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  • Day21

    The Owl's Path

    September 13, 2016 in France ⋅ 🌙 17 °C

    Dijon is a beautiful city. I have worked out why it seems so old to me - there are no trees in the streets. They are in fenced off parks (and maybe courtyards, the walls facing the street aren't necessarily house walls but lead into courtyards that people drive into).

    There is no hop on hop off bus here, instead there is a walk called the owl's path. It takes you past many of the historical sites, following little triangles in the footpath (and with the help of a gps guided app).
    It was a nice way to see the town.
    A lot of places are shut on Mondays and those that are open seem to close 12-2pm.
    I stopped at a patisserie and picked up some rolls and an apple tart before coming back to the hotel. I ended up falling asleep. I'm finding one day a week I need half a day to relax and recharge.

    I'm eating in the hotel restaurant tonight.
    I decided to have the house aperitif which I think is a mix of a local white wine and orange perfumed ginger syrup. It is nice but like most alcohol for me, I drink it for the experience rather than the enjoyment.

    It's been interesting to compare the breakfasts in the different hotels in London, Pertisau/Insbruck and now Dijon (I self catered in Munich).

    The english breakfast was all about the hot food - two types of eggs; sausages (meat and vegetarian); bacon, lots of bacon; hash browns; baked beans and I'm sure there was more hot food. Both white and wholemeal sliced bread as well as rolls and some pastries.

    The Austrain breakfasts had multiple types of wholemeal/multigrain/rye breads (not sliced), rolls, one type of egg available and one made to order (bolied or scrambled) and sliced white bread for toast. The pastries and flavoured breads (chocolate bread covered in chocolate) range was huge.The cold meats and cheese range was huge and cut up salad items were also available.

    The french breakfast this morning had one small loaf of dark bread, the rest was types of white bread and rolls. No sliced bread. Croissants and pain au chocolat were the only pastries (I think). Small fluffy pancakes were also availabe.
    The only eggs available were scrambled and they were delicious, so light and fluffy.
    A small range of cold meats, no smoked salmon which was available in England and Austria.

    The food tonight has been exquisite. I tried to choose french foods although I did pass on the steak tartare. If it had been an entree size I may have tried it.
    I started with a ham and asparagus terrine. The ham wasn't sliced thinly but had been slow cooked and pulled off the bone. It was served with some type of foam with mustard seeds through it.
    Main was roast guinea fowl and asparagus. It was okay but a bit gamey for me taste.
    Dessert combined some of Dijon's specialities - blackcurrent sorbet and gingerbread served on a meringue. Very nice.

    I just watched the steak tartare being made at the table. At first I thought they were making a dressing for ceaser salad and putting semi dried tomatoes in it but when he started piling the dressed "tomatoes" on the plate into a large mound I realised it was the steak tartare.

    I made myself use some french phrases tonight: "table for one", "speak english", "bill please". I couldn't manage full sentences but it is a start.
    I still want to use Ja instead of oui.

    The owl at Notre Dame Cathedral, it lacks detail because people rub it for luck.
    Owl path marker
    Dijon street
    Ducal palace
    Ham and asparagus terrine
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  • Day12


    September 17, 2015 in France ⋅ ☁️ 14 °C

    Our first day in Dijon was fairly damp with persistent light showers. The best remedy seemed to be the remarkable 'Muses des Beaux Arts', a museum located in the Palais des Ducs, the palace built by the various Dukes of Burgundy. As Philip the Good and Philip the Bold were a couple of the main men, I was feeling quite at home. The museum had an interesting mix of history, culture and arts and it was free. We found out later that all the museums in Dijon were made free by the city council, presumably to encourage people to get out and visit them. When the weather would improve, we would duck out and do a bit of exploring along the 'Owl Trail' which was a kind of do It yourself guide to finding your way around the major sites of Dijon. Then perhaps a coffee and pastry and back to the museum. A good day all in all.Read more

  • Day13

    A bit of historical perspective

    September 18, 2015 in France ⋅ ⛅ 16 °C

    Second day in Dijon and the showers are not quite gone, but definitely on the retreat. Plenty of blue sky and sunshine as long as you had plenty to do if a shower came along. It was market day which meant plenty of stalls and crafts and food - of course - so after our usual breakfast at home we headed out. The markets were interesting with a mixture of craft, food and tourist baubles. We resisted all sorts of bargains, but ended up grabbing a bit of lunch and taking it back to our studio to enjoy as a shower went over.

    The highlight of the day came in the afternoon. We did a bit more of the owl trail taking in a nice garden and some very pleasant walking. Then we returned to the old Duc's Palais to climb the tower. We are not big tower climbers, but this one was quite large so that the steps could go up at a reasonable rate. The air was particularly clear after the showers earlier in the day and the view was spectacular. A good day finished up with a good meal at the Bistro Amiral Roissen - a restaurant just up the road.
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