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  • Day53

    Hannah and Würzburg

    October 18, 2017 in Germany ⋅ ⛅ 12 °C

    A very exciting day for us! Last night, Hannah, our new au pair, drove from her home town of Saarbrücken, over near the German/French border, to stay with us for a couple of nights, so we could meet her before she arrives in Australia at the end of next week. She brought some lovely gifts including some honey from her Uncle's hive and some homemade grape marmalade made with grapes from their place.

    Finn did his best to grill her with all sorts of hard-hitting questions such as "Do you like plums?", "Do you like cake?" and "Do you like plum cake?". He loves making plum cake, so a winner its a winner if you like plums, cake and plum cake!

    We went to visit Würzburg today, starting with a visit through the the 18th-century Residenz palace. This featured lavish baroque and rococo architecture, with particularly ornate rooms. There was a huge fresco by a Venetian artist (Tiepolo) over the main entry staircase which had us all fascinated as it also included some of the figures in the painting coming out in 3D (plaster?). It was a great effect and we spent ages staring at the ceiling in this and another room with similar room.

    We also visited the garden where I was able to spot our first German eichhörnchen (which is a very groovy way of saying squirrel). The kids had already negotiated that the first person to see one and say eichhörnchen for 1 Euro cent. I had spotted one in Austria but couldn't remember the name to say. The added bonus for this squirrel was he was a reddy-brown and had an acorn in its mouth as it disappeared into the hedge. Cute as.

    We had lunch in the main square and then went down to the river which is obviously where all the cool kids were hanging out. The river was very wide and was split at one side with a commercial lock. Two large barges pulled up as we were watching, so we waited for them to navigate through.

    Back home, we played a bit of Uno and introduced Hannah to the game of Cheat. She is now probably thinking "what sort of family encourages their children to cheat in a card game!"
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  • Day24


    August 13, 2015 in Germany ⋅ ☀️ 30 °C

    Jeudi, 13 août 2015
    250km plus au sud et nous nous trouvons à Würzburg. On sent, qu'on va vers le sud, les températures deviennent caniculaires. Nous avons déjà passé deux fois à côté de cette ville et faute de camping dans Würzburg, nous n'y avons jamais fait étape. Eric a acheté un journal, qui vante la région et propose des lieux de séjour, dont le parc du Kanuverein. Nous sommes donc installés au bord du Main parmi environ dix autres campeurs. Très bien accueillis et renseignés par le gérant du site, nous allons visiter la Residenz, le château des Princes-Évêques, site UNESCO. C'est splendide!Read more

  • Day21

    Würzburg Nord

    August 16, 2019 in Germany ⋅ ⛅ 16 °C

    Nachdem wir mit etwas Verzögerung über die Grenze nach Österreich gerollt sind (zum Glück sind wir keine Gruppe junger Typen, die sind nämlich richtig rausgeholt und kontrolliert worden) ging es für uns staufrei weiter. Wir hatten offensichtlich großes Glück. In Österreich und Bayern ist Feiertag. Es rollen keine LKWs und die Autos waren wahrscheinlich auch schon da wo sie hinwollten. Wir kommen super durch.
    Bis auf ein bißchen stopandgo vor der deutschen Grenze fahren wir flüssig weiter. Dem Sonnenuntergang entgegen fahren wir am Chiemsee vorbei .. durch das Alpenvorland .. schöne Gegend 👌🥰 Leider sind unsere Sitze nicht so bequem und man kann nicht so schnell fahren. 🚐 Ein kleiner Vorgeschmack auf eine Wohnwagenfahrt. Mit maximal 100km/h werden wir noch langsamer sein. 😴🤪🚐 Überall flitzen Camper rum. Alte, Neue, Wohnwagen, Wohnmobile, Bullis.
    Unser Ziel ist eigentlich Würzburg. Aber der Weg zieht sich und es fängt an zu regnen ⛈ Ich hätte schon längst schlapp gemacht aber Christian fährt unermüdlich weiter ❤ Wir steuern eine Raststätte an. Leider viel zu dunkel und kaum was los. Wir fahren auf die nächste, hier liegen einige Reisende in Ihren Autos und schlafen, aber uns ist der Platz auch etwas zu ruhig und zu duster. Der nächste kommt in 28km und es ist nach Mitternacht. Der muss passen. 🚐🤞✊ Würzburg Nord. Hier stehen viele Wohnwagen, es ist hell beleuchtet und ein bißchen was los. Wir parken, machen uns bettfertig und legen uns hin. Leider steht ein paar Meter weiter ein Kühltransporter der etwas lauter brummt. 😆 Aber wir haben es doch noch bis Würzburg geschafft und da es nach 1Uhr ist macht uns auch das Brummen nix mehr aus. 😴 An dieser Stelle auch nochmal vielen Dank an alle LKW Fahrer die unsere Lebensmittel und andere Güter von A nach B fahren. 🛣🚚🚛 Was für ein Job!! Und wie beschissen muss es sein wenn du müde bist oder eine Pause machen musst und nix frei ist?? Es waren unzählige Parkbuchten, Raststätten und teilweise Standstreifen einfach überfüllt. Kein Platz. 🌍🚛😒 Die Armen.
    Unsere Nacht war kurz. Nicht wegen der Lautstärke, sondern weil wir so spät da waren und früh wieder weg wollten. Neben uns hat sich ein italienisches Wohnmobil schlafen gelegt. Die Wohnwagen waren alle schon wieder on the road. Mit einem Tankstellenkaffee haben wir noch ein bißchen die Sonne und die Aussicht auf Würzburg genossen und haben uns dann auf den Weg gemacht. Die letzte Etappe. Köln, wir kommen 🥰🤩
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  • Day23

