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  • Day279

    Day 280: Goslar & Rammelsberg

    November 21, 2017 in Germany

    Super busy day today, though that's what happens when you have to rely on public transport and only have daylight until 4pm! Today we were heading south again, but much further away to the town of Goslar. It's an old village, remarkably well-preserved for Germany, and home to an enormous copper and silver mine that was worked continuously for 1000 years, ending only in 1988.

    Unfortunately since dogs weren't allowed on site, we had to leave Schnitzel at home for the first time in a long while. So we barricaded him in the kitchen and headed off. Subway to the main station, then a 2 hour train ride to Goslar, where we arrived around 11am.

    Had a look around the old town which was very pretty and appealing, lots of those classic German-style timber framed houses, a nice looking town hall and quite a few churches. Most of the buildings dated from around the 15th and 16th centuries, which again is very unusual for Germany - most of their old towns were destroyed during the war. This one was spared from strategic bombing, though I'm not sure why since there was apparently a Luftwaffe base just nearby. Go figure.

    Satisfied with our exploration, we caught the bus to the mine which is a couple of kilometres outside town - we could've walked for more flexibility on timings, but in the cold and rain who wants to walk! The mine site is huge, though most of the buildings on site date from the early 20th century so there wasn't much historical to see. One of the main distinguishing features of this mine was the underground water management, where the mine owners used water wheels in the days before steam pumps or electricity to move water around the mine and keep the miners safe.

    So we booked an underground tour of the water management features, starting at 2pm. Grabbed some lunch first of currywurst and fries in the cafe, then had a brief wander through the museum. It was quite interesting, though designed in IKEA style where you have to follow a path the entire way. We sort of ran out of time about 2/3rds of the way through, but neither of us felt like traipsing back through it later.

    The underground tour was OK, though it was done in German and the guide seemed almost offended that we couldn't speak German. He kept asking general questions of the group but staring at the non-English speakers like we were going to answer! We'd been given a handout that covered some of it, but when the guy talks for 5 minutes explaining something and the handout has two sentences covering the same thing, you can't help but feel you're missing out. Can't win em all I guess.

    Wrapped up our filming and just enough time for a quick coffee before getting the bus back to the train station. We were a little worried since there was only a couple of minutes between the bus arriving and the train leaving, but as it turned out the train was running late anyway. I know the German trains have a reputation for efficiency and timeliness, but it's actually surprising how often they run late. There was some issue with this train as it kept stopping, and gradually filled up with people on the way back to Hannover until it was basically standing room only. I was lucky enough to have the world's fattest German sit next to me (Shandos and I were in an inward-facing 4-seater and sitting opposite each other), so I wasn't super comfortable for the last 30 minutes.

    Back onto the subway in the dark for the short trip back home, via the supermarket for a frozen pizza. Got home around 5:30pm, Schnitzel very happy to see us though he'd busted through the barricade and run around through the house. No signs of pees or poos though, which was good. Spent the evening relaxing and talking on Skype with mum.
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  • Day2

    Erster Morgen im Harz

    September 21 in Germany

    Gut geschlafen. Ein typisch ruhiger Morgen im Harz.
    Gut gegessen gibt's zur Rapbodetalsperre. Man braucht Mut, also nix für mich. Weder die lange Hängebrücke, noch die Zipline reizen mich wirklich. Der Ausblick muss allerdings toll sein. Sie warnen allerdings, dass beide Attraktionen bei stärker werdenden Wind geschlossen werden können. Für mich nicht beruhigend.

  • Day15


    October 4, 2017 in Germany

    Der Wettergott war uns wohlgesonnen und so konnten wir im Morgennebel Richtung Rehberghütte aufbrechen. Mit muckelig eingepacktem Zwerg ging es über sumpfige Schotterpisten durch den verwunschenen Herbstwald, an Berggeistern im Unterholz und geheimnisvollen Höhleneingängen vorbei.

