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  • Day74

    Day 74: Flying to Paris

    April 30, 2017 in France ⋅ ⛅ 16 °C

    Big day today, one that we were both a bit anxious about. It was intended to be a long day of travelling, involving multiple trains, and of course Schnitzel's first flight in an aircraft cabin. Concerning stuff.

    Had our breakfast and left the apartment around 10:30am, not particularly sad to be leaving as it wasn't exactly up to our standards. First leg was the five minute walk to the metro station, where we hopped on a train for a few stations, then changed for the longer journey out to the airport. The airport line is relatively new, so not too many patrons thankfully, and we managed to get seats. We'd also thrown out a couple of small things and done some tighter packing, meaning that we didn't have a separate bag for Schnitzel's stuff. His small bag and scrunched up bed had both fit into my large backpack, which although now quite heavy was fine to leave on my back.

    Arrived at the airport in plenty of time, though we spent probably 45 minutes in the check-in queue. Budget airline (Vueling) with a lot of departures happening, so a fairly long wait. Schnitzel got quite a few pats and happy looks as he kept us company in the queue. We were a little concerned that the airline wouldn't like our carry bag for him as it's actually slightly oversized (or try to claim it counted as one of our carry-on bags), but neither of these fears were realised.

    Through security fairly quickly, but realised we only had 10 minutes before boarding time for our flight. Had a fairly quick lunch at McDonalds before hurrying to the gate, arriving 5 minutes after boarding time to find an empty gate and the "Last Call" sign on display. Gulp. Down the stairs and onto the tarmac bus, where only one more person got on - close call! I guess they would've paged us.

    Finally on the bus we put Schnitzel into his carry bag where he stayed until the baggage carousel in Paris. Onto the plane and no other buses arrived, so the plane was only half full and we had a spare seat next to us. Though Schnitzel stayed on the floor under my legs - not a lot of room but the flight was only an hour and fifteen minutes. Very uneventful, no particular turbulence aside from a heavy crosswind on landing in Paris.

    Touched down at Orly on time, and since it's an internal EU flight we were at the baggage carousel within about 5 minutes of deplaning (no immigration counter etc). Short wait for bags to arrive and then we headed off to the train station where we got on the first of several trains. This one just seemed to join the airport stations to the main rail network.

    From this station we got another train into the centre of the city, where we transferred to a third train for a few stops to our hotel. Although Shandos had booked an Airbnb, we got a last-minute offer from a hotel for a free stay in exchange for coverage, which we accepted. So we first headed to our Airbnb on the east side of Paris near Place de la Nation, dropped our large bags and repacked a few things.

    Smaller bags in hand, we got onto the metro and headed across town into the theatre district near Montmartre and Sacre-Couer where our hotel was located. Nicely decorated room, but very small and only a single power outlet. First stop was downstairs in the hotel common area, where champagne and cheese gets served every afternoon from 5:30 - 8pm!

    Headed out into the cold and sudden heavy rain, in search of dinner. Rather than going a long distance, we opted for basically the first restaurant we came across - a very crowded bistro. No problem to bring Schnitzel inside, where we sat at a cramped corner table and ate next to a large group of noisy Italians. Schnitzel seemed a bit cowed by the noise, as going inside restaurants is still quite new to him. I had a burger and Shandos had seafood salad, and I think we were both fairly happy to leave and head to bed for an early night.

    Very happy that we'd hit no major snags, and that Schnitzel had behaved perfectly on the plane. Only one small bark during boarding, and it was more of a "pay attention to me" bark rather than a full "get this out of my face" barking fit like he sometimes has. Looking forward to the next few days, hopefully the rain clears up!
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    Joel Baldwin

    Ready to leave Spain!

