughly along the coast but also inland as well. You can't really take the "coast road" since it's very windy and takes forever - also low speed limits since it goes through every town and village along the way. So we spent a couple of sections on the freeway as well.

    Arrived in Cannes by mid-afternoon, running a bit late to make it to our Airbnb still 40 minutes up the road in Nice. Parked underneath the Casino and conference centre on the waterfront where the film festival is held, and then walked for a bit of the promenade. Cannes is a much larger city than Saint-Tropez, and is definitely much busier as well.

    In the end we didn't have much time to do anything beyond search fruitlessly for somewhere selling ice-cream. So we had Magnums instead, then got back in the car!

    Getting out of Cannes proved to be a nightmare - horrendous traffic and lots of one-way streets, along with confusing direction signs and crazy French drivers. They aren't Italian level bad, but not too far off! Lots of roadworks going on which I assume they have to get done before everyone descends on the town in summer and makes it unbearable, though they probably want to do everything before the film festival as well which I think is in May.

    In the end, we arrived about 45 minutes late to our Airbnb - probably the first time that's happened to such a degree! The lady spoke very good English and was fine about it, since we'd kept her updated on our progress. The apartment is a downstairs granny flat under her house and is quite modern and well-equipped. Bread and cheese from the supermarket for dinner after our expensive and filling lunch!
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