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  • Day3

    Hafen Thessaloniki, Bikes abgeben

    October 3, 2019 in Greece ⋅ ⛅ 24 °C

    30° C, Staub, hupende Lkws. Der Hafen ist riesig. Ab hier heisst es Abschied nehmen von Francis und den Bikes. Sie werden morgen früh mit der RoRo Fähre über Limassol nach Haifa gebracht. Wir gönnen uns 3 Tage Griechenland und fliegen dann hinterher.

  • Day50

    WG 2.0 in Thessaloniki

    November 8, 2019 in Greece ⋅ ⛅ 19 °C

    Nach der diesjährigen Auflösung der berühmten Wohngemeinschaft in Darmstadt kam es nun in der zweitgrößten Stadt Griechenlands übers Wochenende zu einem kleinen WG-Revival. Bevor wir drei aber uneingeschränkte Mobilität mit unserem Leihwagen genießen konnten, sollten wir zuerst einen Spießroutenlauf zum Auffinden der Mietwagenstation absolvieren. Als bereits der erste Taxifahrer auf Stefans Zeigen der Adresse mit maulwurfartigem Blick und "I can't see" reagiert hat und auch nach erneutem Nachfragen darauf beharrte, er könne generell schlecht sehen, nahmen wir lieber das nächste Taxi.

    Unser geliehener Fiat Panda schien zwar während unserer Ausflüge manchmal am Belastungslimit, hat uns aber dennoch auch bei (ungeplanten) Exkursionen abseits der befestigten Straßen nicht im Stich gelassen. Damit war der Badeausflug nach Chalkidiki und zu einem verlassenen Zugfriedhof mit Tausenden der Zeit überlassenen Waggons gesichert.
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  • Day37

    Now in Greece

    July 24, 2019 in Greece ⋅ ⛅ 26 °C

    Weiter ging es...noch ungefähr 100 km bis zur Grenze. Die Landschaft blieb traumhaft, bis her die Straßen auch...wir fuhren sehr relaxt weiter Richtung Grenze. Etwa 20 km vorm Grenzübergang wechselte das Bild wieder...Bulgarien zeigte wieder sein ärmliches, dreckiges Gesicht...verfallene Häuser, Müll und katastrophale Straßen...

    Auch hier noch ein kurzes Statement zu unserem Norden hat es uns nicht sehr gefallen, die Schwarzmeerküste naja, der Süden und die Bergregionen der Hammer

    Über die Menschen können und möchten wir uns kein abschließendes Urteil bilden, dafür waren wir zu kurz im Land, aber alle mit denen wir zu tuen hatten waren nett und freundlich...

    Danach ging es schnurstracks zu Grenze. Der Übertritt verlief kurz und bü Wartezeit etwa ne halbe Stunde.

    Da wir unseren Freund Thommi, der mittlerweile in Griechenland war, noch mal treffen wollten, sind wir ab der Grenze für ca 120 km auf die Autobahn. Die ersten Autobahnkilometer seit Reiseantritt 😉

    Nun haben wir ein schönes Plätzchen direkt am Meer und genießen den Abend...
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  • Day31

    Thessalonika Macedonia

    June 15, 2019 in Greece ⋅ ⛅ 30 °C

    Just one night in this city as we traveling to Greece. But this city is one if Paul's stops on his missionary journey. Graffiti around the city spoils some of its beauty. But there still remains the history of this seaport. At last we have arrived at the Mediterranean.

  • Day1251


    November 29, 2019 in Greece ⋅ ⛅ 18 °C

    It's a wonderfully warm and bright day that sees us parked near Thessaloniki city centre. The streets are lined (double lined at points) with cars, but a large area of potholed hardpack land on the east side of the bay, covered with scrubby grass and litter, provides plenty of free parking for us and a handful of other vans. There are views over the sea to mountain peaks, although these are often obscured by a fug of air pollution.

    Arriving early after a short drive from Zampetas Camper shop and stop, we set off into the city with food on our mind. To find eateries we occasionally resort to Trip Advisor or Happy Cow, the vegan equivalent, but we've found some of our best experiences of eating out have come from wandering the streets and taking in what is around us. Often somewhere stands out, as the little Falafeleria did today. Vicky ordered an Original wrap and Will spiced things up with the Red Hot Chilli version. The server scooped the falafel mixture into the mould and dropped them into the pan of boiling oil before setting to work assembling the spreads and fresh salad on the flat bread. The amount of care they took made it seem like an art form and it certainly paid off with the taste as we took our first bites sitting on tall stools at the wooden bar ledge outside.

    Our hunger sated we set off on our second mission of the day; to find a doctor for Vicky. She'd had a couple of very painful episodes accompanied by bleeding so wanted to get things checked out. We started at a small clinic we passed, nestled among the high rises. The plain clothes person who came out of their office to see what us lost looking foreigners wanted said there wasn't a doctor to see here, but then made half a dozen calls which resulted in a phone number for us to ring. We thanked them and sat in the shade of the large courtyard Plane tree while we dialled. The person at the other end said they couldn't help, but advised us to go to one of the city's hospitals. Looking it up on our map we found it to be just 3.5km away, so set off on foot. It was a hot day, Thessaloniki's roads were busy and noisy with cars and mopeds, their exhaust fumes infusing the air. Litter lay strewn in parts as the neighbourhood moggies excavated large bins, searching for morsels of discarded meals.

