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  • Day56


    August 1, 2017 in Germany

    We were heading to Nuremburg today but decided to visit Rothenburg ob der Tauber (on the Tauber River) on the way. Old Town Rothenberg is reputedly the best preserved walled city in Germany (14th Century). It is a very pretty town. We got great views of the town and the surrounding countryside by climbing the Town Hall tower - what's another 100 or so steps on this trip!! Amazing Christmas Shop here - huge - Rothenberg is also known for its Christmas Market. It was a good call to visit here.Read more

  • Day56

    Nuremberg / Nürnberg

    August 1, 2017 in Germany

    We stayed outside the Old Town so with some instructions, a 15 minute walk and a 3-stop metro train ride, we arrived right in the centre of Lorenzerplatz in Old Town. I immediately felt dwarfed by the St Lorenz Church right above me as I entered the plaza, just one of the beautiful churches in Old Town. There is also the Frauenkirche (Our Lady's Church) built in the 14th Century. Lots to see here and despite it raining most of the night and no raincoats or umbrellas we managed to see most of it. Of course no visit is complete without the castle visit. Nuremberg Castle is a group of medieval fortified buildings on a sandstone ridge and is considered to be one of Europe's most formidable medieval fortifications.Read more

  • Day30

    Farewell Innsbruck

    January 13, 2017 in Germany

    We moved on again today. We had breakfast, packed up and headed towards the train station. We were lucky with the weather as Innsbruck was by far our warmest place so far. The forecast for the next few days was a minimum of -17 and a maximum of - 4. We walked to the train station and Brodie was still touching the snow. We caught the regional train to Munich. It was a relaxing trip, easy to get on and we had our own compartment. The scenery was white fields of snow. We arrived in Munich an hour later. We found the platform where our train was meant to be leaving from. No sight of our train, then it disappeared from the board. We made a mad dash of the platform in case it had changed. We asked a conductor and our train had been cancelled due to the storms around Frankfurt- it couldn't get through. We could leave on another train or wait for an hour for the next one. We lost our reserved seats but we managed to find a carriage with free seats. It took about an hour to get to Nuremberg. The scenery was green fields topped with snow. We got into Nuremberg and it was that chill that gets into your bones. There was ice in the park near us and we had snow falling again. I think we have had our dose of snow- it can clear up now. Going by the weather forcast for the next few days it doesn't get out of the minuses. The supermarket is just through the park so we decided to cut through, the path was ice. You had to walk on the edge otherwise it was like ice skating. We got our supplies and headed back, just have to find a bakery for breakfast. It is good to be back in Germany it's like our second home, familiar things.

    Photo - The park we walked through
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  • Day34

    Doctor Doctor

    January 17, 2017 in Germany

    Well once again we didn't get up until 8am. On our way to get breakfast we looked out for the squirrels. It didn't take long for Dave to spot one. On the way back there is one in a tree by our apartment. There ended up being about 5 playing around. We spent time trying to get a photo but they are so quick. A man in the park told us they are about a year old. We planned to go to Regensburg for the day but as we were about to leave we decided it might be best if Dave sees a doctor while we are still in Germany. He can't shake his chesty cough, and the rest of us are all well and truly over our colds. There are a quite a few doctors around us, he asked the chemist where to go and they pointed him in the right direction. A few hours later, a few pills, found out the best beer in Nuremberg and a really good gingerbread place, we are right to go. By now it's 12.30pm and too late to go to Regensburg. We decided to head into the old town for some lunch then back out to Nazi Party Rally Grounds. When we ventured out it was -3 and when we went to the bakery it was -8. We are now taking the cold weather in our stride. Finding a place for lunch usually takes a good hour. Eventually we always find one that we agree on. Today it was burgers, so that changed it up a bit. Dave is lucky, today he has red meat twice today in his burger and we have spag bol for tea. I must say I am getting used of a glass of white wine with lunch. In Italy it is offensive to have a fizzy drink with your lunch, so of course I didn't want to be offensive. Now the habit has kind of stuck. We went back out to the Zeppelinfeld, and walked around for a couple of hours. It's a strange feeling standing up where Hiltler did, a powerful feeling. Then at the same time what you are standing on, you are thinking how many people died during the construction. We walked back to the towards the museum and this time we walked across the frozen lake. In a part of it there were a few people ice skating. We had a early night, back at our apartment by 5.30pm. We move on tomorrow so we have that joyful task of packing up again.

    Photo 1- Nuremburg
    Photo 2 - Sorry another pic of a squirrel
    Photo 3 - Lunch
    Photo 4 - Zeppelinfeld now
    Photo 5 - A picture of Zeppelinfeld Nazi Rally
    Photo 6 - A picture of Zeppelinfeld Nazi Rally at night
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  • Day33

    In and around Nuremberg

    January 16, 2017 in Germany

    A late start again, we are not getting up until 8am. It is so hard to get up when it is still dark. We had a look around Nuremberg today. In most Geman towns there is the Alstadt (old town). Walking through the park this morning we saw a squirrel. I'm super excited about seeing a squirrel, a lady in the park said they are always around. People put nuts out for them. It's the same with the birds, there are always bird feeders around. I will be out bright and early looking for squirrels. We had a bit of blue sky and sun, but it felt colder. The weather is always changing and the rest of the day we had snow showers. I don't think I will ever get sick of walking while it's snowing. A coffee, walk around, and then lunch. We had Italian today- pizza and pasta. After lunch we headed out to Documentation Center Nazi Party Rally Grounds. It was very intetesting and a lot of information. We didn't finish there until 5pm so it got dark outside. There is so much more to see outside, so we wandered a bit. Then decided to walk to a subway station, we eventually got there. Did our usual tea shopping on the way home, back in our apartment before 7pm. Another good day, our time is going so quickly.

