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  • Day321

    Short update

    February 8 in France ⋅ ☀️ 13 °C

    Things are still progressing well with the various projects. John’s oil filters have arrived so he can finish the generator service but we are still waiting to receive the Perspex so he can repair the windscreen.
    I have finished my socks and started on John’s, the cross stitch crab is progressing well. Still haven’t started a project for the variegated blue wool but lots of time for that.
    We have made a few more wombling trips to the beach and actually walked right along the beach to the River mouth. There is so much timber there as well as obviously a lot of beached detritus, mostly plastic with a scary number of flip flops.
    Next week on Wednesday the main mast comes off! To do this we have to motor round to Port Napoleon where DMS will be removing and storing the mast until the transporters pick it up. We have already lubed all the bottle screws, the only unknown is the bolt through the tabernacle, this twists but at the moment we think the mast weight and Stays pressure prevent us removing it. This feels like real progress so now we need to sort out where the mast will go too in Northern France to wait for us. We are thinking either Rouen or Honfleur. We are also going to buy our canal cruising permit so we can benefit for the early purchase discount.
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  • Day308

    The joys of live aboard overwintering

    January 26 in France ⋅ 🌧 12 °C

    Well the weather hasn’t been all bad we have had a very mixed bag. Yesterday was sunny and we took a ride to the beach for wombling as well as shopping for Sunday Roast ingredients and doing the washing. The last few days we have been working on various projects.
    John has been focusing on wiring up the various electronics. The radar, radio, compass and GPS were all previously on the Missen mast that is no more so needed to be mounted elsewhere and reconnected. Everything is now complete.
    My jobs were more domestic in nature. I made a big batch of chunky carrot and coriander soup, as it’s nice to have a warm lunch on those cold days and the French believe soup should should be smooth whereas I want to chew my food. Some more carrot cakes to help fatten John up so he doesn’t get so cold. I have also made a cover, by hand, (machine broke) for the new stern tabernacle folding table John is going to build. My DPNs finally arrived, for those of you who are not knitters DPNs are double pointed needles, so I am now knitting my first pair of socks 🧦. The first one is a bit pointy on the toe as I got the cast off instructions a bit confused 🤷‍♀️ but nailed it for the heel section so second sock should be perfect! I am also doing my first ever bit of cross stitch thanks to my birthday present from Michelle and Paul. Took a few stitches to appreciate the need to do all the / before coming back with the \ but it’s going well now and I love the nautical theme. At the moment I am feeling inspired to maybe make a cross stitch Take Five but this enthusiasm may well wear off. I also have some new blue chunky wool that I am looking for a project for, any suggestions anyone?
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  • Day259

    Port Saint Louis du Rhone

    December 8, 2019 in France ⋅ ☀️ 11 °C

    Well we have been in our winter marina for just over a week and feel we are getting to know the place quite well. While we have been here though two of the other visiting liveaboard boats have left, we think there is one other boat with full time residents and a few weekenders. The facilities (loos, showers and laundry) are clean dry and wonderfully warm, there is also a common room with TV and DVD that we can use. There is a supermarket nearby that sells John’s preferred GF bread and well stocked chandlery’s so John is mostly happy. He however a bit concerned about the temperatures, one morning this week we were showing only 2.5 degs on the external thermometer and that’s early December he’s not sure he will like January and February very much. Take a Five now looks a little different as we have removed the Missen mast, we aren’t thinking we will put it back as we haven’t used the Missen at all and without it we feel we have so much more deck space. Sadly there is no gym for me to use but I have found a boxercise type class that’s very energetic and hope to start running again soon, niggling Achilles injury just not healing, and am using common room for Pilates/yoga/body balance type workouts. We are planning to cycle to Arles when weather is cooperative for an overnight stay, it is about 35km if the signs are to be believed. And the buses to Martigues allow us to visit a large Bricolage (DIY) store, John is thinking about building a folding table around the Missen tabernacle?
    So far we have had at least two good days for each bad one but this coming week doesn’t look so good forecasted winds with gusts around 45km/hr every day except Wednesday which is good as Wednesday is market day.
    We try to do a longish ride every day and have ridden to the beach every few days and have started a little beach cleaning, just a carrier bag of plastic bottles each visit as well as collecting some of the more interesting finds that I will put on the photos to see if anyone can invent a story to link them together.
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  • Day265