    We were seen quickly by the receptionist, nurse, then doctor at the hospital. Apologetically the doctor explained that Vicky would need to go to the gynaecology department at another hospital, entering the name on her phone to make sure we found it ok. Papageorgiou was too far to walk to but luckily we arrived at a time when the free car park was emptying and were able to slot Martha sideways into 3 vacant bays. Will's Greek came in handy as he was able to read the signs for gynaecology. From here we were directed to an overflowing A&E, where we were triaged quickly. Vicky's EHIC card was scanned, her address and contact number taken and she was sent back to gynae. The staff were all so helpful and within half an hour an examination revealed a polyp and an ovarian cyst as the cause of the pain and bleeding. She'll need to get them checked out when we get back to the UK but can put her mind at rest until then. After a hectic sunset drive through crazy rush hour traffic we arrived back at our harbourside car park and breathed a sigh of relief.

    The following morning Vicky set off in search of craft supplies while Will fished. Not only did she find what she was looking for, but came accross Green House Bio; a little organic grocery store and stocked up on supplies, buying some buffalo meat as a treat for Will. Thessaloniki is a great place for getting things done!

    Yesterday's falafels were so good that we ate there again before taking a wander along the wide seafront boulevard. The area was regenerated a number of years ago, creating a dedicated cycle lane and shaded seating under a corridor of bushy topped pines. The vibrant atmosphere bore testament to how much the open recreational space was appreciated, with young and old mingling, relaxing on benches, casting a line into the bay, zipping about on hired electric scooters, bikes or simply taking a stroll with their friends or family. In contrast the grid of high density development covering the gentle slope away from the water felt busy and purposeful. In the early evening Vicky trekked to an Easy Wash laundrette a few kilometres away while Will prepared his buffalo meat and a vegan cauliflower cheese for tea.

    Thessaloniki is not compact so on Sunday morning we decided to save our feet and take the tandem to do a few touristy activities. After admiring the crescent moon and 'umbrellas on poles' art installations we were welcomed in to the broad cylindrical White Tower; so called because one of its previous inmates bargained their freedom in exchange for painting the whole thing white! Getting out our wallets, we were told with a smile that today was a free entry day! The structure had previously been used as a prison and allowed visitors to access some of the cramped, stone cells. As ever we enjoyed the top down view from the head of the tower. Thessaloniki is a real melting pot with grand old buildings, dome roofed places of worship, crumbling walls, glass fronted retail outlets and dense, whitewashed apartment blocks.

    From the tower we trekked the short distance to Aristotle Square, a long wide pedestrian corridor leading away from the sea, lined by eateries and hotels, landscaped with grass, trees, benches and a statue of the great philosopher and polymath after whom the square was named. Children sat on the ground, selling little cups of breadcrumbs for tourists to feed to the hoards of podgy pigeons. A woman tried to force a crucifix necklace into Vicky's hand as a 'gift' for which she would inevitably expect a 'gift' in return.

    We had come in search of the Modiano indoor market; a historic trading centre running for nearly 90 years and selling all sorts of local food and produce. Unfortunately the stalls lay empty and paths between them were shrouded in darkness; no trade took place here on Sundays. Never mind.

    On the way we'd spotted a number of men with homemade trolleys selling a hot drink out of a tall and ornate metal teapot. Wondering whether this might be salepi, the powdered beverage sold to us at the Arnissa market, we bought a cup to see what it was like. The creamy, sugary mixture topped with cinamon and nutmeg was definitely salepi and as comforting and tasty as a hot chocolate. To compliment it we bought and shared a koulouri; a ring of sesame bread, again peddled by someone with a homemade cart. Perfect street food!

    The wind picked up as we cycled back to Martha, causing us to dodge spray as waves crashed against the concrete sea wall, bouncing back and forming peaks as they met incoming crests. We're not big city people so it came as a surprise how much we'd enjoyed being in Thessaloniki. Much of it is run down, poverty is apparent, air quality is poor but there is a palpable vibrancy and warmth that draws you in and tempts you to stay.
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  • Day1249

    Zampetas camper shop stop, Thessaloniki

    November 27, 2019 in Greece ⋅ ☀️ 15 °C

    We are at Zampetas Camper shop, stop and service garage. It is run by Alexandros and Antonis, two brothers who took the business on from their father. For the first time since arriving in Greece 9 days ago we are parked with access to drinking water, toilet emptying and electricity. There is even wifi if we want it. We breathed a sigh of relief as we plugged our fan heater in.

    Vicky set off behind the wheel this morning, planning to hand over to Will after lunch. She put a spanner in the works by braking just at the point Will was returning to the passenger seat after securing trays that were threatening to jump from their high shelf. The slight change in velocity caused Will to lose balance and bang the top of his head on the edge of the over-cab bed. It soon became clear that he had concussion. He'd had it once before and ironically, this too was in Greece, over 30 years ago on a school trip!

