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    • Day49

      Day 49 - The Black Forest

      September 21, 2020 in Germany ⋅ 🌙 14 °C

      Woke up starving, so did my best to rectify the situation at breakfast. We had a plate of meat & cheese, several rolls mainly with delicious pâté & followed it with fruit. After checking out, we drove into Freiburg im Breisgau & parked up in an underground car park. We then commenced a mad dash around the city centre must-sees.

      First was Martin’s Gate, an iconic medieval gate tower with a clock (and a McDonalds). After a photo from either side, we galloped to the other side of town to Freiburger Munster, a grand cathedral with a unique Gothic tower. Freiburger Munster was started to be built in 1200 in a romanesque style, but construction continued in 1230 in a Gothic style, which accounts for the architecture.

      Around the outside of the cathedral were market stalls preventing me getting a decent photo of it in it’s entirety. We entered & were able to wander around admiring the ornate interior, but they wanted to charge us to tour the choir seats & alter. Surely god’s houses should be free. Jesus would be turning in his grave if he only knew!

      We continued to wander around the town getting our money’s worth of the car park, then with minutes to spare we returned to our car & paid for just one hour. Next stop was The Schlossbergturm which was a 10 minute drive up a steep wooded hill. We abandoned our car at the top end of a Funicular railway, then climbed up on foot a further half a mile to the Schlossbergturm.

      The Schlossbergturm or Castle Hill Tower is a 35 m high observation tower on Castle Hill Schlossberg on the edge of the historic Altstadt of Freiburg im Breisgau. It has 153 steps, its top is located 463 m above sea level and thus 185 m above the average altitude of the city (278 m). The tower which was built in 2002 stands out for its unusual design consisting of twisted tree trunks around a staircase made of steel. It has three platforms on the top is reached by a small spiral staircase.

      Despite being scared of heights, I decided to climb the Schlossbergturm, whilst Jackie couldn’t be bothered or so she said. Throughout the climb I could see the floor shrinking below me & I was clinging on for dear life. By the time I reached the top I was walking like Mrs Overall. The top of the tower gives stunning views of the town & surrounding countryside below apparently. I hung my camera over the railing & clicked away. I was aware I was making a spectacle of myself because people were looking at me, so I creeped back down the spiral staircase to the bottom. Apparently, Jackie didn’t see me at the top waving to her!

      Returning to the car, we were relieved to see that it had been clamped or towed. We then set the SatNav for Lake Titisee (I’m not making it up!) which was about 20 miles away. We parked up & followed the elderly crowds into Titisee, which is THE home of cuckoo clock making. We were bombarded with cuckoo shops & other tourist tat shops. Jacqueline couldn’t resist looking & soon established that there were some bargains to be had.

      I dragged her away to the glacier lake, which didn’t look as spectacular as others we had seen, but it was fighting against black clouds looming overhead. At 12.55pm, we located the world’s largest cuckoo clock (it wasn’t) & waited for it’s 1.00pm performance, which turned out to be a total anticlimax.

      We consoled ourselves with a beer in the sun, secured a bed for the night, then we had a Bratwurst in a bun for lunch. Jackie apparently was in the mood for shopping & she bought some mementos/alcohol. If that wasn’t enough, we (she) then went clothes shopping. Despite us nearly buying a pair of boots & a German fighter pilot leather jacket, we eventually walked away with 2 scarfs & a felt hat, all for Jackie.

      We decided to head straight to our hotel to plan our final days of the trip on our room balcony. We bought a couple of bottles of German white wine & checked ourselves into our ski chalet hotel in Schonwald im Schwarzwald, just 4 miles south of Triberg. In front of our balcony are 2 huge fir trees that blocked out our view of anything else, but were the home for 2 red squirrels.

      On our balcony we drank our two bottles of too sweet wine, then headed downtown for something to eat. In the whole town, there was just one restaurant open, Pizzeria Holzfällerstube, which was chock a block. We waited until a table became available with a couple of large beers.

