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  • Day35

    That's Thessaloniki

    September 2, 2017 in Greece

    After two nights in Sofía, Bulgaria, we took a bus to Thessaloniki in Greece. The bus tour was led by a Bulgarian woman, who we affectionately named Svetlana. Svetlana didn’t speak much English and wore jeans a few sizes too small, and when she bent over she displayed her black, lacy G-string. Svetlana seemed quite angry – well, that’s the impression she gave us. Maybe she was just having a bad day (or maybe her G-string was too tight and her cork platforms too high).

    The five and half hour trip took us through some beautiful country scenery of Bulgaria. The scenery quickly changed as we entered Thessaloniki, which was full of graffiti and had a much dirtier appearance. It’s a shame to see that the city isn’t maintained and that even some of the ancient monuments are vandalised or overrun by stray cats.

    We stayed in the centre of the city and on our doorstep was the palace complex of the Roman Emperor Galerius, and just up the road was the entrance to the complex marked by the Arch of Galerius and the Roman Rotunda. A few minutes further down the road from the arch and rotunda, you stumble upon the Roman Forum. Ricky was like a kid in a candy store, while Jason was bored by the "old rocks", as he called them.

    The second day in Thessaloniki was Jason's birthday, and we celebrated it by wandering the streets, eating a baklava-like dessert filled with custard and a Greek-style donut. More steps were needed to burn off the excess calories. Dinner was spent at an Indian Restaurant that you needed the exact coordinates to find but it was well worth it.

    Next stop: Athens.

    See link below for video footage:
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  • Day11

    Train to Thessaloniki

    April 14, 2017 in Greece

    We woke up at 9 because we thought we had to check out by 10.
    The bread was awful once again. I've mention it everyday because it honestly is so bad. I said hi/bye to the dog. He doesn't really like me but I've decided that's cause he only understands Greek words. Yep.
    Irene came in to the kitchen and helped us figure out where we needed to get the train from later today. She tried turning off her mums god awful Greek church music. The kind of music/sounds that make you think of monks worshipping. Ooahhhhhooo In very deep voices.
    The mum walked back in and turned it straight back on -.- it hasn't been turned off the whole 4 days. I believe in God and yet even I feel quite uncomfortable about how religious this house is. Paintings and statues everywhere.
    Have I mentioned they don't have a tv? Just a bunch of old lady furniture. I kept thinking of Joeys quote off friends "you don't have a tv?? but what does all your furniture point at??" Hahah
    We figured out we needed to get to Larissa station which was an easy enough task. We chatted for a bit and talked about the different countries she had been too and her studies to become a doctor. She was horrified to learn about the bugs in Australia.
    Because they didn't have any more guests scheduled for the day we were allowed to stay as long as we wanted so we didn't have to carry our luggage everywhere with us.
    We spent the time listening to music, transferring photos from my phone to laptop, replying to messages, contacting our Bulgaria Workaway and booking a hostel in Macedonia for 4 nights.
    Time to go - eh our backpacks are heavy but manageable. Will finds it harder than I do which is weird cause our bags are only 1kg different in weight. We got to the station and had to buy a ticket, the man was a complete and total wanker. The ticket was 1.40€.
    I gave him 50€ he said it was too much money and tried to give me 30cents as change.........
    I was like UHM NO. Will then realized what was happening and said he had 5€ I could use instead.
    So I gave the man the 5€ expecting to get the 50€ back.
    Haha nope.
    I had to have a yelling match where he kept doing aggressive Greek hand gestures which were clear as day telling me to " fuck off stupid woman" he asked "what do you want" where we both had to tell him 10 times WE WANT THE 50.
    Total toss pot.
    He angrily threw it back.
    For the 5€ we paid we got 30 cents change.
    Absolute horrid human.
    And theft.
    We found the right side of the station and caught 2 trains to Larissa.
    Our train is at 4 so it was a 2 hour wait.
    When the train came we took a real gamble. We had no idea if it was the right train - only Greek came over the loudspeaker and there were no signs. We found our seats and sat. I am so nosey. There was a ka-fuffle up front and I sooooo wish I could speak Greek. There was yelling and crying and phone calls! It got even more exciting when the ticket check guy came. More yelling.
    We think they over booked the train. One man had the same seat number as Will another man kicked a lady out of her seat then she kicked someone else out of there's. We had no clue what was going on but we're relieved when the ticket man had no problem with our tickets.

