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    • Day 4

      Kithnos - Siros

      September 12, 2022 in Greece ⋅ ☀️ 26 °C

      Aufgewacht mit einem tollen Sonnenaufgang starten wir in den Tag. Normalerweise stehen wir gegen 8 Uhr auf, gehen baden und bereiten in wechselnden Teams das Frühstück vor. Dann sitzen wir um 9 Uhr gemeinsam am Tisch und stärken uns, um gegen 10 Uhr abzulegen.
      Heute starten wir allerdings eine Stunde früher, da wir eine weite Strecke vor uns haben! Und zugegeben, bei einigen Mitgliedern der Crew fällt das Frühstück aufgrund des vergangenen Abends etwas spärlich aus. Das wird sich aber leider noch als Fehler erweisen.

      Heute ist unser Ziel die Insel Siros. Da wir jetzt ordentlich Wind haben, zwischen 17-27kn, setzen wir zum ersten Mal die Segel. Die Vorfreude ist bei uns allen riesig, endlich geht es richtig los mit dem Segeln. 30sm sind als Netto Strecke heut zu bewältigen, dadurch, dass wir einen harten Am-Wind Kurs fahren müssen, kommen wir inklusive Kreuzen auf am Ende um die 50sm gefahrene Strecke.

      Leider ist die Kombination der Windrichtung mit dem entsprechenden Kurs und der Windgeschwindigkeit nicht für alle Mägen ein Vergnügen. Während wir mit 6-7kn Durchschnittsgeschwindigkeit durchs Wasser pflügen haben wir ordentlich Schieflage und begegnen Wellen um die 3m hoch. Zwei von unsere Crew hat es erwischt, der Alkohol am Vorabend, das wenige Frühstück und die Bedingungen lassen die beiden über der Reling bzw. dem Eimer hängen. Uns anderen geht es nur unter Deck wirklich schlecht, also sitzen wir gemeinsam im Cockpit und machen unsere ersten Segelerfahrungen bei etwas groben Bedingungen. Von Gregor erfahren wir, dass der Meltemi die Kykladen häufig mit so einen Wind beschenkt und es noch deutlich schlimmer geht. Ich für meinen Teil, habe allerdings großen Spaß an der wilden Fahrt. Scheinbar bin ich doch einigermaßen Seefest!

      Angeschnallt mit Rückhaltegurten snacken wir Cracker, wechseln uns am Steuer ab, genießen die Aussicht und lenken uns gegenseitig ab, falls es doch jemandem nochmal übel wird.

      Angekommen auf Siros stellen wir fest, dass es den anderen Schiffen unserer Flottille nicht anders gegangen ist. Mit nur zwei Ausfällen, waren wir noch das fitteste Boot, von wegen Senioren also!

      Diesen Abend lassen wir etwas ruhiger angehen, der Tag hat uns alle doch ziemlich geschafft. Dennoch darf natürlich das ein oder andere Kaltgetränk auch heute nicht fehlen. Gespannt und bei einigen auch etwas ängstlich erwarten wir den folgenden Tag!
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    • Day 54

      This place is Syros-ly nice

      August 20 in Greece ⋅ ☀️ 28 °C

      After a sea sickening ferry ride and more stairs than Dubrovnik 😵 we arrived in our lovely little tiny house in Syros! It is in a neighbourhood up on a hill with tiny winding streets designed to fend off pirates back in the Venetian days (those guys just keep popping up everywhere).

      We popped into a cafe just down the road (because we didn't want to walk up and down the stairs) and had maybe the best lunch of our whole trip !? We then went to do our best impression of skinks and sun ourselves on some rocks and go for a little swim. We nearly got SNAVed again when the Fast Ferries boat arrived but we were more prepared this time - can't say the same about the French couple near us...

