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  • Day71

    3 Tage in Quiberon

    August 28, 2019 in France ⋅ ☁️ 19 °C

    ...haben wir zufällig am Drehort des gleichnamigen Films verbracht:

    Hier auf der bretonischen Halbinsel erholte sich 1981 Romy Schneider, im Film beeindruckend gespielt von Marie Bäumer, von ihrem Leben und gab ein letztes tragisches Interview.
    Ganz und gar ohne Tragik sind wir fröhlich in den schroffen Felsen gekraxelt und am Abend hat Jens an der Hafen-Promenade entspannt gemalt. Wäre Romy vorbeigekommen, hätten wir sie bestimmt ein wenig aufgemuntert und sie hätte ein wunderschönes Bild gemalt.
    (in Gedenken an ihre Tage hier sind alle Bilder heute mal schwarz-weiß)

    ...we happened to be at the location of the film of the same name:

    Here on the Breton peninsula in 1981 Romy Schneider, impressively played in the film by Marie Bäumer, recovered from her life and gave one last tragic interview.
    Without any tragedy we happily climbed into the craggy rocks and in the evening Jens painted relaxed on the harbour promenade. Had Romy passed by, we would have cheered her up a little and she would have painted a beautiful picture.
    (in remembrance of her days here all pictures are black and white today)
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  • Day44

    Day 44a. Lorient, Submarine Base

    September 17, 2019 in France ⋅ ☁️ 18 °C

    The Captain’s Quarter is very small and includes his bunk with wall folding down writing desk, maps cupboard and wash basin. The lieutenant officers slept on the meeting table benches and other officers in bunks next to the table.
    Water was in very limited supply.

  • Day44

    Day 44c. Lorient, France

    September 17, 2019 in France ⋅ ⛅ 20 °C

    At the entrance to the Lorient harbour stands the 1740 French East India Company’s trading house, where precious exotic goods imported from India and China were sold. It was part of the harbour redevelopment by architect Jacques V Gabriel.
    The ship was farewelled by local traditional dancers.

  • Day44

    Day 44b. Lorient, France

    September 17, 2019 in France ⋅ ⛅ 19 °C

    We walked along the Promenade du Belvedere, Promenade de la Compagnie des Indes and Ponte Le Corre Marina. Then around L’Enclos Du Port the old part of the city. Lorient was flattened by bombs in World War II so there is very little old charm remaining. There is lots of evidence of war time walls, bunkers, fortifications and a submarine enclosure to hide 28 submarines.Read more

  • Day8

    Die Megalithfelder / Pola megalitów

    September 23, 2019 in France ⋅ ⛅ 17 °C

    Das erste Monumentalwerk Europas und niemand weiß, wer die Menschen in Neolithikum waren, die das errichtet haben. Nicht mal das, die meisten Bewohner Europas, wissen nicht, dass es hier offenbar 4500 Jahre vor Christus eine Kultur gab, die (nach der letzten Zählung) die 2792 Steine auf mehreren Kilometer Länge in bis zu 11 Reihen aufgestellt hat. Wahrscheinlich sind sogar die meisten Steine im Meer versunken, da damals die Küste viel weiter im Meer gewesen ist. Hammer, eigentlich nur Steine, aber so viele Fragen, die das Mysterium nicht klären.

    Pierwszy monument europy i nikt nie wie, kim byli ludzie z neolitykum, którzy go zbudowali. Nie tylko to, większość populacji europy nie jest świadoma, że już 4500 przed Chrystusem, istniała kultura, która była w stanie 2792 megality sięgające do 6 m , ustawić na długość 11 km, w rzędach liczących do 11 . Najprawdopodobniej było ich wiele więcej, bo 6-7 tyś lat temu brzeg morza był dużo dalej i większość tych kamieni leży dzisiaj w morzu. To tylko kamienie, ale ile pytań jest z nimi związanych.
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  • Day8

    Côte du Morbihan

    September 23, 2019 in France ⋅ ☁️ 16 °C

    Heute ist der meteorologischer Herbstanfang. Pünktlich dazu gab es Sturm und Regen. Ich durchquerte Bretagne diesmal von Norden nach Süden und dank den vielen Strassensperrungen dürfte ich wieder die wunderbare Landschaft, während der Umgehungsfahrten auf Nebenstrassen, geniessen. Heute war wieder mal packen, fahren, auspacken angesagt und das habe ich in der ersten Hälfte des Tages erledigt. Am Nachmittag trotzte ich dem Wind und Regen im Carnac und La Trinité-sur-Mer. Es war aber auch schön. Man sagt, es gibt kein schlechtes Wetter, nur schlechte Kleidung, meine Kleidung war Wetterfest. Und am Ende gab es die wahrscheinlich beste Muscheln meines Lebens. Die haben von Butter und Knoblauch nur so getrieft.

