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  • Day93

    How's things? We are suffering from the heat reached 41 today and breeze died off completely. I hope everyone is well and enjoying summer. So to recap on our travels on the 13th we went to St Gilles Croix de Vie and stayed 3nights was only going to be 2 but John got man flu. 13th was Thursday, day we arrived, ferries don't slow down just because there are boats using the entrance am glad we are big and heavy. We had a wander around and did some more supermarket shopping and drank coffee as you do in france. Friday we did a little more wandering but John very rough so not much. The wandering was to buy drugs. that said we were sat in centre of town eating ice-cream, good for colds and sore throats apparently, when we were interrupted by Chris and Lesley and their 2sons. About 6years ago they worked over in Herm while John was there but then upped sticks and moved to France. When we met them they were on there way home to Roch sur Yon from a short vacation at St Jean de Mont. We had a chat then John crashed out i walked to Grand Plage to check out options for the Bastille Day fireworks later on. That reminds me marina gives you croissants in the mornings, cant be bad. Sadly John so rough he went to bed so I watched fireworks on my own😥, they were stunning. On Saturday John stayed in bed, I did a run in morning, and went to market for fruit. Then in afternoon went to shopping mall to waste time, took a bike ride to get there, and bought clothes I didn't really need. Then I baked, yes that's how bored I got, I made rolls, cookies, panna cotta and even hard boiled some eggs. John was feeling better when the cookies came out the oven and decided they were very good.
    On Sunday we returned to ile d'yeu and anchored at Port meule we wasted 2days doing very little as just too hot. We had already cycled around island so had seen the sights I did some swimming John had a dip on Monday. Anchor light bulb has blown so that is now on the to do list.
    Attached is night photo from our mooring in St Gilles, if you know the place we were a little way down river of the bridge and carousel opposite the funfair hence the lights, also photos of harbour as we left and of Port Meule anchorage.
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  • Day12

    Noirmoutier - FR

    May 26, 2016 in France

    Another big 150km. First view of the Atlantic ocean. No more canals to follow, more like marsh land and pine forest. Crossed the causeway (Passage du Gois) to the island of Noirmoutier which you can only do at low tide. The Tour de France started here in 2011 crossing the same causeway.

  • Day97

    It's now friday 21st july and we are in Port Bourgenay. After 2nights at anchor off Port Meule on Ile d'Yeu(last photo) the wind picked up and we decided to move on, the original plan was Sable but the waves were rolling us from side to side so we changed direction and headed towards St Gilles again but as we got closer to shore waves eased so we hugged the coast around to Sable and saw our first pod of dolphins not a big pod and dolphins were small but at last we have seen some, they must have been feeding as there were also Terns diving into sea around them.
    Sable d'olonne is very developed, the first row of buildings on the sea front are almost all high rises, on the day we arrived it was still very hot and the beach was mobbed. Luckily the Port Olona marina is actually closer to the La Chaume side of the estuary and this is much quieter and for us nicer. On second day we did washing and shopping and had a good mooch around attached is photo of shell art, there were two streets which had decorated the walls with shell pictures. Also photos of Al buildings on the La Chaume side. We also checked timings for trip to Marans the next day. We would have to be up around 7 to have time to fill up with fuel and then get to the canal lock for high-water when it opened.
    But best laid plans and all that, we did fuel up took about an hour but that was OK but once we got out onto the open sea it was very lumpy with random large waves, Johnny says sea was 5-6 even though not a lot of wind and after an hour of tipping and tilting we were checking our options as another 5hours of the same was not good and found Port Bourgenay only 9 miles along coast and headed in.
    It's entry in the Almanac is its a good stopover but nothing there, OK so only cafés restaurants and marina stuff at port but a shop 500m up road and tourist office and facilities was clean and for us main bonus is it isn't very busy. More on next post as only 6 photos per post
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  • Day84


