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  • Day26


    July 22, 2016 in Germany

    We journeyed down the hillside and through cloud to get to the Rhein side town of Boppard. Will took a group of pupils from Hillcrest School here years ago and so was excited to return. Our stopover was in a large car park near the foot of the cable cars the group had gone on and Will found the hotel they stayed at, off the main square. There was a small market in the square so we indulged in cheese, fruit, veg, 4 types of 'wurst' and some smoked mackerel and eel.

    Every Friday back in Netherton, we'd meet our friend Jeremy at Ma Pardoes for a few pints and hot pork sarnies, so we looked around and came back to the restaurant in the square. It offered a good menu that didn't dissapoint. Full up with prawns, chicken, local trout and a couple of half litres of beer (doesn't sound quite right does it?) we headed back to the van to sit in the shade with Poppy and plan tomorrow. Incidentally Jeremy had also taken a group of pupils to Boppard!

    The next morning we took a trip 240m up the hillside on the chairlift for views of the horseshoe bend in the Rhein. A short walk to the 'vierseenblick' or '4 lakes view' and a pot of tea and apple strudel at 'Guideon's corner' made it a very relaxing experience.
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  • Day25

    Sankt Goar

    September 14, 2016 in Germany

    Then on to Sankt Goar...
    We did 68kms today...

    The others were not far behind... (Sherelle had a flat today)
    Our accommodation has very adequate air flow so all are happy.

    Illy and I went for a wade in Rhine this arvo... Sandy bottom, and less than pristine waters this far down

    St Goar is a small tourist town... Shall be nice to relax here tomorrow

  • Day25

    Sankt Goar farm

    July 21, 2016 in Germany

    With the rain that came overnight persisting into the morning,the temperature had dropped to a comfortable 23° so we set off to a stopover for services. Sat navs and coordinates can be fantastic but occasionally they lead you places you didn't intend to go, good and bad. We found ourselves on ever narrowing paved roads winding between houses and emerged on a single track farm road barely wide enough for the van wheels. We followed it to its junction with a gravel track that petered out in wheat fields. There was a wooden shelter opposite and beyond this, a sheer drop down the valley to the river about 200m below. The view was stunning, with Loreley rock rising up across the valley where a siren with golden locks reputedly perched whilst she sang to passing sailers, luring them to their deaths on the rocks below. A narrow bank of land in the river ended in a statue of her as a reminder of the legend.

    As beautiful as it was, the site didn't have services so we entered the location of the stopover manually. It turned out to be a small farm with a few holiday cabins and a field for vans. There was a compost loo and a riding stable that Vicky got her hopes up about before being told she was too 'tall' for the horses.
    The farm chickens had a sign detailing what they could be fed from your leftovers and Will impressed himself by explaining in German to another campervanner that they didn't like uncooked potato before proceeding to have a long conversation in German with the campervanner, Wolfgang and his partner Elisa who turned out to be really lovely people. Sunset saw cloud forming in the valleys as the sun lit it up from behind and whilst bringing out a glow in the straw fields.
    Whilst getting ready to set off the next morning, Elisa came rushing over with a bag that contained some gifts for us; German bread, ground coffee, spaghetti and some homemade grape jam! We were taken aback and very grateful. You get to meet some amazing people whilst travelling.
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  • Day23

    Wild camp above Loreley

    July 19, 2016 in Germany

    The Rhein had been getting progressively narrower as it wound down the valley and turned sharply to reach what we believe to be its narrowest point on this stretch, with an almost vertical cliff face rising from one bank. The temperature was also rising steeply so we climbed the forested hill and found a disused forest track leading off the main road. There was a turning area about 25m away that provided a lot of shade and seemed ideal as an overnight stop so we pulled up.

    The fragrance of forest and a certain flower (possibly agrimony hemp) flooded the clearing. A buzzard flew between the pines just 10meters in front of the van and upon investigating further up the track, we found a 20ft high hide so climbed up and sat for a while. One thing we love about the van is that it acts as a very comfortable 'hide' and whilst we didn't see anything of note from the wooden hide, the van provided us with views of a stonechat, a curious jay and even the chestnut rump of a deer disappearing into the undergrowth as evening drew in. With the windows and door open still open, we could even detect a faint whiff of deer and Poppy suddenly became very interested in what was going on!

    We decided to stay a second day instead of braving the 35° temperatures forecast in full sun. We made use of the sun to recharge our batteries (literally) and Will made use of the shade in his hammock.
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  • Day300

    Day 301: Heidelberg via Rhine Valley

    December 12, 2017 in Germany

    Huge day of travel today. One of Germany's world heritage sites is part of the Upper Middle Rhine valley, where the river winds its way through a deep gorge, surrounded on both sides by cute towns, vineyards and forests, as well as ruined and non-ruined castles. The best way to see this is of course by boat, a very popular activity during the summer but not so much during the winter! There was exactly one company doing cruises, but you had to make a booking and then call up the day before to find out if it was actually running.

