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  • Day8

    Etappe 6: Bruckmühl - Grassau (53 km)

    September 30, 2019 in Germany ⋅ ⛅ 18 °C

    Am Chiemsee...den Alpen so nahe...

    Früh morgens nach Haferbrei und Kaffee, Zelt zusammengepackt und weiter aufs Rad. Ich radelte den Alpen entgegen. Sie kamen immer näher. Tolle Gegend im Süden von Bayern. Späte Mittagspause am Chiemsee. Kontakt mit Locals gehabt. Super nett und sehr interessiert, wo es noch hingeht. Nach einem kurzen Plausch verabschiedeten sie sich und ich genoß mein Sandwich und ein kaltes Radler. Eisvögel haben sich blicken lassen. Auf den ersten Blick nicht erkannt, weil sie so winzig sind. Echt beeindruckend. Noch nie in echt gesehen. Die gibt es tatsächlich. Wie aussieht sogar in Deutschland.Read more

  • Day349

    Sarah & Peter: 1, Storm: 1

    May 19, 2017 in Germany ⋅ 🌧 10 °C

    1000km = chain change day! The "old" chains have become 5mm longer after around 77 hours of riding time so far. We plan to change them every 1000km to keep the level of wear and tear evened out rather than riding them into the ground.

    We were making good headway into our day's milage when the weather completely turned. It was a hot, breezy morning where even taking the tent down at 9am was a sweaty affair. Suncream on, passing children swimming in rivers.... we stopped to buy groceries for the night and in 15 minutes the sky was black and the wind was raging. We had heard in weather reports that a storm was expected in the late evening, so had hoped we'd make the campsite in time as we had successfully raced off the storm from last week.

    The wind got so strong it was literally buffeting the bikes sideways when riding on the road. With so much weight they aren't the easiest to handle in perfect conditions, let alone in rain and wind. Watching Peter wobble about infront of me was worrying and we still had 20km to go to the campsite.

    We decided to stop in the next village to look into Plan if waiting for 2 weary bikepakers, we came across a huge glass bus shelter with comfy sofa seats! A good place to spend the next half hour exceeding our daily chocolate quota (on account of the emergency conditions!) And looking for accommodation options. Thankfully the cheapest was also the nearest. Seeing a plank of wood blow out of someones trailer, into the air and then into the road 30m behind was all the justification we needed not to cycle anymore and to seek a warm retreat!

    A few nights ago we were inthe woods listening to the night owls, today we have a stuffed one outside our room!! Arrhhhh!!

    So happy to not be out in that rain and wind tonight, regarless that the hotel looks like something from "The Shining"!
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  • Day2

    Achtung: Gewitter zieht auf!

    July 8, 2017 in Germany ⋅ 🌧 24 °C

    Schnell, schnell, schnell! Unsere Füße schmerzen, wir können nicht mehr und ein Gewitter inklusive Blitze liegt uns im Nacken.
    Jetzt geht es ab. Die Glückssträhne bricht.
    Von Haus zu Haus jagen wir auf der Suche nach einer Unterkunft. Aus dem Nirgendo liefen wir heraus in Lauter rein. Wenigstens haben wir unser Ziel erreicht. Und endlich haben wir eine Unterkunft gefunden. Das Gewitter hetzte uns und Zweifel stiegen auf. Aber wir schafften es. Rasch die Schuhe aus, auf die Isomatten drauf und den Tag sacken lassen. Boah, schmerzen unsere Füße. Aber zum Glück haben wir eine Unterkunft. Und Chiara geht es wieder gut :DRead more

  • Day2

    Musik verbindet

    July 8, 2017 in Germany ⋅ ⛅ 20 °C

    Ein gemeinsamer Abend mit Gästen.
    Viel möchte ich auch nicht schreiben, weil das alles hier einfach unglaublich und magisch ist. Die Grillen draußen stimmen freudig ihre Lieder und wir auch. Wir wurden sogar Zeugen der bayrischen Kunst der Musik.

