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  • Day25


    August 30 in Greece ⋅ 🌙 22 °C

    Woke up to an amazing view! It was just beautiful and we had breakfast on the balcony, so much food. I decided to have a real relaxing day, reading and lying by the pool. Pete headed out for a walk and a coffee and I retreated to upstairs to the sun and the pool. Put sunscreen on, as I do but it was hot up there. I looked like a patchwork quilt after the morning in the sun! Brown, white and radiating red, and blotchy, it the look I was going for, but it will settle down eventually.

    After I managed to drag myself up we headed out and went for a walk, booking a sunset cruise and having lunch. We explored the narrow winding lanes and looking at shops and glimpses of the amazing views. We found out where the cable car was for the next day. I was here 35 years ago and boy has it changed. Now there are two ports and the cable car, when I came there was one port and only donkeys to get you to the top. They still have the donkeys and they look really healthy which is good. We opted for the cable car though.

    We had a recommendation for a restaurant near where we are staying and so we went up there for dinner. Popular spot, there were people queuing up, and we were lucky to get a table inside. We had already watched the sunset on our balcony with a bottle of sparkling, so we were happy for good food, and it was wonderful. Great that we only had to walk a short distance home, well I should say roll home as we were so full. Wonderful relaxing day ❤️❤️
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  • Day26

    Cruising the Caldera

    August 31 in Greece ⋅ ⛅ 25 °C

    It was just perfect to sleep the night with the French doors wide open and wake up to the great view. Another wonderful breakfast and then I settled in to read for a bit. Pete went out to find a laundry while I spent a lazy hour reading and relaxing. When he got back hot we went upstairs for a swim before heading out for our cruise on a yacht.

    We went down to the old port via the scary cable car, and waited for our boat. Once on board we headed out, first stop is the volcano, unfortunately I didn’t have walking shoes so I didn’t have to walk the hour in the heat, up to the top. Lucky Pete did so he could take the photos and tell me the history.
    When we moved on we went to an area by boat that had hot springs. Great fun jumping in the sea, once I talked myself into it!! We swam down a narrow section to where there was warm water and the red mud that they say is good for you. Then back to the boat, and we headed off to the next port where we moored and ate dinner and swam a bit more.

    We headed to another area after dinner and watched the amazing sunset. It was a bit windy and the boat rocked a bit but it was very romantic and we arrived back at the port, tired but happy.

    Went to the cable car to return back to the apartment but was told the cable car was undergoing maintenance. 😩😩 ok so we went and had a drink and snack at a bar at the port until we saw the cable car moving. So off we went to the station, we were the only ones there. We had to sit and wait while they pottered around starting and stopping the engines and conversing in Greek with lots of hand shaking. I was not feeling confident when they finally said ok you can get on now🤨🤨 so I asked are we going to die, they laughed and one of the men got on with us and said we die together!!

    Obviously we didn’t die, though I was really glad to have my feet back on the ground. We walked home and collapsed into bed. Another day in paradise.
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  • Day23

    Farewell Italy - Hello Greece

    August 28 in Greece ⋅ 🌙 24 °C

    After a relaxing night at our BnB we caught the local train back to Naples and then jumped on an airport bus, as we have swapped trains for planes! Prefer the train though because you waste so much time at airports, waiting waiting. But we finally caught our flight to Athens, where we were picked up a taxi organised by the hotel. Turned out to be a very expensive way to do it. We could have easily done it on the metro but we didn’t realise that at the time!

    Anyway we arrived at our hotel which was in a great spot near the Acropolis and lots of cafes and bars. We got settled in the hotel and then headed out to explore. We had a walk around, worked out the metro system and booked our visit to the Acropolis for the next morning.

    On the way back to the hotel we walked through the gardens and found a Hadrian’s Arch and the Templr of Zeus. And we thought Rome had all the historical buildings!