    Joel Baldwin

    On the Barcelona metro

    Joel Baldwin

    38,000 feet

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  • Day75

    Day 75: Exploring Paris

    May 1, 2017 in France ⋅ ⛅ 12 °C

    Big day of sight-seeing today! Started by heading downstairs a bit late for our hotel breakfast, and since it was a public holiday Monday (May Day), it was very crowded and everything had run out. Though from what I could see, the selection wasn't actually that great, a few pastries, some fruit and yoghurt, and a coffee machine. Not too bothered since the room was complimentary, but I definitely would've been disappointed if I'd paid money. Was a bit disorganised too - they'd run out of plates, knives and teaspoons, and no fresh ones were being brought out, and the lady running it was too busy to clear tables either. Alas!

    But filled up, we all headed off into a crisp Parisian morning. It wasn't warm, particularly, but it was fairly sunny, with occasional cloudy patches. First stop on our sight-seeing tour was the Notre-Dame, which both of us have seen before. But the entire area of the Seine between Notre-Dame along to the Eiffel Tower is a UNESCO site, so we figured we might as well drop by and make a video while we were here.

    Notre-Dame still as impressive as always, though the rear aspect looks a bit nicer than the front. Queue to get in looked absolutely enormous, snaking around the square, so we decided to skip (doubly-so as Schnitzel wouldn't be allowed in). I also remember being fairly unimpressed with the interior, being very dark and gloomy, covered in soot. The outside at least was cleaner than I remember it, so I guess it's something they've been doing in the intervening 12 years.

    From here we spent some time wandering around the two islands, Ile-de-la-CIte and Ile-St-Louis, where the shops are fancy and the rents are very high. Stopped briefly in a beautiful chocolatier for a couple of macaroons! Made our way to the western end of the islands and the Pont Neuf, which is the bridge where everyone attaches a padlock with their sweetheart, shares a kiss before throwing the key into the river.

    You can't do that any more, as the bridge was apparently on the verge of collapse thanks to all the extra weight. The original railings have been replaced by ugly large steel bars fronted with perspex, but a dedicated railing area on the island nearby has been set up for people to attach their locks. Both of us thought it was really tacky (particularly since your "forever lock" is going to be cut down in the middle of the night by a minimum-wage guy with an angle grinder), so we chuckled at the people doing it and moved on.

    Onto the north bank now where we continued walking over to the Louvre, via Saint-Chapelle. The Louvre was actually closed today due to the public holiday, so we just had a look at the buildings outside, took some photos and moved on. We hadn't really intended going inside anyway.

    After this we tried to find some lunch, but after earlier encountering places selling cheap baguettes, we had no luck finding anything similar! Only tourist traps and fancy overpriced restaurants in this area, so after more walking we found a small supermarket and bought some camembert, a baguette and a couple of drinks.

    Armed with our food, we walked over to the Tuileries Garden to have ourselves a picnic, only to discover that dogs aren't allowed in!! So we had our picnic on the stairs nearby, entertaining ourselves watching African migrants selling hats, Eiffel Tower keychains and other crap moving their stalls around (and then running away when a police patrol came past).

    Decided to risk going into the gardens anyway, though we carried Schnitzel the entire distance - quite a way! Didn't stop for long in here as we didn't feel so inclined. Finally we came to Place de la Concorde, centre of the Revolution and in many ways the heart of Paris. Did some filming here to go with the other bits we'd done, and then set off again along the northern bank.

    Lots of walking, past the Grand Palais and the Petit Palais, the Pont Alexandre III where separate Chinese couples in wedding outfits were arguing about who should get the best backdrop for their photos (waiting didn't seem to be an option), then further along to the Pont d'Almer and the tunnel. There was a full-sized replica here of the Statue of Liberty's torch (surprisingly small), but the base was covered in flowers. It was only then that I remembered this was the tunnel where Princess Diana was killed in a crash 20 years ago.

    Walking further and further, until we finally arrived at the end of the world heritage area, the Eiffel Tower. Just as beautiful as ever, and not much I really add to everything that's already been said about it! Spent some time in the Trocadero Gardens just opposite, taking photos and enjoying the atmosphere. Also spotted a group of hustlers doing the three-cups-and-ball game scam for the third time today! Once you know the scam, it's just comical how obvious it is and how it works, but I guess people still fall for it if they're still running it!