  • Day12

    Day 12 Siegsdorf

    July 11, 2018 in Germany ⋅ ⛅ 14 °C

    We started off from Italy this morning sad to go. John decided to take the non motorway route through Austria to Germany. The Scenery was absolutely magnificent. We stopped for lunch at a delightful hotel beside a lake in the Austrian mountains. They served a complementary amuse bouche ( I’m not sure what they called it) followed by a dish of potato gnocchi with spinach & Brie topped with a salad of herbs. We then shared a Raspberry desert and coffee served by the lake. While we ate lunch a guest at the hotel caught a fish I couldn’t identify about 2 foot long and called the chef out to kill it and gut it, which he did out of sight. Then took it back to the kitchen presumably to cook. We started out again only to find traffic lights on red with people sitting outside their cars! We looked past them and saw that there was a timer with 12 minutes to go. An information board stated that the lights were green between 30 past the hour and 45 past the hour ( I assume the other way had the hour until 15 minutes past). When we went on the road we could see why. It was tiny. It wriggled so much that it just looked like a block on the sat bag. The views were breathtaking but we weren’t allowed to stop or slow down to take photos. Also on the way and heard the cow bells and also a couple of cows with them round their necks. It was just how I imagine Austria! We arrived at our accommodation, just inside Germany, later than we had hoped so I didn’t get chance to use their outdoor swimming pool (a lake with steps). The Hotel is very spacious with balcony and mountain views this time. Beds have the individual duvets on a double bed we first saw in Latvia, and balcony doors and windows have the strange hinges I fist saw in the last hotel in Italy where you turn the handle one way and it opens as a usual door and turn it the other and it drops back to let air in at the top. In Italy I thought I had broken the door until I realised. See little things...... We then had a walk and a picnic dinner and then back to the accommodation to watch England play football. All I can say is that after the game John played Eric Idle’s ‘Always look on the bright side of life’!Read more

  • Day2

    Guten Morgen ihr Wandermäuse!

    July 8, 2017 in Germany ⋅ ⛅ 21 °C

    Verschlafen wachten wir auf. Das Kartenteam blieb bis 1 Uhr noch wach um Probleme die bei der Planung zuvor aufgetreten waren zu umgehen. Heute wartet auf uns eine Mirdsstrecke, aber dies nicht ohne Frühstück. Während das Küchenteam Brote schmierte, wurde weiter in die Chronik geschrieben und andere Erledigungen vollbracht. Aber die gute Stimmung blieb Gast bei uns. Die Klänge der Gitarre und der Stimme Herr Nattermanns erhellten den gesamten Raum. Er stimmte ein Duett mit den Vögeln an.Read more

  • Day2

    Run, guys, run!

    July 8, 2017 in Germany ⋅ 🌧 25 °C

    Ein bisschen Spaß muss sein :)
    Nach dem Einkaufen bei Edeka (sehr vorbildlich, wohlgemerkt), liefen einige einfach mal den Berg runter um zu gucken wie schnell sie sind.
    Tobias : 27
    JanLukas: 28
    Sara: 24
    Fabian: nicht ausgelöst
    Julian: 23

  • Day2

    Supernette Leute hier

    July 8, 2017 in Germany ⋅ ⛅ 24 °C

    Kaum zu glauben, aber wir erleben es jetzt wirklich.
    Eben noch in Chieming, befinden wir uns nun auf dem Weg nach Traunstein und kamen an einem kleinen Örtchen namens Kleeham vorbei.
    Pause war angesagt. Also pflanzten wir uns hin bis Carla auf die Idee kam bei den Bewohnern gegenüber nachzufragen, ob sie die Hühner streicheln dürfe. Auf einmal nahm alles seinen Lauf. Total freundlich kamen sie uns entgegen und erlaubten es. Die kleinen Sprösslinge überragten jede Niedlichkeitsskala. Ohne jede Vorwarnung bat die Frau uns Eis an. Bei dem derzeitigen Wetter konnten wir es mehr als gut vertragen. Später wurden uns sogar Kekse angeboten. Mit so viel Nettigkeit haben wir auf gar keinen Fall gerechnet, aber es tut verdammt gut so viel Menschlichkeit zu erfahren. Aber unsere Mission wollen wir dabeit nicht vergessen! Die Mission Grenzenlose Menschlichkeit!Read more

  • Day23

    Hockplatz nahe Staff-Alm

    February 7 in Germany ⋅ ☀️ 3 °C

    Franz is excellent at picking mountains.

    I love hiking with Franz. I learn so much without understanding so many words - where great hikes are, how to find them, the joy of a good view and how to nap in mountain nicks and crannies.

