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  • Day4

    S: BDub Drinks

    March 17, 2018 in France ⋅ 🌧 1 °C

    Hoppy Corner

    From yesterday's discovery (Paname Brewing Co.) We were recommended to check out this spot as we were somewhat close to it. Glad we took the advice as we had such a fun time together...though I think I enjoyed more as I indulged creatively😅😘! Highly recommended spot for craft beer's all about quality and flavour! I officially like IPA France!

    Grateful for the fella who made sure my inebriated self did not fall flat on my face as we walked through the streets of paris especially on a wet and slippery day😅.

    PS. Just as I found pbc yesterday...I want full credit for this place too 😘!
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  • Day4

    S: BDub Eats

    March 17, 2018 in France ⋅ ☁️ 2 °C

    5 pailles: Just happened to stumble upon this coffee corner in our neighborhood and so glad we found it for a very late brunch (if that's even a thing😅). great vibe, design and the food was fresh too!

    Bouillon de Chartier: recommended by our host as we explored the passages. 19th c. design brasserie which initially confused the hell out of us. It had a very long line up (40 minute wait) and served vin chair for your waiting pleasure 😒 but the food and overall experience made it worth it. It was both with tourist but also frenchies so it legitimized it😘! The food was actually very good but it was very un-fancy-french...Chris described it as cafeteria-like...but again, very good food! I will actually recommend it to people who've been here several times and aren't too hell-bent about Michelin starred restaurants...but just simply experiencing good old Parisian food!
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  • Day2

    S: Paris 3.0

    March 15, 2018 in France ⋅ ☁️ 10 °C

    Our 3rd time here and it still never ceases with its charms - and I still haven't even had a fancy croissant yet to persuade my decision! We are staying in the 10th district, one we've never explored before and I gotta say, it's filled with colourful life, sounds, smells...I'm excited about this! Our host was lovely - offering different suggestions on how the locals enjoy Paris and our goal is to live even a glimpse of that in the short time we are here. Thank goodness we got the Eiffel tower, louvre, etc. out of the way already because often the best trips we've had always involved exploring how the locals live! Here's just a few shots of our place because I appreciate a beautiful space when I see it! Travelling makes me realize that you really don't need to have 1000++ sq ft in order to live a good life...need to hone on this when we go home...Read more

  • Day3

    S: Parisian Sunrise and Street Strollin

    March 16, 2018 in France ⋅ ⛅ 10 °C

    When being jetlagged works to your advantage..

    Woke up very early today and ended up seeing a beautiful sunrise! I don't know if my lack of sleep clouded my brain but I was in such awe of how much it just beautified the rooftops😍...and seriously, sunrise in paris!?! Once we finally got going we decided to get some viennoiseries for breakfast and enjoyed it near a park near the canal st. martin - cause you just have to! Also, noticed a few blooms already - didn't think I was gonna see cherry blossoms this year so this was a good surprise...hoping it completely blooms within the next 2 days🤞🏼😅🤞🏼. Then the fella wanted to go to the Pere Lachaise cemetery - wasn't really my thing but it's his trip too, I guess😅😘! I do admit, it was peaceful and it made for a nice easy workout for me😘.

    In my researching for what to do for the day, I found a brewery/pub to try and since we liked beer it worked out quite well! The location of the brew pub was fantastic as it had a view of the Bassin de la Villette - and of course, we stayed a while enjoying everything that that sight offered!

    I'm/We're really excited about exploring new areas (10th,19th districts) and weaving our way in and out of this side of Paris. It was nice to see a glimpse of how people simply live and enjoy their neighbourhood. Highly recommend visiting and staying this side of town especially if you've got the touristy stuff out of your system!
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  • Day3

    S: Paris - BDub Eats and Drinks

    March 16, 2018 in France ⋅ ⛅ 7 °C

    Because food is also our thing...what we've grubbed within the past 2 days...

    L'as du Falafel:
    -roasted aubergine with tahini and tomato salad
    -lamb pita sandwich 😋 (jealous that he got this😅)
    -falafel with aubergine pita sandwich (😋 had it for the first time 2015 and I was so looking forward to this

    Du Pain et des Idees: small but beautiful and offered delicious viennoisseries 😋. We decided to pack it away and enjoyed it at a nearby park!

    Paname Brewing Co.: such a great find and actually had great selection!

    Chez Jeannette:
    -cheesy potato croquette: after two bites, it was too rich (I know, woe is me...)...when in Paris I guess
    -mini creamy pesto ravioli
    -salade exotique: salmon lox, shrimp, mango, papaya, and mixed green salad with a generous dallop of a creamy was almost a hodge-podge of ingredients but surprisingly was delicious!
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  • Day4

    S: Passages Couverts de Paris

    March 17, 2018 in France ⋅ 🌧 3 °C

    We had a very, very late start to the day (jetlag and vacation mode getting the best of us 😅 - first world problems, I know), but we still managed to experince and explore new things in this city, yet again! It was raining buckets which then turned into snow and it seemed that Chris and I were the only ones excited about this - we were taking pictures/videos like it was the first time we've seen it! Seeing snow in Paris (even though it didnt stick) is beautiful😍. To avoid getting soaked completely and from the lovely advice of our host, we explored the passage couverts de paris! Don't know why we never thought to explore the different passages which are filled with varying shops and restaurants - actually, never thought it was a must see attraction! It was a neat rainy day activity - truly a must to explore! We explored about 5 of them and I wished money was not an option 'cause souvenirs galore😅 favourite were th book- and antique stores...Read more

  • Day5

    S: Paris Street Art

    March 18, 2018 in France ⋅ 🌫 0 °C

    I love street art! If I wasn't hungry all the time I'd likely be spending a good chunk of my time walking around the city and snapping and learning about the different pieces I see.

    Paris had some great ones during our strolls and I always wish we had more time devoted to just finding even more of them...Read more

  • Day5

    S: BDub Eats

    March 18, 2018 in France ⋅ ☁️ 1 °C

    Traiteur Morocain dans Marché des Enfants Rouges:

    This was simply delicious and filling! We first went around the market to scope out the selection but this place had the longest line so it didn't take long to be convinced - plus it smelled good and the offerings were varied. We appreciated that it had lots of (albeit cozy) covered and warm seating available to enjoy the meal. Once we were given the spot inside the "tent" all we had to do was eat confortably and happily! It was a quick meal but a good one at that!Read more

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