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  • Day1

    Pariz + prihod v Bogoto

    February 6 in France ⋅ 🌫 5 °C

    Prvi dan je bil res dolg. Najprej jutranji let ob 6:40 v Pariz. Tam sva se sprehodila, videla sramežljivega strica Eiffla in preizkusila lokalne delicije (rogljiček, čokoladni žepek in macaron). Pa kava za 5,20 € je bila baje zeloo dobra :)

    Na drugem, 11 ur dolgem letu, do Bogote sva pogledala vse kar sva našla in popila ves šampanjec, ki so si nama ga upali ponudit :)

    Ob prihodu v Bogoto sva se srečala z voznikom, ki so nama ga poslali iz hotela in z majceno Kio Picanto sva odbrzela proti postelji. Dan sva zaključila okrog 00:30 po lokalnem času oz. 4:30 po slovenskem. Vse skupaj sva torej potovala kar 24 ur.
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  • Day18

    Subiendo a la torre Eiffel

    February 25 in France ⋅ ☀️ 16 °C

    Camino a la torre Eiffel hicimos una parada para conocer el arco del Triunfo. Sacamos unas fotos apuraditos y seguimos.

    Llegando a la torre desde los jardines de Trocadero la vista es perfecta para sacarle fotos.

    Primero subimos al segundo mirador, que es grande y tiene dos pisos, y despues subimos hasta arriba de todo. Da vertigo pero vale la pena. El dia ayudo para sacar fotos con vistas increibles.Read more

  • Day3

    METRO Delay & Disney Paris

    March 24 in France ⋅ ⛅ 46 °F

    Day two in Paris started at 6am. If one does not start early you miss out on a lot of hours to see a lot of the city sights. As we walked around the quiet empty streets no cars around Paris we decided to start the morning with the prettiest STARBUCKS ever. It was CLOSED!
    We decided to walk to Le Village Royal to see the beautiful sight of colorful umbrellas. We ended up at the wrong village. Well we did see some beautiful buildings and did stop back at Starbucks. A coffee/tea and a delicious danish was this mornings breakfast at 7:30am.
    All done now time to get on the metro and head to Disney Paris. Robert and John purchased the tickets and off we went on our way. Well kind of...we had 25 stops and only made 5. The metro STOPS unexpectedly as their had been an accident. When the metro stopped we were in a dark area. Lights remained on. Right away movies you've seen with this happening comes to mind. WE received message on the speaker in FRENCH! No one around us speaks english. John asks one gentleman and he speaks very little english. Tells us their was a victim and we'll be getting off. We see from the windows people from the back cars walking on a small area on the side of our car. We are all to get off but have to jump down 4 1/2 FEET!! As we wait for our turn to jump off a couple next to us from Ontario Canada tell us they speak English and tell us there was a victim on the tracks. We wait for our turn on the edge of the door opening of the car to a small walkway which is very lightly lit. I used my cell flashlight to help see our our path. We get seperated only by a couple of people and see the emergrncy crew try to remove the victim from under the first car.
    We work our way to the exit with the canadian couple. Kenzie and I get to the other side but John, Kalyn and Rob can't get the exit stiles to OPEN. We wait and try to no avail. A man comes from our side and gets the large door open to pass with luggage. He goes in and Kalyn, Robert and John make it to our side. Now how do we get to Disney? We figure we'll need to get an Uber. We were lucky the other couple starts calling and we decide to go 50/50 on the charge. Uber indicates they can only take 6 passengers. We're "7". John calls for a car for us and we get picked up first. We get to DISNEY 10:15am just 15 minutes later than our scheduled time but we made it.
    Disney Paris is amazing. We loved it!! It was very cold 51 degrees with a breeze. We'd get some sun but turn a corner and it would get colder. Lots of fun rides the longest we waited is an hour. Disney Paris and Hollywood Studios was alot of fun. Got back to our hotel room at 11pm it's time to sleep for tomorrow we're meeting for breakfast at 7am.