    Back at the hotel and we went upstairs to the restaurant which has a great view. We ended up there for dinner so we could catch the view of the acropolis at night. Absolutely magic!
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  • Day5

    Fira la nuit

    August 1 in Greece ⋅ ☀️ 28 °C

    Tras el check in, y refrescarnos un poco, cogimos el bus a Fira con un poco de miedo, porque en todas las webs pone que funciona fatal, pero tras 4 trayectos en ellos, funciona como el Portillo. Tiene su horario y se puede adelantar o atrasar hasta 10 mins, nada grave.

    Llegamos a Fira para las 19:00, ya atardeciendo. Allí vimos un monumento a la Segunda Guerra Mundial, la catedral de aquí, un museo de prehistoria que estaba cerrado (una pena), la plaza central de la ciudad, y un mirador con unas vistas espectaculares a la caldera del volcán pero que ha sido conquistado por bares y restaurantes.

    Unas comprillas más nos sirvieron para seguir paseando por las blancas calles de Fira y para hacer tiempo hasta la hora de cenar, que adelantamos por no haber comido nada a mediodía. Para cenar, tiramos de comida rápida griega: unas pitas de gyros de cerdo y pollo completitas, y en el caso de Pablo y Ana, sin tzatziki. Como curiosidad, las latas de Coca-Cola tienen caras de los Vengadores, están en todos lados.

    Se hizo de noche, y la verdad es que aparte de meterte en bares, no hay mucho más, aunque la ciudad es bonita. Hay mucho contraste entre la parte turística y la zona donde se reunen los taxistas, los conductores de autobús, etc. De esta parte no hay fotos, porque no habia luz apenas en cosas que fotografiar.

    Para volver al hotel, cogimos otro bus, que nos dejaba a 5 mins del hotel. El trayecto en si no fue nada del otro mundo, aunque como curiosidad, los buses son del tipo que se usa en los transportes interurbanos o excursiones escolares, pero va gente de pie hasta que se llena. La cosa divertida iba a ser cuando nos bajásemos porque... No hay ni una farola. En serio, la única que vimos tuvimos suerte porque estaba al lado de nuestra parada. Aún así, tras cruzar esa calle, tuvimos que ir con las linternas de los móviles hasta la puerta del hotel, con coches viniendo en contra y sin acera. Una aventura, vaya.

    Mañana toca ir a Oía, la ciudad de las postales. Ya os contaremos.
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  • Day7

    Rain & Santorini Tour

    March 28 in Greece ⋅ 🌧 57 °F

    The morning plan was to meet at 8:45am and have breakfast outdoors together. I looked out and you couldn't even see the volcano. It was very foggy minutes later it was raining. We had all our breakfasts delivered to Kalyn and Kenzie's room. As they have the biggest room.
    We scheduled a tour for 10:30am. The CAPTAIN aka OWNER did mention that it may be cancelled if it rained. John walked to his office and they were still closed. Thankfully one of the maintenance guys had walked to the tour office with John he wanted to know where this tour office was. The receptionist called the room to let us know it was still a "GO"!
    We all filled out our breakfast request for tomorrow before we leave this amazing hotel. Continental breakfast is what we'll get at 7am. Our plane departs at 9am to Athens.
    The rain didn't stop us from going back to Oia and seeing Megalochori, Venetsanos Winery, hiked up to see the Red Rock Beach and ate at a nice restaurant by the Black Beach. We also stopped at Amoudi where some of The Sisterhood of The Traveling Pants was partly filmed. The Captains son and his mother had a part in the movie.
    Kenzie was extremely happy at the winery. We of course picked the dessert wine. A brown color wine
    that was delicious with goat cheese and a jelly type relish that had chili and honey along with sesame crackers. Kenzie had her sister glass cuz Kalyn isn't into sweet wines. Scenery there was beautiful from what we could take in with the rain. It rained and rained but we still enjoyed our tour with Nikolas our tour guide.
    He took us by the Black Sand Beach and stopped at a restaurant to get something to eat. As he parked Kenzie noticed a small puppy, Robert noticed he was hiding under a car trying to stay out of the rain. WE the dog lovers of course felt bad for the little pup.
    The puppy must of known who would rescue him cuz he walked directly to Kenzie and she put him in her jacket. We were happy to see other dogs in the restaurant. Apparently the dogs belong to the owner and they run around in the restaurant. It was great for us Dog Lovers. It was like being home. Yes Kenzie did want to bring the puppy back with her. (Who wouldn't).
    We arrived back to where we were picked up for the tour. Robert had a 4pm appointment to get a tattoo and I had a hair appointment at 4:30pm across the street from each other.
    John, Kalyn and I walked back to our hotel. The path was like a river flowing down. John and I stopped at a shop and Kalyn went back to her room. One has to be very careful walking on the rock pathways and marble tiles. They get very slippery. We stopped by to give Kalyn a box of baklava we had just bought her. She loves her baklava.
    John and I arrived to our room with no electricity. He called down to the office. The lights came up in about 20 minutes. We decided to order room service for dinner. Delicious linguine with mussels and a yummy crab salad. Just enough for us to share with each other. We tried sharing our meals when we weren't too hungry. It worked most of the time.
    We packed our luggage and got ready for tomorrow's flight to Athens. Fingers Crossed and Prayers that this rain stops for our last two days on this amazing trip with family.
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  • Day5

