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  • Day13

    Petit dejourne

    May 20 in France

    Frühstück nach 1h Autofahrt.
    Landstraße ist sehr schön. Alles so grün❤
    Muss den Walter 🚘 im Zaum halten, 90 ist nicht seine Stärke. Der Angeber mag es dreistellig 😉😂
    Tagesziel heute: KM schrubben gen Meer 🚗🚗

  • Day2


    May 20 in France

    There is little for me to say on this day, other than the absolute chill-time that was had. After the full-on (wonderfully so) trip that was the great FL, this day was ability bliss. We had no plans, we all only spoke to each other in brief intervals of congenial conversation, and minded our own business. And, of course, Dougal was trotting about which made me just the happiest person ever.

    So I sat pool-side, and read, and read, and read. I did swim, once. It was very, very cold. The water glistened, invitingly, a beautiful blue which reflected the glistening sun above us. And once I was swimming, it was refreshing, a nice cooling sensation in a sea of diamond lights. But soon the pre-hypothermia kicked in, and I shivered myself out of the pool and into a towel. Then I napped. It was wonderful.

    The evening was only improved upon, as Josh had made an amazing lamb roast, slow-cooked on the BBQ no less, and there were delicious potatoes perfectly crisp on the outside and fluffy on the inside, there were green beans covered in garlic, an amazingly fresh salad, and the best wine, naturellement. We then walked off a very satisfying meal with a small stroll around the town, and oh lord is it beautiful. A sea of vineyards surrounded us, and as the sun set slowly the sky was a beautifully peaceful pastel pink.

    The peace was not to last, however. War was declared on the return to the house. Names in a Hat was the order of the day, and after a snail-like pace to get the game started we had a sassy but appropriately friendly round. Who won is unimportant. Definitely, and absolutely, redundant.
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  • Day1

    Trier to Hayange (119km, 1600m)

    June 8, 2017 in France

    It was pretty bad weather today I left around 9:30 after a buffet breakfast and took some for lunch. It was a bit crap getting out of Trier it was a main road and roadworks but once I got off that hill I went up some quiet roads. In one town it was 18% I did a bit of climbing first up, about 750m in the first 25-30km so it was pretty tough but amazing scenery I almost got emotional! But then there was intermittent showers all day, I had to keep stopping and sheltering and it was a headwind all day. At the 85km mark I decided to use google maps to get straight to my air BnB but it was going to take me on main roads so I tried navigation on bikemaps and I ended up on a really gravel so turned around to ride back and tried google maps and it took me back the same way and when I eventually got into some roads I ended up on a main road with no shoulder, it was horrible. Then when I got into a town there was roadworks everywhere then I got out there and it took me on a dirt track that didn't lead to where it wanted me to go so had to redirect again. When I was 1.5km away my phone died and my backup battery didn't work for some reason. So I waved at a guy in a car and he didn't speak English but knew the street I needed to go to. I tried to charge my phone in his car but it took too long. He found another guy to translate and it ended up he said he would direct me in his car and I followed him, it was so nice. Valerie was lovely my host, but didn't speak English she drove me to the supermarket as well.Read more

  • Day1


    June 8, 2017 in France

    I tried to have a sleep in this morning but woke up to go to the toilet, I had to do a poo and the toilet wouldn't flush. It turned out the water had been turned off for some works for two hours 😬
    Valerie offered me breakfast and then I sat outside in the sun on a swing chair drinking my coffee for a while. Carl picked me up around 12 and we drove two hours to Luxeuil-les-bains it was quite a fun car ride. We discussed his upcoming tinder date!! We checked into his hotel and had some lunch then got changed to meet some of the grand fondo team for a ride. We went up the first climb which isn't actually counted as a climb on the course! It was a pretty hectic pace we headed back after 25km and had a drink in town. Then Carl and I rode around a little and went back to his hotel. Then I heard from my Couchsurfing host Odilon and walked to his place. He and his girlfriend gave me some dinner and then I had a shower and had to dry myself with a tshirt as he had no towels! His girlfriend (who is still at school) was staying until 10pm so o went down the street and found a little cafe to have a decaf 'latte' and update this diary!Read more

  • Day8

    Thursday, roller coaster day. We had promises of rain all day, so Chloe and I sat in the car, sending out optimistic vibes as we went on the way to one of the most extortionately expensive theme parks I have ever been to.

