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  • Day1

    Die Philharmonie in Berlin

    March 4, 2018 in Germany ⋅

    Jetzt geht es gleich los. Die Philharmonie liegt in der Nähe des Potsdamer Platzes. Der Verkehr in Berlin ist schon heftig, da ist unser Plauen ein Dorf.

    Bin gespannt was mich erwartet... Bastian wollte dieses Konzert unbedingt besuchen.

  • Day2


    May 26, 2018 in Germany ⋅ 🌙 18 °C

    We arrived in Berlin the night before and took the S Bahn to the Warschau metro station just to get a dive into the area of East Side Gallery - we didn’t know about it at the time - and feel the decadent mood in the station and the surrounding area.
    The morning was wonderful. At the Brandenburg Gate we met Christina, who came from Hamburg, and went around the city for the most interesting spots alinda town. We had lunch in the Island of Museums and relaxed by the riverside across the museum of arts, drinking a german beer in Amplemann Biergarten. Another long stroll across the Berlin Dom and the City Hall area through Alexander Platz led us to Höffbräu house - a replica of the famous Biergarten in Munich.Read more

  • Day3

    Next stop Berlin...

    May 3, 2018 in Germany ⋅ ☀️ 18 °C

    After a much comfier sleep with the whole bed to myself it was our last morning in Amsterdam 🙁 We decided to use today as a morning of recovery from our very busy first 2 days. After a quick stop for brekkie downstairs at the hostel it was time to pack up our suitcases and make a move (our suitcases now struggling to close with our rubber ducks in them).

    With the morning still free we decided to go for a wander around the area near to our hostel, buying our lunch at a local spar shop which we then sat and ate in the sun on a bench overlooking the railway. It was then just a short train journey back into the centre of Amsterdam where we ventured out once again to do some souvenir shopping. There was an hour left until our train so we decided to explore the train station finding walkways we had not yet discovered with shops!!!! Amsterdam is one step ahead of everyone I felt after spotting a contactless fast food dispenser machine 😂 After a relaxing drink at a cafe down one of the walkways it was time to head to platform 10b where we then caught our train from at 14.48pm.

    Praying this train journey would be a lot easier than our first we quickly boarded the train and ran to grab a table seat 😄 SUCCESS! However there was no need to run as the train was quiet and our journey was straightforward with no changes. Luck seems to finally be on our side. After 6 1/2 hours on a train we finally arrived in berlin! First impressions were good!

    Eventually we found our way out of the train station (its massive!) and found the tram we needed to get to our apartment. The signal in Berlin is rubbish so google maps was no help at all. (Probably should of bought good old fashioned paper maps 😂) We managed to just about load a map once we got off the tram however we ended up walking 3 sides of a square instead of a straight line to get to our apartment. However we got there so surely thats all that matters.

    Once we had arrived at our apartment we were overjoyed to find it looked exactly like the photos on air bnb (it feels like the kind of place you should be meditating in) 🙌🏻. By the time we arrived it was getting late and so a quick trip to the shops to grab a pizza for tea was exactly what was needed before bed.
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  • Day10

    Brett's Perspectives on the Marathon

    September 24, 2017 in Germany ⋅

    Awesome time!!! That, and:

    - flattest marathon I've ever done, even moreso than the Saskatoon race! A few little inclines going over canals, but that's it. Also, basically no wind at all, totally still! Even with it being a full loop course.
    - it was lightly raining / misting for a good portion of the race, which was likely a damper on performance - traction, clothes taking water, puddle-dodging. But, made the most of it!
    - there were musical acts everywhere, which always helps with keeping spirits up. Mostly brass bands, but some rock ones too. The highlight was a choir of 6-8 people playing 3 m horns that like yodelers use up in the mountains - alpine horns? Not sure of the name - and they were all playing various notes in tune.
    - there were spectators for basically the whole course, out even in the rain. Got lots of "Go Brett!" cheers. Some people were cheering and playing music from their upper apartments.
    - great neighbourhoods and landmarks to see - you go around the Victory Column at the very beginning, later go by the Reichstag and TV Tower, eventually through Potsdamer Platz and through the Brandenburg Gate to finish. Lots of tall, nice churches too. Probably should have savoured the Gate a bit more, though did turn around after going through to appreciate it. I was about ready to be done by then, which brings me to:
    - my slower as I went. After the runners spread out, I held the target 3:30 min/km pace ok for the first 10 km or so, but then with the rain and I think the fact that that's just too fast a pace for me to hold that long, it gradually dropped so that it was tough to stay below 4:00. Maybe I could have made my form a bit better, but it was just so hard to keep the pace going. By the last 10 km my legs were really stiff and hurting, it's never really gotten that way before.
    - but, pushed through, stayed upright & strong through the finish line and still got a personal best by more than 4 minutes! Was close to breaking into tears as I often am at finish lines, gave the mascot a big bear hug. Got my refreshments, my non-alcoholic beer (they're pretty common here, was actually pretty refreshing - don't worry, had plenty of real beer that day too), and met the family, as well as my friend Stephan who lives here.
    - it was so great having all of them out here, getting through these races just wouldn't be the same or as doable without that. And, it was an amazing, well-put together race in a great city with a huge crowd turnout. Not sure what's next, I think I'll try the lottery entry for the London 2019 race, though I'll look into Tokyo's entry requirements too - if I can use this Berlin result, maybe I should while it's valid! At the beer hall dinner afterwards, met a group of Hong Kong runners, and one of them had gotten a special medal today acknowledging she'd done all 6 Majors - motivation to keep pursuing the other 2!