    THERE WAS A CAT BEHIND US :D he meowed the whole way hahahah he didn't like being in a box. I don't think he was allowed because when the ticket guy came they covered him with jackets and bags and told him to shush hahahahaha he got through! It was so nerve racking seeing if he would stay quite or not - he did! Woohoo! Yay kitty!
    The scenery was nice. I'm disappointed I had a sleep and apparently missed going through the mountains.
    I went to the loo and when you press flush it opens up onto the track. I'm disappointed I didn't have a poo hahahah.
    Really gross though.
    The country is much nicer than the city. The olive trees stand out in the fields.
    I have a headache now :( we should arrive soon - it's been 4.5 hours.
    I had a boogie to some music on my iPod and I think I embarrassed Will :) hehe.
    Arrived at Thessaloniki 20 mins later than scheduled - only 5 people left on our carriage now. We made it out to the street and not a single taxi was around. It was so dark and abandoned. Will was more stressed than I was.
    We decided to go for a walk towards some bells that where ringing because that probably meant people. It was the end of a church service and thankfully a random taxi drove by that we flagged down. Our Bnb was only 5 mins away in the heart of the city. Our host is like a Buddha. So cute and randomly has blue eyes.
    He showed us around then him and his son left. We have the whole apartment to ourselves wooo!
    Will was starving so we got food nearby. We couldn't open the door when we got back. We have struggled with every door so far -.-
    5 minutes later we got in. Now BED TIME, YAY!
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  • Day15


    April 18, 2017 in Greece

    We slept in again :)
    Our clothes aren't dry so we have left them hanging up. In our next hostel we have an ensuite so we will do the rest when we get there - don't want to carry around wet clothes.
    Will wants me to tell everyone he hasn't seen a single Subaru.
    Fascinating I know.
    We facetimed Jess and then after a lot of pleading from me, we went to TGI Friday's again ! Wool woop.
    We then went to the center square and bought bird food for 1 euro each to feed the pigeons. There was this annoying little kid who kept running and scaring the birds - granted I would find it fun if i was 7 too. So I moved away from her and made my own little bird club :) there was a dove pigeon too :)
    We caught the taxi up the mountain to Heptapyrgion Castle which unfortunately was closed but we still enjoyed walking around it and sitting on some of the old wall. As we were sitting though Will noticed that there was lots of little red bugs. I've never seen anything like them before, it was flea sized but it's entire body was Fluro red. Once we noticed them we naturally started to feel itchy and moved on.
    I find the walls really interesting with all the rocks just mashed together. Collecting and transporting them would have been a bitch.
    I desperately needed to wee but there wasn't a toilet in sight so we walked quickly down the hill In The direction of the Vlatadon monastery which hopefully had a toilet - we came across a cafe with an spectacular view of Thessaloniki and toilets so we decided to get a drink here to gain access to the loo. The toilet was ridiculous, if you had longer legs then me then you wouldn't be able to close the door - my knees were touching the door when sitting...
    we then popped over to the monastery but it too was closed but we admired the beautiful artistry on the outside of the building.
    We've now walked home.
    Clothes still not dry -.-
    Will is off to the Gym while I pretend I'm packing but will probably watch a cartoon.

    Well, I started to watch land before time.. I told Will to take the key but he said no he will just knock when we comes back but now I've realized that he won't be able to get into the building at all without the first set of keys so his knocking plan won't work. So, I've popped over to the grocery store across the street with the aim of buying toilet paper and sunscreen but they didn't have either? Thy didn't even sell tissues. I ended up buying coke and a snickers hahahah I always have good intentions but it never goes well for me lol.
    I got through check out without mentioning I didn't speak Greek once. She rambled on to me and I just paid silently. So proud.
    So now I'm sitting at the bottom of the stairs just inside the front door waiting for Will to come back. He could be 10 minutes, he could be 3 hours :\ I was hoping it would be closed cause it would mean he should be back by now, but alas, he is not.
    The coke isn't even cold so I can't drink it. Poo.

    It's been 40 minutes.. still waiting.

    There is a buzzer outside that he could press which would let me know when he was back..
    but as I'm the one that pressed it on day one, I'm not sure if he knows which one to press and I'm not willing to take the risk, because if he doesn't know then I won't hear the end of it.
    BUT I just know that because I'm sitting here being a good human he is going to come home and be like "uhm I could have just pressed the buzzer"
    We will see.

    So what happens?
    A man opens the front door and Will waltzes on in with a small "thankyou" to him.
    Gah! Waste of time.
    Will stunk so he had a shower while I packed and had a little iddy biddy baby whinge. I AM SO PROUD HE SAID HE SHOULD HAVE TAKEN THE KEY.
    This is a real personal growth moment.
    As an I'm 'sorry' to me ( not an apologize cause he didn't do anything wrong but rather sorry because I had to sit on the stairs due to circumstances ) he said I could get some sweet chili Doritos :D they are so good.
    We went to dinner at the place we found on TripAdvisor with terrific ratings that's been closed since we arrived - it's worth the hoo-ha.
    Fantastic atmosphere, fast service, yummy food, and super friendly waiters. First time we have tipped in ages.
    One guy asked us where we were from so we said Sydney. And he repeated back "Melbourne city" so happily and walked off.
    He returned later to say woooo Melbourne city and added a fist pump hahah.
    Because it was our last night in Greece we agreed we would both try an Olive.
    Will had a bite and then spat it out.
    I thought it was a slightly melodramatic reaction until it was my turn and spat mine out too. It was atrocious! So bitter and yuck! Blehh!
    I bought my Doritos for our bus trip tomorrow and we have basically packed. Only our toiletries are out.
    I've liked Thessaloniki- granted I'm quite bored with it but it does have its beauty. The atmosphere tonight helped me see that.
    I'm happy to change countries though - so much still to explore!
    Thessaloniki, with a fresh coat of paint, really could be beautiful.
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