Órmos Spiliá

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  • Day4

    Ravioli alle

    April 25 in Greece ⋅ ⛅ 16 °C

    Und das kommt so: Die Fähre ist zu spät in Igoumenitsa. Wahrscheinlich ist sie das immer. Und dann fehlt der Fahrer des in erster Reihe stehenden LKWs. Überhaupt unglaublich, wie dieses Auto und LKW-Gewirr sich wieder entknotet. Irgendwann rollen wir auch wieder vom Boot und denken, dass wir es bis zum ausgesuchten Campingplatz Vassiliki Beach im Süden Lefkadas schaffen werden. Natürlich müssen wir zwischenzeitlich noch den Luftdruck prüfen, weil das Warnlämpchen Druckabfall anzeigt. Den wir aber nicht haben. Und irgendwie zieht es sich somit alles etwas hin. Wir atmen auf, als wir den Campingplatz sehen und gratulieren und gegenseitig, dass wir das gerade noch im Hellen geschafft haben. Der Camperneuling baut nämlich gerne noch vor Sonnenuntergang seine Wagenburg auf.
    Allerdings wäre es gut gewesen, doch noch einmal vorher anzurufen. Vassiliki Beach hat nämlich noch geschlossen. Immerhin: Eine halbe Stunde später finden wir einen offenen Platz in der Nähe von Nydri. Die Rezeption ist nicht mehr besetzt, aber wir interpretieren das als „freie Stellplatzwahl“ und stehen wenige Augenblicke später zwei Meter vor dem Ufer mit Blick auf eine wirklich sehr schöne kleine Bucht. Dies allerdings hungrig. Und um uns herum ist nicht viel los. Außer ein paar kläffenden Hunden und einem jungen deutschen Paar mit Kleinkind im Erziehungsurlaub (Campertyp: Kastenwagen mit individuellem Innenausbau) will sich zu dieser Jahreszeit noch niemand auf dem Desimi Beach Campingplatz aufhalten. Von offenen griechischen Tavernen und weinseligem Alexis-Sorbas-Leben jedenfalls keine Spur. Weshalb der Gaskocher erstmals in Betrieb genommen wird und die Notfalldose Ravioli ihre kurze Mitreise unerwartet schnell beendet.
    Erkenntnis des Tages: Quartiersuche über auf Motorradfahrten funktioniert, Campingplatzsuche für den Bulli aufs Geratewohl nicht. Im Vergleich Bikerlife zu Vanlife steht es somit jetzt 1:0 für Bikerlife.
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    Norbert Leven

    Wie schon gesagt: alles wird gut 👍

    Serge en Route

    Sucht Rike nach einer Möglichkeit die Ravioli aus der Dose „zu befreien“ oder studiert sie die Anleitung des Gaskochers??😅

    Rike Hentschel

    Gaskocher 🤣

  • Sep24

    Ithaki Exo Aetou to Meganisi Rementinou

    September 24, 2021 in Greece ⋅ 🌧 22 °C

    Back to a very special bay on our 30k run island and this time no running to be done. The girls loved the bay. You never know what people will appreciate. The trip is almost over and then we will be off to Italy.Read more

  • Day2

    Calm Seas

    September 27, 2021 in Greece ⋅ ☀️ 27 °C

    The first full day, waking to clear skies and sunshine, once it rose above the large hill to the east of our mooring. There were a few things to do before leaving including the morning briefing given by the flotilla leaders who detailed the destination for the day and any potential issues when mooring up that evening. Oh, and breakfast of course as well as shopping for important supplies such as food for lunch snacks and fruit juice to make rum punch. That last bit was the most essential, naturally.

    Then, it was time to leave. Penny is the skipper on this trip, as before, so under her coordination the vessel was made ready, the engine started and the mooring ropes released.

    This was a day of not a little amount of wind, but actually no wind whatsoever so it was engine power all day. The sails were hoisted, Jim Lad, but not for long because they did absolutely nothing.

    We dropped the anchor for lunch at a pleasant location just off a beach where that rum punch came in handy, and swam with an inflatable pineapple for a while. Bet you are so envious - about the inflatable pineapple that is.

