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  • Day27

    My liver wasn't ready.

    July 16, 2016 in Greece ⋅ 🌙 26 °C

    Today we woke up early after very little sleep (as per usual)... This time due to our ability to find each other absolutely hilarious when we get a bit tired. After a quick pack, we called for our über (we freaking love über in Europe.. Never use a cab in Europe EVER AGAIN) and headed to the port. We got there, grabbed our peinted tickets and boarded with little difficulty.

    We found a spot on the top deck and settled in for the 4 hour ferry to Mykonos. Me being the nap queen I am, I managed to sleep the first little bit of the voyage BUT when I woke up Taylor and I witnessed the whitest couple known to man. I'm talking unbutonned shirt money belt picked your nose/ear and smelling it selfies like crazy white people. They provided our entertainment for the duration of the trip and before we knew it, we docked in Mykonos!

    Once again, we disembarked with no incident and found the shuttle that would bring us to our hostel. Our bus driver was an absolute crazy man. He srover the bus 100 km/hr through tiny roads big enough for ony one car that wound through the hills, and stopped to yell at every car that gotnin our way. He also turned on classic greek music and taught us to snap and clap to the beat - of course this meant his hands werent on the wheel.

    So we arrived at the hostel and had to wait for a bit to check in. When we could check in, it was absolute pandemonium ... Everyone was pushing to the front and there were these guys behind us who were annoying us.. But finally we checked in and waited to be led to our room.

    Now heres the thing, when I say "hostel", I use the term very VERY LOOSELY. I am pretty sure camping would be preferable to the canvas dome we are in. Fortunately, it's just a place to sleep so its not really THAT horrible. It could be way, way worse.

    Anyway, of course the first thing we did was throw on our bathing suits and head to the beach. The beach is gorgeous, though insanely hot, and the water was so warm! We spent some time beaching it up before eating.. And then started drinking.

    And drinking.

    And drinking some more. By the pool, by the bar, by the beach. Just had some quality drinks. And some paint thinner.

    And let me fast forward a bit and summarize the night by saying:

    My liver wasn't ready.
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  • Day27

    Hungover is a state of mind

    July 16, 2016 in Greece ⋅ 🌙 26 °C

    So Taylor got up around 9 and left our BUNKER because it was so damn hot, but my hungover ass needed a few more z's... So I went back to sleep for a bit. When I got up at 11 I actually felt wonderful! I headed out to the pool bar to grab a water and find Tay. She was sitting there with the guys we hung out with the night before and everyone couldnt believe how excellent I looked and felt - neither could I! How is it that my hangover was virtually nonexistant?

    After chatting with the guys for a bit, they had to leave to catch a shuttle to the ferry and only one of them stayed behind - his name is Australia. (disclaimer: this is not his real name. i don't actually know his real name because all we called him was Australia). So Australia, Tay and I decided to get lunch and I got a souvlaki plate. When iy got here... My hungover hit. In the worst way.

    I ate as much as I could before laying in the cabanas by the pool in the shade to sleep off the worst of the hangover.

    A couple of hours later I was feeling much better, and after a quick swim and tan, Tay and I left Australia to head into Mykonos city.

    The city was very touristy but pretty cute! We walked around the seaside for quite some time and I started to feel awful - again. We stopped and fot some ice cream (the dark chocolate was AMAZING) while we waited for the bus back to the "hostel". I started to feel much better again!

    Once we got back to the canvas shipping container we called a room, we decided to pack and shower so that we wouldnt have to do it in the morning. Afterwards, we went and got some bruchetta from the restaurant because I felt like I could eat for the firat time today (thank god) and sat next to this couple who was dru k and arguing VERY LOUDLY because she wanted to go party and he wanted to sleep. It was great entertainment!

    Afterwards, we strolled around checking out various resorts and sat by the pool to relax before our voyage to Santorini in the morning.

    More adventures await!!
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  • Day12

    Athens Day 4 - Mykonos

    August 6 in Greece ⋅ ☀️ 27 °C

    Finally, our spontaneous trip to Mykonos had arrived 😁! We jumped in a taxi at 4.30am and by 6.30 we were on our flight to Mykonos. Our hotel was strategically only a 20 minute walk from the airport and at 7.30am it was cool enough for it to be pleasant!

    We dropped our bags off at Sea and Stone(??!!) resort and jumped straight in a taxi to Mykonos town. We were absolutely ravenous so headed straight to breakfast at yummy (salmon for Craig and veggie omelette for me - perfect!).

    Next we were off to the Mykonos windmills and given the time of day, there was not single a tourist to be seen. We climbed down and found a perfect bench by the water and enjoyed the peaceful moment! We did some exploring down the gorgeous narrow lanes and then on to Negrita (??!!) in little Venice for a smoothie and beer (both 8€ lol). By this point I was pretty chuffed with everything we'd managed to do in a few hours.

    We spent the afternoon at Santanna beach bar and splashed out on a front row sunbed on the beach. The music was good and I'd found a nice bottle of rosé to nurse slowly that didn't break the bank.

    We had a dinner reservation at Scorpios, which was a 5 minute walk from Santanna! Scorpios is owned by Soho House and my old boss Adam from Arcadia is now the FD for Europe and he had arranged for us to meet the boss there Vassillies who was so much fun and joined us for a drink. I went for the lobster pasta as the veggie options weren't great (and also coz why not) and Craig went for the steaks and both were amazing! We were delighted to find that a 50% off discount had been applied, making the bill much more manageable!

    We tried to find Vassillies after to say thank you but had no luck. By this point the bottle and a half of wine had taken its toll and we were asking the bar men to leave a drink behind the bar for Vassillies. The bar man said 'haha, no one buys Vassillies a drink'. Sober, we now understand this, no one buys the big boss a drink in his own bar! Anyway the gesture was there.

    We left to check into the room before the reception closed at 10pm and felt quite smug walking past the huge queue to Scorpios that snaked around the car park! The lady in reception at the hotel turned the hot tub on for us and we enjoyed a final drink before passing out! What a fabulous day!
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  • Day6

    Party, Party, Party

    June 14, 2019 in Greece ⋅ ☀️ 29 °C

    Am Freitag wollten die Jungs in die Partybucht Paradise Bay. Mittags, als wir ankerten, war nicht viel los und wir das einzige Schiff in der Bucht. Guter sandiger Boden hielt den Anker richtig gut fest, so dass der frische Wind mit bis zu 30 kn den Katamaran nicht wegtreiben konnte. Trotzdem blieb ich an Bord, als die Jungs am frühen Abend geschniegelt und gestriegelt ins Dinghy stiegen. Auf Party hatte ich keine Lust, noch ein freier Abend. Juchuu.Read more

  • Day60

    Super Paradise Beach

    June 21, 2018 in Greece ⋅ 🌙 22 °C

    We tried to hire a ATV today to go to the beach, but weren’t able to get one from a reputable company so we decided to bus it to Super Paradise beach. Thankfully we did just get the bus as the roads weren’t good and parking wasn’t great. We settled at the Jackie O section of the beach which was nice, but a bit showy and the service slow. In the evening we went out to Mamouka for dinner which was fantastic.Read more

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