    Photo 1 - A church in the old town
    Photo 2 - The squirrel we saw this morning
    Photo 3 - Close up of a snowflake
    Photo 4 - A 40 metre section of railway track with 60,000 cards, each card has a persons name date of birth and where they died. Each card represents 100 more people. If there was a card for the 6 million people murdered it would be 4kms long.
    Photo 5 - Congress Hall
    Photo 6 - Walking to the subway, a frozen lake
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  • Day31

    Magical day in Germany

    January 14, 2017 in Germany

    After two nights of sleeping all in one room it is good to have our own space again. We didn't start to surface until 8am. It looked cold and miserable outside. Dave and I walked across the park to the bakery. On the way home it started to snow, we got very excited as it was heavier than we had seen before. After our German breakfast we planned to head out of town to Bamberg. We bought a travel pass, but we had to buy a seperate one for Kellie as she was over 18. It cost the same amount as the pass for the 3 of us. As we can use it again on Sunday we decided to go to Rothenburg. The Käthe Wohlfahrt Christmas shops are there and are not open on Sundays. The train out there wasn't for another hour and a half. Kellie & Dave worked out another way to get there. It was an enjoyable trip with 3 changes of trains, a lot easier without luggage. Brodie was excited as there was snow everywhere and it was getting thicker as we went on. We walked into the old walled town and by this time it was 1pm, time for lunch. It always takes a while for us to find somewhere to eat that ticks all our boxes. It started to snow again and it was just beautiful. We had a lovely lunch, pork schnitzel, which is like eating chicken. While we were eating lunch the snow got heavier. I can't put it into words how it felt sitting there eating lunch while it was snowing outside. 'Magical'. After lunch we had a look in the shops and we went into one of the six Käthe Wohlfahrt shops and wow it is beautiful. It would be like how I remember the Magic Cave as a kid. We bought a few more fragile things to get home as if we don't already have enough!. We hadn't eaten for an hour or so, we had a coffee and triedna traditional pastry ??? Translates into snowball. Bits of pastry formed into a ball and deep fried then sprinkled in icing sugar. There are different variations of it, but we stuck to the traditional one. The kids and Dave had a game of snow cricket in the town square, I was still in the shops. We started heading back to the train station and before we left the old town we decided to climb and walk the old town wall. We decided to keep walking and miss the next train. We eventually got back to the train station and had missed one by 10 minutes. The next one was at 6.10pm, a 50 minute wait. It was a cold wait. Our 3rd train we had to catch was delayed by an hour so we had to hop on another. It was a long trip home, picked up some pizzas from the supermarket at the railway station. Back at our apartment by 9pm. A long day but a good day.

    Photo 1 - Rothenburg ob der Tauber
    Photo 2 - In the town square while it's snowing. Camera captures a big snowflake.
    Photo 3 - Snow shower at lunch
    Photo 4 - Afternoon coffee
    Photo 5 - A backyard, kids play area
    Photo 6 - View from the wall
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  • Day1

    Glutenfreier Brotbackkurs

    January 20 in Germany

    Zum Geburtstag habe ich einen glutenfreien Brotbackkurs bei Tanja Gruber aus Herrieden geschenkt bekommen. Heute war der Tag. Bereits um 7 Uhr saß ich im Auto. Habe eine Dreiviertelstunde Puffer eingebaut. Wer hätte das gedacht, dass ich das auch brauchen würde. Der Wettergott hat heute morgen das feinste Winterwetter ausgepackt. Schnee ❄️ .

    Auf die letzten 18 Kilometer habe ich tatsächlich fast eine Dreiviertelstunde gebraucht.

    3 Minuten vor Kursbeginn war ich pünktlich da😀.

    Im Brotbackkurs wurden folgende Backwaren hergestellt: Kastanienbrot, Schwarzbrot, süßes Hefebrot, Laugenbrezen, Baguette, Sauerteig-Ölsaatenbrot. Die Herstellung von Sauerteig wurde ausgiebig erklärt und als süße Überraschung stand ein frisch gebackener Apfelstrudel mit Vanillesoße bereit! 🥖🥨🍞

    Alle Rezepte sind unter

    Mir hat der Kurs sehr viel gebracht, da ich ja sehr gerne Backe. Glutenfreie Sachen sind aber anders in der Handhabung wie die Weizenvariante. Andreas kann sich nun auf viele Proben freuen 😎.

    Der Kurs war super. Ich werde bestimmt nochmal einen buchen. Für dieses Jahr sind aber alle Termine ausgebucht.
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  • Day55


    August 20, 2016 in Germany

    Parking up at a small and crowded (but free) stopover on the outskirts of Nuremburg we took the tandem along the well signposted riverside cycle track 3km into the heart of the city.

    Being a Saturday the place was heaving. We came across a busy market with red and white striped stall covers in the church square. Its stalls led up the street and across one of Nuremburg's many low red sandstone bridges towards the cathedral. Whilst the cathedral was very grand with its towering stone steeples, intricate carved decoration and stained glass windows, the memorable thing about Nuremburg is its series of bridges. Unlike many of the German cities we have visited, the River Pegnitz isn't navigable for large cargo ships or cruise ships and so the bridges are low and frequent. Many have arches and stone carved detail that we could get close enough to appreciate as we walked along the bank.Read more

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