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    October 25, 2016 in Ghana

    Samstag Nacht bin ich in Accra angekommen... als erstes musste ich eine Karte ausfüllen mit Name und so weiter, wobei mir gleich ein netter Nigerianer zur Hilfe kam. Dann gings durch die Passkontrolle und zum Gepäck, meinen Rucksack musste ich nicht lange suchen, da das Flugzeug eh nicht mal halb voll war... dann bin ich vollgepackt mit Backpackrucksack hinten, kleinem Rucksack vorne und Reisetache aus dem Flughafen getaumelt, wo mir eine schwüle, drückende Hitze und eine Horde Ghanaer entgegenkam, die mir Hotels, Autos und Fahrdienste andrehen wollten. Und irgendwo dazwischen kam ein weißes Gesicht auf mich zu... Linnéa! Ich hab mich riesig gefreut sie endlich wieder zu sehen. Auf dem Weg zum Taxi hat sie mir erstmal erklärt wies hier läuft: Als Weißer wirst du immer abgezogen, weil die Ghanaer denken Weiß ist Reich! Für das Taxi haben wir dann auch eig zu viel bezahlt, obwohl wir schon runter gehandelt haben, aber es ist trotzdem alles Mega billig hier... Im Hotel angekommen gabs ne Eimerdusche, weil des Wasser nicht ging aber Hauptsache Erfrischung! Die Nacht war extrem heiß und laut, da das Hotel an einer Straße lag und hier Hupen dazu gehört wie Gas geben... Vom Lärmpegel her hätte des Bett auch auf der Straße stehen können, des wär genauso laut gewesen... Am nächsten Tag waren wir dann in Accra. In der Stadt waren viele kleine Stände an den Straßenrändern und es war sehr vermüllt alles... auch der Strand war voller Müll und die Klippen waren regelrecht behangen mit Plastiktüten. Da in der Stadt nicht so viel los war, weil es Sonntag war sind wir etwa halb eins mit dem VIP Bus nach Kumasi gefahren, wo Linnéa wohnt. Der Bus war echt gut ausgestattet und die ganze Zeit dröhnte der Fernseher auf voller Lautstärke und spielte Filme auf Twi, der Sprache in Ghana. unser Weg führte uns am Djungel entlang und am Straßenrand würden alle möglichen Früchte, Maniok, Teller und mehr verkauft. Nach vier Stunden kamen wir in Kumasi an. Überall wuselt es, riecht nach essen oder manchmal stinkt es auch undefinierbar, die Menschen starren einen an, viele Grüßen einen und sind sehr herzlich. Wir sind erstmal ins Haus, wo Linnéa mit den anderen Freiwilligen wohnt. Dort wurde ich von dem Wachhund begrüßt, vor dem ich aber keine Angst haben brauchte, wie die anderen mir erklärten, der ist nämlich rassistisch und greift nur dunkelhäutige an. Dann hab ich ne Führung durchs Haus bekommen und hab die Kinder der Familie kennen gelernt die mich super herzlich und ohne scheu begrüßten. Am Abend sind wir auf den Markt und haben Fried Rice und Papaya gekauft. Man bekommt hier eine halbe Papaya bereits geschnitten für 1 Cedi das sind 25ct... und die sind Mega lecker! Abends war ich tot müde und bin früh ins Bett, da es am nächsten Tag in die Schule ging!Read more

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    Jamestown / Osu

    April 6 in Ghana

    1. Station: Die Mall, um auch Kommunikativ in Ghana anzukommen.
    Danach geht es nach Jamestown, wo wir einem aufdringlichen 'Touristenführer' entkommen, den Makola-Market und zufällig auch den Art-Market entdecken und schließlich nach einem Ausflug zur Bank in Osu zum Abendessen eintreffen.

  • Day16

    Culture shock

    October 13, 2009 in Ghana

    Where do I start...

