Landkreis Breisgau-Hochschwarzwald

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  • Day105

    Black Forest ridge above Hofsgrund

    October 9, 2016 in Germany

    The morning's rain and dark sky were unpromising but they were to bring an unexpected surprise! The terrain became wilder and as we climbed above 1000m the rain turned to sleet, then snow! Proper big snowflakes! It was 'Narniaesque' with dark towering trees becoming coated. At some points we were surrounded by Christmas trees sugared with white snow. Vicky was driving and was so excited she had to pull over and get out to dance!

    We repeatedly passed a distinct snow line as the changing altitude caused the temperature to rise and fall. The town of Freiberg had rain rather than snow when we went in search of some more Black Forest Gateau. The old town area was beautiful, with the forest rising up behind a square that contained a red sandstone church and rococo architecture. The gateau was more artisan than yesterday's, with a different sort of spirit flavouring the cherries. It went down all too quickly and we drove on to find a place to stop for the night.

    There had been lots of parking along the forest routes and we got the impression the area would have been packed had we visited in summer. After driving farther than we'd planned, to investigate a string of laybys we'd seen on the sat nav, we doubled back to one on a ridge at 1174m above sea level with an incredible view.

    The joy on people's faces as they pulled up and looked around them wasn't something that we'd seen evidence of in city centres, no matter how beautiful the rococo architecture!

    We were able to walk 50m to the other side of the ridge to watch the sun set then get up early the next morning to watch the sun rise from the van while we listened to Melanie's 'Baby Day'! As an extra treat the temperature dropped to 0°C overnight and the snow stayed to reflect the early amber rays and crackle underfoot when we got out.
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  • Day90


    August 6 in Germany

    So unser letzter Stop. Nach einer Strecke von 250km erreichen wir "" , ein Ort südlich von Freiburg. Wir besuchen Moritz seinen Stiefopa Reinhard und seine Frau Astrid. Wir können neben dem Haus stehen und den Bussi an Strom anschließen. Wir genießen den Nachmittag am Pool mit Cocktails. Am Abend wird gegrillt. Nach einem leckeren Frühstück geht es jetzt nach Taufkirchen.
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  • Day12

    Italy to Germany via Switzerland

    April 18, 2017 in Germany

    An early start (8am) steady progress through intricate and twisting Italian autostrada. Then came holdups:
    - malfunctioning toll booths
    - contraflow through the St Gotthard tunnel
    - a breakdown round Basel
    all with accompanying queues

    Weather before the big tunnel C. 13c. In the tunnel 32c, after the tunnel 0c and a snow storm

    Happy break of luck was finding a guesthouse in Mullheim with the minimum of effort.Read more

  • Day5

    Sept 04 Heidelburg

    September 4, 2017 in Germany

    Visited the ruins of the Heidelburg University. Very informative guide with wonderful stories. We were taken to the shopping street in Heidelberg. Bought some wine. Back to the ship for a late lunch at 3.30. Went for a walk in Speyer. A beautiful little town beside Heidelburg.

  • Day11

    On the way to the Black Forest

    September 16, 2017 in Germany

    Check out the stork in its nest in Pic 5. Also, the story with Pic 6 is that there,was,this,stag that all of the hunters,had been chasing for years. One day, he was trapped at the edge of the cliff on the right side of this pic. Supposedly, he jumped across to the other side and escaped. So they put up a statue for him.

  • Day5

    Abendstimmung auf der Autobahn

    August 25, 2016 in Germany

    Die deutsche Autobahn musste wegen einem Unfall gesperrt werden. Wir standen lange im Stau... Doch wir hatten keinen Grund trübsal zu blasen, wir haben ja Ferien und keinen Stress 😊

  • Day11

    Another change of plans meant that we were stuck on the boat for the morning as it sailed down the river to Rhinau. When I awoke the boat was already underway and then as I did yoga it passed back through the Napoleonic era lock while there was a very attractive sunrise. Finally, however we made it to Rhinau and then there was the bikes to unload (interestingly it was the Ghostriders who help with the unloading not the German guests who just waited for their bikes to come ashore and then just buggered off!!!). It was 1230 by the time we were finally ready to head off and the day was warm and windy. First off we left the boat which was actually moored at a lock near Diebelshiem and headed in to Rhinau where we crossed the river by ferry and then headed back up river passing through the Taubergiessen Nature Reserve which was declared in 1979 and comprises 1,700 hectares of meadows, forests and waterways and was really rather lovely. Some of the riders (including Kirstin) decided to stop by a stream to lunch and in Henry’s case a swim. I continued on however, riding through Weisweil where I became totally disorientated looking for the mythical coffee shop (following the pink signs as per Dagmar’s instructions), I ended up following the rwrong route and doing about 10km extra along the Rhine levee into the wind! Finally, I sorted, myself out ending up on the outskirts of Sachbach where I found a beer garden where I ate my lunch and enjoyed a clensing and cooling beer. I then continued on – it what was a bit of a hard slog in the 32-degree heat and the strong headwind - finally reaching Breisach in the late afternoon – I took a brief detour to the supermarket for more wine and then made my way to the boat for dinner (Salad, Broccoli soup, fish and veggies and gateau). I was surprised to beat the rest of the group back although it was only by 20 minutes. When I arrived, we were “double parked” alongside another boat and we had to cross their sundeck and then take a ramp down to the MS Andante.
    Kirstin on the other hand had followed the prescribed route from Weiseil through Whyl am Keiserstuhl and Sachbach – memorable incidents of her day included David having an intimate encounter with a strange mammal in his knicks and Henry’s fully clothed swimming experience. She also enjoyed a meeting with some French guinea pigs at a café where they stopped to get a refreshing drink.
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Landkreis Breisgau-Hochschwarzwald, Arrondissement de Brisgau-Haute-Forêt-Noire, Breisgau-Hochschwarzwald

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