    👣 26,005 steps 12.3 miles.
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  • Day2

    Air Flight & Eiffel Tower

    March 23 in France ⋅ ⛅ 50 °F

    Ready or not here we go on our family adventure.
    To start off early started at 6am. Left the house for 7am. First stop Starbucks for coffee.Kenzie stayed in car cuz she was way in the back.
    We arrived at LAX with alot of time to spare.
    Our flight was arriving late which meant we were going to be late to San Francisco. John went to customer service and Suzanne found us an earlier flight which would allow us 30 minutes to get to our Paris gateway. That didn't happen cuz their delay in bringing in planes was late. We arrived at 3:27pm gate to Paris closed at 3:40pm. Luckily they held the gates for all passengers grabbed our backpacks and ran. WE MADE IT and arrived in Paris!
    Our driver was there waiting for us on time. The airport was confusing but we found him!
    It was about a 45 minute ride to our hotel. Two rooms were ready one was not. We did arrive much earlier than our check in time. We freshened up a little John and I went to the hotel bar. We were given some Tonic Water and croissants. At 2pm we headed to the Eiffel Tower for our 5:30 tour. Dark clouds came in no rain just very cold and breezy. Kenzie was so excited to finally see The Eiffel Tower. Tower it was only a 11 minute walk from our hotel.
    Dinner at a great cafe with some of the best waiters.
    HIGHLIGHT: Kenzie tries ESCARGOT for the first time for a few euros.
    Well it's back to the hotel to get ready for Disney Paris. Going by train and meeting up at 6am.

    Movies Watched SFO to Paris: A STAR IS BORN,
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  • Day4

    PARIS SIGHTS and Last Night

    March 25 in France ⋅ ⛅ 52 °F

    This is our last day in Paris much left to see. We met for breakfast at our hotel at 7am and ready to hit the cobblestone streets at 8am. Well not all are cobblestones. Our first stop s 20 minute walk from our hotel was to Le Village Royal which had a lovely display of colorful umbrellas. Our second stop was to LaFayette Gallerie' which has got to be one of the most beautiful shopping places in Paris. Beautiful stained glass dome and a beautiful decor around each floor. The walk across the glass floor was interesting. It was fun watching those afraid of heights or glass floors hang on for dear life and get off quickly. We then went to the Louvre to see the pyramids and to see the actual building. Next was shopping then to the Pneuf Bridge. From there we walked over to the Notre Dame Cathedral which was as beautiful as I remember it to be. We stopped for a bite to eat right outside of the church. We walked to see the Panthenon then off to Luxembourg gardens and headed back to our hotel to rest a little before going on our evening Seine River Cruise.
    We decided to take a taxi to the location to save life on our feet. I stubbed a toe which is now black and blue and have blisters starting on my heels. Pain and all I stuck in out and kept up.
    The hotel called for our van pick up at 6pm. We are a 20 minute walk away and an 8 minute drive away.
    Driver pick us up on time we start driving thru much traffic. Driver cannot get us over the bridge any of them because the chinese president is visiting and for security reasons the bridges are being blocked by police. One is still open so we tell the driver to drop us at a corner and we'd cross the bridge. People along with cars were not allowed to cross. John was told that in 20 minutes it would reopen. Sitting in the cold we waited until they told us they had no idea when it would be open. We decide to walk to the bridge that was still open. We crossed the bridge and walked the waterfront only to find out that the driver was way off on where we were to be left off. We ended practicality walking back a quarter for a mile back the opposite way. Made it to the 7pm boat ride but by the time we got the boarding passes the boat was on it's way. We had to wait for the 7:25pm cruise. Note it is breezy and very cold. Finally were on the boat no tables for the champagne like we thought we'd have. They give you these funny looking lids that look like shot glasses to put on your small bottle and drink it that way. Kalyn and I had only a sip as we both are not a fan of it without juice. Mimosas are more to our liking. The cruise had beautiful views way to cold to be outside but we did go out to get a few pics. An hour later we walk to get dinner. Found a nice restaurant close by. Kalyn and I had great hot chocolate. Robert and Kenzie ordered a drink and John had lemonade. Food was delicious.
    Kenzie is wanting to do shots so she did along with Rob and John.
    We're finished John calls for an Uber van. There is an 8 minute wait and minutes later driver is not there. He can't get over the bridge. They are still CLOSED. So here we go walking over the bridge to meet up with the van. We luckily made it there around the same time.
    Well you can see everyday we had some kind of adventure. Never a dull moment in Paris or with us.
    We get to hotel Kalyn and Kenzie come with me to take pics from our balcony. John and Rob stay downstairs. We finally all get to our rooms to pack get some sleep for a 6am pick up for our flight to Santorini via Athens.