    The German word for kitsch is kitsch

    October 3, 2019 in Germany ⋅ ⛅ 10 °C

    After sailing through the night we arrived at the large town of Würzburg at around 9am. We'd been given a number of choices of activity for the morning, among them a trip to what our information sheet told us was the most famous and perhaps one of the most picturesque villages in all of Germany, Rothenberg ob der Tauber. That was the option we chose. It took us about an hour to get there, which was great as it gave us a good opportunity to see more of the German countryside, which was very scenic. Much of the land was planted out as vineyards, particularly on the steep hillsides, while the flatter areas were growing crops such as sugar beet and winter wheat. This time we had a German guide, an art historian, who spoke excellent English and who was very knowledgeable. As we all know though, Germans don't do humour very well and she shouldn't have tried. Our Scottish guide from the previous day had been way better.

    This day was a national holiday celebrating Germany's reunification, so about half the shops in the town were closed, not that that bothered us at all. Despite the closures and the cold dry weather in what should be the tourist off-season the place was quite busy. One wouldn't want to be there at the height of the season.

    The mediaeval town dates back to 1274, and it is beautifully preserved. The buildings are interesting to see, though Brian found it quite challenging to take good photos which didn't have tourists or parked cars in the way. We were given a couple of hours to browse through the town, and this was more than adequate. There were plenty of little cafes and bars to choose from, but as we get generously fed and watered on board our ship we had adopted the Nil by Mouth approach while out and about.

    What we couldn't get over was how unbelievably kitsch so much of the merchandise in the shop windows was. It gave a somewhat touristy tacky feel to the place even though it is a very nice town in all other respects.

    There is a chain of Christmas shops called Käthe Wolfahrt, which occupy prominent positions, at least in every German town we have visited so far. They do overpriced kitsch like nobody else, though they had several competitors in terms of sucking in tourists' euros.

    After spending every bit as much time as we'd wanted in Rothenberg we jumped on the buses and headed back.

    The real surprise came after lunch when Brian and a couple of fellow passengers decided to borrow bikes and go off to explore Würzburg. Mary declined to join us, having decided some time ago that she and a bicycle are not a good combination.

    Brian quickly realised that Würzburg was where we should have spent the whole day. It is a really appealing town with a lot of interesting architectural styles, beautifully restored buildings and wonderful parkland surrounding it all on three sides. It was the first time Brian had ridden a bike since our last overseas holiday two years ago, and he was quite wobbly. This being a public holiday the footpaths were filled with pedestrians none of whom realised how lucky they were not to have been mowed down by an out of control bicycle. Unfortunately we were pressed for time as the ship was due to set sail at 4pm, so it was a bit of a rushed trip . The town offers so many terrific sights and photo opportunities, and Brian would have liked to have lingered a whole lot longer. Nevertheless Mary was quite relieved to see him get back on board still in one piece.
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