    Today's lesson includes a steep walk to an Staff-alm, where benches let visitors enjoy the sunshine. Ooli is recovering from a cold, so we pause to rest on the way, and I'm happy to share the pause after yesterday's run. We are heading to a peak, a nose near the top, yet to get there we need to go up, then down a gully, and up even higher and steeper. We pass an instrument of wood with a hammer, where you can play woodpecker and ring the wood out. Each species has a different tune. Ooli knows how to play a few tunes with them :)

    Franz guides us through a river gulley where the shade is so dark and the temperature so cold I have to put layers back on. I hate layers - when I am moving I am always so warm that I take most layers off, removing sweaters and jackets until I am at a shirt and pants only. This feels most natural to me, and I love it, yet I return the laters reluctantly in this cold shade, only to remove them 5 minutes later when we return to the sun. The peak of every mountain has less trees and more sun. If you're lucky, like today, there is no wind. The rocks and few trees that exist are warm to touch even while the snow stays ice-cold.

    Near the top, we pass two other climbers. They have settled for a closer peak, not so high, that is right in front of us, yet it is not the top and that is not our goal. Franz eggs us on while Ooli leads.

    The higher we get, the worse the slope is. we must use our hands, grasping the snow for balance as our feet slip, even though there is nothing in the snow to grasp except twigs and thin branches. At the very top, it is too steep for snow to hold. The rock is too warm for snow to stay, and we scramble to the very peak. It's not long before we hear the other climbers following our steps. By the time they reach us we're already lounging in cracks and crevices in the rocks absorbing sunshine and having tea.

    The rest is nice, yet even nicer is the return back and the stop-off at the Staff-Alm. We have beers in the sunshine, and I eat a pancake-sandwich filled with plum sauce and covered in powdered sugar. This is a Bavarian dessert, a treat, that no one can translate to me, and nor can I to you. It's not really pancakes. Perhaps a frenchtoast sandwich? yet no eggs the way French toast has. Either way, it's delicious and goes well with the beer.

    We continue down to the car, passing a launch for paragliding. I love the idea of flying in a parachute, and Ooli and Franz simply smile and encourage me to find a way to do it. On the way down, we pass a young man with a large backpack going up, and Ooli points at him and tells me he's a paraglider. You can tell by the huge backpack and no hiking gear.

    The way up was steep to start, which means the way down is also steep. I've been running so much now that going slowly down a hill is hard, and so I half-run, half hike down the hill ahead of everyone else. I'm in hiking boots on the mountain and it feels like running in clogs, or in ski-boots, compared to my normal barefoot running shoes. I am clumsy yet still I love moving quickly down the hill.

    Quickly that is, until I see a parachute above us! the Paraglider is soaring! I stop! it's wonderful and incredible to see a person floating through the air with nothing but silk holding them up. Ooli see's it too and shouts! Franz just smiles as I shout out that I see it too. The paraglider floats for what seems like forever as the paraglider kidnaps all my attention yet only a moment has passed and they are already hidden behind trees, floating down more and more.

    By the time I'm back to my senses, Ooli and Franz have caught up. We're on our way back to the parking lot, arriving just in time to see our paraglider packing up his car to drive off.

    We pack up ours too, and then we're also driving off, back to the city, where I eat and head out to an international-friends meetup to meet whomever I may meet.
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  • Day2


    July 8, 2017 in Germany ⋅ ⛅ 24 °C

    Die nette Frau von unserer Pause gab uns den Rat einen Alternativen Weg zu gehen, der durch den Wald und nicht auf die Landstraße führte. Hört sich doch gut an, dachten wir. Also ging es weiter.
    Die Bäume, die angenehmen Schatten warfen, strahlten Ruhe aus. Wie schaffen das, dachte ich. Nur wurde der Waldboden immerzu matschiger. Zack steckte Alexanders Schuh im Schlamm. Für ihn hieß es nun erstmal weiter mit einem Schuh und einer Socke. Glücklicherweise hatten wir in unserer Unterkunft zuvor Wandersocken gefunden, die uns scheinbar nicht gehörten. Vorsichtshalber nahmen wir sie mir. Puh, würde ich dann sagen. Aber das war echt ein Highlight :DRead more

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