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  • Day82

    En schöne Platz! (@Sämi? )

    November 27, 2018 in Greece ⋅ 🌧 19 °C

    Sehr hüpsch daa, die Strass am Meer entlang. Eich supper zum da pfuuse, aber für ois hüt echli Windig/ Stürmisch und nass.
    Aber für anderi wo mal da verbii chemed (Sami? :) ) vilicht supper. (au für in Summer - Schatte/Strand/Duschene, Strandbar ev.)

    Bim wiiterfahre chömemer a ganz viel Manderindliplantage verbii. Alli sind lüchtig orange und riif für de Samichlaus! Sini hälfer sind grad fliissig am Lastwäge vollbiige, damits rechtsziitig bis zum 6.12. bim Chlaus aachömed ;)
    Und mir zwei hend immer denkd die Manderindli chemed sicher us Triibhüüser, das cheng ja nid sii das die genau im Winter riif sind... :)
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  • Day83

    Änother Strand

    November 28, 2018 in Greece ⋅ 🌧 13 °C

    Gester hemmer de Tag eifach chli la Tag sii und sind denn schlussendli amene wiitere Strändli glandet. De eini Mensch wo verbii cho isch het ois na 5 Manderindli gschänkt wommer denn grad schnabuliert hend... Mmmh
    Zum Znacht hemmer denn endli mal na de Härdöpfelstock vo Schwedä gmacht. ;)
    Hüt gahts ab nach Albanie... mir sind gspannt!
    Uund mer hend miteme liächtä Schreckä festgstellt das mer hüt abig innere Wuche dihei sind... uiuiui!
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  • Day5

    From desert to green

    August 6, 2019 in Greece ⋅ ⛅ 32 °C

    High energy brombeeri frösch vom busch gschnouset - check
    I ischautem wasser bi 35 grad ossetemperatur badet - check
    Griechischi evergreen päss fahre - check
    Vor gfühlte wüesti gester zu zig vo grüen und läbe strotzende urböuim höt - done
    Im schier ändlose national park wo si scho ir antike heilpflanze gsammlet hei healing energy am ufnäh - check
    Zom schlafe im uhu zuelose - guet nacht
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  • Day443

    Pagania, mainland Greece

    July 2, 2018 in Greece ⋅ ☀️ 27 °C

    OK so I spoke too soon the SD card we picked up was a C-Map 4D even though we had told the lady in the shop that our Furuno chart plotter would only take NT, NT+, and Max. We think that that’s what she told the engineer but either he didn’t believe her or thought there was no way anyone would have anything that old! We don’t know but we paid for it and brought it on board to try but as expected the chart plotter panicked and didn’t get off the opening page. I called and told the store that the card was no good and could they get the one we had asked for and given them the number of, the lady wouldn’t confirm over the phone she just wanted us to go in again the next morning. We did and then had to come back to boat to get existing chip and operators manual to confirm that what we had asked for was what we needed. Great! So anyway we now have to wait till Wednesday (the 4th) to get the card hopefully the right one this time. We were originally told Tuesday but hey this is Greek time so no surprise that’s it’s a day later. We also got to experience the Greek postal system, it would appear that only post offices can sell stamps so we managed to find a post office and we were the only ones who actually wanted to post anything others were paying bills, collecting money and other things that took ages with obviously only 2staff working and queue almost out the door. William your birthday present is on its way but I really have no idea when it will arrive.
    Well rather than stay on the anchorage which was getting crowded as apparently lots of boats have to move out of the marina for Fri Sat Sun as that’s the change over dates for the charter boat companies and the marina needs all the berths, we decided to go across to the mainland. We found this lovely little very protected bay a dog leg where the noisiest things were the cicadas and the cows, the only habitation was a farm though we had had to dodge a fair few fish farms to get into the bay. We had to navigate there, the old fashioned way with a paper chart, fortunately it was day light and clear so we were fine. Sorry no photos of anchorage was too busy relaxing but I have attached some scenery ones and one of me drinking the blue wine we bought back in Almerimar, yes blue!
    We are now back at Gouvia anchorage as like I said we were told Tuesday but now it’s Wednesday hopefully.
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  • Day446

    Ormiskos Valtou N of Igoumenista

    July 5, 2018 in Greece ⋅ ☀️ 29 °C

    We eventually managed to get the correct chip, on American Independence Day. So after two more nights anchored off Gouvia waiting for the chip and then another because it arrived late in the day we headed South. I would give you a blow by blow account but it just winds me up but while waiting I swam from our anchorage to the chapel in the bay photo 3 and also took pictures of some of the plastic fantastics in the Marina and there were a lot (photo 1 & 2) On Thursday morning we headed south past Corfu Town and then across the channel to our next anchorage which was beautiful so peaceful just cicadas and egrets to keep us company, well there were also some fish but they didn’t come out until after we had put the fishing rods away and then they were leaping joyously out the water. Photos 4 5&6. I am also now reading Eleni which is based in a mountain village close to Pagania and Igoumenitsa about one woman’s struggle through the Second World War and Greek civil war that formed part of WW2 and continued until 1949 its a very good read.Read more

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