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  • Day64


    August 29, 2016 in Germany

    Hitzaker is in a National Park that is largely covered by woodland and the land had become increasingly flat as we travelled north. In contrast to the tree covered slopes of the Rhein valley, seen from below and above, we were engulfed by forest much of the time with long straight roads cutting lines through swathes of long straight trees that cast striated shadows across our path.

    There were deciduous trees mixed in with the pines and we noticed some, particularly the birch and beech, had started to show signs of autumn colour. These leaves along with the parched grass from the intense heat of the last week made an impact on us. We would normally be heading home at this point and catching up with those that we lived nearby, but instead we were carrying on our adventures in Germany before heading to Croatia and Austria. Combined with Vicky's brother having recently returned home, we felt far away from others back in the UK.

    Our stay in Hitzaker was interesting. The river running alongside the town was well below its normal level but a huge flood wall and gates worth millions of not billions of Euros had been erected to protect red brick half timbered buildings and the people who lived and worked in them from flood waters. The land is so flat in this region that when rivers with thousands of square kilometers of catchment area run through them to meet the north sea, it doesn't take much of a rise to flood a very large area. Inserestingly we had spotted quite a few Green Party posters for the upcoming elections! A connection perhaps?
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  • Day410

    The calm before the storm

    July 19, 2017 in Germany

    We had a great sleep at the old school campsite and enjoyed a small breakfast with 2 other cyclists who were on a Germany tour before re-joining the Elbe route south.

    The second breakfast/brunch was an Edeka classic with a bakery who boasted Wednesday as Croissant discount day. Armed with breakfast packs of jam and fake nutella they made a perfect combination. We had to despatch a crazy cyclist before we cpuld tuck in. He seemed to just want an argument over the quality /price relationship of tyres, to give us a lecture on the merits of weight saving components as well as voicing his power-wattage calculations based on wheel friction..... he certainly chose the wrong people to try and impose his recommendations and criticisms on. They say Inuits have 1000 words for differnt types of snow, we have as many words for the differnt types of bikable (or not!) terrain and surface conditions found over most of northern/eastern Europe.

    The highlight of today's route was the Oma café we visited, set up in a beautiful cottage garden. A beer and a black tea (with a dash of milk) (no prizes for guessing what nationality clichés we fulfilled with that order!) a little cake was enough to fuel us up to reach today's campsite.

    Today was the first hot day in a few months, sun amd temperatures in the high 20s. We worked out that we lost summer (as well as our sanity!) in Poland somewhere..and it didn't really come back as we know it, until now!

    Unfortunately the heat is bringing a storm with it, which looks forecast to begin in the early hours of the morning. The first thunder rumbles have already started.... let's see what happens! :/

    Photos to follow.
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  • Day4


    September 12, 2016 in Germany

    Heute habe ich mein Klapprad ausgepackt und bin eine kleine Runde an der Elbe entlang geradelt. 30 km sollten es werden, in Neu Darchau mit der Fähre rüber auf die andere Elbseite und in Hitzacker wieder zurück.

    Dass es hart werden würde (im wahrsten Sinne) war mir klar. Ich weiß ja, wie es ist, wenn man ungeübt aufs Rad steigt. Ausserdem ist das Klapprad komforttechnisch auch nicht gerade der Hit. Und dann noch die Hitze. Ich hatte nur einen halben Liter Wasser mit. Definitiv zu wenig. Nun ja, eigentlich weiß ich es ja...

    Der Hinweg nach Hitzacker war dafür aber ganz ok. Eine süße kleine Personenfähre brachte mich auf die andere Seite. In Hitzacker suchte ich mir eine Gaststätte, um zu verschnaufen und den Flüssigkeitshaushalt wieder in Ordnung zu bringen, in der Annahme, den größten Teil der Strecke geschafft zu haben.

    Weit gefehlt! In Ermangelung einer Landkarte folgte ich der Beschilderung für Radler und fand mich auf Feld- und Waldwegen wieder mit entsprechendem Untergrund und einigen fiesen Steigungen. Ich hasse das! Der Rückweg war eine Qual.

    Aber irgendwann kam ich doch tatsächlich an. 37 km zeigte die Uhr am Ende. Den Hinweis in der Rezeption, der einen dringend davon abriet, von Hitzacker aus der Beschilderung zu folgen, las ich leider erst hinterher.

    Aua macht schlauer!
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  • Day3

    An der Elbe

    September 11, 2016 in Germany

    Nach der Verabschiedung ging es heute an die Elbe, ca. 160 km Landstraße inklusive Umwegen.
    Hier auf dem Campingplatz stehe ich in erster Reihe. Offseason hat halt einfach Vorteile. Die wenigen Wohnmobile und -wagen verteilen sich gut auf der unparzellierten Wiese.

  • Day5

    Overnight Stop

    August 1, 2018 in Germany ⋅ ⛅ 24 °C

    Struggled to ride until the last stop.
    Arrived at a BnB type place with the hostess with the leastess(East Germany)
    Had to being our own dinner so we brough cheese and breat etc.
    Pretty much gonna crash out

  • Day26

    Kilometer 204 - - Hitzacker

    August 23, 2018 in Germany ⋅ ☀️ 23 °C

    Auf einer Insel schön gelegen,
    Ein Dörflein, lieb und klein,
    Dorthin ich fuhr auf wirren Wegen,
    Nun ist es schön, schon hier zu sein.

    Die letzten beiden Tage ging es durch die Dörfer an der Elbe, immer in Ufernähe. Inzwischen sind fast alle Häuser aus rotem Klinker und die Dörfchen bestehen fast nur aus einer Straße. Abgesehen von den Elbauen gibt es hier nicht so viel zu sehen, außer man möchte das Atommüll-Zwischenlager Gorleben besichtigen.
    Da ist das Dorf Hitzacker, wunderschön auf einer kleinen Insel, eine schöne Ausnahme.
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