      I stupidly ordered the house pizza & Jackie ordered a chilli pasta. When it eventually arrived Jackie’s pasta was not a patch on what she can make & my pizza was so overloaded that it became soggy. We ate about a half of our respective disappointing meals then ordered.the bill. It was at this point that we were informed that we had to pay the bill of €30 by cash.

      We only had a €10 note, so I went off in search of the only ATM in town. Eventually I found it, but it didn’t like our Caxton card, so that was that. I returned to the restaurant with the news & after much umming & aahing the waiter told us we could bring them the cash tomorrow. Of course we will.

      We celebrated our good fortune, sorry embarrassing incident, with a nightcap of cherry schnapps.

      Song of the Day : A Forest by The Cure

      Bonus Song of the Day : The Staircase (Mystery) by Siouxsie & the Banshees.
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    • Day50

      Day 50 - Cuckoo Clocks Cuckoo

      September 22, 2020 in Germany ⋅ ☀️ 16 °C

      Another dreadful night sleep, which undoubtedly is down to the ridiculously soft pillows. We are now looking forward to our own hard pillows at home.

      We had breakfast at 9.00am, it was the same fare of meats, cheese & bread.

      We then drove to Triberg Waterfall, which is Germany’s highest waterfall. It was a steep walk down a path to the entrance & we had to pay €6 each for the privilege. It initially seemed a bit steep, but a path took us around & over it. It wasn’t spectacular in size, but the fir trees & mossy rocks made it very atmospheric & probably worth the entrance fee. It was a long steep walk back to the car.

      We drove to Triberg town & invested €1 in 45 minutes worth of parking. We then located an ATM & got some cash out & bought two slices of Black Forest Gateau. Triberg is the home of Black Forest Gateau allegedly, so when in Rome....... Triberg is also full of cuckoo clock shops & workshops.

      At midday we departed Triberg & 5 minutes later just north of the town at Elbe Uhren-Park, we found the Largest Cuckoo Clock in the world, according to the Guinness book of records. The bumf describes the clock as 16.73 yards tall, the cuckoo as 4.9 yards long & weighing 331 pounds. Despite it’s size, it still delivers the typical Cuckoo Call every full hour and every half hour.

      We parked up, ate our BFG & waited for the largest cuckoo clock to do its thing. On the stroke of 12.30pm, the cuckoo appeared, spluttered a hardly audible cuckoo type noise & was gone before I could press record on my phone. It had been pathetic & quite frankly an embarrassment!

      We headed north & called in to the Spa town of Baden Baden. We saw a fountain, then continued around the French border another 150 miles to Trier. It wasn’t the most exciting drive, motorways with fir trees hugging both sides of the road. The only thing of note was that we passed by the Hockenheimring, a famous motor racing circuit.

      Around 5.30pm, we rolled into Trier & quickly located the Porta Nigra. The Porta Nigra (Latin for black gate) is a large Roman city gate in Trier. It is today the largest Roman city gate north of the Alps, built in grey sandstone just before the year 200. Again it was a case of abandoning the car, snap a few photos & move on. Trier looks like it deserves a proper visit in the future.

      We then drove a further 25 miles north to our Hotel, Vogtshof von Wettlesdorf in Schonecken. It turned out to be a bikers pub, but the accommodation luckily was in a separate building. We have a massive triple room.

      Whilst unpacking, I very annoyingly discovered I left my favourite t-shirt hanging up in one of the last hotels we stayed in. Jackie has emailed them. That evening we went to the local pizzeria and we both had exceptionally good Schnitzels with chips & salad.

      Song of the Day : Cuckoo by Lissie.

      Bonus Songs : Clocks by Coldplay.