  • Day3

    Kurz vor dem heutigen Ziel

    June 18, 2017 in Germany

    ... gönnen wir uns nochmal eine kurze Rast im Park vom Seesen.

    Die Beine spüren wir schon langsam und sie fordern, dass wir ihnen bald etwas Ruhe zugestehen.

    Bei mir hat die eine Tasche schon teilweise den Geist aufgegeben, aber nichts, was ein paar Kabelbinder nicht beheben können.

  • Day14

    Raus auf's Land

    October 3, 2017 in Germany

    Das wirklich Fremde erwartet einen dank Globalisierung ja nicht mehr in fernen Ländern, sondern da, wo der lange Arm des weltweiten Marketings nicht hin kommt: Auf dem Land. Hier hängt noch das Geweih an der Wand, kein Mensch fährt Fahrrad und Lifestyle ist was neumodisches aus dem Fernsehen.

    Der von uns im Dauerregen spontan ausgewählte Italiener "Don Giovanni" paßt da wunderbar ins Bild. Zwischen liebevoll ausgewähltem Eiche-Hell-Furnier-Imitat und fröhlichen Wandfarben grüßen die Brockenhexe und abstrakte (?) Malerei, die Musik ist nett aber traut sich noch nicht so recht an die 80er heran. Leider hatte das Essensangebot soviel mit Cucina Italiana zu tun wie der Euro-Asia-Döner-Imbiss in Köpenick mit internationaler Küche, dafür war es schön warm und Luise hat sich wunderbar mit einem Knirps ein paar Tische weiter unterhalten ("Da?" - "Doa!" - "Doi!")

    Annett jedenfalls möchte so schnell wie möglich weiter. Das könnte auch an der Unterkunft liegen, die wirklich günstig war, dafür aber mit dem Charme der 70er samt Panoramablick auf nahe gelegene Tannen aufwartet. Morgen geht es trotzdem erstmal in den Wald, so der Wettergott will.
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  • Day12

    Etwas zu früh.

    June 11, 2017 in Germany

    Kleine Bierpause kurz vor der Unterkunft. Was das ausmacht wenn die Wege endlich mal mehr gut als schlecht sind. Hätte nicht gedacht das ich so schnell hier ankomme. Kaum den Osten verlassen und schon werden die Wege gut. Unterwegs noch etwas die Aussicht genossen. Endlich mal ein Tag ohne meckern. JUHU!

  • Day13

    Der Harz liegt hinter mir

    June 12, 2017 in Germany

    Noch einen letzten Blick auf den Harz und damit lasse ich einen doch teilweise sehr anstrengenden Abschnitt hinter mir. Jetzt geht die Reise weiter nach Einbeck. Noch 35 km habe ich vor mir und es ist mal wieder Sauwindig.

  • Day73


    August 17, 2017 in Germany

    After arriving here last night for a one night stopover on the way to Bacharach, we have been astonished at what a great place Goslar is. We are staying in Hotel Goldene Krone, a lovely timber framed building from the early 1700's (well, it was actually rebuilt then after a fire, and originally dated from the 1600's). We wanted to visit a couple of the sights and headed first for the Imperial Palace of Goslar (Goslar Kaiserpfalz). We then got a little distracted with some shopping before realising that the second sight we had landed to visit, the Rathaus, closed early. We had a drink a a quirky (and very small) local pub.Read more

  • Day74


    August 18, 2017 in Germany

    I woke up at about 3am, and unable to sleep checked my emails...noticed a Facebook message from my grandson Joshua...and learned that I was a great grandfather. Such exciting news...In the morning Annette and I wandered around Goslar looking for something suitable to post back something for baby Bellarose, found a few things and then successfully located the postoffice. In the afternoon, we dropped into our funny little local pub (discovered bob us yesterday), and had a very amusing time with one of the locals (Heins), finishing off the day sometime later with a great meal in a local vegetarian restaurant (Soup and Soul Kitchen)Read more

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