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    • Day 4

      Weingut Chateau Haut-Brion

      June 19 in France ⋅ ☁️ 25 °C

      An was denkt man bei Bordeaux als erstes?
      Natürlich an Wein! 🍷🍇
      Hier sind auch wirklich egal wohin man blickt überall Weinfelder und Chateaus.
      Eines wollten wir besichtigen, nur leider hatte es Montags nicht auf. Aber auch von außen sah es super schön aus 😊Read more

    • Day 102

      27.12 Day 102 . . . Fire Starter

      December 27, 2022 in France ⋅ ⛅ 8 °C

      3.50am !! Yep, bloody 3.50am was when the fire alarm sounded at the hotel. Followed by about 30 seconds of wondering if this was a dream or even a false alarm, but then diving out of bed to throw on some clothes. At the same time trying to clear your head and think about what you needed to grab . . . door key, van key, wallet, whilst also thinking we are in the third floor, where was the staircase as we can’t use the lift. Doors banging along the corridor as other guests scuttled out of their rooms. After what seemed an age Tre was first into the corridor only to find a member of staff calming everyone down and explaining she had found the source - a guest smoking in their room!! FFS !!
      It was good to know the staff had reacted so quickly and identified the source and location of the activation. We shuffled back into the room still half asleep, but took a little pleasure from the fact we had been that slow in getting dressed that we had not made it outside into the foggy cold night like some other better reacting guests had. They were still standing in the car park.
      We had about 3/4hr until we had to get up and so decided to flop on our beds fully clothed for a final doze before our alarms!! I lay there thinking . . .
      Penalty for setting off the hotel alarm:
      1. Immediate pack up of belongings and kicked out of the hotel
      2. A sign hung around their neck to identify them as the selfish sod responsible
      3. All other guests issued with eggs to throw at the selfish twat as they left.
      4. Or a really big stick !!
      How can one person cause so many others this disturbance without penalty!!
      Up again when the alarm on the phone chirped, no need to dress, it wasn’t long until we were sitting in Roxvanne waiting for the windscreen to clear. Five minutes later we were parked at Bordeaux Airport, out and into Billie Terminal. Final goodbyes and Munch was gone again - the past week has flown by.
      Tre and I drove back to the hotel and hopped back into bed setting our alarm for 9am so we could get up again and spend some time in Bordeaux.
      Both of us felt rubbish when we awoke and got up at just gone 9am. We decided to grab coffee in Bordeaux so quickly got ourselves together and walked to the bus stop we had been told about the previous time we were here. Only at that point did I realise I had forgotten my phone so back to the hotel we trudged, watching the bus arrive at the stop as we did so. Phone collected we headed back to the stop. Five minutes later the No 1 bus arrived (They are about every ten minutes without fail) and we got on. A whole €3 was the charge for both of us for the approximately 25 minute journey into the city centre. I can never get over how cheap it is!
      Off at Gambetta - again our normal stop and off into the side streets of shops, cafe’s and bars. We also noted the stop for the return journey, something we had failed to do the last time.
      We decided to grab a snack and coffee whilst walking so not to waste our time here.
      Bordeaux is a lovely city - well we think so, with stunning architecture from times gone by. It has a very relaxed feel for what is a large and busy centre.
      We have on both occasions we have been here to wander, ended up in roughly the same relatively small area, but there is so much to see that we’ve not found the need to venture further as yet - we will. We found our way finally down to the river (Garonne) and Place de La Bourse.
      Place de la Bourse is one of the city's most recognisable sights. Built from 1730 to 1775 along the river Garonne, it was a multi-building development designed by architect Ange-Jacques Gabriel.
      In the original plan, a statue of King Louis XV of France was erected in the square. This statue was destroyed during the French Revolution. After the destruction of the statue, a Corinthian column-fountain was built on the square. Finally, in 1869 the sculpture Three Graces was installed in the same location.
      The weather was still murky and a little chilly and so we decided upon lunch. I’m not sure how many restaurants we looked at, some we tried to enter but were full, but we ended up at Place du Parlement and the L'Ombriere Café.
      Weirdly, Teresa had been talking to me when we had been getting ready to leave the hotel, about her Dad and a strange dream she had had, that she needed to call him as she was now in France. Teresa’s dad had passed in May this year which it is why it was a little strange.
      Anyhow as we sat waiting for our food in the restaurant I happened to look up and the ceiling was covered in hundreds of Christmas bauble decorations. I said to Tre - ‘I think your dad sent us here’, she looked up and saw all the baubles. Teresa’s dad always covered their ceiling at home with baubles at Christmas time . . . another little spooky thing that has happened to us since being here.
      We both had a lovely lunch, we had picked the same for mains, which was a honey glazed pork with sweet potato mash, very simple but was fab.
      I guess we spent best part of a couple of hours in the restaurant - service was by no means fast, but that was fine, we were happy to just chill.
      Once outside the sunshine had made an appearance and we decided to have another look at the river. The sun made such a difference to the remainder of the afternoon lighting little parts of tiny alleyways and creating all manner of reflections on the windows of the shops and buildings.
      Further shops were visited before we hit Café des Arts once again for hot chocolate. On our way back to the bus stop I had booked a slot with Tre for me to visit a vinyl shop I had seen the day before when we were with Munch.
      I had a good dig through everything outside and inside the shop, even getting Tre in on it to go check certain boxes for me. Well known bands in the vinyl shops I’ve managed to find here all have expensive price tags in the albums. Lesser bands who would be known in the UK but not in France so much have a drastically lower price pinned on them, unlike the UK. So with a couple of purchases made we headed back towards the bus stop passing the Cathedral on route. As luck would have it (for me) there was a small market near to the cathedral - it hadn’t ever been there previously when we had passed, with two guys selling . . . Vinyl. I did feel a little sorry for Tre as I squandered another 15 minutes of her life, while I looked in old cardboard boxes for hidden treasures.
      A further purchase made and we walked without any other distraction to the bus stop. Within about five minutes we were seated on the bus heading back to the hotel. The only minor irritation on the return was that the driver, who was obviously trying to make up time in his route decided to ignore the bell ring we made and we ended up past our stop at the bloody airport. We spoke to the driver who didn’t exactly apologise, but said we could travel the return route and he would stop at our stop. He had parked and switched off the bus at this point so Tre and I dashed into the airport terminal building to use the faculties then straight back out as the driver returned to the bus and let us back on. Five minutes later he was delivering us to our stop without the need for a bell ring 😂
      A two minute walk to the hotel and we seated with a beer and a wine in the foyer. It wasn’t long before slightly jaded from our earlier than expected start to the day we retired to our room, a little Netflix viewing together and then sleep.
      Tomorrow we start a mini Roxvanne road trip!
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    • Day 101

