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    • Day 102

      Denmark —> Munster, Germany

      June 27 in Germany ⋅ ☁️ 23 °C

      The day that will forever be remembered as train (failure) day! We were supposed to end up in Amsterdam around 10pm after 3 trains (and 12 hours) but only managed to make it about 3/4 of the way after 4 trains (in around 15 hours)!!

      Train 1 - Copenhagen to Flensburg:
      We arrived at the station 30min before our supposed train time at 9:30am, only to find that our train had departed 30min early for no apparent reason! Thankfully, we were able to get on the next train 2 hours later which would have got us to Amsterdam around midnight with the right connections - that’s when the real problems started!! We were supposed to go to Hamburg in Germany but as we approached the Denmark/Germany border about 2 hours in, we were told that the train staff weren’t trained to drive the train in Germany so we had to get off at Flensburg, just inside the German border (very strange excuse!!)

      Train 2 - Flensburg to Neumunster:
      We were slightly light into Flensburg and so had to wait approx 40min for the next train. This train actually did come on time, however, the schedule showed the train going through to Hamburg but it terminated mid-way and we had to get off and change trains. We stood this while 2 hour train squashed up against the doors with our bags.

      Train 3 - Neumunster to Hamburg:
      The train from Neumunster arrived on time, however due to the backlog of people throughout the German train system, each stop took much longer as people were getting on and off. There were a number of reasons stated for the delays such as medical emergencies, people being on the tracks and repair work. We had to stand for this whole hour train and got separated so we were sending each other strange WhatsApps trying to figure out what was going on. We ended up arriving into Hamburg late and so we needed to catch a later train towards Amsterdam.

      Train 4 - Hamburg to Munster:
      This is where we knew we were doomed. We actually got on a train and then got off the train before it departed once it started showing we wouldn’t be in Amsterdam until 6am tomorrow! We jumped on another train, and at this point we were just aiming to get as close to Amsterdam as we possibly could before finding accommodation for the night. The 2 hour train journey was fine as we actually had a seat on this one - which was a relief after running around with our backpacks on across stations all day (and sometimes wearing them on trains)! We watched some Netflix and, as there was a cafe on board, we decided to reward our efforts of the day with our first German beer on the train!

      We made it to the German city of Munster (1hr 30min after the train was supposed to arrive), went to the rail information desk to get tickets for the next day and managed to get accommodation at the Ibis Budget around midnight, so we could have a quick nap before needing to be up to catch our 5am train to finish our journey to Amsterdam.

      This definitely wasn’t the way we intended to spend our first night in Germany on the trip but all part of the fun of travelling!
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    • Day 7

      Rund um den Prinzipalmarkt

      June 10, 2022 in Germany ⋅ ⛅ 22 °C

      Hier steppt der Bär. Nicht nur dasin Münster viele Leute unterwegs sind, es wimmelt auch von Fahrrädern. Am Schloss haben wir unser Womo Zentumsnah abgestellt und sind direkt losgezogen.....

      Die Altstadt mit dem Dom ist nicht weit und der Markt auf dem Domplatz machte Lust auf ein Mittagessen 😍

      Da wir kein festes Ziel hatten schlenderten wir über den Prinzipalmarkt und die netten Gassen daneben. Viele kleine Geschäfte und viel zu sehen. Heute durfte ich im Karstadt Shoppen 🙂 eine Jeans und Polo sollte es sein.......

      Am Rathauscafe auf dem Prinzipalmarkt nahmen wir noch einen Cafe bevor es vorbei am Drehort Antiquariat Wilsberg zum Wohnmobil ging. Unser Stellplatz ist heute außerhalb der Stadt in Telgte weil wir heute Grillen wollen..... Sehr schön mitten im Wald gelegen.
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    • Day 5

      Day 3 - Münster/Metrobar

      October 7, 2019 in Germany ⋅ ☀️ 6 °C

      Today was great. We woke up in the freezing cold house where they made us a nice breakfast. Apparently Germans like salami in the morning. We had coffee and I noticed it tasted off. That’s when Thomas took a sip and spit it all out. The milk was completely gone. We then drove to Münster where Thomas lives to get to his place

      There we met his wife Anya and his very scared dog Stella. We had a soup and some kind of pretzel looking cookies common during Christmas time here. They weren’t sweet, but like a pumpernickel or something inside.

      The gig was very close. We got there and had to avoid bicyclists constantly driving passed us on the sidewalk. It was a Little Rock music based bar. There we had some kind of nacho chips and a green dip that really didn’t taste like guacamole.

      The gig was fun. Kai Strauss, Erkhan, and other local musicians were all there. During the second set they all sat in and I played harmonica until the last song. Afterwards we packed up and I talked to Kai about how he went to see KISS recently. Then headed to a place open late that serves roasted chickens.

