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  • Day109

    Tübingen & Balingen

    October 13, 2016 in Germany

    The last German town on Vicky's list to visit was Tübingen. It is a university town on the little river Neckar and she wanted to visit in order to try the local specialty of Maultaschen (oversized ravioli).

    Unsure of where to park, we drove towards the centre with our fingers crossed. Luckily there was a large free car park a few km out of town. The only problem was that town was on the other side of a very large ridge and neither pedestrians nor bikes were allowed through the road tunnel. However, being Germany, there was a separate tunnel for walking and cycling with an electronic counter keeping track of how many people passed through.

    We soon found a cafe serving Maultaschen and had an enjoyable lunch. Will had the version with onions and Vicky with egg. We've spent 13 weeks in Germany on this trip and have frequently been struck by how long it takes for waiters to bring the bill. It was only today we realised the waiter asked 'Do you want to take it easy?', as people finished their meals. We may well have been asked this before and mistakenly answered 'yes', thinking they were asking if that was everything. There is still so much for us to learn in Germany and we feel very lucky to have been able to immerse ourselves in the culture and language to the extent we have.

    Tübingen turned out to be a great town, with more 'hippy' shops than we'd seen in all of the rest of Germany. The old timbered buildings with wooden window shutters gave the place real character and we had to drag ourselves away in order to get to our stopover in Balingen where Will carved the pumpkin and we had a nice warming soup.

    Staying 2 nights in Balingen we had time to explore as well as to relax, play guitar and paint. The feature that stood out about this town was the young people's art. Children had made large lanterns that hung around lights strung across the streets. Painted tiles were affixed to walls here and there and the electricity boxes featured an eclectic range of designs. There was also hardly any grafitti. We saw that young people had been included and valued, encouraged to take pride in their town and put their stamp on it in a positive way. Perhaps they didn't feel such a need to make their mark through antisocial behaviour.
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  • Day1


    September 2 in Germany

    My first day of my trip. I really want to make distance because on monday I‘ll be at the cinema in brunswick to see Christian Vogel‘s film „Whatever May Come“ (german „Egal was kommt“).
    Today it was a bit rainy but it was okay. Just boring highway. The same as tomorrow..
    Tomorrow evening you will hear my thoughts about the movie!
    Good Night
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  • Day8

    Hansel & Gretel with Herman Hesse

    May 18, 2017 in Germany

    Great day no motorways! From Lemberg (France) to Bad Urach (Germany). National park in France and Black Forest in Germany. We stopped at Cawl in the forest for lunch and posing beside a figure on a bridge for a photo I discover it is Hermann Hesse (took a while for the penny to drop) the author! "Some of us think holding on makes us stronger but sometimes it is letting go," etc etc.
    We didn't have black forest gateaux but had the icecream equivalent dripping in amaretto p had the non alcoholic one as driving. Now in Bad Urach beautiful town staying in the Ratstube... Ate huge dinner with masses of Hermann we are definitely "letting go!!!" I am liking Germany very much. x
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  • Day3


    April 1 in Germany

    The Zeppelin Museum and the zeppelins floating up in the sky take you back to the end of WWII. All you need to know about it and a bit of the history of aviation you can have it here. The interactive exhibition makes it also a fun place for children to learn a bit about aerodynamics. You can also take your time to stroll a bit along the pier or drive to Lindau - also a nice little city.Read more

  • Day306

    Day 307: North-east to Ulm

    December 18, 2017 in Germany

    Into the closing stages of our Germany trip now, and it's been quite a long one! Left the apartment in Heidelberg around 10am, grabbed a train to Stuttgart where we arrived around midday and bought some lunch. Changed platforms, then caught a 90 minute train over to Ulm, a fairly small city about halfway between Stuttgart and Nuremberg.

    We were staying in a hotel, so despite arriving around 1:30pm, we were able to check in which was nice. Room nothing special, just a typical cheap Hotel Ibis room. Relaxed for a little while before heading into the centre of town.

    Ulm actually boasts the world's tallest church (until it'll eventually get surpassed by Sagrada Familia in Barcelona), and has done since around 1890 when it claimed the title from Cologne Cathedral. Certainly very tall and impressive.

    The Christmas market was in full swing out the front so we had a look through here as well, in addition to going one-by-one through the minster (not a cathedral, as it isn't the seat of a bishop). It was actually a really good market, plenty of space, interesting stalls, and some good attractions for kids like model train sets, a petting zoo, and a mini train ride! Seemed to only be locals around as well, which was a nice change from hearing constant Yank accents in the markets.

    Hung around for a couple of hours until it started getting dark and we headed back to our room where we stayed the rest of the day.
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  • Day6

    Schloß Lichtenstein & Reutlingen

    July 5, 2017 in Germany

    The following day, we made our way towards Nico's grandma's house in Ruetlingen. We chose to combine this visit with a stop at a nearby castle, Schloß Lichtenstein. This castle sits 250 meters above the valley and has incredible views of the Swabian Alp mountains. We paid 8€ each to take a guided tour of the 1st and 2nd levels.

    The tour was mostly in German with brief highlights in English. An original medieval castle was built in the 1300s and replaced with a hunting castle in the early 1800s, and then replaced again with the current castle in 1840. The final castle was built at the direction of Duke Wilhelm of Württemberg who got inspiration from a fairy tale written at the time.

    The castle, which is considered to be a relatively new castle, was built more as a vacation home. The Duke had a collection of armor (including some for himself), a chapel with a 550 year old original painting, and even a drinking room. It was definitely worth a visit.

    The rest of the day was spent visiting with O, Nico's grandma. She made some vegetarian maltauschen with potato salad for lunch - a Swabian specialty. It was a delicious. Brittany will work a little harder at learning German so she can converse with more of Nico's family.
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  • Day184

    Visit to Ulm

    April 29, 2017 in Germany

    The Lutheran church survived the wars, hard to believe. It's the tallest gothic church in Europe. They were having a huge market while we were there which gave the whole place a positively Medieval feel.

    We walked over to the shores of the Danube to get a look at the well preserved Fishermen's quarter. A really veautiful and compact city for walking.Read more

  • Day17


    August 24 in Germany

    Day trip to Friedrichshafen. Walked to Langenargen, then took the lake boat to Friedrichshafen for a wander. Friedrichshafen is where The Zeppelin factory was, so there’s a Zeppelin museum there. Unfortunately we were a bit late so couldn’t get in there. Popped into the Seetroll game & comic shop and picked up Noch Mal and Ganz Schön Clever. There was an awesome fountain there!Read more

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