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  • Day21

    Blonde foils thanks

    September 6, 2019 in Greece ⋅ 🌙 24 °C

    Breaky at 8.00am

    We have booked a 10.00am appointment at the hairdressers, Theens and I, as our roots are a disgrace. Eddy is our hairdresser, whom speaks English well, and is silly and cheeky, and I like him a lot.

    He does a great job of our roots. I book a 4.30appt to have blonde highlights.

    My bank contacted me about fraudulent activity on my card. So I called them from reception.
    I had to argue with reception man re CBA reverse charges call. He told me I had to pay for the call and wouldn't listen to me. I finally got through and sorted out my funds.

    Theens cousin, Paul and Christina picked her up at 2.30pm for a catch up.
    I ate chinese food in my room and watched moreTimothy C on YouTube. I also sat up on the rooftop in the wind by myself lots listening to videos on headphones.

    I went to the hairdressers at 4.30pm and had a great time. They look after you here. 'Como' salon in Athens. I came out so so blonde!!

    The souvenirs here are not 'made in Greece' I discovered, however it is written as 'made by Greeks' !

    Dinner at our plaka restarant again and we eat like vacuum cleaners. Both have the veal mushroom and potato, because Athena would not stop talking about it yesterday.

    Walked all around the Plaka, bought some small souvenirs. One old man gave me lollies, then kisses then a couple of freebies. I walked out all emotional. Athena teared up too. Some of these Greeks give out so much love.

    Walking the streets I picked up, whilst sucking a ventolin. 'Hello princess'. (it is the hair) I just looked at him and kept walking. Athena laughed at this poor guys attempt.

    To the hotel rooftop bar we go, which is really our home, saying all the while 'God I love Amanda, she is amazing, I just love her.'

    Our hotels have been right in the middle of everything, and we really appreciate this. Along with breakfasts and transfers.
    Thank you Amanda, you are always our hero, whenever we explore.

    The golden Acropolis is there before our eyes.
    Once again, we get drunk, and we are the last ones up there and get kicked out.

    Waddled down to bed, Athena begins snoring and that's the end of our day.
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  • Day22

    On the edge of a volcano

    September 7, 2019 in Greece ⋅ ☀️ 22 °C

    Our transfer to the Athens airport is due at 7.45am. We get up at 6.00.
    We grab some breakfast at 7.00.

    The restaurant is one floor below us.
    In the lift, I press the 'R'. Athena immediately tells me off 'where are you going?' and she presses floor 6.

    Me, I am confused-as the bar is up there??
    Athena looks at me as if to say, yes my hand automatically goes to 6.

    Doesn't that just say too much!

    I grab some of the sweet pastries on display at the breaky bar. Baklava, bougasta, My plan was to eat one a day. But Athens has been too fast. And it has slipped us both by.

    We summed it up with-
    Day 1 Thannassi's tour of Acropolis and museum
    Day 2 Meteora
    Day 3 Hair, bank calls and The Plaka
    So now it is over and out.

    Trying to get the lift down, with our cases, to reception was impossible. A truckload of Americans arrived yesterday and only 2 people plus luggage can fit.
    Everyone is off to breakfast, so it is full each time it gets to us.
    Finally I push in and get down.

    Another transfer and 45min plane trip.
    I capture on camera the many brown islands below from the plane window.

    OMG just landed in Santorini!!!
    I feel like site seeing is done with and holiday begins.

    The island is flat all around the airport.
    Terrain is like Phillip Island. With not much infrastructure.
    A single road into Fira. The sun is fully shining.

    White and sand coloured buildings.
    We go toward the back of the hill top of Fira. It is smaller than I imagined.
    The road is simple
    We hop out with a short walk to the top, dragging our heavy luggage up across the cobblestones, and this amazing view of the caldera is before us.

    Dark deep blue ocean meets baby blue sky, with the remnants of arms of a historic volcano circling around a centrepiece of land.

    It takes your breath away.

    Our hotel, The Theoxenia, is on the main top path and a 2 min walk.
    We haul our luggage up steep marble steps to the reception desk.

    Our room is simple and it has Athena's main requirements
    -a hair dryer, kettle and iron with board.
    For me it has a balcony. We have a half view of the street shops and half view of the ocean.

    For me this is heaven.

    We head straight out, as is lunch time.
    'Fanari restaurant' is our choice.

    Away from the 'tourists' we took a quiet table overlooking the ocean.
    The world below us spread out in a raw form. It is like we are viewing the earth from a satellite. So high up.

    Athena has a massive red octopus tentacle and I choose shrimp. They are served with carrots and rice cooked so divinely.