      When we got there Kai and some others were there. After midnight the chicken meal is 7 euros so we all got that. Some of the best chicken I’ve ever had. Most people walked out of there paying 10-12 euros. It was awesome.

      Afterward we drove back but went down a one way so we had to back up a huge trailer quite a ways. Then we were up for a short while (at least Andrew and I).

      Today Belgium!
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    • Day 12

      A Münster day of shopping

      August 12 in Germany ⋅ ☁️ 23 °C

      Today is the story of two guys, David & Peter, who spent the day traipsing behind our wives as they moved from shop to shop in the large city of Münster. It is a testimony to the love and dedication we feel for our respective spouses that we can exercise such patience and understanding, and wait outside shops holding bags while our better halves move from counter to counter. And at the end of the day they are happy even if they have not bought much despite the hours of shopping.
      After the main city centre shopping it was off to the markets and some more informal shopping and street food.
      For the guys some of the day was boring hanging around the shops, but overall it was interesting to see a new city and spend time with our friends.
      Once home David fired up the BBQ for some steaks and salads on the balcony to finish off a great day.
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    • Day 4

      Naar Berlijn

      October 29 in Germany ⋅ 🌬 15 °C

      Een regionale trein met daarna een aansluiting in Düsseldorf naar Berlijn haalden we ruim op tijd, dank zij de vertrektijd en perron info in de trein.
      De ICE was stampvol, ook in de eerste klas. Je zou voor de zekerheid beter plaatsen kunnen reserveren, anders loop Je een risico van je plek te moeten. Wel prima Wifi. De restauratie was onbereikbaar en toilet evenmin. Gelukkig geen hoge nood.
      En toen kwamen de vertragingen: het spoor, toen de locomotief: de omroepster gaf regelmatig updates met een van excuses doordrenkte stem.
      Toch kwamen we, met een snelheid van 250 redelijk op tijd aan.
      Het Hotel heet Maritim Pro Arte: dat blijkt: heel veel kunst en alle etages anders gedecoreerd. Al zie je daar niks van want met je keycard brengt de lift je automatisch naar je eigen etage, en het trappenhuis is alleen in de lobby te verlaten.
      (We zaten de volgende dag al opgesloten in de speciale lift naar het zwembad 😂)
      De avondwandeling in de regen gaf een bijzonder beeld van oude en nieuwe historische plekken ( Brandenburger Tor, Holocaust monument)
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    • Day 44

      Au revoir France; Hallo Deutschland

      May 18 in Germany ⋅ ⛅ 13 °C

      It was sadly time to say goodbye to Paris and France…
      Unfortunately we had a last minute panic when we realised a) that Deutsche Bahn didn’t have an office in the station so we couldn’t use the discount from Sydney Trains 🤔☹️ and b) there we no more trains to Münster that day…at least not from that station 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️ (edit: heard back from DB today - 9/6/23 - with a confirmation of the discount we asked for in March to use in May…German efficiency!)

      However, with some rapid internet searching and a “short” walk with all our bags through Paris, we were finally off…via Brussels and Cologne to Münster.

      One bonus of the…extended…version of getting to our next destination was plenty of time for homework both for the girls and the parents.
      It also meant we got to see the wonderful sights of Hamm…picturesque…especially at 10pm.

      However, it was all worth it the next day when we got to catch up with the wonder K-Boom and meet Simon (woo woo, Karolin’s got a boyfriennnd!)

      Karolin and Kylie had teed up a ride around Münster which really quite a lovely city with an interesting history.

      It was Father’s Day in Germany and we were worried we’d taken Karolin and Simon away from their families. However, they told us the tradition for Father’s Day in Munster is basically an excuse for a piss up for anyone who is a Dad or, basically, male. We saw loads of ‘dads’ trips with crates of beer and jolly Dads. Apparently Mother’s Day was when you got together with family. Raw deal (for some).

      We hired some bikes and started our ride around the old city walls stopping and looking around at modern sculptures and old towers and stately mansions, statues of famous authors (Baroness Anna Elisabeth Franziska Adolphine Wilhelmine Louise Maria von Droste zu Hülshoff) and beautiful lakes and parklands.

      We stopped at a reconstruction of an old Westphalian village (Freilichtmuseum Mühlenhof) for lunch (snags in bread, or “wurst” as their called - even though they were the best, and yummy cake) and managed to squeeze in our first German beer 🍺
      There was a fair on in the village and we got to watch sheep being shorn, wool being prepared and spun. We even got to visit an old school house where School Mitress Ariah taught the class with a firm but caring hand 📏

      After a bit more of a ride it was time for a pub and good German meal (MEAT!!) along with a quick game of Queens which I think confused the crap out of poor Simon but delighted Ariah.

      Great day.
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    • Day 9

      Ligdag vervolg...