    Yesterday the flight was long and boring, there was 5 us on the flight and we had sooo much to talk about, although towards the end we was just staring at the moving map, which the time go by. The skyline coming down into Ghana was pretty breath taking, and as soon as we touched down and started getting off the plane the heat hit us 28degrees and it was night time! We sort of needed it though as on board the plane it was cold!

    As we moved into the airport and started collecting our baggage the reality hit us(mainly me) that we was the ONLY white people in sight, we collected our baggage and got our passports stamped etc... We was looking out for a person with a SYTO sign (the company we are with), we saw them they welcomed us, and then the mad rush started, pushing our way through people in the dark, all wanting to speak to us begging us for money.

    We crossed a road but they just drive at you! We followed this guy towards this bus where they threw our luggage through the window, and loaded us on where they drove (well if thats what you call it) to the hostel where I am now.
    The hostel is nice, clean and tidy with a dinning area. We was shown to our room, which is the tinest room you have ever seen. There was two girls already here one from Germany, Hannah and the other from Holland (I forgot her name lol), and then the four of us girls, Me, Hannah, Emma, Salma. Amazingly we had a shower that was warm and refreshing, pretty early night was we was all tired!

    OMG where do I start.. We all got up fine and got ready for the day, where we had breakfast - cornflakes and then we all climed onto the mini bus and headed to the SYTO office.

    The heat was about 30 degrees today, so the air conditioned office was a god send. Vinsent (our guide for the week) ran through loads of safety information and what should we be aware off and what not too.
    After our chat at the office, we went too exchange our pennies at the booth next to the office. The guys who wanted to cash travellers checks couldnt change their money there so we moved to the bank and parked out side. The ones of us who stayed in the mini bus suddenly got hounded by people of the street begging and offering to make us things, they are soo persistant and will not go, I think this is where I learn't the art of haggling as I paid 10cedi for two bracelets haha one with my name on =]=]... When we was leaving they was running after the bus, out into the road (remembering there is no laws on the road lol)!

    After here we moved to the local market in Accra, This was an experiance I will never forget:

    The paths there dirty and there was just enough room for single file between the stalls, all you could smell was fish and guess what - they are nothing like the sea food in morrisons, its dirty and stacked up never mind staring at you! Some people was nice going through the market, others were a bit cautious of us. If you say hi people generally say it back and are very pleased you recognised them. The men will always approach us, yet the women will want you to speak to them first I have found.
    I have sooo much more to write and my time is running out! Its still megga hot, so we make our way through the market and over to a cafe... Cafe was really quite pleasant, although was really noisy but saying that everywhere in Accra is noisy you sort of blank it out a bit.

    The menu seemed Ok, mainly rice and chicken and moving down to soup, I had a goat soup with a type of dough but I forgot the name of this, when the food came, the Goat was nice tasted pretty much like beef but the rest was not the best! I think the lady waiting on got abit offended by everybody leaving their food but eee well she will get over it.
    After food we had a tour of the political areas and also drove round some really poor areas. Its shocking to see how some people live although this is proof that money is not everything as they all seemed so happy! After that we moved to another market where I bought a drum and a t-shirt the t-shirt might as well be a nighty as its soo big but I think thats just my rubbish chosing lol!

    Anyways we soon moved back to the hostel where we was staying and as it was only 4 we thought we would wander round where we were staying, where we met the most amazing family in the world! All so friendly and keen to meet us.

    I will show you all the pics when I can upload them! On our way back we bought some pineapple and munched it while waiting for tea and a sigh of relief we had spag bol !
    Now I'm writing this blog! Don't know when I will next write, but your all pretty much up-to-date. Its soo hard to put the surroundings into words as there really are no words to describe!!

    Miss you all - well a little!
    Ne ways toodles!! xxxxx
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  • Day18

    No money?

    October 15, 2009 in Ghana


    Didn’t get chance to write yesterday. Yesterday was a hectic but fantastic day. Started early and ended late, first we went to the SYTO office and went through some more important things that we need to know. We then wandered round the local area of Accra looking at the stands and visiting the local supermarket which was good fun. Getting lunch in an English (expensive) restaurant which seemed weird listening to our music and not reggae.

