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  • Day56

    Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp

    July 1, 2017 in Germany

    The Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp lies 45 minutes by train outside of Berlin and was part of the Nazi Regime of the Third Reich. As a concentration camp, it was marketed as a labor camp where prisoners who were perceived as detrimental to the German community were taken to work for their freedom. This included thieves, political resistance groups, homosexuals, Jews, Jehovah Witnesses, anyone against the German ideal. We walked the path that prisoners took as they were offloaded from the train, paraded through the town, declothed, stamped with their identity code and labeled with a coloured triangle depending on their rank of crime. Jews wore a yellow triangle depicting the worst crime, homosexuals wore a pink triangle and communists or politicians wore a red triangle. It was an incredibly eerie feeling walking through Tower A which was the main viewing point for the SS army. On the gates is etched "work sets you free" in German which could be interpreted as work hard and you'll be set free but in reality, freedom was in fact death. The grounds of the concentration camp are huge which highlights just how many people were held here. We visited some of the old barracks, kitchen, infirmary and solitary confinement unit. The most heart-wrenching part was Station Z - a site built where prisoners were led to believe they were receiving medical treatments but in fact without knowing it, were shot in the back on the neck before being cremated. More than 10,000 people were killed at Station Z and there is no way to know the exact total number but the four mass graves nearby suggest there were thousands and thousands of more deaths. It was a really depressing day realizing the magnitude of Hitler's horrendous reign as leader of the Nazi party during the Third Reich but also a truly humbling experience to see first hand the site of Sachsenhausen. As I walked through the grounds, it's hard not to think about how a lot of the issues are still happening in today's society - North Korea, Iraq, Syria for example and even the multiple attempts of genocide that followed the Nazi regime like in Rwanda and Armenia. It's moments like today where I truly value living in New Zealand, the equality and equity we experience (in most areas) and the unity we share as Kiwis.Read more

  • Day27

    A ride in the country

    June 24, 2017 in Germany

    We rode another section of the wall trail today, getting the train out of town for a ride in the country. Most of the old wall area out here is a forested green belt now, mostly good path but occasionally a bit rough. For a bit we rode along beside the Havel Canal, built by the east to get around that part of the Havel River that went through the west. Of course, being a weekend it wasn't hard to find a beer garden/cafe in a shady spot beside the canal. At another spot we found a small fruit stall so we could supplement our lunch.

    Along the way we stopped to read stories about the communities along the border. There was one story about a school boy reporting that he'd been arrested by border guards on his way to school, so the British occupying force set up a patrol system to escort kids to school near the border. It came out decades later that the boy had been wagging school and needed an excuse.

    The path got a bit rough coming back into the city, cobble stones are a great traffic calming device.
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  • Day7

    Bergfelde - Berlin

    July 28 in Germany

    Mit gar ned Mal sooo vöu Stau si mr pünktlich am 5 i in Bergfelde acho. Das esch usserhalb vo Berlin u döt wohne Fründe, wo mr in CostaRica kenneglehrt hei. DJana u de Christian hei üs härzöich empfange u üs für zwöi Nacht ihri Wohnig überlah. Mer hei de zämä e gmüetliche Abig i ihrem Summerhüsli verbracht.
    Am Samstig hei mr e privati Füerig quer dur Berlin becho. Innerhalb chürziste Zit wäg diräktiste Wäge hei mr dGschicht vo Berlin dörfe gseh u ghöre. De Christian chöi mr also nur empfähle aus Berlin-Guide😊 Müed vom viele gseh u umeschuene si mr am Abe ines Münchner Hofbräuhaus inegsässe u hei bi Schaukelmusig, Bier u feinem defigem Ässe üsi Bekanntschaft gfiired😂 Mit de letschte S-Bahn si mr schliesslich wedr us Berlin usegfahre u hei üs müesse verabschiede. Eifach wedr mau e beriicherendi Begägnig gsi!Read more

  • Day1

    I visited 2 really wonderful lakes. Wandered a little bit around Lake Dagow and took a swim in Lake Stechlin. The first is the smaller one. Lake Stechlin is a really clear lake. Its wonderful nature... The pictures show Lake Dagow and a little church close to this lake. Lake Stechlin is mostly for swimming and diving. So i didnt take any pictures there.

  • Day52

    Berlin - Sachsenhausen

    September 21, 2015 in Germany

    After the slightly saddening walking tour yesterday, we decided to go full on losing-faith-in-humanity mode with a tour of Sachsenhausen concentration camp. This was one of the main concentration camps used by the Nazis, but you don't hear about it as much as others because instead of being liberated by the Allies, it was liberated and reused by the Soviets for their own political prisoners. The former administration for all concentration camps and the SS training buildings were nearby too.

    Sachsenhausen was a sort of experimental camp, where, in addition to various "medical experiments" testing the various limits of human bodies (oxygen deprivation, freezing, drugs, ...), they experimented with more efficient ways to lay out the camp (fanning out from a central point so a mounted machine gunner could see everywhere), and ways of killing people (an elaborate fake health check-up so they could efficiently shoot non-resisting people and minimise traumatising the shooter).

    I think it was the methodical planning and efficiency for murdering and torturing people that really got to me after a while. It was kind of disturbing, but will definitely be something I remember and appreciate having seen.
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  • Day2

    Herrliches Radelwetter

    August 10 in Germany

    Nach einer Nacht im Gasthof "zur Fähre" in Burgwall, wo ein Gewitter für die erhoffte Abkühlung sorgte, geht es nach einem ausführlichen Frühstück an der Havel weiter. Die sog. "Fahrradstraßen" sind perfekt ausgebaut und wir können angenehm dahin sausen. Besonders interessant waren bislang ein üppiger Brombeerbusch, eine Havelschleuse in Funktion, eine ehemaliges Zisterzienserkloster als Freizeitpark und das uns bis jetzt unbekanntes Mädchen-KZ neben dem KZ Ravensbrück.
    Roberts Gepäcktasche-Konstruktion machte gestern noch Probleme, weil die Taschen bei jedem Randstein aus der Halterung sprangen. Das ist jetzt behoben
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  • Day3


    May 10 in Germany

    I found it quite emotional and extremely thought provoking to wander around a site where so many souls have passed away.

    It certainly brings home just how cruel we can be to each other but it was a visit we'll worth making

  • Day6


    October 11, 2016 in Germany

    Sind nach über 6 Stunden am Yachtclub in Fürstenberg fest. Die Wartezeiten an den 4 Schleusen heute waren ungewohnt lang, lästig und anstrengend. Morgen gibt es erst einmal wieder einen Liegetag. Hoffentlich bleibt es mal trocken, damit sich das Fahrrad bezahlt machen kann.

  • Day7

    Liegetag in Fürstenberg

    October 12, 2016 in Germany

    Heute war es kühl aber trocken. Mit dem Fahrrad den Laufpfad Nr. 2 rund um Schwedt- und Stolpsee, die Havel runter bis Bredereiche, zurück über Himmelpfort und Ravensbrück gefahren, ca. 24 km durch wunderschöne Waldwege am Havelufer. Nördlich führt die hügelige Strecke über einen Radweg parallel zur Bundesstraße, dann über einen Forstweg am ehemaligen Lager Ravensbrück vorbei zurück.

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