    Getting settled

    December 14, 2019 in France ⋅ ☀️ 15 °C

    Well we have been here over two weeks already and although the weather hasn’t been great it’s been a lot better than in Guernsey. We have put up our Christmas decorations inside and out. We are the only decorated boat in the marina. At the moment we have some more liveaboard boats but not sure if they are just here to avoid the SE Gale/storm we are experiencing, they are all french and we hardly ever we the residents.
    Thank you to those who sent us new Christ decorations, we love them.
    I have also attached a photo of me in the finished pullover thing I knitted. It doesn’t look quite like the pattern photo it’s bigger as I knit very loosely even though I used a smaller size needle and pattern to compensate. In its favour it is lovely and warm.
    Last Friday we headed back to Martigues by bus to go to the DIY store for various things but primarily wood so John could build a folding table around the Missen mast tabernacle. Unfortunately our Martigues luck, or lack of, was holding out as after over an hours journey we got to the store to find out that for technical reasons their wood saw was out of action. At least the trip only cost €4in total, well and lunch of course but a person has to eat. The nearby hypermarket was doing a deal on some GF biscuits so we saved the cost of the trip in biscuits. We also bought some new sheets as ours were a bit grubby and even whitener was no longer making the grade. The other thing we had hoped to buy at the DIY store was Perspex to replace the panel that the wind blew out 2weeks ago, and we thought we had done it until, John double checked his measuring (after we had paid) and realised it was too small to we had to return that at least we hadn’t carried it home.
    A bit of luck we have had is that on one of forays to the beach we saw a long scaffold board and later in the day when John went back a saw it was still there so he reduced the length to 8foot and cycled back with it, carefully.
    There is also a photo of some more scavenging finds. We are still collecting plastic bottles and other rubbish each time we get to the beach to the amazement of the locals.
    John is again back in the engine room doing something semi technical and as I did the washing yesterday I am looking for things to do. I have some sewing projects but am waiting for the market tomorrow to buy some grey thread for the new liner curtain, and for new needles before I tackle the table cover, as material quite strong.
    I have however made my own GF vegetarian mincemeat and then some mince pies using shop bought GF pastry, they aren’t bad, but as no more GF pastry until we return to Martigues I need to try making that as well as have lots of mincemeat left over. It ridiculous what you consider doing if you are bored enough.
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  • Day275

    Christmas Eve

    December 24, 2019 in France ⋅ ⛅ 15 °C

    Hello Everyone, we hope you have enjoyed the Festive buildup and have a great next couple of days.
    Today has been bright and breezy p, this seems to be the most usual weather phenomenon here so as we had done all our food shopping yesterday we decided to go for a ride and this time we headed up the Rhone rather than down it towards the beach. We rode to the Bac Baccarin and took the ferry across the Rhône to Salin de Giraud. The decision to take the ferry was a bit last minute when we realised it was free for us and our bikes. We didn’t have the iPad so I have found some photos from the internet to show what we saw the horse were grazing in the fairly waterlogged field on our way up to the ferry and Bar de Sport is where we stopped for a hot chocolate sitting outside soaking up a bit of sun. We would have explored the town and surrounds a little more but we had no idea when the last ferry was and didn’t want to end up stranded on the wrong side of the river for Christmas.
    We have invited a French friend Nicholas to join us for Christmas lunch and are planning a Festive dip before hand, that we will remember the iPad for with its waterproof cover! So we need to be a bit organised so the poor guy isn’t waiting till 6 for his lunch.
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  • Day280