    After we had had lunch we went back to the SYTO office to have our Drumming and Dancing lessons which was fantastic. We have been offered if we want a drum making for us we can have our names etc carved into it, which I’m thinking about! When we finished we moved back to the hostel to get ready for a BEACH PARTY! wooop. The Beach party started at 9 and finished about 4 in the morning, although we left about 12ish as we was kind of getting smoked out! The party was soo picturesque, trade stands around the outside and a reggae band on stage, with a bar to the right, straight ahead was the sea, which was coming in rather fast, but sitting and listening to the waves and the laid back music having a dance was amazing. The smell of weed got stronger and stronger even though weed is not legalised over here it’s very common.

    This morning was extremely hard to get up, I mean I have enough problems back home haha. This morning we went for a cooking lesson which was an experience and a half! Wafting them coal pots sure tones your arms lolol. The food is very fatty and greasy and I'm really not keen on much of it, so fruit from the market is mainly my diet this week! I have been told that when we start our placements and we do not eat our food it will be seen as offensive... yeah I think I'm going to offend a few people! eee well MANGO MANGO MANGO again will be fine!

    The issue at the banks was really quite upsetting and annoying today, we have all brought out travellers cheques from the UK and they will not except them with out our passports and the receipts of the cheques, and the receipts is the part I do not have! Our passports are handed to the SYTO office as we all need our visa extended (this does not mean I’m staying out here longer tho haha). This now leaves my cheques un-useable!! grrr!, and then I have tried my card in the machine and that did not work either, this meant I was stuck in the middle of Africa with only about 20cedi! Anyways after loads of arguments and issues we found out that my card was blocked due to 'fraud' and we have sorted it out! I will need to phone home screaming DADDDDD when I soon run out of money on my card! Please note that we was stuck at the bank for near enough 3 hours!!!

    Tomorrow at 5.30 I set off to Kumasi which is another huge town where I will meet my family for the next 2months and I will travel to Banko which will be my village I am staying. The placement is the part I really can not wait for and I hope it really goes well!

    There is sooo much more I could write on here but there really is not enough hours in the day! I might find it hard to write as often as I can now over the next few weeks, but leave me a comment on facebook and I will get back to you as soon as I can! I do have a Ghana number out here which I will give out to you guys!

    Anyways Toodles xxx
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    Arrived in Tema, Ghana

    May 16, 2017 in Ghana

    Ich bin gut in Ghana angekommen. Es ist so heiß hier! Yinka hat mich vom Flughafen abgeholt und und ich freue mich die nächsten 2 Wochen bei ihr zu verbringen!

    I arrived safely in Ghana. It is so hot here. my friend Yinka has picked me up from the airport and I am looking forward to spending the next two weeks with her.

  • Day9

    Pearl eine Bekannten aus Ghana un ich wollen nach Kumasi in das Landesinnere fahren. Mit dem Bus ca 6 Stunden und eine Busfahrt funktioniert hier etwas anders. Ich dachte ich lasse euch daran teilhaben. Wir kommen endlich an der Busstation an. Schöne grosse neue rote Busse. Wir finden unseren Bus und ich frage wann fährt der Bus los. Antwort: wenn er voll ist! Ich: wann ungefähr ist das. Antwort: wenn er voll ist. eine halbe Stunde später: wann fährt der Bus denn jetzt los? Antwort: Wenn er voll ist. Der Bus hat 50 Sitze. Momentan sitzen 4 Leute im Bus. Es hat über 30 Grad im Bus. Wir sitzen hier inzwischen über eine Stunde. Wobei unser Busfahrt lässt sich gerade neben dem Bus noch die Fußnägel schneiden, denke es wird also noch eine Weile dauern. Ich habe mich nach draußen gesetzt und unterhalte mich mit dem Busfahrer der mich gerade überzeugen will, dass ich ihn heiraten und mit nach Deutschland nehmen soll. Und ich möchte ihn überzeugen endlich los zu fahren. Seine Antwort: wenn der Bus voll ist!Read more

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