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  • Day11

    Rustdag #2 - stilstaan is puffen

    August 2 in France ⋅ ☀️ 31 °C

    De laatste rustdag is alweer een feit. En wat hebben wij het lekker gehad. Ondanks de hitte (34 graden) hebben wij Bourges middels de guilty en nerdy pleasure van Jelle verder ontdekt. Geocaching! Bij iedere 2 gevonden caches moest er een dopje Pastis worden weggetikt. We hebben uiteindelijk maar liefs 10 caches gevonden (gotta catch them all 😋). De 299 is bereikt!! In de middag zijn wij het topplan van mister Tomahawk uit gaan werken door naar een strandje iets buiten de stad te gaan. Afkoelen en relaxen; wat een goede combinatie! Ondanks een klein mankement met het cijferslot konden wij door de magische vingers mister T weer thuiswaards keren. 'S-avonds hebben wij uiteindelijk in een kroeg de wedstrijd der wedstrijden gezien Monaco-PSV. Het was lastig maar wij hebben ons in de kroeg in Frankrijk tussen alleen maar Monaco fans staande weten houden. 💪Helaas (maar misschien ook wel goed ook) was de cocktail bar dicht, want we hebben morgen een superzware etappe in het vooruitzicht. Bijna 100 kilometer in een temperatuur van 36 graden. Oh lord help us!! 😵Read more

    Ritchie Tomasouw

    hehe was een toprustdagje ondanks het missen van een massage 😉

    Henk Otto

    Lekker mannen, succes morgen !!

    Olaf Hop

    klinkt als een top rustdag! hopelijk is het vandaag allemaal goed gegaan zo na de rustdag en die hitte. you go guys!

  • Day39

    Quiet rest day in Bourges

    September 6, 2021 in France ⋅ ☀️ 29 °C

    We really have had a quiet day, as it is too hot in the afternoon to do anything! I so hope this Indian summer ends soon…. It was lovely getting up this morning with no time constraints, had the usual satisfying breakfast, and went out on the town again. Pleasantly cool till the sun is overhead, and we found our way up to the cathedral again, and are learning the maze of streets. Even though this is quite a big town, it was very quiet on a Monday morning. We don’t know if it’s covid, but certainly the lack of tourists would be. In some ways it is lovely to be free of groups being guided round, but that means that lots of places are closed. After a coffee break we sat on a shaded seat in a park near the cathedral and read kindles.

    Then back to our room to blob and have baguette and cheese and relax even more. It is nice to intersperse days in guest houses where you are very involved with the hosts, and feel responsible for being a good guest, with impersonal hotel days where you come and go and no one cares!

    So we roused ourselves again and found another shady seat in another spot near the cathedral for more kindle moments, and listening to podcasts in Amr’s case. While there I actually did see a group of retiree tourists being taken in a little train to see the sights, but not foreign tourists. Maybe we are the only ones!! Then we went at 5 o’clock to have a beer, much needed, despite not even having walked much, and found that they will be open for dinner tonight - they were closed yesterday…we had spied some nice salads on their menu…so we will return there soon.

    Yesterday we lit a candle for Ira in the cathedral - specially for heaven-sent wishes for operation on her wrist and nose today, and she is back and sounds on email as chirpy as ever, so we think it worked. And another personal mention is we are very proud of Liv who did really well in the HSC trials…and those poor kids still have to cope with the very uncertain details of the actual HSC. Anyway, good on Liv!

    So off to dinner soon, and tomorrow we walk about 15 kms to a guest house, so will see what new experience that brings! Will try and get most of the walking done before the heat sets in.
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    Denise Allen

    Hark an ash tray

    Carolyn Anderson

    Carpe Diem!!

    Ira Kowalski

    Thank you. The miracle of the lit candle. It worked wonderfully. Thank you.

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  • Day38

    At Bourges for 2 days

    September 5, 2021 in France ⋅ ⛅ 23 °C

    Thank god for Marie-Solange, our last night’s hostess! After our long walk yesterday as promised she drove us this morning, whizzing along these country roads which she obviously knows like the back of her hand, and we didn’t have a clue where we were going till she stopped in the middle of nowhere and said this is the chemin, it is 10 kms to Bourges and there is the cathedral in the distance! So we found in our notes where we were, and walked on through fields and then the suburban outskirts of Bourges and arrived. It again was SO hot, after 10.30 we were wiping drops of sweat from our brows, so the 10 kms that we didn’t have to walk were magic! It was 31° when we arrived, and now at 8.45pm it is still 26°…

    Anyway, I must relate the details of last night. First, the accommodation…our room was very small, and opposite was the Dutchman, Edwin (presume that’s his name - Marie-S called him Edwina)…normally we would have shared a bathroom with him, but she said we could use another one where people weren’t staying. So we discovered the complicated arrangement of rooms upstairs! The family had 2 rooms with lots of beds and an allocated bathroom. Then we went along to an area with a kitchen area, with a shower stall about the size of a telephone booth (Amr could just manage without waving his arms widely), which led to a bedroom with 2 big wooden double beds, end on end, on one side and on the other side a big antique wooden wardrobe, a toilet and a wash basin!! We said that was just fine, and let Edwin have his own space, but have to admit it was weird to sit on a toilet in the middle of a bedroom…and while there I noticed a door in the wall next to one of the beds. Goodness knows where it led - thought it was the end of the house!! So it was a fun and slightly weird night. All the cupboards were full of chaotic pillows, blankets etc, and the “kitchen” was equally disorganised, but did have a fridge which was handy.

