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  • Day1

    Begin of the skating tour.

    June 1 in Germany ⋅ ⛅ 15 °C

    Back on the road again? Yes. First we started in Lutherstadt Wittenberg and then we followed the Elbe cycling route. First stop: Torgau. About 72 km to go. My parents and me, we travel for the next 6 days together until we reach Bad Schandau. Then after a little break for one night at home. A few friends of mine and myself go on an Interrail over Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland.Read more

  • Day29

    Obstacles on the way to the Elbe

    June 26, 2017 in Germany ⋅ ⛅ 19 °C

    We were late leaving our Pension in Berlin, then we had to go to the Hauptbahnhof to organise train tickets to Dessau on the Elbe river. The Hbf in Berlin is big, Mary would love it, 16 platforms on several different levels. Jan managed to work out how to buy tickets from the machine, easy getting ours but it wasn't clear how to get the bike tickets. Our train went from platform 13, the lifts to this platform weren't working, so it's up 2 flights of stairs, luggage on and off the bike, bikes are too heavy fully loaded to carry them up the stairs.

    Finally on the train. Dessau looks very drab, particularly the Bahnhof. We find a bike shop with a pump outside so we manage to pump up our tyres, finally on our way about 3pm. No problem only 40k to go. At last we get to the river, a gorgeous covered bridge, things are looking up. And then a Biergarten, even better, of course beer gardens also have tea and cake.

    There had been a big thunderstorm a few nights ago, lots of trees down. A couple of times we had to take the bags off to get over or around the fallen logs.

    Ferries across the Elbe work on an interesting cable system, they're slow and only take a few vehicles, but there are usually more bikes than cars. This one was nicely decorated with pot plants. Only 3 Euros for 2 plus bikes.

    We had to ring up to get directions to our accomodation in Wittenberg, a cruise boat doing a stint as a hotel before cruising again in September. We had passed it but didn't realise it was the one, we didn't have a name on the booking sheet, and we thought the one we passed looked too grand.

    Then at last, a beer on the top deck of course, while we pretend we're cruising. We even had dinner on the boat rather than go into town looking for the cheap eats. The current was so strong that if you didn't look to closely at the far bank you could imagine you're moving. A great ride once we got going and a lovely evening.
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  • Day284

    Day 285: Lutherstadt-Wittenberg

    November 26, 2017 in Germany ⋅ ☀️ 4 °C

    Much clearer day today - no rain, though it was quite cold! Below zero overnight, and plenty of frost outside in the morning. Today we were heading for Wittenberg, aka Lutherstadt, the home of Protestantism. We were out before 9am - very early for a Sunday, and walked across the bridge to the station. Two trains and 90 minutes later and we were in Wittenberg.

    German cities are very quiet on Sundays as a rule, and this was no exception. There was almost nobody around as we walked the 10 minutes from the station into the main centre of town, where of course most shops and restaurants were closed.

    First stop for us was the castle church, home to the famous doors where Luther nailed his "95 Theses" document. Of course, the actual doors are long gone, having been lost in a fire in the 1760s, but the replacements are made of bronze and have the theses moulded in. Did some filming, though we couldn't go inside the church since it was a Sunday morning and in use for services.

    Luther's main argument with the church was over the idea of purchasing indulgences - the concept that one could pay an "indulgence", or essentially a bribe, to the Pope, and that that would absolve one of sin. It mean that the rich could almost literally get away with murder, and also implied (in Luther's eyes, incorrectly), that the Pope - not God - could absolve one of sin.

    We wandered around the town for a while, and also checked out the town church, known as the spiritual heart of Protestantism. It's here that the first Protestant services were conducted, with Protestant ministers, and it's here that Luther was married as well (despite being a Catholic monk, he married not long after his excommunication).

    Again, it was closed for services so we just looked at the outside. Wandered around the town a bit more, looking at the monastery where Luther lived for much of his life, both before and after his excommunication. Finally the churches were starting to open up after services, so we went inside a couple of them to check things out. The man at the town church was very nice and allowed us to carry Schnitzel around inside, rather than taking turns while the other shivers outside.

    By midday we were finished and had to decide whether to hurry back to the station for the next train, or to have a good lunch and get a later train. There was a nice looking brewery and traditional restaurant that looked quite nice, so we opted for that - it's been a while since we've had a big sit down lunch! We both had a large beer and a pork schnitzel with mushroom sauce and roast potatoes. Nice.

    The bill took ages to arrive so we had to hurry back to the station in the end, but just made it. Back home where we stayed for the rest of the day.
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  • Day4

    Ankunft in Wittenberg

    June 3, 2017 in Germany ⋅ ⛅ 24 °C

    Der Skategott war heute nicht auf meiner Seite. Die letzten 15 km durfte ich laufen weil der weg mit jedem km immer schlechter wurde. Aber es musste natürlich zu allem Überfluss über 2 Stunden auch noch regnen. Jetzt ist hier aber gutes Wetter und ich hoffe das es morgen besser wird. Btw.: die ersten 100 km liegen hinter mir.Read more

  • Day5

    Fahren bei Wind und Wetter

    June 4, 2017 in Germany ⋅ 🌧 15 °C

    Aufgrund der Tatsache dass es heute in einer tour regnet, entschied ich mich dazu meine route zu verändern und den Elberadweg nach Dessau zu nehmen statt dem Europaradweg. Warum? Die Strecke ist um 20 km kürzer. Und wenn ich schon im regen fahren muss, dann wenigstens nicht solange.

  • Day1

    Lutherhaus Wittenberg

    October 28, 2017 in Germany ⋅ ⛅ 9 °C

    Das Augusteum entstand als Erweiterungsbau der Universität Wittenberg Leucorea. Der repräsentative Schaufassadenbau beherbergte bis 2012 das evangelische Predigerseminar. Vom Eingangsportal des Augusteums gelangt man in den Innenhof, wo sich früher der botanische Garten der Universität befand, und erblickt das ehemalige Wohnhaus Martin Luthers. Heute befinden sich in dem Gebäude das reformationsgeschichtliche Museum und seine umfangreichen Sammlungen von Bildern, Schriften und Exponaten der Reformationszeit. Seit 1996 ist das Lutherhaus, das bis dahin offiziell Lutherhalle hieß, Bestandteil der Reformationsstätten derLutherstadt Wittenberg Weltkulturerbe der UNESCO.Read more

  • Day1

    Schloßkirche Wittenberg

    October 28, 2017 in Germany ⋅ ⛅ 9 °C

    Die Schlosskirche, auch Kirche der Reformation, ist eine evangelische Kirche in Lutherstadt Wittenbergund seit 1996 UNESCO-Welterbestätte. Sie ist die größte Kirche der Stadt und grenzt im Süden an dasSchloss Wittenberg.

    Weithin sichtbar erhebt sich der zylindrische, 88 Meter hohe Schlosskirchturm aus der Silhouette der Lutherstadt Wittenberg und markiert das westliche Ende der Altstadt. Nähert man sich der Kirche, erkennt man eine filigran verzierte neugotischeTurmhaube (1885/92), unter der sich ein mit Mosaiksteinen gestaltetes Spruchband befindet, auf dem in metergroßen Buchstaben die Worte des Kirchenliedes Martin Luthers „Ein feste Burg ist unser Gott, ein gute Wehr und Waffen“ zu lesen sind. Berühmtheit erlangte die Kirche, als am 31. Oktober 1517 der bis dahin nahezu unbekannte Wittenberger Augustinermönch und Theologieprofessor Martin Luther seine 95 lateinischen Disputationsthesenverbreitete, die als Auslöser der Reformation gelten.Read more

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