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    • Day3

      Lauingen (Donau)

      July 2, 2022 in Germany ⋅ ☀️ 24 °C

      Gestern warn wir auf der Hochzeit von Carina und Michi (Julis alter Handball-Freund).
      Bei gefühlten 28 Grad haben wir die Gartenparty genossen und Juli hat viele alte Freunde wieder getroffen und ich sie kennen gelernt. :)Read more


      Max, Julis alter bester Freund war gestern Trauzeuge, Entertainer und Musiker


      Wir zusammen mit Julis Cousin Tim


      kurzes ZwiWa ;)


      Das sieht ja wirklich nach einer richtig gelungenen Hochzeitsfeier aus!

    • Day20

      My Eyes are Dim, I Cannot See

      September 13, 2016 in Germany ⋅ 22 °C

      Tuesday September 13th
      In Which my Eyes are Dim, I Cannot See

      After a day off from the bikes, it was time to get back on two wheels to resume our cycling Odyssey. The Maritim Hotel in Ulm is certainly an impressive establishment, but it really is not my kind of place as we seemed to be swallowed whole by the enormity of it. I could not help but feel we had temporarily lost our individuality and were simply "Room 802".

      On our first night in the hotel we had tossed and turned all night in the heat. I tried turning the air conditioning down to 5C, as low as the dial would go. Then I opened the window as far as I could to let in any breeze. It was still hot. The air conditioning seemed to be about as effective as the gust of air from a butterfly's wing. We sweltered the whole night long.

      The next morning I went down to reception to complain about the poor state of our air conditioner. The smartly dressed young man behind the desk looked at the old man in the crumpled shirt (ie me) and calmly asked "Did you have the window open ?". "Of course", I replied. "Well shut it !" he suggested.

      How was I to know that a secret switch in the window disabled all air conditioning? I went up and locked the window and, hey presto, the vent started spewing cold air. I wondered why the hotel did not see fit to put a small sticker on each window to advise their guests of this critical fact. I later discovered that most of the others in our group had made the same mistake.

      We cleared out our room and carried our cycling gear down to the bike garage. Many of the others were already there, unloading the bikes. I helped by knocking my bike over and very nearly starting a chain reaction to send all the carefully aligned bikes to the ground.

      A few minutes later we were all outside on the lawn, getting ready to ride. I donned my helmet and gloves, but where were my cycling glasses ? They were nowhere to be found. Since I hate losing anything, and since they were a brand new pair of Rider glasses that I bought for this trip, I started to get concerned. I retraced my steps to the foyer. I went back up to my room. I searched the garage. No glasses.

      By this time the others were getting restless and keen to get underway. I resigned myself to not having the glasses for the rest of the trip. Not a great way to start the rest of the ride. It was at that point Maggie started waving something in front of my face. It was a pair of glasses very much like mine. Hang on, they were mine ! Apparently I had dropped them on the ground about 2 metres away from my bike. Oh well, panic averted. We could start the ride.

      The day itself had dawned exactly the same as the previous 16 or so days we had spent in Europe. It looked like it was going to get quite warm, so we were grateful that the ride followed the shady left bank of the Danube as we rode in a long procession out of Ulm. It certainly made for an impressive collection of yellow clad riders, probably one of the largest groups the locals had seen all season.

      About 10 km further on we assembled the riders and gave everyone a chance to select whether they wanted to be a "bolter" or a "dawdler". This divided the group into two roughly equal bunches. Once again I found myself with the slower group. I had no desire to spend my time on this ride charging along at the expense of missing out on all the wonderful experiences along the way. For me the journey is always so much more important that the destination. I also find that, in warm weather, it is best to ride at a conservative speed to keep the air moving, but to also avoid getting your core temperature overheated. Thus we rolled along at around 15 to 18 kph while the others quickly disappeared out of sight.

      The paths often took us into cool shady forests where the air was fresh and clean. In fact it was amazing just how much cooler it was under the tree canopy. This was the sort of riding that everyone adores and is one of the reasons that thousands of people come from all over the world to ride this path.

      Our first major milestone of the day was the sizeable town of Gunzburg. We were surprised to find the main street packed with people and cars. We had arrived on market day. That was both a blessing and a curse. The throng of people made it quite difficult to get a place to sit down for a drink, but the market gave me a great idea.

      "Let's all buy a collection of food so that we can have a picnic", I suggested. So that's what we did. Some time later we were laden with bags of raspberries, strawberries, cheese, peaches, fresh bread, drinks, etc. We felt like excited kids as we compared our bulging bags of treats.

      But before we could leave the town we had to spend a few minutes viewing the huge church. It looked fairly basic from the outside, but inside it was one of the most ornate churches we had seen anywhere. It had obviously had the benefit of a complete recent makeover as everything looked like brand new. Looking up at the brightly coloured painted murals on the ceiling it was hard to imagine the amount of work that must have gone into building a place like this.