    SANTORINI Here We Come

    March 26 in Greece ⋅ ⛅ 63 °F

    Another early morning start as the shuttle is driving us to the airport at 6am. Need to get our boarding passes when we get there. Our plane departed at 9:30am. We arrived in Athens our layover close to an hour or so then shuttled to our plane. Then carried our carry on luggage up the stairs onto the plane. We arrived on time in Santorini. We waited for John and Rob's luggage to arrive. (They we're told it was too big so they had it checked in in Athens). Kalyn was also told to check her's in too. She told the desk attendant "you just let my sister go thru with the same size bag and a Disney tote"! So they let her through. We took two taxi's to our hotel. We got dropped off on the street and told to go up. Yes we had to climb up to get to our beautiful hotel. We were greeted at the door by Katerina and her staff. What an "AMAZING" welcome. They have only 10 rooms here. We were told to put our luggage down and she took us by the pool. We sat down right outside of Robert's Suite. They brought us out drinks Kenzie & I had sparkling Moscsto. It was very, very good. John, Robert and Kalyn had lemonade.
    We were taken to our room's and were in awe. A nice rolled up letter welcoming us, 2 bottles of wine and delicious fresh fruit.
    We received a map and some info on the island. There are alot of things to do and places to see. Kalyn & Kenzie are taking a boat ride to see other island's and do some swimming. John and I will check out the local sights, Robert may go get a tat.
    We'll meet around 5 or 6 head to Oia and have a wonderful dinner and take a walk around.
    We had the most fabulous place Salt & Pepper.
    HIGHLIGHT: Kenzie tried grilled SHARK for a bottle of wine.
    We all felt like we were at a relatives home and our Tia (aunt) was making us each our favorite meal. The hostess couldn't be friendlier. Her husband is the chef and he is truly AMAZING. Wakes up every morning at 7am to get fresh vegetables, fish and meat. Kenzie tried octopus for the first time. Said it was just ok. (Now I owe her onebof my bottled wines). The size of the shrimp was unbelievable and so delicious. Just when we thought we were done she came out with these little square bowls which was dessert. Custard with a strawberry type jelly on top. We all enjoyed our dinner very much to say the least. It's a very small place and reservations are needed located at the bottom of our hill. Thank you to our hotel hostess for the wonderful recommendation.
    Back to the room we filled out our form for breakfast to be delivered to our room or our balcony. We chose the room cuz I think it will be cold again tomorrow. We found two chocolate chip cookies for a night snack. We had our bottle of wine along with it.
    Looking forward to seeing more of Fira tomorrow.
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  • Day6