      26.12 Day 101 . . . Destination Bordeaux

      December 26, 2022 in France ⋅ ☁️ 9 °C

      So - up with the larks . . . no, not really, we just had to be out by about 1pm so we could get to see a bit of Bordeaux with Munch before she flies home tomorrow.
      Bags packed and loaded into Roxvanne, final checks indoors as we won’t be home for a few days and we are off.
      The journey towards Bordeaux was uneventful until we crossed the Dordogne and then hit a mother of all traffic jams. We then crawled along with the hundreds of others on what normally is the fastest section of road towards Bordeaux.
      I got Tre to find an alternate route as soon as we could, as we didn’t need to get to the airport today so had time on our side. We hopped off the motorway and headed initially east to Saint Loubès then south to Yvrac, then on and through Tresses and fort her south towards and through Cénac. We then travelled west and then across Pont Saint-Jean into the city of Bordeaux.
      We set the sat nav for a cafe we used weeks ago as I managed to find on street parking for Rox near to the cafe. The multi storey car parks are all too low for her.
      As luck had it, as we hit the road with the on street parking someone left a bay and we were able to take the now vacant one and only bay.
      Parking paid on the phone with one of the numerous apps I now have for parking, and we set off to Le Café des Arts which we had been to before. We all needed a loo stop and we knew the cafe had facilities!!
      It was lovely sitting in the cafe with hot chocolate just people watching. Bordeaux is so busy but in a weird way absolutely not like London or any other UK city. There seems to be a different pace about the business, slightly less frantic.
      After chocolate we told Munch she would love the cathedral in the centre and as it was a five minute walk it was a perfect idea . . . . For two grown ups who now like architecture and such like . . . Not for a 17yr old. Munch first words when entering the cathedral were - ‘I’m hungry’ . . . So we didn’t stay long!
      The cathedral ‘Cathédrale Saint Andre de Bordeaux’ is definitely worth a visit if in Bordeaux - if only to wonder at how they built something like this when they did, I can’t get my head around how!
      Our last visited restaurant which was close to the cathedral was rammed full, the next restaurant we tried was only serving drinks as it was about 5pm. So when in Bordeaux with all the best French cuisine within your grasp, where do you take a now getting grumpier, hungry teenager . . . Burger King!!
      Burger King wasn’t that bad - just don’t order fries with onion rings . . . That’s not what you get. If you are interested, I won’t spoil it, just give it a go!! 🤢
      The rain had been on and off all afternoon and as the now slightly chirpier teenager had only a coat with no sleeves we opted to return to Roxvanne. Our parking wasn’t far off ending anyway. The only stop was a small shop to stock up on teenager chocolate requirements.
      We then drove the southern side of the city and towards the airport and to our hotel from the south, something we’d not done before.
      We pulled into our regular cheap and cheerful (we are only here to sleep) hotel and quickly found our way to the room. As before Tre and I with a double and Munch in a bunk bed that is above the double. We were still due to get up early to get Munch to the airport and so after a little social surfing we decided to have an early night.
      Tre and I also have all day in Bordeaux tomorrow - so we need a Power Nap!
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    • Day 1

      We just passed Bordeaux..