    More preparations

    December 29, 2019 in France ⋅ ⛅ 11 °C

    So we have had a couple of days of sun and only mild winds which has been very pleasant. Today we decided to finish of the work we had started on our secondhand Bimini and cover. We bought this in early spring this year from some friends in Levkas, they were getting a higher one, The problem we had was that as once the masts had been removed we would have had no shade for the outside steering position. We until now used the Missen boom and various stays to secure a shade cover. But with the frame now cut to size it looks like it will be perfect for keeping the sun off so now we just have to figure out how to keep the mozzies at bay. Would you believe they were out with us today looking for a lunchtime snack.Read more

  • Day286

    Stray cats

    January 4 in France ⋅ 🌬 12 °C

    So we have found the local strays they live next to the local cemetery and someone has built them shelters and feeds them. Now we do too! The most we have seen there at any time is 10, most are grey and white, there is one Siamese and some tabby’s. They are all very healthy looking no cat flu which was everywhere in Greece and most look cute, but John says I can’t have any. I have also attached a picture of John holding the homemade lemon cheesecake that I made for New Years Day, it was surprisingly good.
    The final photo is of part of the interior of the bar at Salin de Giraud as promised.
    Our latest scavenging finds well the ones worth mentioning were this McDonalds toy and some stickle bricks who remembers those?
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  • Day325

    Take Five without masts

    February 12 in France ⋅ ☀️ 9 °C

    Well that’s it the boat is now ready, it is mastless. The de-stepping was quick and painless and DMS are dumping the old missen mast for us. They are now removing the spars and wrapping it all ready for collection and transport to Rouen. No rush we don’t anticipate getting there before June.
    The morning of potentially our final open water sojourn until the English channel was not great. We awoke to find a catamaran sinking alongside the quay where it appeared to have been towed by the local lifeboat crew. We don’t know what happened but it was definitely entertaining and I now know that my aerobic instructor is a fireman. Thankfully after about three hours of pumping three pumps both hills were again afloat and it has been moved to an official mooring for now. The pretty pink picture shows storm Ciara on its way to Guernsey.
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  • Day335

    Late afternoon stroll

    February 22 in France ⋅ ⛅ 12 °C

    After a busy day, well not really who am I kidding, we decided to go for a walk upriver along the Rhône but off the main walking/cycling trail. The scenery was lovely but it was missing the spring flowers that you see in Guernsey. All we found were a few daisies and the May blossom, no bulbs of any description. It was still very pretty and peaceful and the sunshine was magnificent. Each day we are managing to do a bit of boat work, at the moment we are redoing the sikaflex seals between the saloon and the decks as they were getting a bit rusty and we really don’t want that spreading and weakening the top side of the decks.
    Well there is now only a week to go till we leave Port Saint Louis. We won’t be starting the canals straight away but soon 🤞. Yesterday and today have been sunny days and with a lot less wind than predicted.
    We have met another Brit he has bought his boat here for the new owners to collect so won’t be here long but a really interesting guy. About my age I think but has been on boats since he left home at 16 and sailed his 25foot yacht to Portugal. He has all the tickets and now captains all sorts of super yachts both as crew and to relocate. He had some great stories to tell of his adventures over the years. He lived in Majorca for a while and worked with Street Angels the charity that helps drunken Brits get safely back to their hotels I think they are based in Magaluf. We also said goodbye to Nicholas our French Normandy friend as we met him on our way back to townafter going to the Chandlers to buy more paint (ours had ‘gone off’) and his plans keep changing so we might not see him again.
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  • Day28

    Tag 28 - Der Schlimmste aller Tage!

    August 9, 2018 in France ⋅ ⛅ 22 °C

    Man glaubt es kaum, aber wir sind wirklich am Mittelmeer!

    Heute gegen 10 Uhr sind wir in Port Saint-Louis angekommen....zusammen mit einem Mega-Unwetter!

    28 Tage waren wir jetzt unterwegs. Auf dem Rhein, der Mosel, dem Vogesenkanal, der Saone und der Rhone. 28 Tage hatten wir jeden Tag bestes Wetter bei über 30 Grad und Sonnenschein, 28 Tage haben wir uns auf diesen einen Moment gefreut, endlich im Mittelmeer anzukommen....