    Walked around the base of the Eiffel Tower (it's surrounded by cyclone fencing these days and you can't get near it without several security checks), and agreed that we wouldn't go up, particularly after the exhausting day we'd had. More photos and then wandered down the Champ du Mars where we sat on the grass for a while and chilled out. Eventually it was home time, so we walked to the far end and caught the metro back to our hotel, just in time for free champagne happy hour! Far fewer people in the hotel now, back to work for everyone I guess.

    After our drinks we headed straight back out for dinner in anticipation of an early night. Went to a Lebanese restaurant just around the corner which was very good. I had felafels and then shish tawouk, while Shandos had hummous and a shwarma. Finally back to our room where we basically collapsed into bed. According to my pedometer, today was 24,699 steps!
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    Joel Baldwin


    Joel Baldwin

    Schnitzel at the Louvre

    Joel Baldwin

    Pont Alexandre III

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  • Day76

    Day 76: More of Paris

    May 2, 2017 in France ⋅ ⛅ 14 °C

    Another busy day today, with more sight-seeing packed in. Grabbed a much earlier breakfast while the room was still empty, meaning that we didn't have to fight over scraps or crockery which was nice.

    Second night complete, we packed up our stuff and headed back to our original Airbnb apartment, making a slight detour along the way to stop at a vet. Schnitzel needs a vet-certified worming tablet and a vet check before going to the UK, so we had organised for it to be done now (it's a 24 hour - 5 day window). We dropped our stuff off in the apartment and left Schnitzel behind this time, as we headed back out.

    Headed off on the Metro to our first stop, the Musee Rodin, containing a large garden of Rodin sculptures organised around a large manor house. The interior of the manor house has more sculptures inside, but we'd heard that the outside was the best, so we spent a couple of hours wandering around out here. Was good to see several of his most famous works, including the Gates of Hell and of course, The Thinker. They're fascinating sculptures too, in that the lines are very simple and clean, but at the same time very expressive! We also had a light lunch of baguettes and coffee in the musem's cafe.

    Afterwards we wandered out to Las Invalides, though decided against going in as it was very expensive (25 euros per head or something crazy like that). I'm sure Napoleon's tomb is worth seeing, but not at that price!

    So instead we walked over to the Petit Palais, one of the two palaces built for the World's Fair in 1894 or similar. These days it's a large art gallery with quite a varied collection including paintings by Monet, Cezanne, Degas and several other famous Impressionists. Had a look around here for about an hour before we decided we'd done enough for the day and retreated back to the apartment.

    Stayed indoors for the next couple of hours working, researching, organising and editing video, before heading out to a local bistro in the evening. Good food again, and Schnitzel very much behaved himself! Since being let into restaurants in Paris he's made a habit of lying down under our feet and not making a sound! Fingers crossed it lasts.
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    Joel Baldwin

    Hunting treats at the vet

    Joel Baldwin

    Rodin sculpture garden

    Joel Baldwin

    The Thinker

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  • Day2


    August 2, 2017 in France ⋅ ⛅ 28 °C

    I didn't realize until I started actually writing my entries that you could only upload 6 pictures at a time, so I have chosen to write an entry about each day in Paris since we did so much and 6 pictures would not cover it.

    We made it! After a 6 hour (though slightly delayed) flight, we arrived in Paris. The flight seemed so much shorter than my last trip (16 hours) and I was actually happy about that. The time difference is 6 hours here, getting us here around 12pm. After a long ordeal, we finally were able to get into our apartment - check out the views! It was so nice to be able to stay with my parents for a few days, especially the first part of my trip. We were in a great location, a short walk to the Opera and not too far from the Louvre. Paris is a pretty big city, and walking around is nice but some places are too far to walk.

