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    • Day28


      August 9, 2022 in Germany ⋅ ⛅ 25 °C

      A day trip to Dresden today. We caught an early train for the hour journey, arriving in a relatively quiet Dresden, as we would later become aware. The Old Town was extensively damaged in WWII bombing but has been amazingly restored. We first passed the Frauenkirche, which was restored using as many old bricks in their original location as possible. This led to a patchwork of blackened and bright bricks. Up on the Brühl's terrace, you can see the ministeries of state across the Elbe. The Fürstenzug (Parade of Princes) was very quiet and we had this 100m mural of all of the rulers of Saxony almost to ourselves.

      The Theatreplatz was a little busier as the day woke up. It is surrounded by the castle, opera house and Zwinger, all gothic-restored buildings. Over the bridge across the Elbe was the Golden Rider, a golden statue of Fredrich August I. The whole old town is just a lovely place to walk around. Save for a few continuing restoration works however, there was little mention of the impact of the bombing of Dresden, which was odd given the other German towns and their determination to discuss history.

      Back at the Frauenkirche, we grabbed some lunch and a beer, and discussed the plans for tomorrow. Walking back to the station, the town was far busier than when we arrived!

      We visited an absolutely SUPERB museum back in Leipzig about the DDR 1945-present day. We spent over two hours there before it closed and it absolutely wasn't long enough (I got to 1985 before the 15 minute closing warning!). One of the absolutely best museums we've visited.

      Beer Index (Dresden) - €4.50/0.5l
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    • Day9

      Dresde - jour 3

      August 11, 2022 in Germany ⋅ ⛅ 27 °C

      On part de Leipzig le matin pour s'arrêter quelques heures à Dresde, afin de d'admirer les monuments de cette petite ville.
      On visite la vieille ville à pied, tranquillement, en passant devant les beaux bâtiments, tous plus ou moins regroupé au même endroit.
      En fin d'après-midi, on repart déjà pour Prague : on pourra se lever tôt dès demain pour profiter de 3 jours là-bas.
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    • Day15


      August 5, 2022 in Germany ⋅ ⛅ 32 °C

      This was the day the boys were looking forward to forever. Dresden is a city known for its beautiful architecture and over 90% of the city was destroyed in the war. It’s got lots of great history, and more importantly it has the Military History Museum. This was one of the best museums I have ever been to. The boys had researched it and knew all about it. It was very modern (and air conditioned-a plus). They had hands on parts at each exhibit. For example, one had a cupboard that had a scent machine and when you smelled it, it smelled just like the trenches in the First World War. It was so neat. The boys got to see tanks and planes and boats. It was so fun to listen to their excitement and their knowledge. The museum did a nice job of not glorifying war or weapons, but teaching about the damage that they have caused.Read more

    • Dec3

      December 3 - Day 2 in Dresden

      December 3, 2022 in Germany ⋅ ☁️ 1 °C

      We woke up to find a sugar dusting of snow had fallen overnight. It has added a lovely touch to the city. We had breakfast at 8:30 and set out for the day shortly after 10:00. First stop was back at the Strieizelmarkt. The crowds were lighter than yesterday, and we found it easier to navigate in the daylight. There was some good, strategic purchasing done.

      From there, we headed back to the Neumarkt that is located by the Frauenkirche. We had hoped to see inside the Frauenkirche, but it had been closed for a noon-time concert and the lineup to get in was quite long, so we moved on. This church is the symbol and soul of the city. When completed in 1793, this was Germany’s tallest Protestant church. It was firebombed on Feb 13, 1945 and smoldered for two days before finally collapsing. The pile of rubble was left on site and was turned into a peace monument. After reunification, the decision was made to rebuild but with very specific guidelines: stay true to the original design; use as much of the original material as possible; avoid using any concrete or rebar; maximize modern technology; and make it a lively venue for 21st-centurey-style worship. The remnants of the destroyed church were fitted together like a giant jigsaw puzzle with about one-third of the original stones placed in their original spots. The project cost $130 million euro, of which over two-thirds was donations from around the world. It reopened to the public in 2005. A heartening story of triumphant.

      Our next stop was the Parade of Nobles (Fürstenzug). It’s a mural painted on 24,000 tiles of Meissen porcelain. Longer than a football field, it illustrates seven centuries of Saxon royalty. It was built to commemorate Saxon history and heritage after Saxony became a part of Germany in 1871. The artist, Wilhelm Walther, studied armour and clothing through the ages, accurately tracing the weaponry and fashions for seven centuries.

      Before going into another market, we climbed up a set of steps to the Brühlsche Terrase. This delightful promenade that overlooks the river was once a defensive rampart overlooking the Elbe River. Later, it was given as a reward to a Saxon minister named Brühl who had been a really dedicated tax collector, so Frederick Augustus II was happy with his efforts. It the early 1800’s, it was turned into a public park with a leafy canopy of linden trees and was given the nickname “The Balcony of Europe”. Dresden claims to have the world’s largest and oldest fleet of historic paddleboat steamers. We could see several of the nine boats from the 19th century. From the terrace, we could also see Augustus Bridge which has connected Dresden’s old and new towns since 1319 when it was the first stone bridge over the river.

      Two street performers (guitar/singer and drummer) were singing in the square. It made our Canadian hearts swell with pride to hear them doing Leonard Cohen's "Alleluia". We sang the chorus loudly and proudly.