      June 13, 2019 in Germany ⋅ ⛅ 19 °C

      Omdat Münster een prachtige stad is én omdat er voor de komende twee dagen proviand ingeslagen moet worden blijven wij vandaag liggen. Als we wakker worden schijnt de zon uitbundig!
      Volgens afspraak gaan 4 dames en twee heren om 11.00 uur boodschappen doen o.a. voor de BBQ die we morgen bij aankomst willen houden, de weersvoorspelling is goed, nu maar hopen dat de weergoden zich daar aan houden.

      De volgende activiteit start om 14.00 uur, onder leiding van Monique maken een groot aantal toervaarders een stadswandeling door Münster. Het is een flinke wandeling, maar zeer de moeite waard!
      Gelukkig zijn er veel uitnodigende terrassen....
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    • Day 8


      June 12, 2019 in Germany ⋅ 🌧 17 °C

      Na een goede nachtrust vervolgen we om 8.45 uur onze vaartocht, we varen nu over het Dortmund Ems- kanaal, (225,8 kilometer lang) eveneens een belangrijke route tussen de Rijn en de zeehavens Bremen en Hamburg en een veel gebruikte route richting Berlijn.
      Hoewel aanvankelijk de zon schijnt verdwijnt deze al snel en wordt de lucht egaal grijs.
      Het landschap aan beide oevers is licht glooiend met uitgestrekte korenvelden, afgewisseld met boerderijen.
      Het water is turquoise van kleur als gevolg van de kaliumhoudende bodem, plotseling zie ik een rode Wouw boven het korenveld zweven: een prachtig gezicht!
      Aan het einde van de morgen begint het zachtjes te regenen, maar het duurt niet lang of de regen komt met bakken uit de hemel.
      Om 13.00 uur naderen we Münster en gaan we regenkleding aantrekken, in de stromende regen leggen we onze boten aan en gaan snel naar binnen om te lunchen.
      Münster is een grote stad in de deelstaat Noord-Rijnland- Westfalen met 270.000 inwoners en is met zo'n 50.000 studenten een levendige (universiteit)stad.
      In 1648 werd hier de vrede van Münster getekend waardoor de Tachtigjarige oorlog werd beëindigd en de erkenning van de onafhankelijkheid door Spanje een feit werd.
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    • Day 8


      June 12, 2019 in Germany ⋅ ⛅ 18 °C

      Om bij te komen van de natte aankomst gisteren in de haven van Münster zijn we 's avonds met elkaar gaan eten bij Willy's favoriete Italiaanse restaurant , ook wij vonden het geweldig lekker kleine porties waar Willy voor waarschuwde...dat zijn we niet met hem eens.
      Het was was een super gezellige avond!
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    • Day 3

      Raus und machen

      June 5, 2020 in Germany ⋅ 🌧 10 °C

      "Ich habe keine Zeit"

      Aber warum ist Zeit, ein Gut das uns mit unserem Leben wohl als einziges völlig ohne unser zutun gegeben wurde, und eigentlich bis zu unserem Ableben frei nutzbar zur Verfügung steht, zu so einer Kostbarkeit geworden? Wer oder was bewirkt diesen künstlichen Mangel?

      Eine Pandemie ist bei weitem kein Zustand, den man gerne erlebt. Aber wie bei fast allem, hat auch diese dunkle Erfahrung eine Sonnenseite.

      "Entschleunigung. Endlich habe ich mal Zeit für mich und meine Famile."
      Das ist der Satz, den ich mit Abstand am häufigsten gehört habe.

      Aber was mit dieser zusätzlichen Zeit anfangen, wenn zwar das Freizeitkarussel langsamer dreht, aber auch die Unterhaltungsmöglichkeiten schwinden?

      Ich hab mich mittlerweile gut Zuhause eingerichtet. Versucht meine Routienen, die mir während der Reise so wichtig geworden sind beizubehalten, Meditation und Yoga in meinen Alltag zu integrieren, kreativ zu sein, zu schreiben, zu reflektieren. Dennoch hat mich Corona in eine ungewollte Starre versetzt.
      Ich kann mich ja auch nicht so frei bewegen wie gewohnt.

      Momente der Stille lassen sich wunderbar genießen. Auch unterwegs war es immer mal wieder wichtig den Rucksack in die Ecke zu stellen und eine Weile den Radius klein zu halten. Aber irgendwann passiert es dann doch. Die Füße kribbeln und jede Faser schreit "Raus hier und weiter."

      Und plötzlich ist es leichter als man denkt. Da ist ne Tür, da ist ein Weg, da ist eine unbekannte Welt.

      In meiner neuentdeckten Welt der Mikroabenteuer lasse ich das Auto stehen und fahre einfach mit dem Fahrrad die 80km von Bottrop nach Rinkerode zu meinem Stammtisch. Vorbei am Kanal, an Industrie und Natur, Ruhrgebietsstraßen und münsterländer Bauernhöfen. Regen, Sonne, Wind ganz bewusst nicht so geschwind.

      Einfach mal Raus und machen. Es lohnt sich.
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