      We again just ducked into a little place down the road for dinner and had some amazing drinks with a wonderful view over the whole town. Alfred also got visited by one of the famed Syros cats who did not want to stop being petted. We ended the night by trying to watch a replay of the soccer but settling for the highlights bc FIFA+ sucks.
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    • Day 56

      Alfred Wilson and the Accidental Alcohol

      August 22 in Greece ⋅ ☀️ 29 °C

      We spent the day at a new beach in Possidonia called Komito Beach. It was very windy and everyone was playing beach tennis which was okay until the guys that were bad at it hit a ball right over our tzatziki 😰
      We decided to get granitas for the walk back to the bus and somehow mine was just a granita but Alfred's really leaned into the vodka flavour. The bus trip home was not a great one for alfred 😔 so we had to get an emergency ice cream before we walked back up to Ano Syros to revive him.

      We went back to the Meze place from the first day for dinner and tried a few other dishes! Then we got some Greek donuts (very yum 11/10) and ate them on an abandoned balcony with a view right down to the water!

      It was the time for bed before an early ferry tomorrow 😴
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    • Day 4

      Syros -Quad-Rundfahrt

      May 19 in Greece ⋅ ☀️ 20 °C

      Hüt Morge hämer gad nebem Hotel en Quad gmietet und sind de ganz Tag chli über d Insle gfägt, jedes Dörfli hemer abklapperet 😎

      Fast alli I sle da sind sehr hüglig, was mer ned ganz so erwartet hend, isch aber sehr schön!

      Zum Znacht simer doch 50m gloffe und is näxte Resti, seeehr fein gsi!
      Miteme Verdauigsspaziergängli hämer denn wieder de Sunneuntergang beobachtet.
      Am Dorfsteg simmer denn ga Fischlibeobachte, scho gester hemer ganz viel gseh, au Seeigel und -gurke!
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    • Day 39

      Manchester of Hermoupolis

      October 12 in Greece ⋅ 🌬 20 °C

      Syros, historically an industrial town, had a network of textile 🏭

      Unknown why, in August 1986, the workers were told the factory was closed. The doors were shut, and everything was left in situ. In 2013, the factory was discovered, and private money invested to preserve the history of the last workers and their skills...🪡

      The Jacquard Loom is an absolutely amazing piece of technology! Peggy was absolutely fabulous 🥰 A trip to see if a working one is in action has been added to the list...…
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    • Day 55

      A beach adventure

      August 21 in Greece ⋅ 🌬 29 °C

      We started the day by getting on the wrong bus (oopsies) so we spent a few hours at Kini beach in the morning. This was quite a happy accident as we had a great swim and snagged a great spot under a tree! We then got on an early afternoon bus to Galissas Beach (the planned destination) and it was utterly glorious.

      We found ourselves a little corner right down the far end of the beach, just close enough to the beach club to hear some tunes but not close enough to be charged €40 an hour for a beach lounge 😵 the water was so ridiculously clear we could see all the lazy fish splashing around. We returned to our roots with a picnic lunch although the cheese and meat melted en route. Our peace was only slightly disturbed by a very large old lady going for an extended nudie run/swim/sit around just near us which was wild on an otherwise swim suited beach.

      We watched the sunset up a nearby hill and while we were waiting for the sun to drop we saw another nudie man climbing the rocks out of the water to watch the sunset on the next point out - very brave 😬🐡 We had some banging gyros for dinner before jumping on our bus back home after a super beachy day ☀️🌊🐠🌴
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    • Day 33


      October 6 in Greece ⋅ ☀️ 21 °C

      My first visit to Apano Meria highlighted that human activity had been present in the area, but with more traditional ways of development possible in todays society whilst protecting the environment 🤔

      Could Ecotourism provide a way? Let the research begin with a nice view 🪟 to ponder this over...
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    • Day 25

      I Found a Roman Catholic Church!

      June 13, 2022 in Greece ⋅ ⛅ 23 °C

      Today is the last full day in Syros so I’m taking myself up, up, and away to the Ano Syros. This is the original town that was built high on a hill (Surprise!) to keep the marauding pirates at bay (literally!). Back in the day, pirates would plunder coastal villages, so this one was built high up. Now, I would like to elude to the fact that I walked up (you can, if your in your 20’s and are fitter than I was in my 20’s) but I walked down to the port and grabbed a taxi. He dropped me off at the beginning of the town (no roads up here) and I start my climb.