    Dzisiaj jest meteorologiczny początek jesieni. I punktualnie panuje deszcz i wiatr. Przyjechałam Bretanię tym razem z północy na poludnie i dzięki tym licznym blokadom szos, mogłam znowu podziwiać piękność tego regionu w objazdach po bocznych drogach. Dziś był znowu dzień pakowania, jazdy, rozpakowywania i udało mi się załatwić to w pierwszej połowie dnia. Po południu walczyłam z wiatrem i deszczem w Carnac i La Trinité-sur-Mer. Mówi się: nie ma złej pogody, tylko złe ubranie, ja byłam odpowiednio odziana i nie przeszkadzały mi żywioły. I na koniec zjadłam chyba najlepsze mule mojego życia. Po prostu ociekały masłem i czosnkiem.
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  • Day67

    Islands off Quiberon Peninsula

    June 21, 2017 in France ⋅ ⛅ 21 °C

    Hello everyone, so it's been an interesting few days we are adjusting to the empty boat and quiet nights. I found some cute pictures of the cats that are now 'wallpaper' in on various devices. So after Rochefort en terre which was beautiful we headed offshore first to Houat for 2nights, one at Salus Bay on South coast the other at Porz Ler on North coast both were very nice Houat is like Herm sandy at one end and cliffs at other. Photos to follow as on other gadget. We walked North about the island and saw several stunning bits of coastline and a Fort where they had left the German guns.
    From there we went to Belle Isle and Ster Wenn said to be France’s most beautiful anchorage, please look it up if you can as photos do not do it justice. We were anchored and with stern ropes tied to rocks its 50m wide and 500m long says guide book. No facilities but very sheltered and peaceful. I wanted to swim but there were some rather large jellyfish and I don't know yet how friendly they are. Sauzon the nearest town is pretty harbour and good if pricey ice creams
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  • Day51


    June 5, 2017 in France ⋅ ⛅ 17 °C

    Hello again.
    So we did decide to leave the island while we could, from Port Tudy on Isle de Groix we headed back to the mainland and decided on the old L'Orient port rather than one of the newer marinas. The only problem was that we arrived on a Sunday and whereas we could hear on the radio that the other marina staff were there ours was shut and yes you guessed it Monday the 5th was also a holiday so no showers or internet till now. We left Isle de Groix as the forecast per the harbour office wasn't great and we wanted to find some shelter, thank goodness we did wind has been gusting up to a force 8 the last couple of days and is only due to subside a little tomorrow so we will probably be here till Thursday. On Sunday when we arrived we just wandered around the town but Monday we headed out to one of the Commercial Zones and managed to find a Decathlon, we didn't need anything but the shop was open all day and as the weather was shocking it seemed best to be inside. We did manage to find a tarp that we can easily put over the stern boom to provide a little extra external shade without the need to put up the full canopy. Even the few days that we have had this lovely temperature, well I say lovely it was a bit much really. 30C+ is for me,
    too much when the temperature just doubles I need a gradual increase to get used to it. Not been a problem with this wind though only about 17C with some intense showers. Yesterday it rained solidly for 4hours, fortunately that was after we got back from the shops. Today we followed a short walking trail around downtown L'Orient then visited the sub marine pens and Flore-S645 (a decommissioned submarine) and the Eric Tabarly Marina. As the wind is going to remain a bit too much for me tomorrow we are planning to go to the market and then take a vedette to Port Louis to look around the Citadelle and walk around town just for a change of scenery. We considered moving the boat but this is the most sheltered marina and we don't want to loose this mooring if the ones at Port Louis aren't as good.
    We met French Customs for the first time this morning but all went very well John was a bit disappointed as they only wanted to see the Ships Registry and our passports, they asked about goods to declare and I said 2 cats and some Gin but they weren't interested. John had all the RYA stuff ready his radio license and competency certificate the works but no 'have a nice day' and they were off.
    Yet again we forgot the camera but you must be getting a bit fed up of us by now don't worry will take a few tomorrow.Bye
    while we were in L'orient we decided to take a vedette, French Ferry, to Port Louis it was a quaint place almost an island. We walked the ramparts, well the inside of the surrounding wall at in places about 15foot up, obviously as this is France there were no railings and it definitely wasn't built for your average American. I attach a couple of photo's. There is also a picture of the cats in their new travel den, I think they understand that it makes them more stable, as otherwise they, the cats, roll around in the swell.
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  • Day49

    Signs of the Camino

    October 8, 2017 in France ⋅ ☁️ 16 °C

    Although I have been to France many times and have ridden and driven many thousands of kilometres all around the country, I have to admit that there is one feature that I had never noticed before. Next year I will be bringing a group 16 Ghostriders (Ghostwalkers ?) to Europe to walk the famous pilgrim trail from Roncesvalles in the Pyrenees to Santiago.

    Although this route (the so called "Spanish Camino") is the most well known version of the walk, there are in fact dozens of different routes scattered all over Europe. The word Camino simply means "The Way" and the true pilgrims started their pilgrimage from their own front door and then walked all the way to Santiago. The cathedral there is supposed to contain the body of St James and this is the reason why tens of thousands of people still complete this pilgrimage every year.

    The symbol of the Camino is the scallop shell. The radiating lines of the shell indicate that there are many possible starting points but only one destination. Scattered all over France are numerous camino paths and these are most commonly marked with brass scallop shells on the footpaths. Sometimes the way is marked with a green arrow or some other symbol.

    Because we will be completing our own "Camino" in 2018 I have been more alert to these symbols and have been amazed at how often they appear, especially near the locations of famous cathedrals or abbeys. I have attached some images as well as a map showing some of the versions of the French Camino
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