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  • Day168

    La Rochelle-day 2

    February 18, 2017 in France

    Another stellar day in La Rochelle! Corinne gave me the address to her aunt and uncles place to go and say hello. I walked the beautiful park where they had a small zoo and then the beach. I arrived at the Villa Marcotte where Corinne's family lives and rang the bell. With my best French I introduced myself to Michel and told him I came by to say hello and take a couple of photos for Corinne. He said Brigitte was not home and so I shook his hand and left. Went to the beach and enjoyed the sunshine and found a fossilized rock. Found a couple of nice shells to take with me. Walked through town in search of new shoes and found a place with great sales. Bought myself a new pair of fancy running shoes with memory foam for €23.60 (60% discount). Bought myself some duck pate and beautiful baguette made from corn a beer and had my lunch back at the room. Heading to Limoges tomorrow and the bus and train schedules were crazy long and more than I wanted to pay. I booked myself into a blablacar ride, which here in Europe is great because it is private car rides for cheap and then you get to see the countryside. I have a direct trip of 3 hours booked for €17 euros. Christy and I used this from Italy to Budapest for €15 each and it was a 5.5 hour drive. Great optional way to get around!Read more

  • Day169


    February 19, 2017 in France

    Caught a blablacar ride this morning with Stephanie and two other girls to Limoges. The ride went quick and I got to see the beautiful country side. It's a nice way to travel. Stephanie spoke French so fast I could only get every fourth word but managed to parlez with her and the other girls. I really had to pay attention and by the time my trip was done my brains were a bit scrambled. I looked around the city for 4 hours and think I've seen everything. It has a really weird vibe here. It is again Sunday and everything is closed including the food stores. Always have to make sure I get groceries for Saturday shopping. Saw the lovely gardens and the city has at least 7 bridges I passed today along the river walk. The Pont de Etienne us where the local women used to wash the linens if the bourgeoisie women until the mid 19th century. Limoges is also world renowned for their porcelain and design. I saw some beautiful pieces in the shop windows today.Read more

  • Day170

    Limoges and off to Lyon tomorrow

    February 20, 2017 in France

    Misty morning do a great day to head to the Museum of Resistance. I don't know much about French history except for Normandy so it was a great way to learn their role in WW2. France like Slovakia was inundated with lots of propaganda but France had more of a resistance movement against the government who was siding with the Nazis and a big underground movement. The resistance broke down telecommunications, smuggled and sheltered Jews and bombed nazi establishments. There were a lot of women involved in the movement acting as spies. After liberation the government became communist. The streets names here in France are dedicated to the people of the resistance. I went to visit the gothic seven story St. Etienne church after and it was bitter cold in there. I could actually see my breath. No going to sleep in mass at that church. Booked another blablacar ride for tomorrow with a young student named Louise. She speaks a bit of English so it should be alright. Heading to Lyon and it will be nice to see the countryside.Read more

  • Day1

    Limoges France

    September 2, 2017 in France

    Hello Family & Friends!!

    It is already 3 weeks ago that we shared our beautiful Kulia wedding day with all of you! We can look back to such an incredible weekend with great company, tasty champagne, fine food and wines!! Thanks again for celebrating with us.

    Here you can follow us on our honeymoon. Once in a while we will post something to give you an idea where in Japan we will be, which adventures we are getting ourselves into and how we indulge ourselves into the Japanese foodculture!

    Arigato & Mata aimashou!!
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  • Day25

    Day 25: Chatenet-en-D. - Limoges

    September 6, 2016 in France

    Distance: 28.6k (582/1288.3)
    Weather: 27C, periods of sun and clouds
    Mood: Tired but satisfied
    Blisters: 0
    Staying at: Soeurs Franciscaines

    The landscape today was beautiful and the Cathedral of Limoges is just stunning (Which makes the Limousin my favourite part of this journey yet). As my mum said, Limoges is another milestone, which I am proud to reach. I was going to post a little story, but I met a couple from Bornerbroek (very near to where my dad was born).Read more

  • Day24

    Day 24: Marsac - Le Chatenet-en-D.

    September 5, 2016 in France

    Distance: 38k (incl. 4.5k shortcut) (553.4/1316.9)
    Weather: 25C, overcast
    Mood: Tired but satisfied
    Blisters: 0
    Staying at: a field

    Why make it hard?

    I'd been going over my planning for the next few days a number of times when Richard asked me: "Why do you make it so hard for yourself?" The constant pressure to hit a certain daily mileage seemed a bad thing to him.
    I read the same thing on a santiago website, to not pressure yourself too much on time so you can enjoy the camino to its fullest.
    But of course I have my own view, I like the physical challenge and I'm not even sure why. Probably because I want it to be hard and I want to feel like I've really achieved something at the end of the day. I mentioned this earlier, it seems like a certain level of suffering is imperative to the camino.
    Somehow this challenge keeps me going and prevents my camino from becoming routine and even a bit boring. And so today, I hit a new high on my daily mileage (33.5km) and it feels good.
    I just hope it still feels good tomorrow...

    In case you're wondering what that misty picture is of... Well that was the summit of my first climb, bit unlucky with the weather. It wasn't that hard though and I enjoyed walking alone again. Enough thoughts to keep this busy mind company!
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  • Day13

    Via Aubusson naar Limoges

    August 2 in France

    Op ons gemakkie via een super mooie route door de heuvels in een uurtje naar Aubusson! Wat een prachtig stadje😍na een mooie wandelingen klimmend en dalend en een uitgebreide lunch verder naar Limoges! Morgen de stad in maar nu lekker zwemmen enzo🥂🍹😎

  • Day26

    Day 26: Limoges - Flavignac

    September 7, 2016 in France

    Distance: 28. 4k (610.4/1259.9)
    Weather: 32C, Very sunny and hot
    Mood: I so got that 28k!
    Blisters: 0
    Staying at: Camping Saint-Fortunat (I have not paid yet...)

    I am sitting at the lake of Saint Fortune as the night falls. A few last day trippers are making their way home, but I am still here with no plans, but a bottle of wine and the expectation of a starry night. It's so peaceful now that most people are gone and the screams of children playing have made way for crickets, birds and the quiet sounds of the lake. I am content, I am peaceful, I am grateful and yes, maybe I am a little under the influence...
    Maybe it's a little more comfortable if I put my right leg down... Ouch maybe it's not, there are loads of nettles here!
    It's so nice when you have no other worries on your mind but where you'll sleep and what you'll eat. This is when I feel I can really enjoyed the small things (that really are big) in life. And... Isn't there a Dutch things about the small things that make you happy in the end?
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  • Day17

    J+15 Dans la peau des papetiers...

    September 2, 2016 in France

    J'ai visité un moulin/musée toujours un peu vivant aujourd'hui.

    Au moulin de Got, ils continuent à faire du papier et à l'imprimer comme ils faisaient 100 ans en arrière!

    Puis balade en fin de journée dans les bleds à l'est de Limoges.

    Distance 49km, arrivée de nuit par des chemins pas très roulants... Le bazar quoi!

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