    So dinner was lovely, except too much food as usual. Beautiful salad with the usual delicious home grown tomatoes, a veg quiche/frittata (which would have been quite enough) and a dish of chicken and potatoes. M-S had a little wine with us, and a bit of food, but said she had her main meal in the middle of the day…but we had a lovely time chatting to Edwin who is now wending his way home to Amsterdam…and amazingly, we helped him with the French - usually Dutch are so multilingual- but French was not his forte and we interpreted for him a bit!!! And M-S chatted solely in French - no English at all. This morning a breakfast laid for all, but we three were appointed at 8, and at about 8.30 children appeared from the family who obviously wanted to have breakfast, but wanted us to finish first (? Covid?)…so we did…

    Started walking at about 9.45 and for a short while it was pleasant, before the heat. But we were so happy that we didn’t worry…the distant huge cathedral gradually came closer, and we arrived here about 1.30. Came across a market which we wandered into - fruit and veg…Amr is drawn to markets - yesterday when we were hot and bothered and not yet at Brécy he wanted to explore a junk market in Villabon and I would rather have had my teeth pulled…but today it was ok because we were at Bourges..but we didn’t stay long, and instead looked for a bar! A beer was very necessary and being Sunday, and a bigger town, lots of bars were open. At that point, being so hot and sweaty, we decided to go straight to the hotel before we looked around at all. So Amr used his Google maps to guide us there - this town is just a network of little cobbled streets, not long distances, but I would get lost very quickly. Anyway, successfully found our hotel Christina, bags here and room ready! Perfect.

    So after showering and relaxing we set off again - still in the heat - and found our way to the famous, enormous and beautiful St Étienne cathedral and marvelled. Impossible to get good photos as it is too massive, but you can get the idea. Looking at restaurants we passed we realised that most do not do dinner on Sunday, so finally found one in the square near the cathedral which did and ate there…it was doing a roaring trade as think it was one of the few places available, and like Vézelay, Bourges is a popular place to visit…we saw quite a few French tourists with maps. So now back at hotel, Amr pretending to read but falling asleep and all is well. Rest day tomorrow…
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    Denise Allen

    Finally found you at Bourges in my France book, Villquiers and Bercy too small to rate a mention. You will find plenty to do and 2 nights will be heaven and hopefully get cooler.

    Carolyn Anderson

    The cathedral looks impressive

    Hartley Cook

    That breakfast setting is so French.

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  • Day10

    Etappe 9 - Bourges, wij zijn op koers

    August 1 in France ⋅ ☀️ 31 °C

    Vandaag een kleine tussen-etappe voor de vluchters. En die vluchters waren wij!! Vandaag bijna alleen op asfalt mogen rijden wat de rit iets saaier maakte maar wel veel sneller. Deze overwinning mogen wij bijschrijven. 💪Nu genieten van een rustdag met een pastisje. Inmiddels zitten wij al 3 uur uit te blussen op hetzelfde terras. Het is niet dat wij weg willen maar wij kunnen niet. 🤪 Morgen weer lekker uitslapen en dan voor de 2e keer de welverdiende massage ontvangen. Wat een weelde!!Read more

    Ritchie Tomasouw

    Top hips.. etappe.. hik. hehe 😋

    Olaf Hop


    Esther Kersten

    Wakker blijven Ritch!

    Ritchie Tomasouw

    ben weer wakker 😜

    Esther Kersten

    haha Je gaat de kleine dingen wel waarderen met al dat afzien. ;) Welverdiend! Geniet ervan!

  • Day7

    Kathedrale Saint Etienne in Bourges

    October 22, 2021 in France ⋅ ☀️ 12 °C

    Und wieder eine Überraschung, das Bauwerk der Kathedrale ist schon beeindruckend groß, aber eher schlicht gehalten. Was wirklich spitze war, sind die sehr feinen Steinmetzarbeiten an den Portalen und die Fenster aus dem 13. Jahrhundert. Unglaublich wie farbig (kommt auf dem Foto nicht annähernd raus) diese nach so langer Zeit noch sind und der Detailreichtum sucht seines gleichen.
    Absolut zu recht Weltkulturerbe wegen der Fenster.
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  • Day425

    Day 426: Bourges Cathedral

    April 16, 2018 in France ⋅ ☁️ 12 °C

    Up and out early, on the road to Bourges Cathedral, one of the most famous Gothic buildings in all of France. It was a long drive, about 2 hours, especially since we kept skirting toll roads since the bills there are starting to add up.

    Parked just nearby, left Schnitzel in the car, and headed over. Although it was a dull gloomy day, the cathedral still looked great. It's much simpler in style than other Gothic buildings, with no transepts (side bars), just a straight through hall design. Spent about 90 minutes wandering around and filming our video before we were eventually done.

    Back in the car where we headed to a nearby chain bakery named Feuillette, which we'd stopped at for breakfast earlier in the day. It's funny - it's a large chain that has about 30 stores, but limited entirely to this part of France. They're very popular too - this time there was a queue out the door! But we got our food and it was very tasty!

    After that, there wasn't much left for us to do other than drive the two hours back down to the Loire Valley, stopping at a supermarket for supplies along the way.
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    Trish Forrester

    I find the detail in those sculptures incredible!

  • Day1

    Départ pour le Sud :)

    March 31, 2018 in France ⋅ ⛅ 4 °C

    Seul endroit où le beau temps semble de mise pour ce long week-end de Pâcques : le Sud-Est.

    Cannes, Marseille ou Perpignan ? Sachant que Sandy arrive de Paris vers 21h vendredi, on choisi la distance la plus courte : Perpignan.

    Let's go ! :)
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