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  • Day438

    We have almost officially arrived in Greece, it’s worse then Tunisia, but that’s mostly because all the parties are not in the same place. We had to visit port authority in a Gouvia then go the port police and customs in Corfu town and then back to port authority. The process is very labour intensive so keeps lots of people employed, a computerised system would involve only one person instead of the four we have seen! But at least it gave us an excuse to wander around Corfu town which was, to use an American quote (they are a few of them around, probably off the cruise ships), very quaint with lots of winding little streets a fair few of which turn out to be dead ends. The church’s are less ornate but there are still lots of them. I have included photo of John to prove he is still alive after I got a little upset about his forgetting that we didn’t have electronic charts for anywhere east of the foot of Italy! This should be sorted tomorrow when we collect the new SD card for the plotter.Read more

  • Day432

    We made it we are anchored off the small island of Othonoi it’s just to the NW of Corfu. There were days, well certain trips, when I thought I wouldn’t get here but all’s well that ends well. We got visited by the Italian authorities again on our way across don’t know why, they just wanted the boat name number of people and our destination. We were tempted to take a photo of the boat but weren’t sure that would have gone down very well. On the way here we actually got all the sails out John tried to take photos to prove it so here they are. I am looking forward to tomorrow’s trip we are going to go 7 miles to Erikoussa great! On my screen the auto detect where we are hasn’t worked so might need to update. Am off to bed before I get bitten even more.Read more

  • Day452

    Levkas Town, Town Quay

    July 11 in Greece

    Oh dear another noisy night the bars in Preveza stayed open with music till 03:30 and one place was still serving at 05:30 but had turned the music off so just chatting noise. You would think we would learn but after a quiet night at anchor NW of Preveza we have headed to Levkas Town through the lifting twisting bridge.
    Each end lifted towards centre and then the whole thing rotated. We nearly had an incident or two when the American boat at the front of the queue appeared to be waiting for a personal invite, there was a lot of waving arms and yelling GO GO and then he started to move forward slowly. Everyone else had started moving forward as the bridge lifted expecting him to also move as south bound traffic, per our literature and website, had right of way but he was frozen as north bound vessels came through. The gap was at least 30m wide so plenty of room for both directions to go at same time, never mind he’s American it’s not his fault.
    So the reason we are here is that tonight it’s England v Croatia World Cup semi final and I don’t expect England to go any further so thought I should let John watch this match, am I a great girlfriend or what! We have been for a wander through the town so some photos attached. Also attach is Vega a ketch belonging to 2of the guys that helped us moor the second time in Preveza its wooden we didn’t know the name till we anchored the next night.
    Oh yes do you remember I was pleased with how well the mooring stern to with the anchor had gone well...... spoke to soon for some reason, probably because we hadn’t set the anchor far enough out or perhaps someone else caught it, it slipped out the mud and wouldn’t catch so we had to go out and try again only this time it was a lot windier, oh dear, well we dropped the anchor much further out and just let it run till it ran out of chain ( luckily we had secured the end ) then with the help of about 5guys pulling for all they were worth to keep us off a little fibreglass boat alongside us, we eventually managed to get into the mooring without crushing anything. We needed another shower after that. As a reward we had a lovely meal out I had souvlaki, kebab, john had lamb chops, though they looked more like ribs to me! Both were delicious though and so was the chocolate cake I had bought for my dessert, not GF so couldn’t share, shame. The next day before heading here, Levkas, we got our Transit Log stamped at the coastguard office and I had a hair cut, nothing drastic just a trim and relayering as getting to thick and taking ages to dry. Well after tea we are going to the Irish Bar (everywhere has one) to watch the game.
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  • Day455


    July 14 in Greece

    Sorry obviously we shouldn’t have watched as England did well until we did watch. Personally and sorry if this upsets some I think Croatia played the better game especially in the second half. But enough of football, we got our Transit Log stamped in Levkas the morning after the match and then headed off, as no one came to see us about paying for the mooring we didn’t, pay that is. We had a lovely peaceful cruise down the Levkas canal, past egrets and other waders as well as a lot of seagulls on the local reclamation site! Well peaceful ish we managed to pick up a Cicada that didn’t leave till we anchored up, they are bloney loud them eh! We then spent a couple of nights in isolation in a little bay called Vali Vathi on the mainland side before cruising around the Onassis island called Scorpio to Nidri. While at Vali Vathi I did a bit of wombling (they are fur covered creatures that live on Wimbledon Common and were created by someone living on Alderney, look them up) and collected a black sack of rubbish mostly plastic tops and lids, lots of plastic straws and bits of rope. The little bit of beach was only about 45m wide and 10m deep but the rubbish went up into undergrowth where the wind must have blown it but I didn’t do that bit. Nidri is a bit of a tourist trap but still fun and very sheltered, we saw last part of the play off for third place where we ( I am counting myself as English as that appears to be what the Greek are doing) lost again☹️. Tomorrow we are due to meet the Boyle family who are over here on holiday, we thought we should ruin at least one day of their peace and quiet!Read more