    We devoured our meals within minutes. Athena and I looked at each other and expressed that we were still wanting more food so we shared a full size calamari.

    The waiter took a couple of snaps of us with our glasses of wine and we were happy.

    Athena had the waiter very attentive toward her as he fully appreciated some Greek conversation, however her preference was more toward the wine.
    Athena has a few words-
    We found ourselves very sleepy and we decided to get back into the room & take a nap..... Yes your all thinking we have a hard life atm.
    We woke up & decided to have a coffee and baklava. We then went to the rooftop to watch the sunset.

    At bedtime,
    whilst I am reading my novel (Call me by your name), I ask Athena if she would like me to read aloud. She permits me to. I wish to share with her this magnificent story.
    My voice is monotone and soothing. Athena gets all cosy and she eagerly hangs on every word.

    She reacted perfectly to this beautiful prose that fully captures the innocence of first falling in love with someone.
    Athena-Wow, that is beautifully written!
    Me-I know, isn't it just!

    Shorty after, I hear her snoring.
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  • Day6

    Athens churches and Acropolis

    September 29, 2019 in Greece ⋅ ☀️ 23 °C

    After a good night and splendid breakfast we assembled to meet our guide for a walk round some of the now quiet streets. First call was the metropolitan cathedral where a service was underway. Built in 1842 it was beautiful inside and busy. We saw several other Byzantine churches all busy with Sunday services.
    Then we visited the Agora with lots of ruins and a small temple. From here the traffic was very busy because many streets were closed due to a marathon being run. However we got to the Acropolis in time for a few to rush up the 200 steps to the top and down.
    A late lunch was taken in the hotel cafe.
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  • Day9

    Athen: Die antike Stadt

    July 13 in Greece ⋅ ☀️ 29 °C

    Mein letzter Stop der Reise führt mich nach Athen. Am ersten Tag habe ich hier einige Museen besucht und mir am Abend einen Ausblick auf der naheliegendsten Dachterrasse gesucht um die wunderschöne Akropolis bei Nacht zu bestaunen, ein wahrlich tolles Bild. Abends ging es dann noch weiter, durch die Bars, die Athener haben ein sehr aktives Nachtleben, was mir super gefällt 😊.Read more

  • Day2


    July 29, 2019 in Greece ⋅ ☀️ 33 °C

    Tras hacer el check in la tarde del 28, nos fuimos a aprovechar lo que quedaba de día. Fuimos a ver el cambio de guardia del Consejo Heleno (el parlamento), ya que en domingo no llevan el traje de militar, sino el uniforme típico que diseñó una reina y que está claro que ella nunca se lo puso. Vimos la catedral católica, la plaza Syntagma, donde tienen lugar las concentraciones y protestas ya que está frente al Parlamento, la "calle Larios" ateniense y cenamos una pita en un sitio recomendado acertadamente por TripAdvisor. Tras eso, volvimos andando al hotel, y de camino vimos más ruinas aún, como la antigua puerta a la ciudad o una excavación de un trozo de la ciudad antigua.

    Al día siguiente nos dimos el primer madrugón del viaje, a las 6, para que nos dieran una panorámica de la ciudad. Nos llevaron al antiguo estadio Panatinaiko (para todos los atenienses), pasamos de nuevo frente al parlamento y otros edificios, y nos fueron contando un poco de historia de la ciudad. Pablo dice que la guía le recordaba al de Egipto, porque todo se había inventado en Grecia y cada museo, edificio, etc era del "Top 5" del mundo: batalla más importante, edificio, museo más grande...

    Tras ello nos subieron a la Acrópolis (bueno, al aparcmiento) y tocó ascender a patita hasta lo alto, parándonos cada X para que nos explicaran a que dios se le había dedicado cada templo, el por qué de algunas esculturas, etc.

    Arriba vimos el Partenon, el templo a Atenea/Nike, el antiguo templo a Hefestos, y las 11 columnas que quedan del templo a Zeus. La verdad es que en su momento, tuvo que ser macro espectacular.

    Tras verlo todo, bajamos de nuevo la colina y fuimos al barrio de Plaka, donde te avasallan por todos lados pero hacen cosas muy chulas. Allí compramos algún regalillo y comimos en el primer sitio donde pillamos, que también fue un acierto.

