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  • Day57


    August 2, 2017 in Germany

    Bamberg is north of Nuremburg and well worth the visit. We walked around the Old Town Bamberg admiring its arched bridges, cathedral, muraled Town Hall (Altes Rathaus) and a very pretty fishing village - each house looked as if they were holding the next house up - they were so packed together!
    We drove up to Bamberg Castle - walked up to the top of yet another tower - totally worth it for the view. Time to move on to Regensberg.Read more

  • Day46


    August 2, 2017 in Germany

    Drove north from Nuremberg to Bamberg. Up there with one of my favourite places we've visited, it's the oldest preserved medi-evil town in Europe. The river is very fast flowing with old houses along one bank where the fisherman lived. Of course there are also a couple of churches and a palace on the hill.

  • Day32

    A day out in Bamberg

    January 15, 2017 in Germany

    Dave and I did our morning stroll across the park to the bakery. On the way home snow was falling on us and it was so peaceful and serene walking through the park. I just want to hang onto this memory. Serenity was soon to be broken, we arrived back to the apartment with our bedroom floor flooded. The shower is in our bedroom and is an open shower. The water decided not to drain away and Brodie didn't notice it until he had finished then had to get dressed before he could get Kellie to help him. We have a huge rug in our room so that was nicely soaking up the water. My bag was on the floor full of souvenirs, but they had shifted that to safety. Half an hour later every towel soaked, the rug dripping over the clothes horse we had breakfast, yes that memory will be lasting. We had to wash all the towels so we couldn't leave until they were finished. A very late start to the day. We headed off to Bamberg which is less than an hour away by train. It took about 15 minute walk to reach the old part of the town. It was well and truly lunch time by the time we got to the centre. We found a quaint place which we were seated out in a covered courtyard and had heaters. Another nice lunch and a relaxing hour. Kellie was stoked as the waiter made her a vodka fanta. Bamberg is famous for its breweries, so Dave sampled the local beer. After lunch we followed a tourist trail around the old town. All day the snow showers would come and go. The good thing about the snow is it doesn't stop you from walking you just keep going and enjoy it. The kids had snowball fights whenever they could. We caught the train back and we had to go to the train station's grocery store as ours is closed on Sundays. It's a small shop and is chokkers with people. We got back to our apartment a bit after 6pm. Eggs for tea as we had a decent lunch. We are all a bit weary today, so an early night.

    Photo 1 - Bamberg Town Hall
    Photo 2 - Kids having a snowball fight
    Photo 3 - Where we had lunch
    Photo 4, 5 & 6 - Around Bamberg
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  • Day50


    August 15, 2016 in Germany

    Will had visited Bamberg when he was 14 on a school exchange. The town is another colourful German town with an impressive cathedral. Its highlight was the old half timbered town hall, built in the middle of a bridge over the river. Its walls displayed large scale murals that added to its individuality.

    As it was our 7th wedding anniversary we treated ourselves to an evening meal at a local restaurant and brewery that lived up to its excellent reputation. Arriving at 6:30pm we found the place packed and buzzing. There didn't seem to be any eating area open inside the building and the outside courtyard was made up of 6 seater tables and benches. Having read about the custom of sharing tables and seeing people inquiring if there was space at others' tables, Will found one with two people who were happy for us to share.

    We went for 'The Classic' menu, ordering pork knuckle with potato dumpling and sauerkraut for Will and pork schnitzel for Vicky. It was simple food done really well and the waitress kept us topped up with the brewery's own beer to wash it down. Will couldn't manage desert but Vicky had the only choice on the menu other than icecream; apple ring donuts coated in cinnamon and sugar- delicious!

    An evening stroll over the bridge and short cycle along the riverside cycle path topped off the evening beautifully.
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  • Day14


    December 26, 2017 in Germany

    There wasn’t a lot to see at Bemberg. It is a very old town but doesn’t have a castle or any other major attraction. We wandered around the town and there were some interesting buildings which were very old, some to 800 years old. One thing I did try here is their famous smoky beer.

  • Day13

    Cherries with Zues

    July 12 in Germany

    Little Venice in Bamburg, elite Germany, churches that took so long to build, the back has one style, the front another, rose gardens built seven stories high for Napoleons wife (who never visited), storybook river scenes through the old town, Smokey beer which we will have to imagine how it tastes as marks belly is tag teaming mine in queezy city, and a sunny spot in the modern square eating cherries so fresh I could taste sun.

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  • Day12

    Christmas ....

    December 26, 2017 in Germany

    A few days have passed ..Regensburg ..Nuremberg. .and today Bamberg...nothing open Christmas eve..Christmas day although we did find a lovely coffee shop and had a hot chocolate. .half the bus was in of Nuremberg were very dull and depressing. .areas where hitler held rallys etc where they have just left them..a castle on top that was very protected..very dreary..but other parts in the town were lovely...Regensburg was a gorgeous little place and we had lunch at a beautiful little cafe...but once again shops shut..and this morning we have decided to skip the tour and stay in...this arvo apparantly is one of the nicest parts of the Main we are looking forward to that...auntie merl and I ended up walking into the outskirts of Bamberg along the river just adventuring...was a lovely morning..Read more

  • Day3


    July 24 in Germany

    Nach emne gmüetliche Zmorgeässe hei mr üsi siebe Sache wedr guet verstaut u si i die schön Stadt Bamberg gfahre. Nach de Besichtigung u Bestuune vom grosse, schlichte Dom u anderne alte Gebäude, hei mr nis es Kaffi u es Glace gönnt. U de eschs weder is Büsli gange u mer hei üs uf die lang Autobahnfahrt Rechtig sächsische Schweiz ufgmacht.

  • Day2

    Bamberg Bug

    July 23 in Germany

    Die Nacht si mr ufem ne „rechtige“ Camping glandet u hei ändlich s pimpte Büsli ganz chöne gnüsse. Nume üsi uf Stuttgart bstellti Markiese esch leider nanig acho, drum muess ez de Sunneschirm länge...😏

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