    Our first day was spent walking around the city, getting to know where exactly we were staying and trying some local wine. It felt a bit surreal at first - this city is beautiful! Walking around felt really nice and I didn't actually feel super touristy (unlike part of Asia where people took pictures of us). There were so many cafés and patios to sit on, and so many cute shops filled with treats to look at (and drool over).

    Between lack of sleep and being a bit jet lagged, we were ready for bed.
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  • Day1

    Thalys Dortmund - Paris

    July 10, 2016 in France ⋅ ⛅ 22 °C

    Den Thalys in Dortmund geentert. Die Parkmöglichkeit in Dortmund auf dem Parkplatz Nord ist schonmal nicht schlecht. Sehr günstig, fast leer und die Einfahrt ist total versteckt.

    Bei der Abfahrt ist die Passagierzahl noch sehr überschaubar, erst in Köln wurde es voller.
    In unserem Wagen leider der Super-Gau: Eine Dame, die die Deo-Werbung mit den 48 Stunden Schutz erst genommen hatte. Vor mindestens 41 Stunden...
    Zum Glück gewöhnt man sich mit der Zeit an den Gestank.
    Jetzt in Aix-la-Chapelle Hauptbahnhof geht es schon halbwegs.

    Ankunft in Paris, Fahrt zum Hotel - alles unspektakulär. Zimmer noch nicht fertig. Mist! Also Gepäck abgeben und auf eine erste Entdeckungstour verschwinden.
    Das Wetter ist weltmeisterlich - genau richtig für uns. Also erst mal was zu trinken kaufen. Danach geht es immer bergauf - wir sind schließlich in Montmartre.
    Da habe ich dann meinen absoluten Lieblingsplatz entdeckt. Der Friedhof von Montmartre. Da in der ¨zweiten Etage¨ kann man sich prima auf ein Mausoleum setzen und die Aussicht und Ruhe genießen.

    Als das Zimmer endlich fertig war, war Mittagsschlaf angesagt. Das tat gut!
    Für den Nachmittag stand ein Schnelldurchlauf auf der Ile de la Cité incl. Notre Dame, dann Louvre-Pyramide und Opéra an. In die Rue de la Opéra muß ich dringend nochmal wenn die Geschäfte geöffnet haben.

    Im Presseviertel standen vor einigen Gebäuden Soldaten, die bis an die Zähne bewaffnet waren.
    So wird hier die Pressefreiheit geschützt.

    Dann stand der Versuch an, was zu essen zu finden. Schwierig, wenn fast alle französischen Restaurants wegen EM-Endspiel geschlossen oder nur eine limitierte Karte haben. Darum haben wir auf den Supermarkt an der Ecke zurückgegriffen und die Leckereien im Hotelzimmer gegessen.

    Schluß, aus!
    Zur Berieselung läuft im Fernsehen das Endspiel. Gähn!
    Morgen ist ein neuer Tag.
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    Maumau Luna

    ibis Opéra La Fayette, Zimmer 803 - die Aussicht

    Maumau Luna

    Friedhof Montmartre

    Maumau Luna

    Louvre, Pyramide

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  • Day62

    Paris - More Montmartre

    October 1, 2015 in France ⋅ ⛅ 15 °C

    We stuck around Montmartre a bit longer, passing by the Moulin Rouge and some seedier establishments (#2).
    We also sampled the best baguettes in Paris (#3) (they have a yearly competition) and some other delicious pastries. Had dinner at an authentic (Gyurme approved) Tibetan restaurant (#4), really tasty!Read more

  • Day5

    Almost There

    November 9, 2017 in France ⋅ ⛅ 48 °F

    The train we needed to transfer to arrived and we're on our way again. I'm surprised that this train is so crowded at this time of day. Doesn't anyone here go to work? Once again, I didn't get a seat and I have to stand. I don't mind it though. It gives me a chance to look around and see everything in the train. I just hope that I'll be able to sit on out way back to the hotel. By the end of the day my feet and ankles are always so sore due to walking around so much with arthritis. It gets so painful sometimes.Read more

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