    ...und dann geht alles schief! Schon auf der Rhone ist der Wellengang so ungewöhnlich heftig, dass nicht nur Shippy komplett überspült wird, sondern auch Gregor und ich klitschnass sind. Auf den letzten Metern bis zur Schleuse, schwankt der Mast samt Mastträger bedrohlich und gibt beunruhigende Geräusche von sich, so dass Gregor und ich ihn vorsichtshalber zusätzlich festhalten. An der 'Schleuse' (die eigentlich mehr ein Portal zum Hafen von Saint-Louis ist, es geht nämlich maximal 10cm bergab) angekommen, wähnen wir uns in Sicherheit, müssen aber leider 20 Minuten warten und beobachten dabei nicht weit entfernt von uns einen regelrechten Tornado (s. Video).

    Direkt hinter der Schleuse liegt der erste Hafen von Saint-Louis, bei dem wir direkt anlegen wollen. Das stellt sich jedoch als sehr kompliziert heraus, bedingt durch Wind, Wellengang und Strömung. Immer wenn Gregor versucht den Steg anzusteuern, werden wir so stark abgetrieben, dass wir fast die anderen Boote rammen. Beim dritten Versuch, spring ich frühzeitig mit Leine in der Hand vom Bug auf den Steg - doch während ich uns noch an der Klampe befestigen will, driftet das Heck ab - und zwar so stark, dass Gregor gezwungen ist, den Rückwärtsgang einzulegen und mir zuruft, ich solle das Seil loslassen, bevor ich reingezogen werde. Das mache ich dann auch.

    Toll! So stehe ich also alleine am Steg, während Gregor versucht, Shippy an den anderen Booten vorbeizumanövrieren. Als er den Gang rausnimmt, springe ich ins Wasser und schwimme zum Boot. Zu meiner Überraschung ist das Wasser hier schon salzig. Juppie, d.h. wir sind tatsächlich am Meer.

    Wieder an Bord tropft leider Wasser von meiner Schwimmweste (die ich nicht nur vorbildlich beim Schleusen, sondern auch bei meiner spontanen Schwimmsession getragen habe) in Shippys Innenraum - und zwar genau auf unsere Steckdosenleiste. Das findet Gregor gar nicht witzig, da es sich ja auch noch um Salzwasser handelt, das offenbar besonders leitfähig ist (Ich hatte ja keine Ahnung, hab ich wohl in Physik Karten gespielt).
    Unglücklicherweise höre ich auch direkt ein verdächtiges Knistern aus der Steckdose. "Ähm, Gregor, kann es sein, dass die Leiste gerade durch...." BOOM! Frage beantwortet.

    Die Leiste ist kaputt und schmorrt noch ein bisschen vor sich hin. Gregor und mir ist zum Glück nichts passiert, obwohl Gregor gerade in dem Moment nachsehen wollte, "ob er da noch was machen kann".

    Inzwischen hat es sich so richtig schön eingeregnet. Seit 13 Uhr hocken wir in Shippys Kajüte und wenn ich nach draußen schaue, denke ich, ich wäre in Hamburg: Grauer Himmel, viiiel Regen, Wasser und Schiffe. Da kommen Heimatgefühle auf. Zu allem Überfluss haben wir nachmittags auch noch festgestellt, dass wir eine undichte Stelle am Bug haben, ungefähr auf der Höhe unserer Matraze, so dass diese jetzt ein 'bisschen' nass ist, nachdem die Wellen morgens so richtig schön über uns drüber gerollt sind.

    Tja, das war definitiv nicht so unser Tag heute, aber was soll's: Morgen ist ein neuer Tag, um 11 Uhr soll der Mast gestellt werden und auch wieder die Sonne scheinen. Drückt uns die Daumen;-)

    Die 3 Top-Learnings von heute:

    1. Anlegen mit Wind und Wellen ist gar nicht so einfach
    2. Port Saint-Louis sieht aus wie Hamburg
    3. Salzwasser leitet (wer hätt's gedacht?)
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