    Brett out.
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  • Day2


    August 11, 2018 in Germany ⋅ ⛅ 20 °C

    After a morning checking out the Ice Bar in Amsterdam and getting even more Dam Fries we caught a train to Berlin. We shared a cabin on the train with two couples from Germany. They were really friendly. After they got off at Dresden we had a whole cabin to ourselves so we played some chess (and I won) We arrived in to Berlin at nearly 10pm. We thought we’d make the most of our short time here so went for some cocktails in our hotels bar.Read more

  • Day585

    2018_12 Potsdam und Berlin

    December 11, 2018 in Germany ⋅ 🌧 3 °C

    Es kommt selten genug vor, daß wir irgendwohin in Deutschland fahren. Aber einmal jährlich möchte Heidi das neue Programm im „Friedrichstadtpalast“ im Ostteil von Berlin sehen. Dieses Jahr nutzen wir die Gelegenheit um weitere Besuche in den „Neuen Bundesländern“ damit zu verbinden.

    Wir sind in Rinteln gegen Mittag in Richtung „Caputh“ losgefahren. Gepäck haben wir dabei, als wenn wir 8 Wochen unterwegs wären. Nach langer Zeit haben wir Viola und Hartmut mal wieder gesehen und hatten einen guten Abend.

    Wir sind in die Innenstadt von Potsdam gefahren und sind kurz über den Weihnachtsmarkt geschlendert. Leider ist das kein außergewöhnlicher Weihnachtsmarkt. Eher Masse statt Klasse! Danach sind wir weiter nach Berlin gefahren und wohnen für 2 Nächte im „Park Plaza Wallstreet Hotel“ in Berlin Mitte. Dann sind wir am Potsdamer Platz auf den Weihnachtsmarkt und in den „Arkaden“ gewesen. Anschließend sind wir noch zum hochinteressanten Weihnachtsmarkt am „Gendarmenmarkt“ gewandert. Dieser Weihnachtsmarkt ist in Berlin ein Muß und ist umrahmt von einer prächtigen Kulisse.

    Text von Wolfgang
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  • Day586

    2018_12 Berlin

    December 12, 2018 in Germany ⋅ ⛅ 4 °C

    Erst sind wir zum „Alexanderplatz“ mit einem kleinen Weihnachtsmarkt gewandert. Danach weiter am „Roten Rathaus“ vorbei durch das „Nicolai Viertel“ zum „Berliner Dom“, den wir auch besichtigt haben. Dann sind wir zu dem „Hackesche Markt“ zum Mittagessen in die „RESTAURATION 1840“ gegangen. Ein sehr historisches Restaurant, was ich nur empfehlen kann. Dann sind wir die „Friedrichstraße“ zurück zum Hotel, um uns für den Abend etwas auszuruhen. Denn geht es in denn „Friedrichstadtpalast“. Da wollen wir ja nicht während der Vorstellung einschlafen, oder? Natürlich müssen wir uns dafür auch „fein machen“. Heidi hat ja auch in etwa die Hälfte unserer Garderobe mit auf Reisen genommen. 😁