    👣 16,000 steps 7.4 miles.
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  • Day185

    Sightseeing-Tour Part 1

    February 15, 2018 in France ⋅ ☁️ 9 °C

    Gegen Mittag ging es heute los die Stadt erkunden. Natürlich im Regen...! Aber das hielt uns nicht davon ab! Wir hatten eine Stadtrundfahrt mit dem berühmten "Hop-On Hop-Off" Bus gebucht, so konnten wir die Stadt bequem ohne den lästigen Verkehr durchqueren...dachten wir! Doch unser Busfahrer hatte einen schlechten Tag... Keine 300 Meter weiter stand der Bus und der Fahrer drückte die Hupe für einige Minuten komplett durch. Warum? Keine Ahnung :D!
    Danach ging es auf jeden Fall weiter zur "Galerie Lafyette" ,ein Kaufhaus der Extraklasse! Das besondere war die Innenarchitektur, die einen zum staunen brachte!! Und ja tatsächlich war auch etwas für uns dabei. Es gab Macarones und wenn man schonmal in Paris ist dann auch die besten von "Pierre Hermé". Sie sind nicht ganz so süss und es gibt ganz unterschiedliche, extravagante Variationen, wie z.B. die Macarones "Vanille de Madagascar & Chocolat Pure Origine Bélize". Mal schauen wie sie schmecken!
    Weiter ging es zur "Champs-Elyseés" und zum Triumphbogen. Wir schlenderten am Disney Store und mal wieder an einigen großen Marken wie "Louis Vuitton" vorbei. Am Ende dann der Triumphbogen und der sechsspurige Kreisverkehr mit 13 Ausfahrten! Also uns reicht schon der Dreisspurige Kreisverkehr an der Bielefelder Stadthalle!
    Es war trotzdem ein atemberaubender Anblick, der Triumphbogen in Kombination mit dem Kreisverkehr und der Blick auf den "Place de la Concorde" am Ende!
    Doch das eigentliche Highlight wartete noch auf uns und zwar der Eiffelturm! Aber nicht bei Tag sondern am Abend. Um 8 Uhr bestiegen wir den Turm, bei immer noch strömenden Regen und schauten auf die wunderschön erleuchtete Stadt herab. Fast jede Sehenswürdigkeit hob sich durch ihre Beleuchtung aus dem Stadt-Trubel herab. Zur vollen Stunde dann die blinkenden Lichter des Eiffelturms..Da macht das bisschen Regen auch nichts mehr!!!
    Edit: Da die Beleuchtung des Eiffelturms bei Nacht als Kunstwerk urheberrechtlich geschützt ist, mussten wir das Bild leider rausnehmen.
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  • Day10

    Paris - Eifelturm

    September 27, 2018 in France ⋅ ☀️ 19 °C

    Mit kurzer Hose heute Morgen in Canisy bei unter zehn Grad hab ich nicht ganz gewagt zu hoffen, dass ich richtig angezogen war, aber in Paris war es dann tatsächlich sofort, als wir den Bus verlassen haben sehr warm! Ich war dementsprechend perfekt angezogen!
    Der Bus hat uns auf eine Plattform gebracht, von der aus man perfekt den Eifelturm sehen konnte. Nach ein paar Fotos haben wir uns auf den Weg gemacht und sind an der Seine entlang gegangen zum Musée du quai Branly gegangen. Das ist neben einem echten Museum auch ein sehr schöner Park, wo wir gut picknicken könnten. Während des Essens ist eine Diskussion über Marvel Superhelden ausgebrochen, die uns auch den Tag über weiterhin stetig begleitet hat.
    Gestärkt von dem Essen haben wir uns zurück auf den Weg zum Eifelturm gemacht, von wo aus wir auf die Bateaux Bus gegangen sind mit dem ersten Ziel Notre Dame, aber davon gleich mehr.
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  • Day23

    The Eiffel Tower

    April 17, 2017 in France ⋅ ⛅ 10 °C

    The Eiffel Tower has to be the most iconic thing to visit in Paris and one of the things I prebooked to make sure I got a timed entry rather than waiting in queues. When I got there I was grateful for this forethought a couple of months ago as the lines to enter normally stretched and snaked for what seemed like miles.Timed entry even had a special security line and that was a first!

    The ride up in the elevators was fascinating, particularly when you consider the shear number of people and times they make the trip up and down. The free app you can download for audio had the actual numbers and made the visit much more ubeteresting. We stopped at the 2nd floor area and switched to the elevators that take you to the very top. The view from there was truly amazing and there was no time pressure so you could work your way around all the sides admiring the view.