    The day started well, although the queues to get searched shaped like a human funnel, hundreds of tiny monsters (children) clamouring to get in. Seriously. They were all around. Each group in a different neon-coloured t-shirt uniform, blinding me, everywhere I looked. It was overwhelming.

    Once we got into the park, things weren’t so bad. The tiny humans spread out, the sun was out, and we ambled in the direction of the action-plan Adam and I (not gonna lie, mainly Adam) had mapped out the night before. It was all going swimmingly, up until, twenty minutes onto our first ride they announced that the ride was, in fact, out of service. We trudged out of the queue, were gifted with a fast pass as compensation, and questioned our next move.

    “The Popeye rapids!”
    “Great idea!”
    “Ah, shit, there’s a 45 minute wait. It must be everyone from the Ripsaw Falls ride. Should we try something else?”
    “Guys, I just want to get on a ride. I JUST WANT TO GET ON A RIDE!”

    I might not have yelled that last part, or even said it out loud, but man, was I itching to get on something, anything, before we hit the two-hour mark since walking into the park.

    Things took a turn for the better though. With Adam’s guidance, as well as Sam’s app with all the ride times, we decided to rush over to Jurassic Park. I was very excited about this one, because dinosaur are mint (let’s get this ball rolling, Chloe) and T-Rex’s are so absolutely sweet, and Jurassic Park is honestly one of the best movies of all time. We then ran back to Ripsaw Falls, and then off to Popeye, all-in-all with a total waiting time of no more than 45 minutes collectively. It was an excellent job. And we ended up absolutely, completely and undoubtedly drenched through, all the way to our lingerie.

    Chloe’s outfit, albeit beautiful, turned out a little see-through when wet. So as we were waiting in line for a blast of hot air from the body-dryers, I heard a roll of thunder. I looked up, and saw the looming threat of a thunderstorm creeping nearer and nearer. We had had a good run, but it was here. Chubby Rain.

    I urged Sam, begged him, we needed to go to the Hulk ride immediately, it was going to shut, the storm was coming.

    As we ran (Sam ran, I kind of sprinted and then devolved into a limping Igor) the rain started hitting the ground. Deceptive, at first. A soft rain, the kind that doesn’t seem to bad until you realise the reason your clothes are sticking to your body is that they’re soaked through.

    We shoved our stuff in a free locker, and sped onto the ride.

    “Guys, just so you know, the ride is shut temporarily due to the weather.”

    As we stood there, devastated, as gigantic drops of gigantic rain flooding the floors, pouring onto us, dripping off our water-proof jackets, over our hoods. We knew. We had got here too late.

    All was not lost, however. We met the other guys for a very expensive and very unsatisfying meal, but it did us for the rest of the day. The skies cleared, and we managed to have a pleasant stroll through Harry Potter’s Wizarding World rather pleasantly. We took the Hogwarts Express all the way back to London, where Universal had made Diagonal Alley so realistic that as soon as we stepped onto Platform 9¾ in London, the skies opened once more and the rain fell. But still! Not to worry. With Butterbeer in hand, and a little stroll under cover (Diagonal Alley is well prepared for this kind of weather) we passed the time in sugar-filled contentment, and ventured out once the skies had cleared a little.

    The Simpsons next, a wonderfully set-up area which made you feel as if we’d stepped into Springfield, gained an unhealthy yellow skin-tone, and lost a finger. Then, sensing another down-pour, Sam, Adam and I rushed to Rip-Ride, the only big roller-coaster we would get to go on on this day. Because after harrowingly waiting in line, anxiety peaking as the announcements about the “incoming storm” grew more frequent, we got on, had a fantastic ride, saw the photographs… And the skies finally crumbled for good, the rain incessant all the way up until 21:00 that evening.

    All in all, although at times frustrating, it was a positive experience to visit a theme park with intermittent thunderstorms. It cleared out the park through the day, to the point where after Rip-Ride we managed to go on Transformers, and twice on the Mummy, with a total waiting time of about ten minutes. Yes, it was a little lame to have been unable to dry-out properly after the water rides. And yes, it did suck a little more for those who didn’t have heavy duty water-proofs. And I was the only one with enough of a phobia of wet-feet that came in sandals and managed to avoid the soggy squelch of a drenched trainer.

    However, we had a great time. We were altogether, laughed a lot, panicked a little about the rain, and then had fantastic and completely indulgent desserts on the way back to the car-park. It was a good day.
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