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  • Day1189

    Richardménil, Autumn 2019

    September 28, 2019 in France ⋅ ⛅ 16 °C

    It's been just five and a half months since we first found this woodland aire at Richardménil. We liked it so much we stayed 3 nights back in April. We'd not planned to revisit, but it happened to be on our route and have the facilities we needed, as well as free electricity! We recognised the familiar approach as soon as we entered the village and were able to claim the end bay we like best, when the only other motorhomer departed a few hours after our arrival. It's a popular spot so we weren't alone for long, with several German registered vans soon joining us.

    Will sat mindfully and fished on the bank of the small river nearby. The wood opposite him had just been coming into leaf in the Spring and was now taking on its varied Autumn colours.

    Vicky took advantage of the electric hook up, chopping ginger root, cinamon bark, star anise, peppercorns and cardamon in the electric blender we bought back in the UK. Her favourite morning cuppa of loose chai is very difficult to get hold of when travelling. Its often easier and always cheaper to make it from the base ingredients. The blender hasn't quite worked out as planned; although small it requires a higher ampage than either our portable power pack or our inverter can give, so is only useable when we are attached to the mains.

    Richardménil was so relaxing we decided to stay a second day. In the morning Vicky walked along the canal then up to the boulangerie to buy croissants for a long Sunday breakfast. Will enjoyed the sunshine on the canalside while Vicky caught up on housework and managed to make some vegan mayonnaise in the processor. Before leaving on Monday we climbed the hill to town. Vicky's doctor was only able to provide her with enough sertraline to last a couple of months so we were keen to see whether we could obtain more whilst on the road. To our great relief the pharmacy was able to sell her a further 28 days of medication when she showed them that her UK doctor had prescribed it! Success!

    After a visit to the Carrefour we took the gravel path back towards the aire. It lead between mature trees, some of which had signs tacked to them warning of 'chenilles urticantes'. Remembering the numerous nests of Processional Pine Caterpillars in Italy, Spain and even southern France, we first looked up to the branches and leaves. We were standing within a foot of a tree doing this when we realised there were hundreds of Processional Oak Caterpillars on their thick silken web clinging to the trunk at eye level. We got quite a shock! Looking closely we saw with relief that they were only the exuviae (skins) of these dangerous little minibeasts, which had already pupated and emerged as adults. Internet research back in the van informed us that these moths will have used their 4 days of life to lay eggs high up in the leaf canopy. Extreme caution was still necessary to avoid contact with the long hairs remaining on and around the exuvia, which can deliver a powerful sting, irritating skin, eyes and throats (if inhaled). As hazardous as these creatures are, we found ourselves examining the dozens of nests wrapped around trunks with fascination. Every Oak was affected, with some webbing covering almost the entire circumference and stretching up several metres.
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  • Day1030

    Millery, La Moselle, Lorraine

    April 22, 2019 in France ⋅ ⛅ 22 °C

    The sun is shining once again and we are overlooking the River Moselle at Millery's free aire. Will is sitting on the grassy bank under the dappled shade of trees having one of his best fishing days ever in terms of numbers, if not size.

    After a wonderful Easter in Alsace, we've turned around and begun heading for Calais. Vicky has a checkup with the nurse scheduled a week today, so we plan to spend a long weekend with Will's sister and her family, returning to the continent after 3 nights. As an added bonus, our visit coincides with one from Will's brother and his partner, so we'll get to spend time with two more members of the family!

    Today's journey took us past fields of fresh green wheat, vibrant yellow rape and those of newly ploughed earth. These had a backdrop of a single layer of peaked, forested hills, with red sandstone castles dotted on the summits and in the dells; old border territory. With the gift of time on our side, we rarely use toll roads. The routes are more difficult to drive but often reward us with interesting and memorable sights, which was definitely the case today. Entering Parc natural régional des Ballons des Vosges we began to wind back and forth, climbing the steep wooded hillside. Col (Pass) de St Marie took us over the Vosges Massif. This drive only took us to 772m but there were still some pretty impressive views into valleys that we glimpsed through the trees, their Spring leaves finally bursting forth after the recent days of warm weather and sunshine.

    Arriving at the aire, there were plenty of people making use of Bank Holiday Monday, passing by in motorhomes, walking, cycling and barbecuing. Thankfully Will had found a relatively peaceful spot by the Moselle and watched Black Kites and other large birds of prey circling. He ended up catching over 100 little fish, which he identified as Sculpin.