    I then got the elevators back down to the 2nd floor area and took some more shots of the view. Actually almost better for photos as the top level is so high. Again there is no pressure to rush so I relaxed and did a little people watching as well. I must say I do not mind waiting for people to take photos but the length of time it takes for some is ridiculous. Not a quick shot but a performance while each shot is checked and either rejected or another pose chosen.

    I stopped briefly at the 1st floor to admire the restaurants and step on the glass floor there. It was then a short walk down the stairs to complete the visit (you could take the elevator).
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  • Day4

    Eiffel Tower

    September 2, 2018 in France ⋅ ☀️ 22 °C

    After a relaxing rest in the park, very Parisian like, we headed over to have a nice stroll through the Champ de Mars, the well-known gardens in front of the Eiffel Tower. What a disappointment, we were horrified at the condition of the gardens. Basically there was very little grass, what little there was was worn down from so much foot traffic and there were dusty dirty paths everywhere. AND the most disgusting toilets we have ever experienced. Not impressed at all and very sad to see it such a state. It was not pleasant to be in.

    So, instead of enjoying a stroll we decided played French tourists and enjoyed some delicious crepes at a nearby cafe, which ended up being a nice way to spend the afternnon while waiting for our Eiffle Tower time slot.

    Finally we made our way to the Eiffel Tower and boy were we impressed. It certainly lived up to the anticipation. We took the lift up to the summit and I have to admit the ride up was a bit daunting. We even contemplated not going further than the second level but realised there was no way we could not go all the way to the top. Once we were there it was amazing. The views went on forever. Unfortunately it was too crowded for Brad to get on bended knee and propose again.

    By the time we made our way back down we had only a small wait until the nightly light show began and it was worth the wait. While we have loved the sites we have seen today, we were very happy to finally make our way home and rest our feet. It had been a very long day - but an amazing day. We love Paris.
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  • Day24

    Attractions I wasn't going to visit

    September 16, 2016 in France ⋅ 🌧 16 °C

    A wet and dreary morning to start. The Eiffel tower was first up on the agenda.
    Getting there was relatively simple - metro then bus. I like the metro and with the City Mapper app I haven't done too badly so far (except for yesterday's debacle).

    I was actually surprised that I wanted to go up the tower at all. In Australia I thought I'd probably be happy to see it from the ground but I really wanted to go up. Partly I think because it is iconic Paris and partly because it is such a magnificent structure.

    I had heard a lot about crowds and long line waits. I moved through the first line quickly, that was just the first security line. I had to ditch my water bottle.

    Once through security there were four ticket offices, one for each "leg" of the tower. I happened to chose the west leg and quickly bought a ticket and got into the first lift. It took us to the second floor where I then got into another lift to go to the top. The trip up was a bit disconcerting as we could see out. Not as bad as the ski jump in Innsbruck though.

    The weather cleared by the time I got to the top. It was crowded but not too crowded. The views were fantastic. I joined the selfie takers. I don't take many selfies but this was a special occasion.

    From the top (which is open) I walked down to the next level which was enclosed. That had a lot of information with important facts such as Buffalo Bill visited the tower.

    The structure really is magnificent.

    From there I went on a cruise of the river Seine. Somebody (Sarah W?) told me not to bother and I should have heeded her advice. The commentary wasn't great and the views were better from the bus. The house boats were lovely to look at though.

    At the Eiffel tower I had heard a woman telling some tourists about the Louvre Carousel, an underground shopping centre next door to the Lourve. I went and had a look but it was all a bit upmarket for me.

    I returned to the Louvre in the evening. It is open until 10pm on Fridays. I thought I'd start with the Mona Lisa then just wander. I actually started with Louis XIV because I can't read a map. With the help of an app I found my way to the Mona Lisa. The crowd wasn't too bad and I was pleasantly surprisef by the painting. I was expecting it to be much smaller and with the help of the commentary I was able to appreciate some of the genius behind it.

    I wandered around the Italian paintings then found the way up to the French paintings. French landscapes of the second half of the 19th century seems to be my favoured style.

    I was a bit wary coming back on the metro at night but there was plenty of people about as let's face it, 10pm on a Friday night in Paris isn't that late.

    Eiffel tower
    View from tower
    From under the tower
    Mona Lisa
    Painting by Alfred Sisley - the style I like
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