    It was then a gentle cruise to our stop for the night - a port we visited last time called Sivota. It was a relaxing stop after a relaxing day, which ended with Penny Rob and Tom taking cocktails at a quiet bar at one end of the port whilst Alan preferred an early night.
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  • Day7

    Last Full Day

    October 2, 2021 in Greece ⋅ ☀️ 19 °C

    Once more the crew rise to warm and sunny weather with breakfast at the same restaurant as last night. This really is a beautiful spot with clear water rippling onto the beach of tiny stones. Rob couldn't resist an arty shot with the different blues and the orange buoy. You can see an expensive boat anchored in the bay too, though that was nowhere near as big as the ship that passed by a little later. A helicopter on board too ... we wondered how much that lot cost to purchase and run. What do you reckon?

    The fourth photo in this footprint is of a strange boat indeed. A first reaction was 'Pirates!' but it was in fact a tub full of tourists on an excursion who, after a commentary from a guide, all spilled out onto the jetty to deposit their cash into the local economy. Life back to normal then!

    There wasn't far to sail today so there was no rush, though 'sail' is a bit of an optimistic term given there was still virtually no wind. Lunch was at the same bay as on the last day three years ago. There were more yachts there this time but even so, it is still a great place to chill and allow one's senses to absorb the scenic panorama and the warmth of the day. Then, reluctantly, the engine was started, the anchor raised and Harmonia began its final leg of the trip towards its home port.
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  • Day6

    Another Hard Day Afloat

    October 1, 2021 in Greece ⋅ ⛅ 24 °C

    On the way to Vathi yesterday, Rob had taken the helm for quite a time during afternoon and also berthed the yacht at its mooring - he really enjoyed that it has to be said.

    Once again this overnight port had been chosen because of the threat of high winds overnight but, as before, they never materialised. It did rain during the night though, but by morning the blue skies and sunshine had returned.

    The mooring was quite a walk from the town and too far for Alan to manage, but the restaurant had been close by (pretty much all there was there actually) and the meal was pleasant enough. Today though, the restaurant was closed so a visit to the town was needed to get breakfast and lunch supplies.

    Penny & Tom planned to take the dinghy but following outboard motor issues, they decided to cross the harbour in the yacht instead and moor-up near the shops. This went smoothly and in no time the supplies were on board and it was time to set sail.

    The journey to the next port followed the pattern of very light winds and plenty of time to relax.

    The lunchtime stop was really nice too, at a small bay with only one other yacht there - another from our flotilla. Penny, Tom and the pineapple took to the water as usual but before they did, everyone spent time looking for tuna, which the other family had spotted just as we arrived. Tom and Rob saw one swim close to the boat but they were hard to spot and Penny saw none whilst she was in the water.

    The penultimate stop tonight was at Spartochori which we knew was a lovely location because it was one of the stopovers during the sailing trip in 2018. This time Alan was at the helm to park the boat and did a splendid job of it too. In the evening it was another group meal with everyone seated at a big long table. Rob, Alan, Penny & Tom ended up at one end next to Lou and Dylan, the flotilla leaders. It was really interesting to chat with them and all too soon it was time to return to the yacht. How come time goes so quickly?
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  • Sep15

    Vathy to Gidaki to Meganisi Rementinou

    September 15, 2021 in Greece ⋅ ☀️ 27 °C

    This island is so lovely. We sailed past Gidaki and then to Meganisi to find a quiet bay. The water was turquoise and beautiful in Gidaki. Would love to have stayed but need to head north towards Lefkada.Read more

  • Day6

    Little Vathy, Meganisi

    October 5, 2018 in Greece ⋅ ⛅ 24 °C

    Today brought excellent weather once again with the forecast predicting virtually no wind - wrong again.

    The briefing and breakfast were in the beach restaurant, where the meal was held the night before, but there wasn't very far to go today so the aim was to use the engine to once again find somewhere to stop for lunch and a swim. Essentially, this is what happened but before long the wind increased, the sails were raised and the engine turned off. You can see from the route for today that far more time was spent at sea than the day promised according to the forecast. The sailing was great in fact.

    The wind had disappeared after the stop for lunch and a swim (Rob wasn't such a wimp this time) so the engine was used to cruise to Little Vathy to end the day.