    July 8, 2017 in France

    Hi Sorry for the lack of news for a few days. As you can see, if you are using map function we are now in Herbaudiere marina on Isle d'Noirmoutier. After a relaxing morning coffee we left Pornic and headed back west along the coast to anchor and eat. I even managed 2 20min swims in a rash vest as a jellyfish precaution. Then as wind more westerly we headed towards pointes des dames on Isle de noirmoutier and found a good anchorage. We stayed for 2nights, night one some cherubs spent the wee hours letting off bangers as part of their party celebrations. Oon the first full day we walked to the capital for lunch before strolling through town, saw the château and then along the coast, past all the dead boats back to take five via ice-cream stop.
    Much quieter night but the workman started at 7am! We took bikes ashore and rode around island looking at all the lovely white houses with blue shutters and doors and terracotta roofs. We stopped at marina and having checked forecast asked for a spot for the night. All OK so back via supermarket to boat for lunch. People on beach thought we were mad with bikes on back of dinghy as John and I rowed out.
    Then we thought nice and easy lift anchor and away we go but.... no seemed we had snagged a boy line when we had anchored, so in the water I go to see what's happened... not a bouy line we had managed to wrap the anchor chain around the only rock on the sea bed fortunately a rope around anchor directly, took strain off and it lifted. Could have been expensive. Marina busy but pleasant enough except at night when wind picked up fishing boats went in and out and everything creaked or groaned. I really need a good night's sleep. Today I baked a cake, yes I really did and it tastes very nice, we did more laundry and shopping ready to go anchoring again. So tomorrow Sunday we are heading to Isle de Yeu for a few days. We have leave near High tide as marina entrance not deep.
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  • Day88

    Ile d'yeu

    July 12, 2017 in France

    Hello again
    So we are a little further south on ile d'yeu, we spent our first night at anchor off plage des vieilles, where we re-oiled the cockpit deck, but it was a bit rough overnight and due to get worse so we headed up north of Island to Port joinville marina. We have been here for 2 nights and have 1 more planned. On day one we oiled Port side deck and rode around the North of the island. Where we saw point du chatelet, and Le vieux chateau and had our first experience of the little random beach huts on the road not beach. On day 2 we rode around the south to Port de la mule and St saveurs, and then oiled rest of deck, today we walked to the old Fort and did some shopping. I am hoping to take John running later.
    I have also completed another jigsaw and I did this one without looking at the picture! Sad eh?
    Tomorrow, if they will have us, we hope to go to St gilles croix de vie, have to call them back as we may be too heavy.
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  • Day97

    Port Bourgenay

    July 21, 2017 in France

    So we arrived on Thursday at about 10.30 the ace was slowly waking up we paid our dues and visited tourist info then rode to nearest big town being Talmont St Hilaire for a look around, locals were all in medieval costumes and there were medieval games to play, mini archery, balls in a clog, rolling balls through hoops, jousting for kids on Shetland ponies, and a medieval market a bit kitsch but fun, and wonderful old semi ruined chateau of Richard the Lion Heart apparently, no photos as didn't take smart phone sorry. Today as sea still unpleasant and tomorrow winds of force 5-6forecast we will be staying here a while longer. Have been for a walk this morning, West and heading East this after noonRead more

  • Day51

    Zäh der Tag

    September 26, 2018 in France

    Der Termin zum 🚐 abholen war um 14 Uhr, nach 5 Std wandern kommen wir und er sagt uns das dauert noch 3 Std, weil noch ein Teil gebraucht wird 😤🤢🤮😬naja.
    Wir waren bei den Salzwannen, wo noch mit den Handwerkzeugen das Salz abgezogen wird. Gott sei Dank ist das Wetter schön.
    Die anderen Bilder waren gestern am Strand, traumhaft schön 👍😎🌞⛱️Read more

  • Day105

    Ile de Noirmoutier

    August 7, 2018 in France

    Auf der (Halb) Insel Noirmoutier haben wir wieder mal das Problem, daß wir auf unserem angepeilten Campingplatz nichts mehr frei ist. Zum Glück sind die Stellplätze auch in der Hochsaison meistens noch frei und wir finden ein Plätzchen für 2 Nächte. Auf der Insel kann man wohl wunderschön Radfahren, was wir nicht tun, da das Wetter leider umgeschwungen hat. Statt der bisher gewohnten 27° + und brennender Sonne sind es verregnete und windige 20°. Wir machen das Beste daraus, gehen Spazieren, hängen auf dem Spielplatz rum und essen Crêpes. Auf dem Rückweg fahren wir statt über die Brücke über eine Gezeitenstraße, die nur bei Ebbe befahrbar ist. Überall springen Leute rum, sammeln Muscheln, Angeln in den Becken...Read more

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