      We finally retrieved all the members of the dawdlers and then resumed our ride. We had to continue for an hour or so before we found the ideal place for our picnic, but the wait was well and truly worth it. Deep in the forest we discovered a tree surrounded by a circular seat. It was cool, quiet and secluded. Of course someone had to spoil the atmosphere by raising the topic of ticks and Lyme Disease. It didn't worry us one bit, we were too busy eating and laughing.
      After an extended lunch break we resumed our ride and rolled into the hotel in Dillingen at around 3 pm. All were still feeling good and commented that they had enjoyed a great day on the bikes.

      That evening the hotel prepared a delicious meal for us which we enjoyed under the stars. It was our first outdoor meal of the trip and the almost full moon added that extra element of romance to the night. The conversation flowed long after the meal was finished.
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    • Day4

      Etappe 3 geschafft!

      June 22, 2021 in Germany ⋅ 🌧 20 °C

      Und ich bin auch geschafft.

      Das erste Drittel der heutigen Route hat sich etwas gezogen, da durch das gestrige Unwetter einige Äste auf den Radwegen lagen und auch teilweise gesperrt waren.
      Ab dem zweiten Drittel ging es theoretisch nur noch bergab. Gestern freute ich mich noch: "Jippii, ausrollen lassen." Aber bei Gegenwind ist da nichts mit ausrollen.

      Die Strecke war allemal wieder wunderschön, habe viele Tiere entdeckt, die ich entweder noch nie oder schon sehr lange nicht mehr gesehen habe und bin noch vor dem nächsten Gewitter im Hotel in Lauingen angekommen. Abendessen, Feierabend. 🍝🍺

      Michi's Highlights:
      Blautopf angeguckt, AKW Gundremmingen bestaunt, den Lauinger Schimmelturm bestiegen und einen herrlichen Mittagstisch entlang Eva's Strecke klargemacht.
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      das sind echt top Wetterbedingungen!


      Such beautiful scenery! You guys are just amazing [Hattie]


      You're traveling with us. How awesome is that! Miss you big time. 😘

    • Day2

      Lauingen an der Donau

      September 7, 2019 in Germany ⋅ ⛅ 17 °C

      Nach dem Erklimmen des Kraterrandes ging es ein längeres Stück bergab durch den Wald auf Schotterwegen. Bis Lauingen waren es dann noch ca. 10km auf Radwegen. Das Wetter hat den ganzen Tag gehalten, bis auf die letzten 2km, da regnete es. Das Hotel Drei Mohren liegt mitten in Lauingen. Man hat mein Rad in einem Gang sicher verstaut. Morgen geht es weiter nach Babenhausen.Read more


      Strecke sieht sehr schön aus. Schade das es am Ende noch geregnet hat. Das Zimmer ist ja schon sehr einfach. Ist da auch ein Bad dabei?


      Ja, eine Duschkabine wie im Wohnmobil😁

      Rainer Keck

      ....reicht völlig zum schlafen aus 💤

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    • Day21

      Tag 21 // Ab jetzt wird runter gezählt

      September 23, 2019 in Germany ⋅ ☁️ 10 °C

      Es ist soweit, wir beginnen die Kilometer zum Ende herunter zu zählen. In Tagesverlauf haben wir die 500km Grenze durchfahren, das Ziel Freitag Abend in LU bzw. Schifferstadt zu sein wird greifbar.
      Zeit dazu haben wir, da der Tag mäßig spannend verlief. Und als Donauradweg das Ganze zu bezeichnen wäre Etiketten Schwindel. Den Fluss haben wir nach Ingolstadt kaum mehr zu sehen bekommen. Eine schöne Stadt auf den ersten Blick, bei Gelegenheit ein schönes Ziel für einen Besuch eines Auswärtsspiels. Bei leichtem Nieselregen haben wir uns die Donau Überquerung gespart und sind recht zügig durch gefahren. Zügig immer relativ, denn bereits vom ersten Meter an ging es vorrangig auf Schotterwegen dahin. Da sind uns die europäischen Nachbarn voraus im Ausbau der Radwege. Ob im Zuge von immer mehr "Oberflächen Versiegelung" ein flächendeckendes Betonieren von Radwegen erstrebenswert ist sei dahin gestellt, um zügig voran zu kommen ist es aber unabdingbar. Nebeneffekt der Schotterpisten: unsere Räder sind dreckig wie nochwas. Keine Bilder.
      Untergekommen sind wir heute in Dillingen, wieder für vergleichsweise kleines Geld. Abendessen diesmal in Haus, sehr lecker und üppig. Und zum ersten Mal schwäbisch angehaucht. Wenn auch noch "bayrisch schwäbisch". Ansonsten scheint Dillingen nicht viel zu bieten zu haben. Wir fuhren auf einer kerzengeraden Straße einmal komplett durch die Stadt zu unserer Unterkunft. 3-4km, keine Kurve, drei Ampeln, Geschäfte rechts und links, etwas Stau. Irgendwie komisch. Wir kommen zu dem Schluss, dass diese Stadt die Ortsumfahrung verdient hat.
      Morgen soll das Wetter etwas besser werden. Das wollen wir nochmal nutzen und versuchen zeitig los zu kommen. Die letzten beiden Tage haben wir es etwas schleifen lassen und sind erst gegen 11 Uhr los gekommen. Mal schauen was der Schweinehund vor hat.
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