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  • Day73

    Athens, Greece

    July 18, 2017 in Greece ⋅ 🌙 22 °C

    I don't want to leave Greece!!! This country is simply beautiful with so much character and life to it. The journeys from Athens to the islands were long but so so worth it and now we're finishing up in Athens for a couple of nights. Luckily our hostel is located right in the middle of town so we are able to explore from our backdoor step. So many people I'd spoken to didn't like Athens but Hollie and I loved it! It's definitely rundown, seedy and dirty but it's full of life!! The place felt alive as soon as we arrived with locals, tourists, homeless people, buskers, you name it! It's definitely not glamorous like the islands but still great shopping and heaps of people. The Acropolis was interesting, its magnificent from a distance and the amount of work that has gone into the marble is incredible. It's something you have to visit when you go to Athens but not something I'd rush back to. Overall our time in Greece has been amazing and I'm sad to be leaving! Highlights for Hollie and I include the 2€ gyros, Nutella crepes, the walk from Fira to Oia, partying in Ios and lowlights include the long ferry rides to and from Athens, and breaking my jandals :-( Super excited to get to Croatia because we know it's going to be just as beautiful as Greece!!Read more

  • Day7

    Athens: The Museum

    November 11, 2013 in Greece ⋅ ⛅ 70 °F

    The museum at Athens makes every other exhibition of ancient Greek artifacts look pale. This is the mother lode. Here we see the development of Greek statuary from its stiff Egyptian antecedents all the way up through the creation of statues that almost seem to move and breathe.

  • Day1

    Only for Stephi

    July 18, 2018 in Greece ⋅ ☀️ 27 °C

    Auf Stephis eindringlichen Wunsch, werde ich ein wenig von unserem Urlaub berichten. Angekommen in Griechenland nahmen wir die Metro und führen 45 Minuten Richtung Innenstadt...Stylianos unser Gastgeber holte uns ab und wir gingen in seine Wohnung. Die Wohnung hat alles was wir brauchen und sogar einen Balkon mit Akropolisblick und das für 20€ pro Nacht. Mach einem kleinen Schnaps legten wir uns kurz hin. Danach liefen wir durch das Viertel Richtung Stadtzentrum und ließen uns ohne Ziel etwas treiben. So gelangten wir vorbei am griechischen Parlament in den Nationalpark, der mit kleinen Tiergehegen und Reichen versehen ist. Wir entdeckten schöne Gebäude und kamen irgendwann zufällig am Pantheon raus, da wo die Olympischen Spiele zum ersten Mal stattfanden. Nach dem erfolglosen Versuch uns außerhalb der Öffnungzeiten Zugang zu verschaffen, gingen wir über die kleinen, steilen Gassen zurück zur Wohnung, um den Tag mit einem Glas Wein auf dem Balkon abzuschließen.Read more

  • Day1


    June 16, 2016 in Greece ⋅ ☀️ 88 °F

    After a long and mostly sleepless flight, we landed in Athens and found Nikki waiting in the lobby at the Athens Lotus Hotel. She'd already scouted out a deli where we enjoyed lunch and planned our afternoon. Since we were jet lagged & had been sitting for hours, we decided to walk to the National Archaeological Museum. Nikki especially enjoyed the ancient statues and was a wealth of information. Fading fast, we returned to the hotel for a nap before venturing off to dinner at an authentic Greek restaurant Larry had found recommended on Trip Advisor. It lived up to its billing & we particularly enjoyed the grilled veggie appetizer.
    Walking back, I spotted what I assumed was a liquor store so we ventured in to pick up some wine for the cruise. The checkout process was a little sketchy. The guy on the floor held up the bottle for another guy in a booth above to see & price. Once all items had been added up, we put the money into a basket that had been lowered down. It was hoisted to the upper level & our change deposited into the basket & once again lowered. Maybe it was a bootlegging operation, but we got our wine.
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  • Day2


