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  • Day194


    August 25, 2018 in Greece ⋅ ☀️ 26 °C

    Wir verabschiedeten uns von Theresa am Fährenhafen und fuhren auf die Fähre Richtung europäisches Festland.
    10h später waren wir auch schön da.
    Wir ließen Athen in der Nacht noch hinter uns und fuhren ca. 40km aus der Stadt.

    Am nächsten Morgen ging es dann weiter nach Thessaloniki, wo wir Freunde von Chris besuchten - verrückter Abend, wir wurden von Hatzo mit seinem Motorrad in der Fußgängerzone empfangen, folgten ihm zum nächsten Getränkeladen, kauften ein paar Bier und endeten bei einer Heavy Metall Bandprobe in einem Keller...

    Bevor wir Griechenland verließen schlenderten wir leicht verkatert durch Thessaloniki, tranken ein paar Freddo-Cappuccino um wach zu werden und kauften ordentlich Obst und Gemüse auf dem Markt.
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  • Day31

    Thessalonika Macedonia

    June 15, 2019 in Greece ⋅ ⛅ 30 °C

    Just one night in this city as we traveling to Greece. But this city is one if Paul's stops on his missionary journey. Graffiti around the city spoils some of its beauty. But there still remains the history of this seaport. At last we have arrived at the Mediterranean.Read more

  • Day13


    April 16, 2017 in Greece ⋅ ☀️ 20 °C

    We both had a TERRIBLE night sleep. Mosquitos kept biting us and we think fireworks might not be illegal here because every bloke and his dog was setting them off all through the night. -.-
    We had a small sleep in then spoke to Bill/Helen, Jess/Jaxon & Mum/Dad on Skype. We didn't really have much to say because everyone is pretty up to date because of my journal :) we were happy to hear about their trip to the Easter show though and to see Pippin inside <3 Boots doesn't like it and keeps staring at him hahaha.
    I said hi to Gerty, Aggie and Thad too :D
    After we said bye we had a lot of organizing to do. Turns out the bus does not run to Macedonia tomorrow (Monday) so we have booked a bus for Wednesday morning, contacted the hostel in Macedonia to let them know we need to change/cancel our reservation which they said was fine and won't charge us - woo! Then we checked to see if the place we are currently in was available for another 2 nights... IT WAS! So much less stress!
    So after we got everything sorted it was about 1:30pm and we were starving!
    But as it was Easter Sunday everything was closed wahhhh.
    It was an abandoned city. We found one place and sat down but turns out the kitchen was closed so after Will had a coffee we moved on. We eventually found a little cafe that didn't have great variety but at this point we didn't care. The smoothie I had was fab! It was pineapple, pomegranate and banana. We then walked over to where the tour bus company was to see if they were running and our luck continued - they were. We had a 30 min wait before our tour started. It was 10€ each, lasted 70 mins, and had audio guides in 8 different languages. Will thought it was good but I thought it was pretty crap to be honest. The audio didn't always match up with the drivers location..
    I much prefer actual person guides.
    There was this stupid elevator music that played in between sites too that got annoying.
    It took us to 8 sites - white tower, archaeological museum ( where Alexander the Greats fathers tomb is), church of Agustin Sofia, church of Agios Dimitries, Kastra, Galerius Arch, Aristotleous square and the port.
    Tour was rubbish but has helped us decide what we are going to do tomorrow - see a monastery and the castle we saw along the way.
    Afterwards we went for a long walk along the pier and came across and Alexander the Great statue. the city of Thessaloniki is named after his step sister.
    I went to use a public toilet and OH MY GOD IT WAS NOT OK.
    Piss was EVERYWHERE, as in it's been raining for 10 days straight sized PUDDLES.
    I was like ok, I'll try the disabled toilet maybe people use that less.
    I nearly died.
    There was poo on the wall, floor and seat.
    There was a cleaning ladies bucket in there too. I think it's possible that she saw the situation and quit her job on the spot without returning the bucket.

    We kept walking up the pier.
    Will was right, it's poo in the water. We saw many very obvious logs today.
    More walking more walking..
    We had dinner at the first place we found because we didn't want to push our luck and assume other places would be open.
    I tried lentil soup cause they didn't have tomato but I hated the texture. Will had a burger.
    We saw someone feeding a stray dog. Warms my heart every time.

    I plucked one eyebrow this morning and then Will rushed me out the door so I've looked stupid all day. It's really quite obvious and makes my face even more lopsided than usual haha

    We decided we would have another movie night and bought some snacks on the way home.
    Movie choice: South Paw.
    It required to much concentration so I've come to bed before it's finished. Will is still watching.
    The sweet chili Doritos were delicious!
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  • Day14


    April 17, 2017 in Greece ⋅ ⛅ 13 °C

    Wills alarm went off at 9:45 which was immediately turned off and we slept through until 12:30 when I finally got up and had a long shower. I sit in the shower though because they don't have a wall hook so it's easier and more fun hah :)
    I've decided not to take my iron pill today because I had such a good sleep and might not sleep tonight otherwise.
    Will can't be bothered to do anything today so a lazy day it is. We are about to watch the spongebob squarepants movie :D :D
    We went and got breakfast - we had such good intentions on buying food and storing it in our fridge/pantry at first but everything has been shut since we arrived so it hasn't been possible.
    We got a pizza to share for 5€ which was fantastic value because between the 2 of us we didn't even finish it.
    When we were eating it the people in the apartment above us were having very loud sex and it was very uncomfortable. We tried coming up with other possible scenarios like comforting a baby on a rocking chair.. but in reality it's the only one that fit. God it was awkward I felt like I was intruding.
    We watched 'spongebob' and then 'baked in brooklyn'
    We've had left over pizza for dinner and played a few games of Big 2 with our newly bought, erotic Greek art playing cards.

    I'm writing this on the loo and have just had a distaste avoided. While doing a number 2 I messaged Will to tell him we were out of toilet paper.
    It was ok though because he knew the special location. :D phew!

    While Will had a shower I did our first attempt at using the scrubba wash bag. I think I did it right? I had a few hiccups along the way so I watched a YouTube tutorial afterwards and they did it the same way so we will see if they smell once dry lol.

    We've watched some more comedy skits on YouTube and now it's time for bed :)
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