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  • Day182

    Kavala, Campingplatz

    November 4 in Greece

    Die Nacht war ruhig in Alexandroupolis und morgens würden wir von einer Militärkapelle begrüßt. Bei schönem Wetter sind wir nach Kavala weitergefahren.

    Hier wollten wir auf einem Campingplatz unsere Vorräte auffüllen und etwas Wäsche waschen.
    Am Eingang war niemand und die Rezeption ist nur von Mo-Fr besetzt. So haben wir uns einen sonnigen Platz gesucht und erst Mal das Mittelmeer getestet.

    Einen Strand für uns alleine.
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  • Day188


    November 5 in Greece

    So, unserem Fiat können sie nur indirekt helfen. Der Dieselpartikelfilter würde 1800Euro kosten, müsste aus Italien geliefert werden und hat eine Lieferzeit von 14 Tagen! Die Injektoren kämen auf 4 x 450 Euro, und dann noch der Einbau. Zwei Wochen können wir nicht warten - Savas, der FIAT Grieche, holt Nektarios als Dolmetscher. Die griechische Lösung: DPF raus, leere Hülse wieder anschrauben, die Software wird "gehackt", neu aufgespielt, die Injektoren werden repariert und nicht neu bestellt - und tada - das Käschtli fährt wieder. Zwar nicht mehr Euro 4, aber eine gute Lösung.Read more

  • Day41

    Hotel Nefeli

    June 19, 2015 in Greece

    Our last stop in Greece, let's just say Kavala did not disappoint. We went put for dinner in smaller groups, I was with Jayden, Hayden, Ashlee, Georgia, Tori & Jessie. After dinner we headed to what looked like a local fair after a few drinks and went onto the dodgem cars. It was the most fun I have had in ages!Read more

  • Day16

    In Kavala genossen wir mal wieder einen Freddo Cappuccino und spazierten danach durch den Hafen und vorbei am Aquädukt in der Altstadt.
    Auf dem Weg in Richtung Alexandroupoli nahmen wir noch ein Bad und genossen eine unserer letzten Strandduschen. Danach ging es wieder auf die Autobahn. Dort kann man auch in Griechenland ein paar außergewöhnliche Sachen erleben. Es ist auf jeden Fall ziemlich gängig bei Harndrang auf dem Standstreifen anzuhalten.
    In Alexandroupoli haben wir uns nach kurzer Suche für einen Stellplatz an einem Strand entschieden und einen ruhigen Abend genossen.
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  • Day28

    Athens to Kavala

    June 14, 2016 in Greece

    Long driving day - 3, three hour legs!

    We did make a stop along the way at the site of the Battle of Thermopyle. There a great summary in the photo I took of a sign...This battle was also the basis for the Gerard Butler movie - 300.

    We only had one night in Kavala, but you could hear the sea from there tents and we spent the evening at the beach front patio! Unfortunately, the showers weren't ideal - heated by solar power and I did not enjoy the freezing cold shower I took that night! I decided to do that rather than have a shower in the morning, especially when we needed to pack up camp and be in the road by 6:30 because we needed to catch the ferry from Ecebat to Gallipoli at 7:30.Read more

  • Day9

    Kavala, Griechenland

    May 21, 2015 in Greece

    Gegründet wurde Kavala im 7. Jahrhundert v. Chr. von griechischen Bewohnern der benachbarten Insel Thasos als Neapolis. 
    -Altstadt, vorne das Imaret-Hotel oben die Byzantinische Festung Bild 1-3
    -Zweistöckiger Aquädukt aus römischer Zeit in Kavala Bild 4
    -Geburtshaus von Mehmet Ali Pascha Bild 5

  • Day595

    Super long drive today. All up we spent about 7 hours driving, including stops to refuel both the car and our stomachs.

    Mostly headed north around the mountains, then out onto the plains of northern Greece where we skirted around Thessaloniki and bent around eastwards towards the Turkish border. Finally reached the town of Kavala where our most distant World Heritage site is located - we'll visit in the morning.Read more

  • Day596

    Early start again from Kavala, heading for the nearby ruins of Philippi, an ancient Greek settlement. Although we arrived at about 9:30am (it's not far outside town), we were dismayed to discover a car park full of tour buses! We were then mayed to find that it was for kids on a sports excursion, and they were using the nearby parks rather than the archaeological site - which we had entirely to ourselves. Not bad.

    There's not actually a whole lot to see here, it's probably the least preserved of the ruins that we've visited. But I still found it quite interesting because it's closely connected to many famous people from antiquity. Firstly, it's named Philippi after its first conqueror, Phillip of Macedon who was Alexander the Great's father.

    Secondly, during the Roman period there was a huge and decisive battle just outside the town in 42 BC. After Julius Caesar's assassination, an army lead by his heirs Octavian (later Augustus) and Marc Antony faced off against an army lead by Caesar's assassins, Brutus and Cassius. It sounds cliche, but Rome's history lay in the balance. Ultimately, Octavian and Marc Antony prevailed, ending completely the 500 year history of the Roman republic and paving the way for the Roman Empire (which Octavian would later become the first emperor of).

    And thirdly, during the Byzantine period Philippi became an important centre because of something that had happened hundreds of years earlier. Around 49 or 50 AD, the Apostle Paul had visited Philippi and preached the gospel. He was thrown in jail and miraculously escaped (according to a tale from the book of Apostles). In the city he also built the first ever Christian church in Europe, and also performed the first ever baptism in Europe, on a local lady named Lydia.

    So yeah, all up it was quite interesting, though not much to physically see. A ruined theatre, remains of the Forum, stones from early Christian basilicas, and that was basically it.

    Grabbed some lunch from a bakery on the way back to Kavala, then drove into the centre of town to have a look. Parking was Greek-style only (ie anywhere your car might fit), so we opted to just have a look from inside and then cruise back home.
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