      Nearby, we found the Medieval Christmas Market called the Stallhof. This market had a distinctly different air to it. I saw a blacksmith, a glass blower, a brush maker and a rope maker and there were artisans dressed in medieval garb. There was a minstrel playing music and joking with the crowd. I declined the opportunity to take a selfie while wearing armour. It was time for a warm drink and a snack so several of the group had warm wine (elderberry, blueberry) to wash down spiral-cut potato chips. We are hitting all the good food groups on these travels.

      We hiked over to where the Hop On Hop Off Bus starts its route. The tickets were included in our package. The tour was almost two hours long and covered most of the city. It’s hard to get good photos from the aisle seat of a bus, so I didn’t try. It was almost dusk too, so the lighting wasn’t ideal. We learned more about the resiliency of the city and its inhabitants in the rebuilding after the February 1945 raids that destroyed three-quarters of the old city. Stone by stone, the old buildings were rebuilt. It was eerie to see old style buildings on one side of the road and new buildings on the other side. You could almost track where the bombs had fallen on those fateful days.

      We all declared that we were done for the day, so we hiked back to the hotel and hit the grocery store near it. We stocked up on drinks (wine, gin and tonic) and snacks (chips, pretzels, crackers) and met in Sheilagh and Vicky’s suite for predinner socialization because the earliest we could get a table in the restaurant in the hotel was 8:00 p.m. (There are no other restaurants in the area.) But the dining fairy smiled on us, and Angela got a call about 6:30 p.m. that they could accommodate us. It was an Italian restaurant. I had really good salmon, and others had pizza; Angela had a whole fish. We retired back to the party suite for post-dinner drinks with a plan to meet for breakfast at 8:00 a.m. The breakfast buffet gets really busy between 8:00 and 8:30 a.m. so we want to get in before the rush.

      All in all, a very good day. We are off to Prague tomorrow for more adventures and shopping.
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    • Day10

      Dresden barock

      October 5, 2019 in Germany ⋅ 🌧 8 °C

      Irgenwann holt dich jede Regenfront ein. Am Samstag war es soweit. Es goss in Strömen. Damit ist man automatisch zur - selbstverständlich eh eingeplanten 😜 - kulturellen Fortbildung bereit.

      Ich genehmige mir gleich eine Doppelration in Form von Führungen in der Semperoper und und Residenzschloss.

      Dresdens Stadtzentrum wurde im zweiten Weltkrieg großflächig zerstört. Der Wiederaufbau dauert bis heute an. Und da sich dieser nun schon über mehrere Jahrzehnte erstreckt, findest du in naher Lage barocke Originale, wieder aufgebaute klassische Gebäude und sozialistische Monumentalarchitektur.

      Die Dresdner Oper ist ein grossartig wiederhergestelltes Baujuwel. Die sehr entzückende Dame, die für uns die Guidance machte, war extrem überzeugend. Man könnte glauben, sie hätte sämtliche Aufführungen der letzten n Jahrzehnte gesehen 😄

      Zur zweiten Führung ging ich in das Residenzschloss. Hier gibt es seit nicht mal einem Monat einen neu eröffneten Teil zu besichtigen. Neu heißt einerseits wieder aufgebaut und andererseits so neu, dass die Räume noch nach Farbe riechen 😷. Außerdem geht hier noch ein Rahmen um ein Gemälde. Neu heißt auch, dass der erste Muster schon jetzt nicht mehr funktioniert. Ob das noch eine Kinderkrankheit oder schon Altersschwache ist, könnte unser Guide nicht beantworten. Es war ihre erste Führung in den neuen Räumen🥇.

      Mein Tipp: auf keinen Fall sollte man die Semperoper nicht verpassen.
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      Da war ich auch im März. Sehr sehenswert!


      Ich weiß. Und ich hab mir vorher natürlich deine Stories nochmal durchgelesen


      Na das freut mich doch! :-)

    • Day1

      2. Übernachtung

      August 17, 2022 in Germany ⋅ ☁️ 25 °C

      2. Übernachtung in Dresden
      - Wir haben uns getroffen. Team #04 „the808“ ist nun komplett.
      - Es gab das erste Pre-Adventure and Get-Together mit den anderen Teams in Katy's Garage, einem angesagten Biergarten in Dresden. Mit Livemusik und Getränken.
      - Übernachtet wurde ganz einfach am Straßenrand.
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    • Day1


      August 18, 2022 in Germany ⋅ ⛅ 29 °C

      Vor dem Start treffen wir uns auf dem Parkplatz 7 am Messegelände Dresden. Die Bildzeitung ist vor Ort und wir geben ein Interview. Kurz vor Start bekommen wir das Roadbook in die Hand. Die Organisatoren geben letzte Anweisung und dann geht es los.Read more

    • Day36


      July 23, 2017 in Germany ⋅ ⛅ 20 °C

      Had a wonderful stay in Dresden. Dresden was bombed many times by the allied forces during the war and destroyed - it burnt for 5 days. Most of the old building were destroyed or just left with part of the shell. Dresden was then part of Eastern Germany under communism. Since then amazingly Dresden has now been restored and a large percentage of the old building have now been rebuilt - as they originally were. it's quite extraordinary but amazing. Our internet is very patchy for the next week or so, so post are sporadic.Read more

    • Day259

      Besuch in Dresden

      July 1, 2020 in Germany ⋅ ⛅ 26 °C

      Auf unserer weiteren Tour kommen wir durch die Landeshauptstadt. Schon einmal besuchten wir Dresden im Rahmen eines Turnfestes in Leipzig. Aber das ist viele Jahre her. Die Altstadt ist einfach umwerfend, die 2005 wieder aufgebaute Frauenkirche eine Meisterleistung.Read more

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