    After driving past dozens of empty caravans and motorhomes in storage, we backed Martha up to the tall railings surrounding Zampetas' large yard, in between two British vans. The railings are draped with a fine green mesh, similar to that layed beneath olive trees to catch the fruit. It blocks off the view of the adjacent petrol station and car wash, but not the noise of the pressure hose and pump. Two friendly dogs, who Vicky decided to call Sol and Pumpkin, live in kennels near where we parked. They are let out to patrol the site overnight and on Sundays when the shop is closed. There is also another kennel within the fenced off area of a small chapel. It's occasionally used for the employee's dogs.

    The good news is that it's all free! The somewhat frustrating news is that our dodgy heater (the whole reason we tavelled 300km to get here) works perfectly when Alexandros comes out to take a look. He recommends filters for our gas bottles, explaining that the LPG we use has the advantage of being available almost everywhere in europe, but the disadvantage that it is designed to fuel cars, not heaters. Oil mixed with LPG lubricates the moving parts of an engine, but can accumulate and cause difficulties in Truma systems such as our own.

    We weren't the only ones with Truma trouble; the guy in the Hymer van to our left had been waiting a couple of weeks for a replacement unit after water ingress damaged his beyond repair. Nerinda and Nick to our right had trouble with their leisure batteries but this was able to be sorted out pretty quickly. Will was especially glad of others to have a good natter with. Vicky enjoyed the company but was particularly happy that the couple came with two gorgeous Springer Spaniels; Max and Elsa, who she enjoyed taking for walk with Nerinda. While the foursome's home on wheels was in the workshop they joined us for drinks and nibbles. They are on a year long tour of Europe... we wonder if they will keep to this plan or decide to extend their time as we have?

    After a couple of days we left, keeping our fingers crossed that our new gas filters would be the solution to our heating problem.
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  • Day1

    Arrival in Thessaloniki

    September 24, 2019 in Greece ⋅ ⛅ 17 °C

    The flight arrived a little early and we were whisked to our hotel Capris in Thessaloniki. The weather was similar to uk so the pool was closed. We went though for a wander into town towards the port returning via the market. The town though is suffering from a great deal of construction for the metro.
    Buffet dinner in the hotel was very good.
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  • Day208


    November 24, 2019 in Greece ⋅ ⛅ 14 °C

    Wir wissen so gar nicht, was uns hier erwartet und sind gespannt. In erster Linie ist‘s eine Grossstadt mit engen und verwinkelten Gassen... nicht so geil mit dem Bus hier durchzufahren, aber wir haben‘s hingekriegt. Wir verweilen in einem Hostel und sind froh, den ersten Tag drinnen verbringen zu können den draussen wütet ein Sturm 😅
    Die Stadt hat viel zu bieten: viele archäologische Überbleibsel umringt von Neubauten, hübsche Gassen, die durch die Altstadt führen, unzählige Katzen, die über die Dächer wandern, etliche Wandmalereien, welche Thessaloniki ein alternatives Flair verleihen und mediterrane Köstlichkeiten, die wir uns täglich gönnen dürfen. Eine obligate Free Walking Tour und ein Besuch auf einem der Basare machen den Städtetrip vollkommen.
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  • Day18

    Day 18 Kalambaka - Thessaloniki

    May 29, 2019 in Greece ⋅ ☀️ 30 °C

    Two trains to get to Thessaloniki but what a sensory impact this city has !
    Very byzantine feel, chaotic but get off the main Via Egnatia and its quiet but interesting.
    The Blue Bottle Hotel staff were lovely - free cappuccino, croissant and water for 20 mins while room cleaning was being finished.
    Explored down to the main square onto waterfront and into the street markets. Cafes galore, sweet shops galore.
    Joined the “free” walking tour of the upper town (ano poli) at 6pm meeting at Profit Ilias. Giorgos was a great talker and historian and musican but he didnt really show much. Nevertheless the Profit Ilias was great (why did he not even mention it?) and we walked to the acropolus of the town which i wouldnt have done for great views. Past the church of St David with amazing mosaic as evidenced by the picture he showed us (poor marketing to me). He played us two rembetika songs on bouzouki also. Noted some street signs show distance, minutes to walk and calaries you will burn.
    Long walk home so dinner at Extravaganza - pea risotto with greek rose and yum Samos vin doux.
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  • Day21

    Die Stadt Thessaloniki

    November 12, 2019 in Greece ⋅ ⛅ 21 °C

    Mit Sonne im Herzen und Zwiebeln im Bauch, naja, irgendwie so jedenfalls. Schönster Sonnenschein und warme Luft hat uns dazu animiert ein wenig spazieren zu gehen.
    Es sollten fast 20k Schritte werden und die große Herausforderung am Abend einen Bus zu Max zu finden. Max hatten wir nämlich auf einem Parkplatz außerhalb der Stadt stehen, bewacht und umzäunt.
    Ach ja, die Herausforderung. Wir haben über eine Stunde damit verbracht einen Bus mit freier Kapazität zu finden, denn es waren alle voll, wirklich alle. Spaß hatten wir trotzdem.
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