    Volvimos al hotel a que se cambiasen de zapatos y reanudamos el paseo por la ciudad. También vimos el arco de Adriano, al que adoran aquí, y la triada de edificios clásicos de atenas: La Biblioteca Nacional (no pudimos entrar porque había cerrado 15 mina antes), La Universidad (las clases se dan en otros lados, pero aquí son las graduaciones, etc), y la Academia Nacional, además del tribunal supremo, que tiene el mismo nombre que los tribunales de la Grecia antigua y que ahora mismo no recordamos. Por último, cenamos por ahí y nos fuimos a dormir, porque al día siguiente tocaba madrugón n°2, a las 5.00 para salir hacia Mykonos.
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  • Day8

    Cold Windy Day in Athens

    March 29, 2019 in Greece ⋅ 🌬 10 °C

    Woke up to rain still falling in Santorini. Dreading going out in the rain and getting soaked. We all had a continental breakfast delivered to our room's at 7am.
    John and I pack up the night before makes it much easier with the cubes. You also get to sleep in a little later, no rushing and you get to enjoy your morning breakfast.
    It was still raining when we walked up with our luggage. Luckily one of the guys carried our luggage down to the transportation office. So happy it wasn't pouring like it had been the day before.
    We arrived at the Athen's airport within 20-30 minutes. This airport is still as small as I remember it. We checked in all the backpacks besides mine. We were 30 minutes delayed yet we arrived 5 minutes before our scheduled arrival time go figure.
    We were able to get a van (Black Mercedes) to drive us to our hotel. Traffic is as bad as downtown L.A. with many people on scooter's and motorcycles.
    Driver said we were in a good spot close to everything. We checked into our rooms except for Robert his wasn't ready yet. Luckily we are on the same floor. Kalyn and Kenzie are right next door so we get to bang the wall to each other. Rob is right across from us.
    We were all very hungry so we chose ATHEN'S HARD ROCK CAFE'. Another tradition to go to a hard rock cafe in every country we visit. Food was delicious, drinks hit the spot and service was amazing.
    We decided to go walk around and shop. It is very breezy and very, very cold - 52 degrees.
    Saw 2 church's and walked into one. Beautiful.
    Lit candles for our loved one's back home.
    Next had to have GELATO. Yup we just had to with this cold weather. Found a nice little place with outside seating & heaters. Gelato with a cappuccino is what John and I shared. They brought water and 4 cookies along with the order. It's so nice how they always give you a little more extra.
    We finished and headed back to our hotel. Stopped next door to get water for our room.
    John & I wanted to check out the view on the rooftop. WoW!!! It is an amazing sight. We took a few picture's only a few cuz it was very cold and windy.
    Off to our room we go to get some rest for tomorrow. We will be seeing as much as we possibly can cuz Sunday we head home.
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  • Day10

    Hotel Ciel Living

    August 18 in Greece ⋅ 🌙 24 °C

    Die Zeit in der wir nicht durch Athen streiften verbrachten wir im Hotel Ciel Living. Auch wenn der Eingang über eine kleine Gasse in ein von außen eher runtergekommenes Wohnhaus, in dem auch Unternehmen angesiedelt sind, zunächst ein wenig erschreckend war, war unser Zimmer mit Blick auf die Kathedrale und dem Platz Mitropoleos wunderschön. Eine Unterkunft, um auch ein paar mehr Tage in der Hauptstadt Griechenlands unterzukommen. Highlight war allerdings das zu dem Hotel gehörende Restaurant und die Rooftopbar mit Blick auf die Akropolis 👌🏻 😍Read more

  • Day7

    Athens: The Museum

    November 11, 2013 in Greece ⋅ ⛅ 21 °C

    The museum at Athens makes every other exhibition of ancient Greek artifacts look pale. This is the mother lode. Here we see the development of Greek statuary from its stiff Egyptian antecedents all the way up through the creation of statues that almost seem to move and breathe.Read more

  • Day63

    Metropolitan Cathedral of Athens

    October 31, 2018 in Greece ⋅ ⛅ 20 °C

    We had a very easy day today and we are enjoying this time to relax after our very vigorous holiday. First up today was a visit to the Metropolitan Cathedral of Athens. Construction began in 1842 using marble from 72 demolished churches and it was finally completed twenty years later, measuring 40m long, 20m wide and 24m high. Inside are the tombs of two saints killed by the Ottoman Turks during the Ottoman period.

    We were in fact quite lucky to be able to see the inside and outside of this church as it had been covered in scaffolding for almost 20 years for renovations. Badly damaged from two earthquakes and the passage of time, scaffolding was erected in 1999 so as to hold up some of the sections of the building. It was eventually closed in 2009 with the intent of it being closed for one year only while restoration took place. That one year stretched to many and it wasn’t until 2016 it was finally revealed, scaffold free and fully restored.

    Its very elaborate interior, with every surface opulently decorated, is at odds to the stark and simplistic lines of the exterior. There is just so much to look at and admire.
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