    Thankfully for us, it was, though leaving from the town of St Goar at 12pm meant two different trains and a pretty early start! So off we went in pitch darkness at around 7:30am, walking to the bus stop to catch the bus. Not crowded, thankfully, since I really hate catching buses with all our luggage - I feel very bulky and in the way.

    Arrived at the station and made the train to Koblenz with no problems, arriving around 10:15. Had a 15 minute connection before our super slow local train down to St Goar, and arrived at about 11am. With 45 minutes to kill before the boat departed, we wandered around the village a bit. Very tiny but very touristy as well, though everything was closed. Feels like the sort of place that is basically deserted outside of tourist season!

    Wandered down to the ferry dock where the office was also deserted, but we could see the boat coming up the river. During winter, it starts at the far end and cruises up one way and then back the other. Even though this was the second-last stop of the upstream leg (and we were booked to start from the second stop of the downstream leg), I double-checked with the guy and he said it was fine to jump on now - so we did!

    Only about 40 people on board, all from the same coach tour by the look of it, and they got off at the next stop anyway, leaving just us and two other couples! We grabbed a spot on the upstairs open deck and spread out with our luggage. Finally I could stop worrying about missing any of our three transport connections, that the boat would be too crowded, that it would be raining, or that we wouldn't have anywhere to put our luggage. Time to relax and film, the sun even poked out a bit for us!

    The cruise itself was great, about two hours heading down the river. Very dramatic scenery, lots to talk about and I think the video will turn out quite well. Even saw the Lorelei rock, where supposedly the siren would lure mariners to their deaths! Nothing to do with the strong currents and under-surface rocks of course.

    Intermittently went downstairs to grab coffees and a couple of snacks, though we'd brought our own lunch of - what else - bakery sandwiches. The menu looked quite appetising though a little expensive.

    Finally docked around 2:20pm in Bingen, and it was back to stressing - our train was at 2:27pm so we had to basically run from the dock to the station. Not far, but not pleasant either. Made it, then two more trains on the way to Heidelberg, including what was by now a packed commuter train with people heading home from work. Eventually got to Heidelberg around 4:45pm, in the dark of course.

    Only a five minute walk to our apartment from the station, though we weren't meeting the host until 5:30pm. Killed time by walking slowly, and then visiting the Kaufland supermarket next door where Shandos took about 30 minutes to stock up for the next few days.

    Met the host and got let in, a nice Russian girl who has lived here for a few years. She seemed quite sweet, and had wrapped up a Christmas scarf and a blanket for Schnitzel. The apartment is a small studio, with only a sofa bed, a kitchen and a bathroom, but it'll be big enough with a bit of solid management. Neither of us could be bothered going back out, so we cooked pasta for dinner.
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  • Day16

    Got into the Rhine Valley. Next stop was this beautiful little town on the river. We checked out a Bier Stien shop and a cookoo clock shop.(there also was a birkenstock shop) The area is a wine producing area. We did a wine tasting and also tasted EisWien. Then as a group we all had a few drinks and sat by the river.

  • Day19

    We started the day with some time in the Museum in Bingen learning all about Hildegard of Bingen. She seems like quite a character, a prolific writer and significant political player. Next to the museum was a small herb garden with all the medicinal plants used in her time, and described in her books.

    Then we set off along the river again, it's this section of the river that is famous for the castles.

    There is a rail line down each side of the river with long freight trains going in both direction all day, as well, there are freight barges going up and down on the river, against the backdrop of the castles on the ridge tops. Amazing!

    There are no bridges across the river between Mainz and Koblenz, about 200k by bike, so as well as the tourists boats and barges going up and down there are also cross river ferries. It's busy out there.

    The map of the route has interesting advertising, the anti inflammatory drug Voltaren is advertised on the cover. A helpful message for tired cyclists.

    "Rest day" tomorrow, time to go and visit the local castle.
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  • Day20

    Burg Rheinfels: the castle

    June 17, 2017 in Germany

    This is the largest castle on the Rhine, just a short climb from our hotel. Spectacular views of the river and a beautiful walk down. I headed across the river this afternoon on the local ferry to get to the supermarket, there isn't one on the side.

  • Day8

    The Legend of Lorelei

    June 17, 2016 in Germany

    The rock and the murmur it creates have inspired various tales.

    The most common legend is Lorelei which told of a beautiful girl whose seductive song lures mariners to their doom on the rocks at the foot of the cliff.

    The story legend goes Lorelei is betrayed by her sweetheart and accused of bewitching men and causing their death. Rather than sentence her to death, the bishop consigns her to a nunnery. On the way there accompanied by three knights, she comes to the Lorelei rock. She asks permission to climb it and view the Rhine once again. She does so and thinking that she sees her love in the Rhine, falls to her death. The rock still retained an echo of her name afterwards.Read more

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