      Cuckoo by I Am Kloot.
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    • Day36

      Happy to be hiking <3

      June 8 in Germany ⋅ 🌧 14 °C

      It’s rain rain raining again but that won’t stop us from spending the whole day outside! It was a great breath of fresh air to be in a forest and see a beautiful waterfall, Germany’s tallest, right in the Black Forest. We did exercises, made a snail friend and many slug friends, walked nearly every path in the park, and got a great booty workout as usual. Then also ran to the train station when we realized we were gonna miss it after finishing dinner! Again typical us.Read more


      National Geographic couldn’t take a better photo


      The Black Forest is very green


      What a gorgeous place - I want to go with you next time

    • Day6

      Triberg - Cascate e orologi a cucù

      August 12 in Germany ⋅ ☀️ 18 °C

      Intorno alle ore 10.30 arriviamo nel parco naturalistico delle cascate di Triberg ed iniziamo il percorso naturalistico.
      ( entrata € 15 entrata per 2 persone) percorriamo circa 4 km nel bosco tra le cascate e incontri con gli abitanti del posto, gli scoiattoli rossi.

      Scesi in paese, pranziamo con un currywurst e patatine al chioschetto (€ 15 circa)

      Dopo pranzo cediamo alla tentazione di comprare un orologio a cucù e andiamo a vedere gli orologi a cucù più grandi del mondo a Schonach.
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    • Day5

      An Amazing Day (again)

      June 25, 2021 in Germany ⋅ ⛅ 12 °C

      We started late, drove the 20km to the entrance of Germany's highest waterfall, then ascended 1000 meters in altitude to arrive at the start of our hike, above the Triberg Waterfalls.

      Behind the waterfalls, a 6 kilometre hike leads to the Blindsee Moor, the highest Highland Moor in Germany. You get the drift here...

      All in all 15.6 kilometers, a mere 10 miles, 1200 meters in altitude, and amazing views, tranquil moor lakes, a lake full of tadpoles, fresh air, sun, no rain... a perfect day.
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    • Day7

      Triberg es a vizeses

      June 7, 2017 in Germany ⋅ ⛅ 13 °C

      Baden-Baden után folytattuk utunkat a Fekete erdő belsejébe, hogy megnézzük Németország legmagasabb vízeséset, a Triberg vizesest. Már maga a városka is nagyon cuki, helyes, színes kis házakkal van tele, és a domborzata sem egyhangú, nagyon jó hangulata van. Ráadásul minden harmadik üzlet Kuckuksuhren-t árul, rengeteg fele, típusú, méretű van belole. Így nagyon viccesek, de azért ha otthon kakukkolna minden órában, lehet hogy nem lenne sokaig életben az óra. Miután megtaláltuk a vizeseshez vezeto park főbejáratat, kitaláltuk, hogy megcsináljuk a piros túrát, de előtte, hogy bírjuk ettünk egy jó kis feketeerdo sonkatalat ha már a Fekete erdőben voltunk 😃 így legalább volt mi lemozogni 😉 a vízesés pedig csodaszep, nem szabad kihagyni. Az egész termeszetvedelmi terület szépen gondozott és kialakitott, ha valaki nem csak a vizesesre kiváncsi 3 kulonbozo túra útvonal közül lehet választani, kulonbozo tavokkal. És rengeteg cuki mókus rohangál az útvonalon ami külön remek. A túra útvonalon talalhato egy Bergsee nevű to, aminek az érdekessége hogy 1924ben itt rendeztek meg a műkorcsolya EB-t mert Berlinben nem volt eleg hideg hozza. Szép a to nagyon, de nem mondana meg az ember h kori EB volt itt valaha 😃Read more


      De jó pulcsi Nono, csini vagy! :)


      Köszi Dorikam😘😘

    • Day7

      Ömeli ze German

      October 8, 2021 in Germany ⋅ ⛅ 10 °C

      Und auch diese sehr deutsche Photo Mission erfüllen wir. Ömeli schmeißt sich in kurze Hose, Tennissocken und Sandalen und positioniert sich mit einer Bockwurst in der Hand vor einer Kuckucksuhr.

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