    In the morning we bought a baguette from the high tech, contactless bread machine in the car park before departing. We'll be doing a series of long (for us) drives and one nighters to ensure we get to the port in time to catch our ferry.
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  • Day1021


    April 13, 2019 in France ⋅ ☁️ 5 °C

    It feels like we are in an airy forest dell here at Richardménil. We were the first to arrive at this four place aire, down the hill from the town, but are now one of six motorhomes settled for the night.

    The journey here included a couple of shopping stops on the outskirts of Nancy. The first was a visit to Galaxie Pêche, a huge fishing store where Will found a new chair for the hours he spends sat at the waterside (the latest one having broken from overuse). The second stop took us to a wool shop in the run down suburb of Jarville. Vicky had begun to knit herself a hat, but had to expand it to account for all her hair. As a result, she ran out of the specialist chunky wool. Whilst it didn't seem to be available online, the shop in Jarville was listed as a stockist of the brand. Unfortunately they didn't have any, but Vicky was able to pick up yarn for another project so she wasn't too dissapointed (it just means we'll need to visit more wool shops 😉).

    Pulling into Richardménil, we nabbed the far spot, side on to a grassy slope. There weren't any nearby buildings but there were 4 electric sockets. We couldn't see anywhere to pay, so we tried our luck and voila; free electricity! No wonder this place is popular! A small sign welcomed visitors and invited them to make a donation at the town hall. We like this sort of voluntary arrangement so decided to pay a visit at some point during our stay.

    The weather was chilly but Will wrapped up warm and took his new fishing chair to test it out on the bank of the small waterway nearby. Whilst sitting there watching the flourescent float, he became aware of what he first thought were white petals falling into the water, until he looked up and realised it was snow! It wasn't thick or heavy and it didn't last for long, but it was definitely snow!

    The next day was Sunday and we woke to a brilliant morning chorus. Vicky walked up the hill and fetched a baguette and some croissants. It was only when she was half way home that she realised the croissant 'buenos' she'd ordered were stuffed with a sweet nutty butter filling; not generally our kind of thing but it was obviously popular at the boulangerie so it was good to try them.

    To burn off the calories from breakfast, we walked through the woodland to the Canal des Vosges. Maps.Me showed a track leading around some old grit and sand quarries that had long ago formed lakes. They looked very scenic , but we were disappointed to realise all access to them was blocked by an 8ft wire fence, gates and padlocks. Oh well, we still enjoyed the walk along the canal, crossing over the Mangin Foot Bridge and reading the information board that shared its history. Built in 1878 and named after its creator, a local architect who collaborated with Gutave Eiffel for some of his career. It was built to give farmers access to the fertile fields in the Moselle river basin. We could certainly see similarities in the construction of this restored bridge to the world famous Parisian tower.

    Continuing on our walk, small birds flitted accross our path, clutching white fragments of shell in their beaks. Will spotted the remnants of a broken egg that had been dropped, presumably having been removed from the nest once the chick had hatched. Turning towards home we came accross Garlic Mustard, whose leaves we foraged to add to our tagliatelle for tea.

    Back at the van we got chatting to our British neighbour, Graham, who we ended up having a cuppa with. Like us, he'd been living in his van for around 3 years. We got on really well. We visited his van that evening and the three of us shared our travel stories over some wine. With a father in the army, Graham had grown up on the move, living in Asia, Germany and Italy. Having got a taste for exploring, he journeyed to South America and Africa and had many more adventures along the way. He is now looking to buy a base in Spain.

    Monday brought the warmth with it, so after we'd done a bit of shopping in the small Carrefour, Graham sat with Will while he fished and Vicky even enjoyed a bit of outdoors yoga in the evening sun. Will often cooks enough for three anyway, so we shared a pumpkin curry and some more travel tales with Graham on our final evening. Richardménil was a lovely spot and it was wonderful to meet and spend time with a fellow motorhomer.
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  • Day4


    July 23, 2019 in France ⋅ ⛅ 32 °C

    Kurz nach 12.00 Uhr erreichen wir den Stadthafen von Nancy und machen fest.
    Es ist extrem heiß hier in der Stadt. Die Luft steht. Da hat man nicht einmal Lust auf einen Stadtbummel.
    Gut, dass wir letzten Sommer mit unserem alten Boot, der 'Lütte Deern", schon hier waren und einiges angeschaut haben.
    Im Sommer gibt es jeden Abend kostenlos eine wunderschöne Lasershow auf dem "Place Stanislas". Die haben wir uns auch dieses mal nicht entgehen lassen.
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  • Day5

    Pont a Mousson

    July 24, 2019 in France ⋅ ☀️ 39 °C

    Gegen 15.00 Uhr erreichen wir den Hafen Pont a Mousson. Der Hafen liegt etwas außerhalb des schönen, alten Städtchens mit seiner alten Steinbogenbrücke.
    Inzwischen sind es 38°C . Zeit für eine Siesta. Am Abend spazieren wir durch den Hafen und gehen zum Essen ins Hafenrestaurant.