      I have come to see the Cathedral of St George. Originally built in 1200’s it was destroyed in 1617 by the Turks, who then hanged the bishop and his vicar. In 1652 it became the cathedral for the Roman Catholic diocese for Syros and Mykonos. There are only 50,000 Roman Catholics in Greece (left over from the Venetian rule) and most live on Syros. This is not a huge church as other cathedrals are in Europe however; it is just a serene and beautiful. The walk up is through little paths that lead to people’s homes. I have no idea how people found their way in these little villages. They must have known everyone and just kept thinking: “Turn left at Mary’s house, up three sets of stairs, turn left at Peter’s house with the cat, up two sets of stairs, turn right and Paul’s house is the first one on the right”. Other than a different house plant on the stoop, I can’t tell the difference.

      I do make it up to the church (there are signs and my trusty Google Maps). There are not many people up here today, if I have passed 6 people the entire time that would be pushing it. The church sits at the very top of the mountain and has a commanding view of Ermoupoli below. It is quiet and peaceful up here. The church has columns and a walkway around the entrance to shade you from the elements. Inside the church is cool and quiet. It has the same blue colour of the Orthodox churches I have been in, which makes me think that this is just the colours in Greece and not a secular thing. It looks as if some repair work is being done on the ceiling but the overall effect is very nice. There are some wonderful paintings but no stained glass that you would expect in a cathedral. The baptism is the oldest part of the cathedral and is off to the one side of the main church. There is a grave stone inside the church but I couldn’t find out who is buried there.

      I leave the church and make my way down the village to the camara which is where the village begins. On my way, I find sleeping cats, houses adorned with flower pots on their door steps and only one other person. I do see a pharmacy but no other stores. Where do they get groceries? Do they drive down to Ermoupoli for their food and stuff? Don’t know. When I get to the bottom, I find a taxi dropping someone else off. Bonus!!! I ask if he will take me back to port and hop in. Yeah, I’m a wimp but I have more than made my step count every day (most of it up stairs and hills!).
      Back in Ermoupoli, I pick a restaurant for dinner. This place was called Mammo and was on the main port street. Service was awful, food mediocre, the view is what saved it. I ordered an appetizer, glass of white wine and a main. The main course came, with no wine or appetizer. I called the waitress over (someone else delivered the dish) and she went and got the rest of my order. She never came back to check on me. I had to get up and walk into the main part of the restaurant to pay. Guess how much her tip was!

      I head back to my place and pack. Tomorrow I’m off to my final destination in Greece, which is Athens. Talk to you there!
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    • Day 4

      Insel Siros

      September 18 in Greece ⋅ 🌬 22 °C

      Leider wies man mir auf der Fähre den falschen Weg, so dass ich mit meinem Fahrrad leider das Ausfahrtstor erst erreichte als dieses bereits geschlossen war und die Fähre bereits wieder von meinem Bestimmungsort Mykonos abgelegt hatte. 🤬
      Es half nichts: ich mußte bis zur nächsten Insel Siros mit, wo ich kurz vor Mitternacht nach einer 25 Stunden Schiffsreise die Fähre verlassen konnte. Ich hatte mich schon so sehr auf das gebuchte Apartment mit Meerblick und Terrasse auf Mykonos gefreut. Stattdessen durfte ich auf Siros draußen unter freiem Himmel im Schlafsack Nähe des Hafens übernachten. Dafür konnte ich vor der morgendlichen Fähre zurück nach Mykonos noch die schöne Altstadt von Siros besichtigen
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    • Day 29

      Ermoupoli Port, Syros

      October 2 in Greece ⋅ 🌬 24 °C

      I have arrived safely to Syros on ⛴️ #1

      Apano Meria SCE my home for the next 3 weeks, and I am so excited to get started. After a walk of the island this evening, I am now just as excited to explore the island too!

      I think the first thing I should do is speak to the local municipality about the disabled access provisions?! 🤣
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