    Fira Santorini ~ Dinner in Oia

    March 27 in Greece ⋅ ⛅ 59 °F

    Woke up early this morning but it was still sleeping in compared to the 5am-6am in Paris. I think we were all needing a day to catch up on sleep. We all ordered breakfast to be delivered to our rooms. Kalyn and Kenzie walked over to their pick up area for the boat tour, swimming and lunch. They enjoyed it but the water was very cold.
    John, Robert and I decided to take the cable car down to the Old Port. Views from the cable was amazing. Unfortunately we had to wait 2 hours for it to take us back up. So we did some shopping, walked around the area, had drinks and had some amazing calamari. We we arrived to the top we decided to check out the area. OMG the steps are crazy. With my bruised toe it is very hard and painful. I'm keeping up the best I can. One must suck it up and move on.
    Kalyn & Kenzie arrived back to our hotel before we did so they were hanging out at the pool. We joined them for awhile. Great way to soke up my foot in freezing water. We were able to get some pics luckily. We met at 6pm for our drive to Oia which was about 20 minutes from us. Oia is very beautiful we weren't able to hang around as long as we would of liked to. Took pics and had a nice dinner. It got dark fast and our pick up was at 8:30-8:45 so it was off to the van. We hope to be able to see more tomorrow on our 4 hour tour.
    We arrived back to our hotel at about 9:30. We are dropped off at the street and we walk up. First time was killer but we've gotten used to it. Like I said "We Just SUCK It Up"!
    Beautiful place for sure they're building and remodeling so many awesome places. Look's like they are working hard to finish by summer. (So John keeps telling us that). Don't know how they get rocks, tile, dirt, sand, wood up and down all those steep steps. We actually saw this guy taking things down on a wheelbarrow. Unreal.
    Guess that's why we don't see gym's around here. Senior citizen's here are in better shape than we are.
    The food in all the restaurants have been nothing but amazing. People are very nice and helpful.
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  • Day5


    September 26, 2017 in Greece ⋅ ⛅ 23 °C

    I woke up feeling very sorry for myself, definitely too much alcohol last night. I tried to sweat it out at the gym but made it worse and decided to rest by the pool for a few hours.

    Eventually, I began to feel human again so we decided to explore Thira/Fira (not sure which name is more correct as it appears to have multiple spellings). Fira is the capital of Santorini located on the Caldera Cliffs and overlooking the volcano. It's full of winding streets and hidden pathways along the cliff face. Such fun to explore.

    We descended the 600 stairs down to old port. Navigating the donkeys and their poo. If you are prepared to pay, you can ride a donkey up and downthis slop. At the bottom there was beautiful clear blue ocean, some quaint shops and funnily enough some boats. It was then time to ascend... It was hard work and suddenly the sun was beating down, which made it hot and sweaty too. We also had to contend with herds of donkeys racing down the steps. We tried playing chicken with one heard of donkeys. We lost, one of the donkeys damaged my shoes (thankfully not my feet) and Nic was sandwiched between the wall and the donkey,with enough force to get airborne. I'm glad she wasn't hurt and didn't go over the edge. We made it to the top bit couldn't find stair 600, the highest we found was 588. I'm going to count the stairs back to our hotelas the last few steps.

    We had dinner at Classico Cafe and watched the sunset over the volcano. Just magical. To finish we found a dessert shop and tried some loukoumades (mini dounuts) and then meandered home.
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  • Day514

    Santorini photos

    September 11, 2018 in Greece ⋅ ☀️ 26 °C

    While in Santorini we didn’t have a lot of time but we saw Thira the main town and walked down to the old harbour passing all the donkeys, I suggested to John we could walk back up but ‘no way’ was the response so we used the cable car, funicular to get back up, without our overnight bag I might have given it a go but would definitely have been dripping at the top.Read more

  • Day9


    May 18, 2015 in Greece ⋅ ☀️ 20 °C

    Santorini is BEAUTIFUL! I would move here tomorrow if I could! We started the day by getting on a boat and going to the active Volcano after we had walked to the top and back again we got back on the boat where we were taken around to the other side of the island where there were hot springs to swim in. After we had a swim we headed back to the old port where we were driven to Oia where we walked around, the white buildings with blue roofs and sat down for lunch with an incredible view. After we caught a taxi back to Santorini where we rode donkies up the side of the hill so that we could go shopping and ride the cable car down.Read more

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