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  • Day452

    Levkas Town, Town Quay

    July 11 in Greece

    Oh dear another noisy night the bars in Preveza stayed open with music till 03:30 and one place was still serving at 05:30 but had turned the music off so just chatting noise. You would think we would learn but after a quiet night at anchor NW of Preveza we have headed to Levkas Town through the lifting twisting bridge.
    Each end lifted towards centre and then the whole thing rotated. We nearly had an incident or two when the American boat at the front of the queue appeared to be waiting for a personal invite, there was a lot of waving arms and yelling GO GO and then he started to move forward slowly. Everyone else had started moving forward as the bridge lifted expecting him to also move as south bound traffic, per our literature and website, had right of way but he was frozen as north bound vessels came through. The gap was at least 30m wide so plenty of room for both directions to go at same time, never mind he’s American it’s not his fault.
    So the reason we are here is that tonight it’s England v Croatia World Cup semi final and I don’t expect England to go any further so thought I should let John watch this match, am I a great girlfriend or what! We have been for a wander through the town so some photos attached. Also attach is Vega a ketch belonging to 2of the guys that helped us moor the second time in Preveza its wooden we didn’t know the name till we anchored the next night.
    Oh yes do you remember I was pleased with how well the mooring stern to with the anchor had gone well...... spoke to soon for some reason, probably because we hadn’t set the anchor far enough out or perhaps someone else caught it, it slipped out the mud and wouldn’t catch so we had to go out and try again only this time it was a lot windier, oh dear, well we dropped the anchor much further out and just let it run till it ran out of chain ( luckily we had secured the end ) then with the help of about 5guys pulling for all they were worth to keep us off a little fibreglass boat alongside us, we eventually managed to get into the mooring without crushing anything. We needed another shower after that. As a reward we had a lovely meal out I had souvlaki, kebab, john had lamb chops, though they looked more like ribs to me! Both were delicious though and so was the chocolate cake I had bought for my dessert, not GF so couldn’t share, shame. The next day before heading here, Levkas, we got our Transit Log stamped at the coastguard office and I had a hair cut, nothing drastic just a trim and relayering as getting to thick and taking ages to dry. Well after tea we are going to the Irish Bar (everywhere has one) to watch the game.
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  • Day455


    July 14 in Greece

    Sorry obviously we shouldn’t have watched as England did well until we did watch. Personally and sorry if this upsets some I think Croatia played the better game especially in the second half. But enough of football, we got our Transit Log stamped in Levkas the morning after the match and then headed off, as no one came to see us about paying for the mooring we didn’t, pay that is. We had a lovely peaceful cruise down the Levkas canal, past egrets and other waders as well as a lot of seagulls on the local reclamation site! Well peaceful ish we managed to pick up a Cicada that didn’t leave till we anchored up, they are bloney loud them eh! We then spent a couple of nights in isolation in a little bay called Vali Vathi on the mainland side before cruising around the Onassis island called Scorpio to Nidri. While at Vali Vathi I did a bit of wombling (they are fur covered creatures that live on Wimbledon Common and were created by someone living on Alderney, look them up) and collected a black sack of rubbish mostly plastic tops and lids, lots of plastic straws and bits of rope. The little bit of beach was only about 45m wide and 10m deep but the rubbish went up into undergrowth where the wind must have blown it but I didn’t do that bit. Nidri is a bit of a tourist trap but still fun and very sheltered, we saw last part of the play off for third place where we ( I am counting myself as English as that appears to be what the Greek are doing) lost again☹️. Tomorrow we are due to meet the Boyle family who are over here on holiday, we thought we should ruin at least one day of their peace and quiet!Read more

  • Day1

    Travelling and Arrival

    September 30 in Greece

    This is going to be a very different adventure to the one in August 2018. For a start, it's to a place where the temperatures are around 24c and the chance of rain far less probable ... hopefully! A big difference though, apart from the fact it involves a 38ft yacht and a load of sailing, is that Rob isn't travelling alone this time. His daughter, Penny, and her partner Tom provide the sailing expertise as they are both qualified Skippers and experienced with sailing yachts and all that goes with it. The fourth member of the crew is Alan, Rob's 90 year old Dad, who is really looking forward to the trip.

    The flight was 3.5hrs leaving from Manchester and the best view on the way was as the plane flew over the Alps. Though the mountains could be clearly seen, they were shrouded in an ethereal mist which gave them very much the feel of another world. Upon landing at Preveza in western Greece, the magic continued when the group were greeted at the airport with the most amazing and brightly coloured rainbow. Rob, of course, just had to photograph it (only with his phone though) and you can see the results in this footprint. The rainbow wasn't really wobbly in the middle but something didn't quite work with the panorama mode on the phone camera. You perhaps get the idea though.