      May 7, 2022 in France ⋅ ☀️ 20 °C

      Well what do you do when you pass Bordeaux... Only one answer of course: wine 🍷🍷
      Salud, Santé, Cheers, Proost!

    • Day 32

      Pape-Clément & Smith Haut Lafitte

      October 5, 2021 in France ⋅ ☁️ 15 °C

      Grand vins de Bordeaux... nach einem Besuch an Dörthes alter Fakultät ging es über Pessac (Château Pape Clément) nach Léognan (Chateaux de France und Smith Haut Lafitte). Besondere Winzer mit einzigartigen Bauwerken gab es so zu sehen. Eingekauft haben wir dann auch ein wenig. 🍷Read more

    • Day 1


      October 28, 2021 in France ⋅ ⛅ 14 °C

      Well we are here and landed safely. Slight queue waiting to get into France through border controls. In fact we spent more time in the queue to do this than we did in the air for the flight. Quick dash to get the car and now at our very cheap and cheerful one night pit stop to save us a drive anywhere tonight.
      Not entirely sure it was what Lissy was expecting but she took to the sleeping arrangements better than I thought she would when I first saw it. Only thing is - I’m not sure I will sleep tonight with Lissy up there 😂
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    • Day 1

      J1 - c'est parti !

      February 4 in France ⋅ ☀️ 6 °C

      Tout est dit !

      Ça y est, le mauvais sort semble conjuré, on a passé tous les barrages 😅 et déjà un truc chelou à vous raconter dans le prochain épisode 😁…
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    • Day 1


      July 20, 2016 in France ⋅ ☁️ 22 °C

      Cet été 2016, nous y allons cool. D'abord parce que c'est bien, cool. Et puis aussi parce que nos finances ont fondu comme neige au soleil après ces deux dernières années aux Etats-Unis et en Islande, principalement. Les épopées étaient inoubliables mais les frais assez élevés, surtout en Islande où l'on peut louer un mini 4x4 pour un minimum de 750€/semaine (quand même !) alors que la voiture de location pour le Portugal ne nous coûtera que 400€ pour les deux semaines de route !

      Nous avons donc décidé de (re)découvrir les charmes du tout-près, même si beaucoup m'entendent dire qu'un voyage sans au moins 12h de vol n'est pas un véritable voyage, et nous avons tièdement (pour ma part, au début) jeté notre dévolu sur ce petit pays ibérique si proche et si présent, en filigranes, dans nos vies quotidiennes : je ne compte plus le nombre d'élèves d'origine portugaise dans mes classes, à qui je vais pouvoir me vanter à la rentrée de savoir dire "merci" ou "bonjour"!

      En avant pour le pays du fado, du porto et de la morue !
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    • Day 1


      July 20, 2017 in France ⋅ ☁️ 22 °C

      C'est un monde tout de même : je suis prof d'anglais depuis une petite vingtaine d'années et je n'ai jamais mis les pieds en Ecosse! Il fallait rattraper cette faute quasi-professionnelle sur le champ! C'est ainsi que cet été 2017, alors que je suis tout juste remis de mon terrible hôte parasitaire du Rajasthan, nous re-bourrons nos sacs de vêtements un tantinet plus chauds et waterproof, direction le Pays des Cornemuses!

      Comme à notre habitude, nous avons prévu de faire le tour du pays en 2 semaines, sachant d'emblée qu'il nous faudrait nécessairement tirer un trait sur de nombreuses curiosités et autres vieilles pierres hantées, faute de temps. C'est d'ailleurs au cours de ce périple que nous déciderons fermement (tu nous connais, lecteur assidu) que c'est fini, nous ne tenterons plus de tout voir d'un pays que nous visitons. Nous ne voulons plus être dans le rush perpétuel. Nous voulons prendre notre temps, davantage de temps en tout cas, et apprécier les belles choses qui s'offrent à nous. Non, nous ne vieillissons pas, détrompe-toi (et ne sois pas désagréable). Nous avons juste conscience de la frustration de devoir quitter un lieu à moitié découvert pour rejoindre un autre endroit qui ne se dévoilera pas plus...

      Allez, un p'tit coup de whisky, une louchette de haggis, on s'essuie la bouche et hop, te voilà parti avec nous, cher lecteur !
      Si tu es intéressé par cette destination pour un prochain voyage, tu retrouveras notre Avis sur 5, tout en bas, cela pourra peut-être te guider!…
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