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  • Day673

    Le Vaudreuil

    April 30 in France

    Now on the fifth day of driving, we are getting used to France's frequent roundabouts and to be fair, we've had some good long stretches on the motorway too. Tonight's stop at Le Vaudreuil was a gravel car park surrounded by lush greenery; mature trees, long grasses and Spring woodland flowers, including a lot of wild mustard. The presence of white marquees alerted us to an event taking place a couple of fields away. We went to investigate, but found it to be a flower show charging €5 entry, so decided to go for a stroll along the river bank instead. Within a tree corridor with grass verges and a mature hedge, the waterway reminded us a little of the canals that we spent so many hours walking in the UK. It'll be lovely to nip back for a quick visit before the next leg of our European tour.Read more

  • Day4

    Giverny and Monet

    September 21 in France

    Glenda was in heaven today as we visited the estate of Claude Monet and Giverny. Our guide told us that Monet may have been bipolar. When he acquired the property at Giverny, the road running by it was unpaved. Coaches and wagons would pass, stirring up dirt. Every morning he would order his gardeners to dust the roses. Finally, he paid to have the road paved. At the time of his death Monet was the wealthiest artist in France. His success as an artist was largely because of a successful promoter who took some of his paintings to New York.Read more

  • Day7

    Les Andelys

    September 24 in France

    I have never spent any afternoon more pleasantly than in this lovely little French town. With only a few hundred inhabitants, its greatest claim to fame is a castle built near the end of his life by Richard the Lionhearted. Unfortunately it fell to the French after his brother John Lackland succeeded him, losing eastern Normandy to the French. After touring the remains of the castle, we visited its 12th century church. The weather is perfect, and I think I could spend a week in this charming little place.Read more

  • Day4


    September 21 in France

    In the afternoon we took a walking tour of the little town of Vernon. Our ship was docked just beside the bridge where Claude Monet’s son was killed in a car crash in 1966. The town is charming, and is located at the confluence of the Seine and the Eure Creek, which served as the ancient boundary separating the Duchy of Normandy and the Kingdom of France. As we passed the fourteenth century church, we saw that a funeral was in progress, so we had to wait to go inside for photographs. In the meantime, we went to a supermarket to buy batteries. Then we visited a patisserie for an eclair and a tartelette. Next door was a chocolaterie where we bought some truffles. Since the pastry shop did not offer coffee, we brought our goodies back to the Viking Rinda and enjoyed them onboard. Tonight’s dinner was a buffet, a sampling of the characteristic dishes of Normandy. There was a ton of cheese, a fabulous chicken dish, and apples aplenty.Read more

  • Day11

    Giverny, the house of Monet

    August 6, 2016 in France

    Our first stop on our way to Normandy was Giverny, a small town where Claude Monet lived and painted. We went to see his mansion and ofcourse his gardens! Now we know where he got inspiration for his famous Water Lilly painting. Stunning.

  • Day73

    Vierter Tag

    June 20 in France

    Heute hat sich die Landschaft merklich verändert. Es wurde endlich flach!! Ich habe auch dem entsprechend mehr geschafft.
    Am Nachmittag konnte ich nach 90 km entscheiden, ob ich in dem Ort, in dem ich mich befand, auf den Campingplatz gehen wollte oder noch die 40/50 km bis zum nächsten Zeltplatz schaffe. Ich habe mich für die zweite Option entschieden, obwohl ich dadurch einen kleinen Umweg fahren würde.
    Der Zeltplatz hatte ein eigenes kleines Freibad, welches ich auch erstmal zum Abkühlen nutzte. Es war den ganzen Tag sehr sonnig, was auch sehr anstrengend war, da ich größtenteils zwischen Feldern in der prallen Sonne fuhr. Am Abend merkte ich auch, dass ich mir einen schicken Sonnenbrand eingefangen hatte.

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  • Day4

    We travelled by bus out to Giverny, France in the Normandy region to see Claude Monet's home and gardens. The gardens themselves where absolutely beautiful and worth seeing however the place was packed with people. We had a little less than 2 hours to see everything so the house was out if the question due to the lines. The gift shop line was so long Doug just took a place in the checkout line as soon as we got there and I shopped and handed him things as I found them. We had next to no time left after this to see Giverney itself. Still it was beautiful!Read more

  • Day4

    And off to Normandy

    August 23, 2017 in France

    The day started pretty slowly with a leisurely breakfast before we were off to face the challenges of the Metro once more. We walked to Magenta and spoke with many people (my stock apology for being Australian and not speaking French didn’t seem to work so well) before working out that we needed to be at Saint Lazzare – a short train trip, lots off walking through long tunnels, up 3 floors and we were there – it turns out that Saint Lazzare has Metro, RER and the Regional Normandy service running from the same centre but in 3 different parts. We found the right ticket office and after further prolonged queueing we sorted out our tickets to Vernon-Giverney, by which time the train had actually arrived and we were able to board and soon we were on our way
    We enjoyed the 50 minute trip through the country side to Vernon and then onto the shuttle bus (at the station – 10Euro return) to the Village of Giverny. This was the home of the impressionist painter Monet for almost 40 years and the gardens were apparently a great source of inspiration for him so we wanted to see them. We purchased a “couple billet” which was a double ticket granting both entry to the Impressionist Museum and the House and Gardens of Monet (16,50). The museum had a special exhibition on showing the works of Maugain a contemporary of Monets (plus there were a few other Impressionist works and one Monet). To be honest I wasn’t really keen on the works – they seemed a tad crude and rough compared to other impressionist pieces.
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  • Day4

    Flowers and water lilies

    August 23, 2017 in France

    After the Museum we walked a little further down through the village to the Monet’s house and garden – where we were greeted by a terribly long line – we stood in the queue for a while until I realised that people where queueing to buy tickets which we actually had already – I popped up to the front of the line and asked the lady if we had to line up if we had the ticket already? She waved us away saying we could just go around the corner and go straight in as we had the double ticket – bonus!! We walked back down the road, down a little side alley and straight in! We crossed under the road via a tunnel and came to the famous waterlily filled lake which was in so many of the works (Vert et ses nympheas) complete with the green painted Japanese bridge. After a wander around there we crossed back to the glorious flower filled garden for a further stroll before looking through the house which also contained a lot of art. Sadly, we had to head back to the station on the 2.10 shuttle so we couldn’t linger. However, this did get us back to the station some 25 minutes before our train so we enjoyed a tasty French beer in the sun prior to our train.Read more

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