    The journey ended after a twenty minute transfer to the marina where the four mariners were introduced to their floating home for the next week. It was dark when they arrived so it was difficult to tell what the surroundings looked like. Guess they find out tomorrow.
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  • Day5

    Spatochori, Meganisi

    October 4 in Greece

    The pirate ship sailed into the distance, clearly not at all interested in the bounty aboard Rincewind. Let's face it, your average pirate will never look mean and scary manning the cannons with a large blown-up pineapple under one arm. That pineapple was undoubtedly the saviour of the day.

    Before long the day's destination came into view and Captain Penny asked if Rob would like to take the helm to steer Rincewind onto her birth, so Rob took the wheel while Alan and Tom looked after the ropes. This was the first time Rob had done this and it was a delicate operation too ... the yacht had to be taken-in backwards (the standard way in Greece) but he also had to go manoeuvre around another boat into the reserved slot against the pontoon, whilst avoiding a group of swimmers nearby. Rob managed it perfectly and was really proud of his success, with the G&T's being used to toast the achievement a little later.

    Having completed the drinks tradition and showered, Penny, Tom and Rob took the path up to the viewpoint above the small marina. They were hoping for a good sunset but once again the light never came. The view was amazing though and well worth the effort of climbing all those steps. The main village was there too so a little time was spent having a quick look around.

    The evening ended with a group meal in the beach restaurant with the crews of all ten boats attending. It was a great evening and also a lovely atmosphere afterwards when Rincewind's crew chilled on her deck for a while before bed time.

    Another day comes to a close.
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  • Day2

    First Day Sailing

    October 1 in Greece

    Today the weather was bright and sunny and after a morning briefing and a visit to the supermarket for supplies, the boat was prepared and Penny took the helm. Her trusty crew manned the ropes and Rincewind, the name of the yacht, glided from its mooring and headed for the open seas.

    Sounds impressive doesn't it ... and it was to be honest. The water was calm and a lovely deep blue and the temperature pleasant. Once out of the shelter of the port there was a favourable wind and soon the main sail was suitably hoisted.

    The sails were used all day with the wind gusting to around 20 knots at times and it really was fun even though there was plenty to do at times. It seemed like no time at all when the destination port was sighted then Penny was skilfully manoeuvring Rincewind into her birth for the night.

    The day ended with a G&T all-round then a lovely meal out in a nearby restaurant. No sign of a sunset though, so maybe tomorrow.

    No pirates either.
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  • Day7

    Rincewind was home.

    The journey from the bay was straightforward enough and for a while the wind increased and Penny & Tom raised the sails. The wind wasn't all that strong but there was just enough to help the yacht on its way. Rob took Rincewind down the channel which leads to the large marina in Lefkada then Penny took over when it was time to refuel.

    Once Rincewind was in her birth there was a short debrief to hand-back the yacht then that was it. But what's that in the harbour, if not a pirate boat blazenly flying its Skull & Crossbones? We have seen pirates!

    The final group event was at the nearby hotel bar and on the way to the gathering, Greece finally produced a sunset even though the only camera Rob had was his phone ... but at least there was finally a sunset which meant the title of this trip hasn't needed to be changed.

    At the 'goodbye meeting' various awards were given, with certificates too, and for the crew of Rincewind it was for best at parking of a yacht and for having the oldest crew member for at least this season, and probably much longer to be honest. Alan had been a bit of a celebrity all week it has to be said.

    The final meal was in town at the Nautilus restaurant which was recommended by friends of Penny & Tom. Good choice too as it was a lovely meal for the last night.
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  • Day5

    Sailing to Spatochori

    October 4 in Greece

    The journey to Spatochori was straightforward with the aim to find a pleasant cove or bay to drop anchor for lunch and to go swimming ... and this is exactly what happened. Penny was first in the water followed by Rob who, it has to be said, was a complete wimp about getting into the water. The water was lovely once you were in, Rob just made heavy weather of it and took ages. Yes a real wimp, but once he was in he agreed the water was lovely and both Penny and Rob messed about in the water, accompanied by large blow-up pineapple (there's a theme going on here don't you think) until it was time to raise the anchor and continue the journey.

    On the way to the port for the night there was a strange sighting. Tom and Rob were sure they spotted a skull & crossbones on another boat. Could there be pirates in these waters, me-hearty? Rob managed a blurry photo of the offending vessel so what do you think? Will there be dastardly deeds on the High Seas before nightfall?
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  • Day6

    Little Vathy, Meganisi

    October 5 in Greece

    Today brought excellent weather once again with the forecast predicting virtually no wind - wrong again.