    The evening was once again a group meal but with pre-dinner drinks provided by the floatilla Captain and his wife ... though it's probably more accurate to say the drinks were included in the charter price. On the way there Rob managed to capture something approaching a sunset, though only on his phone, but it was better than nothing of course, though not quite the glorious event he was hoping for.
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    Richard Valsler

    Brilliant! How nice for you to actually do some real sailing! You have answered my question too about the flotilla, thank you.

  • Day5

    Sailing to Spatochori

    October 4, 2018 in Greece ⋅ ☀️ 28 °C

    The journey to Spatochori was straightforward with the aim to find a pleasant cove or bay to drop anchor for lunch and to go swimming ... and this is exactly what happened. Penny was first in the water followed by Rob who, it has to be said, was a complete wimp about getting into the water. The water was lovely once you were in, Rob just made heavy weather of it and took ages. Yes a real wimp, but once he was in he agreed the water was lovely and both Penny and Rob messed about in the water, accompanied by large blow-up pineapple (there's a theme going on here don't you think) until it was time to raise the anchor and continue the journey.

    On the way to the port for the night there was a strange sighting. Tom and Rob were sure they spotted a skull & crossbones on another boat. Could there be pirates in these waters, me-hearty? Rob managed a blurry photo of the offending vessel so what do you think? Will there be dastardly deeds on the High Seas before nightfall?
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    Richard Valsler

    Yes, I think it could be. Nowadays they would be all blurry, it's all that rum and "grog" they consume I believe!

  • Day5

    Spatochori, Meganisi

    October 4, 2018 in Greece ⋅ ☀️ 27 °C

    The pirate ship sailed into the distance, clearly not at all interested in the bounty aboard Rincewind. Let's face it, your average pirate will never look mean and scary manning the cannons with a large blown-up pineapple under one arm. That pineapple was undoubtedly the saviour of the day.

    Before long the day's destination came into view and Captain Penny asked if Rob would like to take the helm to steer Rincewind onto her birth, so Rob took the wheel while Alan and Tom looked after the ropes. This was the first time Rob had done this and it was a delicate operation too ... the yacht had to be taken-in backwards (the standard way in Greece) but he also had to go manoeuvre around another boat into the reserved slot against the pontoon, whilst avoiding a group of swimmers nearby. Rob managed it perfectly and was really proud of his success, with the G&T's being used to toast the achievement a little later.

    Having completed the drinks tradition and showered, Penny, Tom and Rob took the path up to the viewpoint above the small marina. They were hoping for a good sunset but once again the light never came. The view was amazing though and well worth the effort of climbing all those steps. The main village was there too so a little time was spent having a quick look around.

    The evening ended with a group meal in the beach restaurant with the crews of all ten boats attending. It was a great evening and also a lovely atmosphere afterwards when Rincewind's crew chilled on her deck for a while before bed time.

    Another day comes to a close.
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    Richard Valsler

    Wonderful views! I particularly liked the "Spatochori monster" which can be clearly seen in the distance near the mouth of the bay but which your so carefully forgot to mention! Question: the journey on the chart looks quite a long one and you mention "the ten other crews", are you sailing as part of a flotilla?


    Yes. There are ten yachts following the same route, hence the morning briefing each day. The boats don’t sail together and leave/arrive as and when. The common ground, then, is they all visit the same ports where mooring has been arranged and there is a lead yacht coordinating things.

  • Day65

    Levkas Marina - Ak. Makria ( Meganisi )

    August 2, 2007 in Greece ⋅ ☀️ 29 °C

    Wir verabschieden uns von den beiden anderen Schiffen und fahren unter Motor den Kanal zurück Richtung Süden. Kaum aus dem Kanal raus setzen wir Vollzeug und segeln wunderbar bis zu der Insel MEGASINI.
    Unterwegs sehen wir noch auf der anderen Seite von SKORPIOS die Megayacht von Onassis, die dort festgemacht liegt. Wir steuern in die erste Bucht im Norden und sehen sofort unseren Uebernachtungsplatz.
    Anker runter und Landleine setzen. Der Rest ist baden und die Ruhe geniessen, bis eine Megamotoryacht in der Bucht ankert. Aus mit der Ruhe;der Geneator läuft die ganze Nacht und die Beleuchtung kann mit dem Berner Münster durchaus mithalten.
    Ich habe endgültig die Nase voll von Motorbooten- und yachten.
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