    Text von Wolfgang
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  • Day61

    Berlin Part 2

    July 29, 2018 in Germany ⋅ ⛅ 23 °C

    We started the day by sleeping in until around noon since we were up until 6 am the night before hand. We then went to get one of Drew’s favorite things in Berlin for lunch, doner sandwiches! Doner is a popular cheap street food item in Berlin and it is basically a Turkish gyro. They were very tasty and a great way to start our day! We then set off to finally do some of the obligatory touristy things in the city. We first went to Gesundbrunnen where some of the Berlin Wall still remains. Here we saw the wall as well as an exhibit that explained what it was like to live in Berlin at that time and talked about families who were separated by the wall. It was very sad, yet powerful and crazy to think that this wasn’t too long ago. We then went to Pariser Platz to see the iconic original entrance to the city of Berlin. We then further walked in the area and saw three holocaust memorials. The first that we saw was for the Sinti and Romani people, also commonly known under the derogatory term “gypsies”. This memorial was a circular fountain with a poem written around it. Outside the memorial was a wall that described the oppression of the Sinti and Romani over the years leading to and including the Holocaust. This wall helped isolate the memorial helping make it a peaceful place to reflect in the midst of the city. This memorial was surprisingly right next to the Republic Square which has many government buildings. This was surprising because Berlin is the only capital city in the world that contains shame memorials honoring and apologizing to the people that the county oppressed. It was nice to see that not only was Berlin owning up to their mistakes by putting these shame memorials in their capital but by also bent willing to put them right next to their official government buildings. Next we went to the memorial for homosexuals. This memorial was a large cube with a video constantly projecting inside with same sex couples kissing in front of nazi propaganda back in the day. It was nice seeing this memorial and the one for the Sinti and Romani since it is often forgotten that more groups of people than just the Jews were systematically killed during the holocaust. Next we saw the memorial for Jewish people. This was a large area containing a series of many rectangular prisms of different sizes. The idea of this memorial was to create a feeling of confusion amidst something that appeared organized. Walking into the memorial the rectangles get bigger and bigger until they tower way above you. This change happens very fast in a way that is hard to notice. On the outside looking into the memorial it is hard to see how high the rectangles get. The memorial did an excellent job creating that feeling in a way anyone could understand. After visiting these memorials we got a quick dinner then made our way to Drew’s favorite park for watching the sunset, Volkspark Humboldthain. The park is perched high above the city with a nice view of Berlin. It also had a cool shaped statue that Drew likes a lot which I made him take a picture with. We relaxed here for a while enjoying the sunset and then walked around into the rose garden. When we were done with the park we went back to our hostel to rest and recover after staying out so late the night prior. We were the only ones in the room at the time so we decided to all huddle around my phone to watch the most recent episode of the bachelorette while enjoying the remains of my chocolate from Garmisch-Partenkirchen. It’s a good thing nobody walked into the room while we were doing that because we would have definitely been judged! We started the next day by stopping by a market to get food for a picnic. We ate our picnic food in Treptower Park which was a park by the river which was nice and relaxing. In the park we went to the Soviet War memorial which was donated by Russia. The memorial was very large and well done but was a but problematic for having quotes by Stalin who killed just as many people as Hitler. After this we walks around the East side gallery which was a part o the Berlin Wall which was repurposed into art. Many artists decorated these slabs of the wall with beautiful street art. It was really cool seeing all the art and seeing the city turn something horrible into something beautiful. After this we went to cool off inside at a sit down ice cream place. Here we shared something called spaghetti ice which is where they put ice cream through a spaghetti maker and put strawberry sauce and white chocolate shavings on top to make this dessert look like spaghetti with marinara sauce and Parmesan cheese. It was tasty, refreshing, and a fun novelty to try! After hanging out for a bit we met up with Drew’s friends again for trivia at an Irish pub. We were pretty bad at trivia and got second to last place. We would have actually preferred to get last place since we would have gotten free pitty chocolate due to it but oh well at least we drank tasty beers while there! After trivia we went back to Risa chicken so Drew could have it one last time before leaving Berlin. We then changed into all black and went back to KitKat with hopes of pulling a “pretty woman” and making it into the club this time. We successfully made it in which was exciting! This wasn’t too surprising since it was a Monday and the line was short but it was still exciting! We didn’t stay long since we really went back just to see what the inside looked like. There was a pool inside and tons of extravagant decorations like nothing I had ever seen before. After laving kitkat we stopped at Drew’s favorite doner place so he could have doner fries again before leaving Berlin. We then called it a night and Drew sadly had to say goodbye to Berlin. We were lucky to have the best possible tour guide with us for free while visiting Berlin! Berlin was a very live city and proved to me to be the opposite of Munich. However I loved both for very different reasons.Read more

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