    April 5, 2017 in Greece ⋅ ⛅ 18 °C

    Woke up several times during the night and had to pee but the toilet is next to one of owners room and I didn't want to wake him. - side note - he smokes a lottttt of weed, he has basically hotboxed his bedroom and I got a whiff every time I went to the loo. Made me feel a little queezy. The streets outside were very loud too.
    We got up at 8 and had left by 8:30 - we decided we would find the meeting place for our tour and then get breakfast. Hadrians arch was about 1km away and easy to find. We had breakfast at some resturant nearby and it made Will feel sick. He got scrambled eggs and they were dripping in butter. I got pancakes and they were pretty shitty too.
    We walked back for the start of our tour and got the tour guide we wanted - her name was Sam and she was originally from South Africa so her accent was easy to understand. She has lived in Greece for 26 years after coming for a 2 week holiday and meeting her husband.
    She was a great guide, very enthusiast and good with dates.
    We saw Hadrians Arch and Zeus temple. (Can't remember exact name but it's right next to the arch) we then walked on and came across an ancient bath they only discovered in 2004. I liked listening to the gross way they use to bathe by shaving their skin off into the water. Next we walked past the gardens which was the athletes village for the modern day Olympic Games - Sam painted a colorful picture of what it would have been like.
    We saw the Olympic stadium, but didn't go in. We plan on doing it another day.
    We went through another garden (there is only 2 in the whole of Athens) - Amalia, the queen and wife of Otto created the garden - seeds from all over the world were brought and planted there - there was also a zoo (mainly ducks and goats for kids), beautiful GINORMOUS bird nests and random parts from old buildings used as decorations. It was pretty.
    Next we went past the prime ministers house / not where he lives but where he works. We were fortunate enough that something special was happening so there was tonnes of security and a special changing of the guard ceremony. It is compulsory is Greece for all males to do Military service. I got photos with a guard; he didn't blink once, was kinda creepy.
    They do this ridiculous walk with Pom poms on their feet and a horse shoe on the bottom of their foot because king Otto was obsessed with horses. We waited for the prime minister/other to arrive but it took too long so we moved on but not before maybe 100 odd soldiers did a walking parade down the street.
    We walked past the House of Parliament and the tomb of the unknown solider which I want to have a closer look at another day and then onto some churches one being the metropolitan cathedral of Athens.
    We saw Hadrians library, the Roman Agora and this beautiful graffiti street. Street art is not illegal here - graffiti is.
    There are heaps of cats, but they seem to be well looked after or at least they haven't been abused. They come happily for pats and arnt scared of people.
    We walked through winding streets with little houses with breathtaking views. We finished our tour and tipped 10€. I found her to be a great guide.
    We had lunch at a resturant nearby.
    There was a cat in the resturant :)
    We tried a Greek entree platter which was actually delicious. The sausage was great.
    Will tried a few beer and he really enjoyed them too. I tried tomato soup for the first time, yum!
    We then started walking down to the acropolis entrance. I fell down the hill and received little sympathy from William, he was highly embarrassed but my knees hurt so much I couldn't stand up so I just sat there for a moment having a little cry lol. I did scrape my knees though so lucky I was wearing pants or it would have been much worse.
    We paid 20€ each to enter the acropolis which was expensive but it is one of the Main sites so..
    what can I say other than it had a lot of broken marble pieces along the paths. The signs unfortunately were mainly in Greek and didn't really describe what we were looking at but talked about its restoration.
    There was a fantastic theatre though and the Parthenon was super duper. Except again, disappointed in the lack of explanation regarding its purpose and how it would have been used.
    "A temple for Athena" doesn't really tell me why it's so significant.
    The rocks where very slippery though when we were walking back down, again, lots of cats and dogs. Will needed to pee really badly and so we stoped in an information center to use the facilities.
    On the toilet door was a sign "please don't put toilet paper in the toilet" ....... gross.
    We then went back home and I was so tired I fell asleep about 5pm without dinner and slept the whole way through. :)

    We found out Coco had been attacked by Zeus/Athena and had to be put down tonight. I feel so, so sad for Coco. The poor little thing. She was such a sweet and happy soul. I'm honestly gutted. I hope the family is ok.
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  • Day7


    April 10, 2017 in Greece ⋅ ⛅ 16 °C

    Our hotel did free breakfast but we were both just so exhausted we slept through til 11 because checkout was at 12 not 10! woo!!
    We asked the hotel to order us a taxi which we caught to our next Bnb. It only cost 7€. Our host is so beautiful. She gave us a full-on 30 minute orientation to her house and how to get around she offered us a home made sweet that I had in one mouthful and oh my did I regret it. In Greece there is this citrus fruit I can't remember the name of but it is more sour than a lemon so they only cook the skin. It was horrible. Will didn't even touch his. Don't blame him even though it was rude.
    Our host made up this big booklet which has maps and is info, it's really cute. After our orientation we went for a walk in search for breakfast/lunch. We found this place were they were the friendliest Greeks I have yet encountered. The man was so loud and happy and enthusiastic about us trying his coffee and pizza. Both were great - or so Will said the coffee was.
    "42 years the receipt has not changed" he kept telling us about his pizza.
    We nearly walked out with out paying by habit because they expect you to pay after and not before which we are use to so we ran back in and apologized. We then went to a little convenience store and stocked up on local chips etc. we fist ate this DELICIOUS peanut butter flavored chip balls. Amazing! :)
    We then had a 3 hour nap...
    we are now trying to go get dinner but can't for the life of us figure out how to open the front door. So we are waiting...
    30 minutes past and we thought we would give it one last try before accepting the fact we would have to share a snickers bar for dinner.
    We did it! :)
    Will doesn't know what he did, I think it was by accident but I don't care, we're free :D

    We tried locating an ATM but again they avoid electronic money like nothing else so we failed which meant we ended up at dominos. I got a Greek salad because I'm in Greece ^.^
    I did my first weekly Facebook update and uploaded some pictures. We're now lying in bed watching shawshank redemption.
    Earlier I send a very long email to the Italian consulate asking them to explain and review our tour and previous Bnbs :)
    I'm pretty excited to skype my parents, do washing and go to the Olympic stadium tomorrow :)
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  • Day9