  • Day6

    Etappe Pont a Mousson - Metz

    July 25, 2019 in France ⋅ ⛅ 28 °C

    Da für heute 40°C gemeldet sind, starten wir schon kurz nach 8.00 Uhr.
    Die Nacht war sehr warm, trotzdem haben wir relativ gut geschlafen.
    Die Mosel ist hier sehr breit, es gibt kaum Verkehr. Die Moselschleusen sind rießig: 176 m lang und 12 m breit. Da passt unser Boot locker rein.
    Um 13.00 Uhr erreichen wir den "alten Hafen" in Metz. Der Hafen ist wirklich sehr schön und liegt nahe am Stadtzentrum und der Altstadt.Read more

  • Day5

    Etappe Nancy - Pont a Mousson

    July 24, 2019 in France ⋅ ⛅ 26 °C

    Wir beginnen die heutige Etappe mit Warten vor der Hebebrücke. Die wird gerade noch schnell repariert.
    Danach läuft es gut, gar kein Verkehr, die beiden großen Schleusen können wir ohne Wartezeit durchfahren.
    Dann biegen wir ab auf die Mosel.
    Die Mosel ist herrlich breit und wir kommen gut vorwärts. Auch die Moselschleusen passieren wir ohne Probleme.Read more

  • Day60

    54. Etappe: Pont-a-Mousson

    August 31, 2018 in France ⋅ ⛅ 18 °C

    Heute gönne ich mir mal was!
    Mein heutiger Übernachtungsort liegt leider nicht direkt auf dem Weg, deshalb habe ich heut auch n bissl geschummelt und bin nach 25 km in den Zug gesprungen. Nach 2 unruhigen Nächten in Jugendherbergen, setze ich die nächsten Tage auf mehr Comfort und übernachte in erschwinglichen Hotels bzw. Gästehäusern. Denn die nächsten schlaflosen Nächte kommen bestimmt 😉
    Mein Weg ging weiter am Wasser entlang und das Wetter hielt zum Glück durch - 19 Grad, bewölkt, aber trocken - bestes Wanderwetter! Ein bisschen Abwechslung gab es zwischendurch noch als es durch Weinberge und allerlei Obstplantagen ging. Zum Schluss wanderte ich wieder entlang der Mosel.
    Für morgen hoffe ich auf meinen 2. französischen Pilgerstempel. Bisher hatte ich leider kein Glück. In der Kathedrale in Metz war die Info weder gestern Abend noch heut morgen besetzt und in Vigy schickte man mich ein Haus weiter, wo ich leider auch keinen Erfolg hatte 😥. Aber in den nächsten Tagen soll es wieder mehr "Stempelgelegenheiten" geben, damit ich meine Sammlung erweitern kann. Morgen gehts dann erst mal nach Liverdun.
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  • Day4


    April 21, 2019 in France ⋅ ☁️ 14 °C

    Dopo averli fatti trottare tutto il pomeriggio per percorsi Art Nouveau il luna park è stata una tappa obbligatoria, Samuele ha fatto il suo battesimo della paura è salito su una gru alta 55 metri che ha iniziato a girare a 100 km all'ora una pazzia, Matilde sconsolata per non essere alta 140 cm si è accontentata della barca dei pirati chiusa dentro una gabbia e di due giri sulle montagne russe insieme a suo fratelloRead more

  • Day61

    55. Etappe: Endlich wieder Sonnenschein

    September 1, 2018 in France ⋅ ⛅ 19 °C

    *jippie* Die Sonne scheint 🌞🌞🌞 Kann ja auch nicht anders nach der Riesen-Portion Profiteroles, die ich gestern Abend verputzt hab. Auch das Frühstück war sehr reichhaltig und so starte ich mit guter Laune und nicht allzu früh. Ab und zu höre ich heute auch ein "Bon chemin" oder "Bon march" - da läuft es sich gleich viel leichter 😊
    In der hübschen Kirche von Dieulouard gibt es tatsächlich noch einen Stempel 🎉 und im Pilgerbuch stelle ich fest, dass schon so einige deutsche Pilger hier vorbei gekommen sind. Na vielleicht treffe ich in den nächsten Tagen doch noch andere Pilger!
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