    The briefing and breakfast were in the beach restaurant, where the meal was held the night before, but there wasn't very far to go today so the aim was to use the engine to once again find somewhere to stop for lunch and a swim. Essentially, this is what happened but before long the wind increased, the sails were raised and the engine turned off. You can see from the route for today that far more time was spent at sea than the day promised according to the forecast. The sailing was great in fact.

    The wind had disappeared after the stop for lunch and a swim (Rob wasn't such a wimp this time) so the engine was used to cruise to Little Vathy to end the day.

    The evening was once again a group meal but with pre-dinner drinks provided by the floatilla Captain and his wife ... though it's probably more accurate to say the drinks were included in the charter price. On the way there Rob managed to capture something approaching a sunset, though only on his phone, but it was better than nothing of course, though not quite the glorious event he was hoping for.
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  • Day869


    August 23 in Greece

    Genug gefaulenzt, am heutigen Tag klingelt der Wecker um viertel nach fünf, um sechs Uhr sitzen wir auf den bepackten Rädern. Begleitet von Hundegebell in den verschiedensten Tonlagen und Hahnengekräh aus allen Himmelsrichtungen fahren wir dem Sonnenaufgang entgegen. Bei angenehm kühlen Temperaturen zu dieser frühen Stunde geht es flott voran, so dass wir zeitig Preveza erreichen, wo es an einem schattigen Plätzchen Frühstück gibt. Frisch gestärkt soll es nun auf die Insel gehen, eine mögliche Schwierigkeit steht unmittelbar bevor. Als wir einem Mitarbeiter des letzten Campingplatzes erzählt haben, dass wir nach Lefkas wollen, sagte er: "Oh, then you have a problem!". Gemeint hat er den "Underwatertunnel", der mit Fahrrädern nicht durchfahren werden darf. Er wusste aber auch zu berichten, dass die Mautstation sich auf der anderen Seite des Tunnels befindet. Wir stellen uns also dumm und radeln fröhlich in den Tunnel, die folgenden Lautsprecherdurchsagen verstehen wir einfach ebenso wenig wie die aufblinkende rote Leuchtschrift...! Schließlich sind wir auf der anderen Seite und an der Mautstation winkt man uns mit den Worten "Bicycles are free" durch. Wenige Meter weiter wartet aber bereits ein Auto mit gelbem Blinklicht auf uns: "Stop!" Glücklicherweise bleibt es bei einem Hinweis, dass Fahrräder im Tunnel verboten sind...! Weiter geht es auf einer herrlichen kleinen Straße an der Küste entlang. Die Fahrt wird allerdings jäh gestoppt, als Claudia einen Platten an ihrem Vorderrad bemerkt. Als sie Heiko diese Tatsache zuruft, stellt er ebenfalls einen Platten an seinem Vorderrad fest, komischer Zufall. Wir haben aber Glück im Unglück, denn die Panne hätte an kaum einem besseren Ort passieren können. Ein schattiges Plätzchen mit Badegelegenheit liegt direkt vor uns, sogar eine Leine ist zwischen zwei Bäumen gespannt, an der Heiko die Räder zur Reparatur aufhängen kann. Wir bleiben kurzerhand noch eine Weile und packen Proviant, Bade- und Kniffelsachen aus. Nach ausgiebiger Pause steuern wir dann endlich die Insel Lefkas an. Am Hafen gönnen wir uns Snack und Kaltgetränk, bevor wir beim finalen Campingplatz dieses Urlaubes einchecken. Zum Ausklang des Tages spazieren wir noch in den Ort Ligia, genießen die Abendstimmung am kleinen Hafen und gönnen uns ein Abendessen direkt am Strand.Read more

  • Day870


    August 24 in Greece

    Heute ist Heikos Geburtstag 🎈🎉! Nach einer Mini-Bescherung im Zelt gibt es leckeres Frühstück unter Bananenblättern. Mit der Idee, ein kleines Motorboot zu mieten, schlendern wir erneut zum Hafen, verwerfen den Plan aber nach Einholen von Informationen wieder. Der Alternativplan sieht ein weiteres Zeitfenster im Chillmodus bei Heißgetränk und reichlich Kuchen vor. Am späten Nachmittag schnappen wir uns aber doch noch unsere Räder, wollen gerne noch einen Blick über die Westkante der Insel erhaschen. Aus dem kurzen Ausflug auf "die andere" Seite wird eine herrliche 5stündige Runde sowohl an die Küste als auch durch die Berge, die erst in der Dunkelheit ihr Ende findet. Schön war's! Das Abendessen mir Meerblick haben wir uns nun redlich verdient...Read more

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