    April 12, 2017 in Greece ⋅ ⛅ 19 °C

    Had a small sleep in. We've planned for today to be a lazy day. First though we had another uncomfortable breakfast eating stale food. To be fair, the jam was amazing.
    We then left the house to go to their Woolworths equivalent to buy Will shaving cream and me some moisturizer because my skin is so so dry!
    We (Will) stopped in for a coffee on the way.
    We are liking Greece more and more but we think it's to do with the area. People are much nicer and smile. We got a free treat at the bakery. Oh and last night Will got a beer on the house too.
    We bought the stuff then went home. Im a little over the walk now I've done it a few times. Its like looking at a concrete city with only a little greenery. Boring. A lot of Athens looks like, or rather reminds me of abandoned mental institutions. Clearly run down, abandoned, graffiti covered sterile buildings.
    We bought more of the peanut balls for our movie day in bed. We patted a cat on the way home :D
    As I wrote my journal for yesterday Will looked up how to get to Thessaloniki on Friday and bought train tickets. It will take 5.5 hours on the train. Eh.
    We then had some snacks as we watched X men on the laptop.
    Our host family is hilarious. They are literally yelling at each other every 5 mins. The Main host will be talking to us and the mum will swoop in and starting speaking in Greek to her and the girls face is always like "omg mum, shut up just give me a minute"
    It's very Greek. We cant tell if they are fighting Or if that's just how they communicate haha.
    I then had a very long nap. :)
    Dinner time now. Our host family has ordered us some delivery food. MORE TZATSIKI YAY! We are also going to try Moussaka, which is a traditional dish I'm not expecting to like.

    It took 45 mins to come. The Greek salad and tzatziki was great. The moussaka was alright, it tasted like potato but our host said it looked different so maybe it wasn't mousakka after all.
    We watched V for vendetta then went to bed. A very uneventful day but enjoyable all the same :)
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  • Day6

    Essen und Einkaufen in Karlovasi

    July 5, 2018 in Greece ⋅ ☀️ 31 °C

    Abend wollen wir in einer hochgelobten Strandbar am Potami essen gehen; dem Hippies. Allerdings sind es trotz Sichtweite 30 Minuten zu Fuß, um vom Haus dorthin zu kommen. Und abends steil bergauf zurück. Wir entscheiden uns für das Auto. Allerdings ist es verdächtig leer hier und nach kurzer Wartezeit erklärt uns eine freundliche Bedienung, dass die Küche 18:00 Uhr schließt. Offensichtlich eine Tagesbar. Schade, denn die Karte sah vielversprechend aus. Was nun? In die x-beliebige Taverne gegenüber geht natürlich nicht - Touristenfraßgefahr! Also das Internet befragt: Soul Meze soll sich lohnen. Ist aber ein paar Kilometer entfernt im Ort.

    Karlovasi ist keine kompakte Stadt, sondern besteht aus verschiedenen Ortsteilen, die relativ getrennt voneinander liegen. Bisher haben wir noch keinen Ortskern wahrnehmen können. Das Navi führt uns; und tatsächlich, es gibt einen Ortskern, sehr schön sogar. Ein Platz, umgeben von Restaurants, mit Rathaus und Kirche. Geht doch!

    Nur das Soul Meze hat zu. Stühle hoch, einfach zu. Scheint nicht unser Tag zu sein. Also doch in die erstbeste Taverne mit Tourifraßgefahr? Die Burger&Pizza-Bude kann Frank verhindern und dann sitzen wir endlich an einem schönen Tisch, inmitten des abendlichen Treibens und nach dem ersten Bier ist die Welt wieder schön. Es gibt als besondere Empfehlung ein in Pergament geschmortes Lamm. Sehr schön, mit unglaublich aromatischen Tomaten. Als das Bier alle ist, bestellt Frank ganz griechisch Ouzo, Wasser und Eis. Eine schöne Sitte, die sicher mit nach Hause reist.

    Auf dem Rückweg zum Auto sehen wir, dass das Soul Meze inzwischen offen hat. Es serviert offensichtlich keinen Tourifraß und hat noch zu, wenn die hungrigen Touris kommen. Reingefallen!

    Nachdem sich herausgestellt hat, dass Restaurants nur mit Auto zu erreichen sind, soll mal wieder gekocht werden. Wir fahren am nächsten Tag wieder nach Karlovasi, um zu sehen, was es so gibt. Und es gibt viel! Karlovasi ist keine Touristenstadt, sondern ein lebendiger Ort, an dem es alles, gibt, was man zum Leben braucht.
    Gleich nach dem Parkplatz stehen wir vor einem blitzsauberen Fischgeschäft mit schönem Angebot. Kleine Pulpettis und zwei Kalmare dürfen mit. Dann noch super reife Pfirsiche und Zutaten für einen griechischen Salat. Samischer Weißwein steht schon kalt.

    Leben wie Gott in Griechenland!
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