  • Day466


    July 25 in Greece

    Another day another island we are now on Zakynthos off Ay Nikolaos. We spent 2 nights in the harbour at Argostoli and then 1 night up north anchored in the head of the bay, as it was too windy for us to head out to sea. The morning before we headed north we were lucky enough to see the loggerhead turtles that are apparently regular visitors to the harbour as the fishermen feed them the fish guts. After seeing the turtles we wandered across the bridge to the south of the harbour, built after the 1953 earthquake to see the Argostoli Marina and the abandoned boat just in case there was a bargain there. Do you remember I said about the Greeks putting churches in some random locations well if you look carefully at the photo of the rock island you will see a church/chapel there. The last photo was our view as we had a drink with the sea at our feet and Take Five alongside the quay, in the distance.Read more

  • Day435

    Kassiopi in Corfu

    June 24 in Greece

    After a short cruise from Erikoussa we anchored just S of Kassiopi and walked to the small tourist trap port, it is just as I remember it from my trip a few years ago with Jess Lund (thanks for that holiday it was just what I needed) we are deciding whether to stay on the anchorage or head through the channel towards Gouvia Marina and anchor there decisions decisions. I should probably admit that, and this pains me as I know it’s been lovely in Guernsey, the weather has been a bit pants every other day it’s been raining either drizzling or torrential but at least it’s still warm.Read more

  • Day461

    Ithica to Cephalonia

    July 20 in Greece

    We arrived in Vathi, the main town I think, on Ithaca it is in a large bay but is not that sheltered from the prevailing wind, as the wind comes down over the hills, though as it’s a bay there is no fetch for the waves so not too rough mostly choppy. We have for 30mins so far been watching 2 other yachts trying to moor up stern to in strong ‘beam on’ wind, we just decided it would be easier to anchor so we were settled after 5 mins. More and more yachts arriving so our afternoons entertainment is sorted!😉
    Instead of one night on mainland we ended up spending 2 while we waited for a storm, well probably more like very high winds, on the western coast of Cephalonia to drift away offshore. From Astakos we went to Pagania, the sheltered inlet I mentioned in last post only to find there were other boats there! Well Really! but it was OK they were quiet neighbours, the occupants of one boat spent the afternoon and early evening looking for shellfish and then laying a net. Needless to say they were French.😂. The noisiest things were the cow and goat bells in the early evening and morning. From there we headed over to a truly small inlet on Dhragonera island, see photo of chart plotter, the inlet would have fitted 6Take Fives in total 3 side by side and two rows, we reversed in and had stern lines ashore on both sides we arrived before the afternoon winds so lots of time for me to swim the lines ashore, the island is uninhabited except for goats, so very peaceful.
    Vathi on Ithaca was really quite nice, the write up in the pilot book didn’t do it justice, as it called the houses pale concrete squares, this was because the earthquake in 1953 had destroyed all the earlier architecture and none of the new builds were more than 2stories so as to be earthquake proof, but I thought they looked lovely and the town was small and largely pedestrianised. We ate ashore and John unsurprisingly had another lamb dish Keflitki, I had seafood pasta, both were very good. The following morning more shopping and then off to Cephalonia, the location of ‘Captain Corelli Mandolin’ a good mildly informative read. Sadly our first anchorage option wasn’t very sheltered, so we headed on towards Pessades, today has been a long cruise compared to previous weeks in Greece we were cruising for 6.5 hours. Pessades is another quiet anchorage with a small cafe on the headland final photo.
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  • Day464

    Agostoli on Cephalonia

    July 23 in Greece

    On our way from Pessades to Argostoli we visited Nisis Vardhianoi, off to the West of the bay entrance, for a swim and a look round, as seems to be the case in most of the inaccessable spots in Greece there was a chapel of sorts though unlike many of the others we have seen it was not well looked after. On the island there was also a wreck, John thinks it’s from around 2-3 years ago but boat was about 50 years old, photos attached both of wreck and flora etc we found on the island.Argostoli although apparently being the capital was a fairly quiet town, inhabitants all very friendly. The coastguard that we spoke to when we registered explain that he worked too many hours for too little money, so did the lady in the laundry and the shopkeeper, it seems to be a common problem. While there one morning we met a Brit who was spending his holiday helping a local charity monitor the loggerhead turtles 🐢. He explained that they tended to come into harbour early morning to see the fisherman when they brought their catches in. So that’s our goal for tomorrow morning.Read more

  • Day467

    Zakythos Town

    July 26 in Greece

    Last island for a little while we are now cruising down west coast of Peloponnese, but we spent the night at Zakynthos Town on the Town Quay only second night we have had to pay for in Greece so far! We had to walk round the harbour to get our Transit Log stamped so I took some photos of the local sites. I would have waited to post with more information but tomorrow we hope to go to Olympia, we are in Katakolon the closest port at the moment and have been trying to figure out our transport options for tomorrow, hopefully the train will be running as it’s direct otherwise we have a couple of buses to figure out. Fingers crossed 🤞.Read more

  • Day398

    Wer hätte gedacht das es solch große Schildkröten in Griechenland gibt. Unfassbar hätte sie noch stundenlang weiter beobachten können. 😍 Übrigens gibts hier keine Quallen, da sie von den Schildkröte gefressen werden😎

    Die Stadt war wirklich toll, viele kleine Läden und Cafes. Nach einem längeren Auswahlverfahren sind wir im besten Eiskaffee der Stadt gelandet - was ein Leckeres Crepe 😊

    Ein schöner Landgang bei milden Temperaturen.
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